Tribal Calls

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“Honey, can you hear me?” Michelle’s voice sounded out of Bastian’s laptop.

“Yeah, darling, I can hear you perfectly,” Bastian answered, waving back at his young wife on the screen before him.

“We’ve finally arrived in the village, and everything is set for the wedding the day after tomorrow. Two weeks are over, only two more to go until you’ve got me back in good old Germany!”

Bastian smiled at her and once again he became painfully aware that Michelle had been gone for 14 days already. Out of the blue, Tuli, one of Michelle’s best friends at university, had invited her and the two other girls, Nadine and Vanessa, of their once inseparable group, to her wedding in Namibia. No plus ones. She had fallen in love with a Himba tribesman and was to marry him in his village in the northern part of the country. Why she had chosen to abandon a western life in the city in favor of a nomadic life was beyond Bastian, but Michelle was very sympathetic with her friend’s choice.

Michelle, Bastian’s 27-year-old wife of two years, and the other girls quickly drew up a plan to turn this wedding visit into a four-week-long vacation and safari through the former German colony to celebrate their reunion using up almost their entire annual vacation. Although Bastian wasn’t quite sure whether he liked the idea of his beautiful, slender wife touring through Africa, he understood how important the bond between the girls was to her, and it didn’t take very long until he gave his consent.

He drove her to the airport in Munich himself and waved her goodbye, taking a last good look at her lovely appearance with her long, blond hair, tied back in a ponytail, and her gorgeous tush swaying left and right in her khaki shorts that revealed a good amount of her long and slender legs.

For Bastian, the first week proved to be the easiest part of the challenge. Once or twice a day he would video chat with Michelle, and a good cell phone coverage enabled them to text regularly, so he would know all about their lazy days at the beaches, activities in the cities and so on.

The second week, however, proved to be rather complicated. On their way up North, the girls spent a week on safari through various national parks, and only every other day, when she had wi-fi access in one of the safari lodges, was Bastian able to video chat or text with Michelle to hear all about their adventures, get pictures of Zebras, Giraffes and Lions and regularly be assured of his wife’s safety.

Michelle’s safety wasn’t Bastian’s own cause of concern though. Never before had he been parted from his wife for that long, and although he tried his best, he couldn’t help but feel the rising sexual appetite within him. The thought of having to cope for another whole fortnight without Michelle’s soft skin, the fabulous feeling of her hands around his cock, her magnificent, round C-Cup breasts or the warm wetness of her pussy with that well-trimmed, dark blond landing strip on top caused Bastian to steadily build up the horniness inside of him.

And now the girls seemed to have finally arrived at the tribal village, and Bastian was looking at his wife on his laptop screen. She seemed to be in some kind of cone-shaped hut, and although there was sunlight shining in through the entrance, there were several electric lamps providing light for her to illuminate the room.

“Yeah, I’m so looking forward to having you back! You have no idea, darling!” Bastian said, continuing the conversation. “Are you alone?”

A frown appeared on Michelle’s forehead as she quickly checked her surrounding and affirmed she was all alone.

“And I’m so looking forward to some… togetherness, if you know what I mean,” Bastian said with a slight giggle underlying his voice.

“Haha,” Michelle laughed, “oh yes, I absolutely do know what you mean, honey! I don’t know how to put this delicately right now, but I need it, Bastian. I need it REALLY bad! You should be glad you haven’t packed me any condoms, because by now, I couldn’t assure you 100 per cent that I definitely most absolutely wouldn’t ever use them.” She laughed again.

“Oh, you better be a good girl, darling!” Bastian went along with her teasing, “How unfair would it be if your wishes were fulfilled while mine weren’t?”

Bastian couldn’t believe he was actually joking about this topic. His wife was thousands of kilometers away in Africa, with her very exotic, northern European looks, and surrounded by a probably patriarchal society. However, those jokes were the first kind of sexual interaction with Michelle for weeks.

“Since I know you quite well, honey, I’m more than sure you’ve already taken good care of your needs yourself. Shall I check the browser history of your laptop when I’m home?” Michelle answered with a bright grin.

“Alright, you caught me there,” Bastian laughed. “But how about you? Have you really been so pure the whole time?”

“Well, a lady should remain silent about such matters,” Michelle teased him. “However, I illegal bahis only want to emphasize – purely theoretically, of course – that using one’s imagination to do certain things is way harder than looking at porn.”

