Trailer Park Mom Pt. 02

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Josh settled into what seemed to be a good life. He was fucking his mother, Addie, and his girlfriend Ellen regularly. Also, he got to watch them fuck each other and join in for threesomes. He was fucking the Black chick Keely, getting all the pussy he wanted at home, and occasionally got lucky at the diner. Life was good!

His life began to change about three weeks after his mother brought out the submissive in Ellen and Keely had the baby.

Addie took charge of Ellen, making her a Sub to Addie’s Dom. Just the other day, Josh came home from working at the diner to find Ellen on her knees in the kitchen eating out his mother while Adie sat at the kitchen table with her legs spread, drinking a beer.

“How was your day, son?”

“Busy! We got a lot of bus passenger traffic. ‘Evening, Ellen.”

“Hey! You want some pussy?” Ellen looked up and wiped Adelaide’s pussy juice from her mouth. “I can get on my knees, and you can hit it from behind!”

Addie slapped Ellen on her head. “Stop talking and keep eating! Come here, Josh, and drop your pants.”

Josh was a good boy and usually did what his mother told him. He dropped his pants and held out his cock for her to suck. He gasped, and his ass clenched when Addie inhaled his cock.

He rested one hand on her shoulder for balance while the other tugged on his mother’s long hard nipples. Addie was a virtuoso cocksucker, a talent she honed over years of sleeping around.

“Momma, cain’t nobody polish a knob like you!” Josh’s hips pump, matching his mother’s head bobbing on his tool.

Addie pulled his cock from her mouth and stroked it. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her hips thrust as Ellen brought her to an orgasm.

“Fuck, Ellen, I wanted to suck my son while you ate me out, but you got me cumming!”

Ellen had her face buried in Adelaides’s hairy snatch, and her tongue buried so deep in it, she felt the contractions of her climax. Addie collapsed in the kitchen chair, arms and legs akimbo with sweat streaming off her body.

“Sorry, I didn’t get you off, son! But Ellen eats pussy almost as good as you! Let me finish you off.”

Addie turned her head to the side and licked the head of her son’s cock. Ellen rocked back on her heels, watching.

“I can do that for you, Josh,” Ellen said, licking her lips.

“Maybe later! I think I’ll sit outside and have a beer and a toke.”

“Me and Ellen will get cleaned up and join you!”

Josh had filled his ice chest from the ice machine at the diner and picked up two 24-packs on sale at Epstein’s store. He picked up some high-grade kush from the local dispensary and was ready for a typical summer evening in the, drinking beer, getting high, and fucking.

He had just sat the ice chest down and pulled some of the lawn chairs into the shade of the trees when a voice rumbled behind him.

“Josh, we need to talk!”

A chill ran down Josh’s spine, and he got the metallic taste of fear in his mouth. Clay Landon towered over him, all 6’6′, 240 pounds of him.

He wore faded, almost white Oshkosh by Gosh bib overalls, ragged gym shoes, and no shirt. Snuff juice stained his grizzled scruffy beard at the corners of his mouth. His shoulders hulked forward, and his arms hung from them like an ape in the zoo. He was an intimidating man with a short temper and given to sudden violent actions. And his wife Keely just had a baby that Josh’s mother said was the spitting image of him.

“Howdy, Clay! What can I do for you?” Josh’s eyes flicked around, assessing escape routes. He figured he could get in a punch or two before he had to run for his life.

“We needs to talk about my wife and that Magosa Escort baby!”

Clay talked slow, as though each word had to be found, and pulled deep in his mind from some recess. It was torturous holding a conversation with him.

“How’s that, Clay?”

Josh sidled around, putting the ice chest between him and Clay. Josh’s trailer was behind him. If he was lucky, he might be able to make a break to the safety of the trailer.

“I, uh, guess congratulations are in order.” Josh was ashamed of the tremor in his voice.

“Keely says it’s your baby!”

“Um, uh, we need to talk about that, Clay.”

“Ain’t much to talk about! Is it? You been fucking my wife.”

“Well, Clay, we got a little high once, you know how it is, and we got a little frisky. I’ve meant to tell you about that and ask your forgiveness.”

Josh edge slowly back, prepared to make a run for it. He wasn’t a coward, but he knew he didn’t stand a chance against this man mountain.

“She says y’all been fuck almost since we before got married.”

Josh ran out of excuses. A glance over his shoulder showed he had a short, clear path to his trailer. It was fight or flight time!

“Yeah, that may be true, Clay.” It was time to decide.

