Trouble on the Turnpike

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THUMP!!! “What was that?” Deborah wondered and immediately stopped singing along with the radio. She watched as the RPMs dropped steadily on the dial. “Oh no,” she thought. Deborah quickly put on her turn signal and drifted to the side of the road, making a note of the mile marker as she passed it. Mile marker 132.

As the car came to a stop, she looked out at the long, dark stretch of turnpike in front of her. A few cars passed, but at 2:00 AM there wasn’t much traffic. Deborah laid her head on her hands, which were still gripping the steering wheel and thought to herself that this was the worst possible time for this to happen. She turned the key in the ignition, hoping that by some miracle the car would start again. The engine churned, but wouldn’t start.

Deborah groaned as she leaned her head back against the seat, cursing the fact that she had let her AAA membership run out three months ago. “Stupid, stupid, stupid”, she muttered to herself. Then sighed, and reached for her cell phone. She stared at it for a few moments wondering who she could call that could help her out. She was at least 100 miles from home.

Then she remembered a friend she had been talking to online for several months. He had sent her an instant message one night saying that her screenname had mysteriously appeared on his friends list. Even though Deborah had never spoken to him before, they had struck up a conversation that had lasted well into the early morning hours. Since then they had chatted online almost every night. They talked about everything… work, home, kids… and flirted outrageously too. They had even talked about meeting each other and seeing if there was more to the connection than just friendship. But neither had really pushed the issue, both figuring there was plenty of time to find out.

She knew that her friend, Brian, lived somewhere near the turnpike, but wasn’t sure exactly where. He also owned a garage, hopefully with a tow truck. Brian had given her his cell phone number one night, joking that she should only use it if she was in dire need of a good fuck. Even though it was late, Deborah knew Brian would be awake. She also realized ruefully that no one was going to stop to help her. The few cars still on the turnpike at that hour had passed by without even slowing down.

The decision made, she flipped the phone open and scanned down through the list to his name and pressed the call button. Nervously, she held the phone to her ear. After the fourth ring she heard a deep male voice answer, “Hello?” “Brian?” she replied.

“Yes, this is Brian.”

“Hi, Brian,” she said, hearing her voice shake a little. “This is Deborah.” Silence.

“You know… Deborah… from online… IronsMaiden,” she said, feeling even more nervous by the silence.

“OH! Deborah!” he exclaimed finally. “Hey, sweetheart. How are you? Or maybe I should ask what’s wrong?”

She smiled, realizing that out of all her friends, Brian would know something was wrong right away. They had only been friends a short time, but they seemed to almost read each other’s thoughts sometimes.

“Well, Hon, I’m kind of in a jam,” Deborah said.

“What’s wrong?” Brian asked.

Deborah explained to him that her car had broken down on the turnpike while she was on her way home from a work function in Pittsburgh. “The engine turns over, but it won’t catch,” she sighed.

“Do you know where you are?” he asked, “What mile marker you passed?”

“Yes,” she answered, “the last mile marker was 132. I know you may not be near here, but could you at least tell me where the nearest garage and tow service is?”

“Well,” Brian laughed, “that would be mine. I’m less than 10 minutes away from that mile marker. Just sit tight, honey. I’ll be right there, okay?”

Deborah sighed with relief, and laughed. “Okay, Brian, thank you so much” she said. “Oh, and by the way, since you’re going to help me out… I think I might be using this number for the reason you suggested also. I’ll be waiting for you.” She flipped the phone shut before he could respond and giggled. She glanced down at herself, thankful that she was still wearing the dress from the function earlier. The skirt was a little shorter than most of the outfits she wore to work, but was still modest enough to meet clients in. And she didn’t mind showing off her long legs when trying to sell a client on her ideas for their business.

As she sat there waiting for Brian, her mind drifted back over the conversations they’d had. Their chats were usually peppered with sexual comments and innuendos and occasionally Deborah would try to shock Brian by outright telling him exactly what she liked, even using crude terms. She recalled that one night he had actually turned the tables on her, and had relentlessly painted a picture with words that had made Deborah so hot, she’d had an orgasm. She had exploded right there on her computer chair, fingers gripping the edge of the keyboard tray, her back arched while juices poured out of her soaking her panties and the chair seat. It was the one and only orgasm sex izle she had ever had without being touched, or touching herself.