“If you say so,” Bastian said and smirked. “Anyway, tell me about the village. Where are you right now? How is it there?

“Well, it’s like we have dived into another world,” Michelle started. “It’s a rather big village with about 150 people, and as you can see, they live in huts made of clay.

The people here appear to be exceptionally healthy. According to Tuli, in this area, illnesses like prosperity diseases or STDs practically don’t exist.

Apart from Tuli and a few of her relatives that have come here for the wedding, nobody seems to speak any western language, so we really rely on them for translation.

Us three are clearly sticking out here, and not only because of the color of our skin but our clothing and hairstyle as well. People here don’t cover their upper bodies – yes, the women too – and to cover their lower body parts, they wear clothing made of animal skin or cloth. The women have braided hair, and those braids are covered in some strange mixture to make the individual hairs stick together. It was sooo strange to see Tuli like that. The men wear some kind of caps or head-wraps.

Nadine, Vanessa and I are accommodated in this hut, which belongs to Tuli’s future brother-in-law Tjiruru, but she said he prefers to be called Tiru. While we’re here, he and his two wives stay in another hut of his.

There’s almost no electricity here save for some fuel-powered generators that Tuli and her fiancé Tjarambwa – yes, I’ve finally managed to pronounce his name – had brought here especially for us and some of her relatives since she knew we’d bring electronic devices with us. They’ve asked us, however, to use them as little as possible and only to charge our phones or tablets, because the noise stresses the cattle, which is the most important element of the village’s economic life, I guess.

Luckily, mobile internet coverage around here is relatively good, especially at night, so we might be able to video chat rather regularly.”

“The women are naked? Got any pics?” Bastian said.

“Really? I’ve just told you about the most interesting society I’ve ever visited, and that’s all you’ve taken from it?” Michelle laughed with a slight undertone of being upset.

“Yeah, yeah, bad me!” Bastian joked along.

“Yeah, bad you!” Michelle replied with a smirk. “The level of horniness must be really great back in Germany.”

“You have no idea,” Bastian quickly answered,” I’m one step away of making love to an apple pie, just like in that movie, haha.”

“Well, I’m not sure whether this rises or shrinks your horniness, but what would you say if Tuli’s future sister-in-law has asked us if we were willing to dress like them for the time we’re staying?”

Bastian immediately noticed his breath pause for a moment. As his brain was desperately working on processing what Michelle had just said, his cock twitched inside of his sweatpants.

“I’m sorry, she asked you what?” Bastian asked with both a silent hope that he hadn’t understood his wife correctly and a sudden wish that he had.

“Well, she…” Michelle began.

“Alright, Michie, I’ve discussed it with Nadie, and we’ve agreed to go along with it,” Vanessa’s voice suddenly echoed within the hut.

A white, semi-naked figure, dressed in nothing more but a short, woolen cloth and some sandals and presumably carrying a pile of clothes that had until recently been worn, appeared behind Michelle. Long and straight brown hair was barely covering the dark nipples, contrasting the bright skin of two perky B-Cup breasts, sticking out of a body that was a little thicker than that of Michelle but still slender.

“We think it’s better if they finally stop nagging about our clothes. We just need to make sure that no pictures are taken and none of us ever speaks of th… AHHH!”

Vanessa instantly dropped the clothes on the floor and covered her breasts with her arms when she realized Michelle was video chatting with Bastian.

“What the hell?! Basti! You. Have. Never. Seen. Anything! Do you understand?!” Vanessa almost screamed in a high-pitched voice.

“Hello to you too, Vany!” Bastian was waving his hand and couldn’t hide his laughter. “Looks hot over there, haha!”

“Please, I beg you!” Vanessa continued. “Please don’t tell anyone about this! Otto would freak out if he knew his wife was walking around topless in another country!”

Bastian nodded, still laughing, and with that she quickly got out of the hut, leaving Bastian and Michelle to look at each uncomfortably.

“So that wasn’t a joke then,” Bastian finally picked up their conversation. “Are you really planning on doing that?”

“I don’t know…” Michelle said and turned her head away, looking at a piece of cloth Vanessa had thrown on the floor casino siteleri next to her. “Would that be a problem for you?” She held the piece of cloth up and bit her lip.