“She says she’ll stay with me if I let you keep fucking her!”

“I…WHAT?” Josh was half turned, ready to make his escape. “I don’t understand!”

“Can I have one of those beers? Maybe we can sit a spell and talk.”

“Sure! Sure! Have a seat! I’ll get you a beer.”

Josh’s hands trembled as he opened the lid and pulled out two ice-cold beers. What the fuck is going on, he thought.

The nylon straps on the chair groaned as Clay eased his bulk into it. He took the proferred beer and took a long gulp. Josh watched his Adam’s Apple bobbed as Clay drank nearly half of the 16-ounce beer. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, belched, and eyed Josh.

“So I just wanted to ask you if you would keep on fucking her. You see, I’m 72, and she’s 29. She’s all I got. I got a little money coming in from insurances, social security, the rent on your trailer, and such. That’s probably why she stays. But if some big dick stud came along, she’d probably leave me. If you keep fucking her, she’ll probably stay.”

Clay stopped talking, drained the beer, and held out the empty for a refill. He had just given the longest speech of his life, and he was parched. Josh scrambled to get Clay another beer. Clay repeated the performance from the other beer and held the half-full can on his thigh.

“So let me get this straight. You want me to fuck Keely so she won’t run off with another man. Is that right?’

Clay nodded, having exhausted his word repertoire. He drained the second beer and asked for another, which Josh got. He got one also.

“I may want to watch y’all do it sometime!”

“You want to watch me fuck your wife,” Josh said incredulously.

He was no neophyte to being a bull for couples. His mulatto skin tone and well-known skills with his big cock made some of the couples in the valley seek him out. Occasionally, the husband would want to share Josh’s cock with his wife, but Josh was okay with that. A blowjob was a blowjob!

“Did, uh, you want to get more involved than just watching?”

“Don’t know much about that. If Keely wants it, I will.” He drained the beer. Josh grabbed another before he asked.

“You should go over and see the baby.”

“Now?” Josh’s voice squeaked.

“Yeah! She told me to set your mind at ease and send you over. I’ll wait here. Would it be okay for me to have a few more of those beers while you’re gone?”

“Certainly, Kıbrıs Escort Clay, Certainly,”

Josh hurried toward Clay’s trailer, confused and anxious to have Keely ease his mind. He could see her through the screen door topless breastfeeding the baby. His cock stiffened as he recalled sucking, fucking, and cumming on her big jugs. Keely was an all holes available slut and up for anything. She looked up and saw him standing at the screen door.

“Come on in!”

“Hey!” Josh was transfixed watching his baby, the product of his loins feasting on Keely’s tits.

“Did Clay talk to you?”

“Yeah! He sent me down here to see you and the baby. So what the fuck is going on?”

“Hold on! Our baby’s like you; he loves to suck on my titties.” She switched the baby to her other tit. “take that towel and wipe the droplet from my breast. They tickle.”

Josh dabbed at her leaking breast while watching his son, it seemed strange, but this was his first child, suckle. He pulled up a chair and caressed Keely’s tit.

“The way he’s going, I may have to find some more tits to suck! But Like I said, what the fuck is going on? Clay comes down and tells me he wants me to fuck you. The same Clay that crippled a guy in town for whistling at you.”

“Clay is wealthy. He owns this trailer park and another larger one on the other side of the county. I met him working for the accounting firm that handles his properties. His parents realized early on that he was slow. They set up an irrevocable trust to take care of him and the properties. That was so golddiggers like me can’t take it from him.”

She held her hand up when Josh went to protest.

“That’s what I am…a golddigger! Three years ago, I saw a chance for an easier life, and I took it. I planned on staying for a while then leaving. Then I met you! I need to put the baby down.”

Keely was only wearing panties with her post-pregnancy baby fat bulging over the waistband. Her hips were larger, and her breasts were definitely bigger. She was never a small girl; she was lusher now, her ass jiggled disturbingly as he followed her into the nursery.

“What’s his name?”

“Clayton Joshua Landon!”

“You didn’t!”

“I did! I named him for his adopted and biological fathers.”

He wrapped his arms around her from behind and cupped her outsized jugs. “So, what happens now?”

“You fuck me! That’s the deal with Clay. You’re the extra dick I need, and he can watch us fuck if he wants.”

Josh slipped his hands in the waistband of her panties and pushed them down over her ass. “Starting now?”

“Until I have my six-week checkup, it’ll be blowjobs and anal…if that’s okay with you,” she said, smiling devilishly.