She could feel her pussy start to tingle and the first few drops of juice gather as she thought, if it was as powerful as that without being with him, what in the world would it be like in person? She groaned, dropping her head back against the headrest, then smiled. She couldn’t wait to find out.

As she opened her eyes, she saw the yellow flashing lights of a tow truck approaching, pulling ahead of her car, then backing up slowly. She grinned as she saw the vanity license plate that read IRONMDN and saw the evil grin on Eddie’s face, as the painted image of him mounted on the bumper of the rollback got closer. Brian was a huge Iron Maiden fan.

Deborah watched as two long jeans-clad legs appeared out of the open door of the truck. She swallowed nervously. She had seen a picture of him, but it just gave a vague image of a man with long hair, piercing eyes and long fingers as he was giving the person holding the camera the finger. She had spent many a night staring at that picture, wondering what color his eyes were… and just how long those fingers actually were.

She climbed out of her car as the tall shadowy figure of her friend walked toward her. When he stopped in front of her, she still couldn’t see his face, but could sense his smile and nervously smiled back at him. Looking down at her, he made her 5’2″ frame seem tiny.

“So, we finally meet,” he drawled. His voice was low and melodic, which she knew from the short conversation on the phone, but it seemed like the vibrations from it went deep inside her, making her shiver lightly.

“Yes, finally,” she replied. They both stood awkwardly in silence for a moment until Brian held out his hand.

“Want to give me the keys so I can get your car up on the rollback, then we can head back to my garage. I won’t be able to look at it tonight, but I promise I will first thing in the morning,” Brian said with a smile.

“Oh! Sure,” Deborah dropped the keys into his hand.

“Go ahead, and climb into the front of the truck,” he said. “This will just take a few minutes.”

“Ok. Thank you so much for coming out and rescuing me,” Deborah said, giggling nervously.

Brian reached out and brushed her hair back a little. “No problem,” he said, letting his hand fall to her shoulder and turning her toward the truck.

Deborah walked over to the front of the rollback and climbed up in to the cab. The radio was on and tuned to a rock station blasting “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC. “Oh Lord, don’t let that be a premonition,” Deborah mumbled to herself. She grinned though as she let her neck muscles relax and laid her head on the back of the seat, closing her eyes. The smell of grease, rubber, vinyl and men’s soap filled the cab of the truck. The rumble of the rollback shook the truck slightly as Brian loaded her car.

After a few minutes, the driver’s side door opened and Brian climbed into the cab of the truck. He looked over at her and gave her a lopsided grin. “Ready to roll,” he said and put the truck into gear. Blue, Deborah thought. His eyes were blue. And not just any blue, but the soft turquoise of the Caribbean. Oh boy, she thought, hopefully I won’t drown.

The ride back to Brian’s house and garage was mostly silent as the two friends adjusted to actually being next to each other rather than online. Their online conversations after a while had developed the same relaxed feeling. Talking when they wanted to, but not a constant stream all the time.

After about 10 minutes of driving, Brian pulled into the driveway of a two-story house with a garage that was almost twice the size as the house. It was dark, but Deborah had the impression of a nice, neat yard and a house with white siding. Nothing fancy, but comfortable.

Brian stopped the truck at the front porch but didn’t turn it off. He climbed out and walked around the truck to open the door for Deborah. “Go ahead and wait for me on the porch, Debbie, it’ll only take me a few minutes to unload your car and park the truck.”

Deborah opened the door and turned to climb out not realizing how close Brian was standing. As she slid off the seat, his hands circled her waist and he slowly lowered her to the ground, sliding her body down the front of his as he did. Her stomach clenched as she felt his belt buckle press into her belly and her hands went to his broad shoulders. He gave her a quick squeeze and stared down at her, but only kissed her forehead then gave her a slap on the bottom, pushing her toward the house.

“I’ll be back in a couple minutes, Hon,” he said.

Brian was true to his word and sauntered up the porch stairs within a few minutes and opened the door, ushering Deborah inside. The front door led to a small foyer with wood flooring and to the right was a large living room, with a TV and stereo and what looked like a thousand CD’s and DVD’s in a storage unit taking up the majority of one wall. There was a sofa and two armchairs that looked fransız porno well used and comfortable. Books and a half-empty beer bottle sat on the low, square coffee table in front of the sofa.