“Well, I’m not sure,” Bastian said and gulped. “So you’d be wearing nothing but sandals and this… thing? Not even underwear? And everyone could see your breasts…”

His face showed the level of uneasiness and concern raging within Bastian’s mind. What Michelle couldn’t see, however, was the bulge his hardened cock was forming inside his sweatpants on the thought of his darling wife and her friends, flashing their white breasts among those native African people.

“Well, kind of…” Michelle answered, clearly uncomfortable. “I’d definitely put on something underneath that skirt-thingy though. Maybe that white G string; that should satisfy them and still cover my lady parts from anyone’s view… Would… Would that be alright with you?”

“You don’t have much of a choice if you don’t want to be the one dancing out of line, do you?” Bastian asked rhetorically. “You can do it under two conditions. One: You must stick together with Vanessa and Nadine all the time! I definitely don’t want you to run around like that alone amongst those strangers!”

Michelle nodded meaningfully. “And the second condition?”

“You’ll change right here in front of me,” Bastian seductively said. “Slowly.”

“You’re such a naughty one, aren’t you?” Michelle said and gave her husband a grin.

She rose to her feet, leaving her tablet on the floor, went to the entrance and closed the curtain. Then she slowly turned around to Bastian and seductively made a few steps toward the tablet.

“So you want to watch me strip, honey? Then I’ll gladly give you what you want,” Michelle said in a sexy voice and began to slowly dance in front of him.

Bastian, more than turned on at this point, quickly rose a little from his chair, pulled his sweatpants and boxers down and sat back down again to slowly jerk off watching his beautiful wife.

Michelle took off her green t-shirt, and while she kept seductively dancing, her hands skillfully unclasped her bra behind her back. When her hands returned to her front again, her white, satin bra just fell down on the floor, exposing her round and full breasts, crowned by swollen, pink nipples.

“Oh gosh, Michelle, you are so sexy!” Bastian moaned.

“You like what you see, honey?” Michelle asked in a sexy voice and opened her khaki shorts, letting them slide down her long, slender legs, uncovering a black thong.

“Oh yes, darling!” Bastian responded, now seriously stroking himself.

“Mmm, why don’t you stand up and show your wife what you’re doing? That might help her to get rid of her panties too…” Michelle teased him.

Bastian didn’t need to think twice and stood up. Although he didn’t have a very big or thick cock, he wasn’t small either, and he had never had any problems satisfying any woman, so he wasn’t ashamed of his manhood in the slightest.

“Mmmm, just what I’ve been missing so desperately!” Michelle said and pulled down her thong.

Bastian was immediately struggling not to cum right at that moment. The sight of Michelle’s beautiful pussy, despite the blonde stubble and a landing strip that obviously hadn’t been trimmed for some days, was almost overwhelmingly arousing for him.

Michelle didn’t make it any easier for him when she suddenly knelt down in front of the tablet, leaned backwards and exposed herself completely to the camera. Under her husband’s watchful eyes, her right hand quickly found her entrance and inserted a finger into her already dripping wet pussy, causing her to moan.

“Oh, darling, are you sure?” Bastian slightly tried to protest.

“Shhh,” Michelle interrupted him, “the others should be occupied with helping Tuli right now, and I REALLY need this now!”

Bastian went along and continued jerking himself off while he was watching his wife taking care of herself.

“Oh my god, honey,” Michelle moaned softly, “I need to get fucked so bad! Walking around semi-naked among all those men here like one of their wives won’t help me either!”

“So they turn you on?” Bastian asked right away.

“I’ve been sexually starving for two weeks now, I’m in the middle of my cycle, and I’m in a village where men wear basically nothing but miniskirts, causing their big cocks to constantly appear in my sight. Even a washcloth would be turned on under these circumstances,” Michelle sighed as she was now finger-fucking herself with two fingers.

“Oh dear, that’s so damn naughty!” Bastian moaned under heavy breaths.

“I’m sorry, honey!” Michelle softly moaned without slowing down a bit. “I know it’s not right, but I can’t help it! Oh, what would I give to have you here with me now and fuck me just the way I like it!”

“Darling, I’m so close! I’m going to cum any second now!” Bastian said, feeling his orgasm building up.

“Show me! Please get close poker siteleri to the webcam and show me how you cum, baby!” Michelle begged.