“I guess that’ll be okay, ” he laughed, slipping a finger into her wet pussy.

“Good, the KY is in the top nightstand drawer!”

“It’s hotter the Hell! Let’s do it in the kitchen with the door open so we can get a breath of air while we fuck.”

Josh retrieved the KY lubricant and followed the naked woman into the kitchen. He watched as she pushed open the kitchen door. She looked across the yard at her husband, Clay, guzzling beer while talking to Addie and Ellen.

Keely knew she had stumbled onto the ideal situation. Her husband was wealthy and submissive to her, letting her get as much of this stud’s cock as she wanted. True, she shared Josh with his mother and Ellen, but Josh was a sexual athlete, willing and able to fuck anytime and anywhere.

She leaned on the kitchen table and spread her legs.

Josh stepped behind Keely, marveling at her lush ebony bottom. She squealed Lefkoşa Escort when he squirted the lube on her starfish.

“I don’t think you’ll need much lube. It ain’t been that long since you were in my ass,” Keely said, looking back sultrily over her shoulder, her ass wagging invitingly.

Josh gripped her hips, positioned his tool at her anus, and slowly slid into her bowels. His eyes were closed, and his mouth opened slightly

“I don’t know what hole I like most. The tightness of your asshole is enough to make a guy bust his nut too quick.”

“Don’t you dare get off before I cum. It’s been too long since we fucked.”

Keely rotated her ass as she thrust back, reaming her starfish with his cock. Her eyes were closed, and her lips moist. She grunted each time her butt slapped into Josh’s crotch, burying his cock deep in her bowels.

Josh smiled when she squealed when he smacked her ass, marveling at his luck in having this ebony Amazon to fuck.

“Move that big black ass, bitch!”

“Yeah, I’m a bitch! Your bitch! Fuck your bitch!”

“Then fuck your man like you mean it!” He whacked her ass again. The sound was echoing in the small trailer bedroom. “Move your ass!”

“OUCH!” Keely shrank away at the violence of his spanking. Then she thrust back mightily. “Is that the best you can do, white boy? This bitch needs a lot of cock, and she needs it all of the time!”

Josh gripped her lush hips tightly, slamming her back into his cock as he pumped forward. Keely’s ass was tight and talented. She learned long ago how to flex her Kegel muscles and make her asshole spasm like a pussy. Her anus was stroking Josh’s cock.

“You black bitch! You know that makes me cum,” Josh groaned, arching his back and emptying his nut sack into Keely’s bowels.

“That’s right, baby! Fill my bowels with your seed.” Keely’s back undulated, her massive milk-filled jugs swung, slinging droplets of breast milk around the room as she came with Josh.

Josh collapsed on Keely’s sweating back, gasping. “Shit, that was good!”

“We aim to please!” Keely rotated her ass on Josh’s cock, reveling in the sensations it sent through her body.

“It’s hotter than a bitch in here,” Josh said and groaned as he stepped back, and his still hard cock dropped for her ass, covered with the slime of anal sex. “Get me a wet towel so I can clean up.”

“You don’t need no towel, baby. Momma will take care of that for you!”

Keely dropped to her knees, took Josh’s cock in her hand, and licked it like an all-day sucker from ass to appetite. She held his cock up, licked his balls and shaft, thoroughly cleaning his cock.

“See, baby,” she said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand while looking up at her baby’ daddy, “you don’t ever need a towel. I’ll always take care of cleaning that thoroughbred cock.”

Josh helped her to her feet, and French kissed her, their tongues dueling. He cupped her jiggly ass, squeezed, separated her cheeks, and drew her to him.

“How long we got before I can get some of that black pussy?”

“About four more weeks. Now git! I needs to fix supper for Clay. Tell him dinner will be ready in a few minutes!”

Josh straightened his clothes and walked out into the relative coolness of the evening air. The sun was setting behind the willows putting the yard in the shade.

Clay, Ellen and Addie sat in lawn chairs, guzzling beer and toking. Ellen wore one of his Carhartt shirts and nothing else. Addie was barefoot in a shapeless cotton robe. The 24 pack was now a 6-pack.

Josh grabbed a beer, plopped down in a chair and took a long swallow.

“Keely okay?”

“Yeah, Clay, she said dinner is ready!”

“I guess I better get inside then. She don’t like to wait dinner for me.”

Clay stood and lumbered toward his trailer while Clay, Ellen and Addie drank and toked in the gathering darkness. Another day was coming to a close in the Happy Lanes Trailer Park.

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