“Go ahead and make yourself at home,” Brian said. “Take a tour if you want. The stairway leading upstairs is around to the left. I’m going to wash my hands and see if I can find the repair manual for your car.”

“Ok,” Deborah said, “thanks.”

Brian walked into the kitchen that was across from the foyer and went to the sink to wash his hands. Deborah figured since she needed to use the restroom anyway, she would wander around and see what his house looked like. Normally, she wasn’t so nosy, but she was curious to see if the rest of the house was a comfortable as what she had seen so far.

She walked back toward the kitchen but turned left and found the stairway to the second floor. There was also a small room to the right of the stairs that looked like it was used as a small library with three walls taken up with bookshelves filled with what Deborah assumed was mainly automotive repair manuals.

As she climbed the stairs, she noticed several pictures hanging on the wall in the stairwell. One picture was of an older couple that she assumed were his parents. Another picture showed Brian and two younger girls that looked like it had been taken when he was still in school. There were also pictures of those same two girls in wedding gowns with their husbands, and then several pictures of small children that looked pretty recent. Brian must have heard her stop on the stairs, because he called out from below.

“Those are pictures of my family and my nieces and nephew.”

“Good looking family,” Deborah called back.

“Thanks. Now you know where I get my movie star looks from,” he said, laughing.

“Yes, I do, from the milkman” Deborah said, laughing also.

She continued up the stairs still chuckling, and stopped at the top of the landing. The door to the bathroom was on the right and Deborah used it and then came out, looking through the remaining rooms. The room next to the bathroom looked like it was mainly used for storage and had boxes and crates stacked neatly on the floor. The next room was set up as an office with a computer desk and chair and a couple bookshelves. So this is where Brian sits when he talks to her online, she thought. She smiled as she wandered over to the third and last room on the second floor.

As Deborah stepped over the threshold her gaze went immediately to the bed in the center of the room. It was HUGE! It was a king size bed with wide slats in the headboard and footboard. Woven through the slats were several silky pieces of fabric that looked like they would be handy for tying someone securely to the bed. Deborah could feel the heat pool between her thighs as she envisioned herself lying there naked, tied to the mattress.

“So what do you think?” Brian asked from behind her as he stepped into the room.

Deborah jumped and spun around, her face flaming. “It’s very, ummmm…. big?” she said softly.

“The bed,” Brian asked, walking slowly toward Deborah, “or are you asking about something else?”

“Uhhhh..,” Deborah swallowed and slowly backed up, seeing the wicked glint in his eyes.

Brian kept advancing toward her as Deborah backed up. He grabbed her shoulders, stopping her just before she backed into the small table beside the bed. He turned her around and wrapped his arms around her from behind, giving her a hug. She looked up and realized they were facing a full-length mirror that was attached to the wall. As she looked at their reflection, Brian raised his eyes and stared into hers.

Heat slammed through Deborah’s body as she stared into his eyes, feeling his arms loosen and his hands slide across her stomach to her hips, pulling them back tight against him. Her breath caught as his hands then slowly began to glide back up the front of her blouse filling his hands with her breasts. Deborah watched, mesmerized as his fingers undid the buttons on her blouse, parting it and sliding it down off her shoulders and her arms, dropping it to the floor. His tanned hands were dark against the white lace of her bra as he once again began kneading her breasts, his lips and teeth nipping at the sensitive skin between her neck and shoulder.

Her eyes closed and her head rolled back onto Brian’s shoulder while he undid the front clasp of her bra pulling it off, and dropping it on the floor on top of her blouse. Soft moans escaped her as he continued to hungrily suck and lick her flesh while rubbing his hands across her breasts, pinching and pulling gently on her nipples, making them extend. She could feel her panties getting wetter with each stroke of his fingers and nip of his teeth on her shoulder.

“Open your eyes, Deborah,” Brian breathed into her ear, his deep, smooth voice making her even hotter, “watch me drive you crazy, babe.”

Deborah opened her eyes and stared straight into his, rich chocolate brown gazing into blazing blue. teen porno Her lips parted as his hands slid across her belly once more and released the side zipper on her skirt. The soft material pooled at her feet as she stood there pressed against him in only white lace panties and heeled sandals. She moaned again as he pulled her back against him feeling his hardness pressing into the small of her back.