Bastian did as his wife asked. He moved closer to the camera, directing his cock on his desk just left of laptop. As he couldn’t hold it any longer, he relaxed his cock and started pumping wave after wave of cum out of his aching manhood, enjoying the most intense orgasm he had had in weeks.

“Oh god honey, that’s so much! I… I can’t… hold… it…!” Michelle was almost panting as her own orgasm set in, causing her body to twitch and tremble in front of her husband’s satisfied gaze.

Suddenly, when Bastian looked up behind Michelle, he saw something. A dark figure was standing halfway inside the hut, almost staring at Michelle, still kneeling on the floor and calming down from her climax.

“Honey, there’s someone inside the hut!” Bastian almost shouted as quickly as he realized what was happening.

Within a heartbeat, Michelle turned around, only to see the black man quickly escaping outside, obviously having realized he had been caught.

“Oh damn,” Michelle sighed as she put on a white G string and wrapped the red and skillfully woven fabric around her hips, covering her lower body but still revealing her entire legs.

“That was Tiru. You know, Tuli’s future brother-in-law, who owns this hut. He must have wanted something… Oh god, that’s so embarrassing! Do you know how long he was standing there?”

“No idea,” Bastian said, pulling his sweatpants back on after he had wiped his cock clean with a piece of kitchen roll.

“But I guess he got a good view of what was going on in here…”

“Thank you,” Michelle hissed. “That’s really helpful, you know? I’m gonna go offline now and join the others. Oh god, I hope I haven’t messed anything up!”

Bastian was about to say goodbye, but Michelle had already gone offline with a visibly angry facial expression, making him feel guilty in an instant.

He picked up his phone and texted her,

‘Hey darling, I’m sorry! Please don’t be angry and take good care! Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Lovey you!’

Bastian put his phone on the desk and leaned back at his desk chair. Looking at one of Michelle’s paintings on the wall, his thoughts travelled south to Namibia, leaving him wondering what his wife, now dressed in nothing but that piece of fabric, was doing.

It was already 10:00 p.m., and he was already lying in bed as the sun was going down on this early summer’s day in Germany, when the buzzing of Bastian’s phone finally announced a message from Michelle.

‘Hi honey, sorry for the late reply, but we’ve been so busy. Tuli, her future sister-in-law and her girlfriends were showing us around in the village and the adjoining area. Then we had a really delicious meal with what seemed to be half the village. It feels so weird walking around like this (you know what I mean), and we get a good amount of stares, but it’s not as bad as I had feared. Now us three are lying on our sleeping mats in the hut, and we’re looking forward to tomorrow with lots of work to prepare everything for the wedding. Lots of love and kisses! Michie

ps: I need more of what we did today! Maybe tomorrow night?’

Rereading the message, Bastian tried to imagine his wife in the African environment. He pictured her squatting on the floor, eating food out of a bowl with her bare hands. She was eating and chatting with black, half-naked women, whose dark skin let Michelle stick out like a candle in the night.

Her breasts were on full display, framed by her golden hair. Men were standing behind her. Men dressed in animal skins – zebras, leopards, cheetahs and others- around their waists. Their large, hard cocks were sticking out under their clothing. They were rubbing them, slowly coming closer to Michelle who was still unaware of what was going on behind her.

The black women smiled as the tip of one cock finally appeared next to Michelle’s face. Michelle turned her head, and her blue eyes were staring at the dark flesh.

Bastian woke up, still lying in his bed. He had been dreaming. I big sigh of relief escaped his lips, but when he became more aware of his body, he realized in shock that his hand was wrapped around his aching erection. Had he really been unconsciously jacking off to that wicked dream? Was he in such desperate need of sex that his mind began to haunt him with such sick fantasies that he felt ashamed for not only regarding those African people but also and most importantly regarding his own wife?

What if he actually wanted such a scenario to happen? Bastian got up and went on the balcony to get some fresh air. No, that couldn’t be. He could never ever want anything like that to happen. Trying to erase the wicked images out of his mind, he was staring out to the darkening horizon until the sun had finally gone down.

The next day helped Bastian redirect his focus on other things. First work, then buying groceries, cooking dinner, washing the dishes and then doing his weekly check of their finances helped him not to think about what was going on in Namibia too much.

And of course, a healthy amount of good Scotch did its own part to help Bastian feel at ease.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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