His left hand went back to her breast, rolling the nipple slowly between his fingers and his right hand slid beneath the waistband of her panties. His fingers combed through the closely trimmed hair of her mound until reaching her hot, wet slit, his finger parting the folds of her pussy as he slowly pushed one finger partially inside her. She convulsed against him at the pleasure of his strokes and could feel the juices coating his fingers as he pushed another one inside and slowly began stroking higher and deeper inside of her.

“Keep watching, baby,” he whispered in her ear as he pushed her panties down to the floor.

Deborah slid her eyes from his gaze to the reflection of Brian’s hand diving back into her dripping pussy. Her hips began to rock forward as his long fingers plunged in and out. His thumb slipped through the slick folds and circled her clit, rubbing it back and forth. His rhythm increased with the tempo of her hips until she was grinding against his fingers and moaning wildly. Deborah could feel the hot flash building deep inside and knew she couldn’t hold back much longer.

“Watch, Deborah,” Brian growled into her ear. “I want you to look deep into my eyes when you cum. I want to see you lose control… come on, Deborah… give it to me, hon.”

Deborah’s eyes flew open wide as she went over the edge, screaming Brian’s name. Her inner muscles clenched tight against his fingers sucking them into the wet depths of her cunt as juices poured out of her and over his hand. Brian continued to stroke her softly until her moans were reduced to whimpers. He raised his fingers to his lips and sucked them clean. Luckily, he was holding her tightly as her legs began shaking uncontrollably beneath her.

He slowly walked them backward the three or four steps to the bed and laid her down in the middle of it. He reached down and slid her sandals off her feet, then pulled his t-shirt over his head. As he reached for his belt, Deborah sat up on the edge of the bed and brushed his hands out of the way. She looked up at him as she pulled the leather through the loop of his jeans and started to unbuckle it. And then it got stuck. She looked down at the belt in consternation and realized that it had numerous holes all around it and the tine kept getting stuck in one hole or the other. Brian watched her struggle with it for a minute, and then with a laugh, said, “I’ll get it.”

Deborah sheepishly looked up at him and apologized. “No problem,” Brian said, “it was fun to watch.” He laughed as she swatted him on the ass and laughed with him. Her laughter stopped though when he finished unbuckling the belt, unbuttoned his jeans and slid the zipper down. As he pushed them down his legs, she realized he didn’t have any briefs or boxers on. Well, she thought nervously to herself, that’s one question that’s been answered. She caught her breath as his cock came into view. It was long, hard and beautiful. Her mouth watered with the need to taste it.

She wrapped her fingers softly around his cock and saw a glistening drop of precum clinging to the tip. She slowly brought her mouth forward and licked it off with a flick of her tongue. Mmmmm.. so sweet. Deborah swirled the tip of her tongue leisurely around the head of his cock, working her way down the shaft until he was buried in her mouth. She stroked her mouth slowly up and down his cock, pulling his hips in closer until he was buried down her throat as well. Brian moaned and placed his hands on her head, tangling his fingers in the strands of her hair. She could feel his hands shaking slightly as he set a steady rhythm plowing in and out of her mouth. Deborah reached up and softly cupped his balls in her hand, feeling them tighten up.

Suddenly, Brian pulled out of her mouth. “Honey, that’s not where I want to cum the first time tonight,” he said with a smile, “We’ll save that for later. Call it dessert.” Deborah nodded as he laid her back in the middle of the bed, following her down. She spread her legs to make room for him as he rested his upper body on his forearms.

Suddenly, Brian rolled over once and reached for a remote control on the nightstand. “Just need to remedy one thing,” he said grinning and pushed the power button on the remote. The grinding crunch of Sevendust’s “Black” filled the room. As he rolled back over to Deborah, she smiled at him. “Perfect,” she said.

Brian’s long hair shadowed his face and caressed her cheeks as he leaned down to kiss her. As his lips touched Deborah’s, she realized that even after all that occurred in that bedroom recently this was their first actual kiss. Then she opened her lips and lost herself in the kiss. His tongue glided across hers slowly at first, tasting her, then with a moan began plunging deep inside her mouth as his fingers had earlier inside of her hot slit. His hand reached down between them and he parted the lips of her pussy, dipping one finger inside.

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