US Lady Enjoys The English Way

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It was the first time Crystal had been outside the USA. Her lover, Alan, had visited her in Virginia a few times. Now it was her turn to see how he lived.

Until she got on the plane at Philadelphia, she had tried not to get too excited. He might be very different in his own surroundings. Englishmen were supposed to be reserved. Alan had been anything but that when he was in the States. He had hardly taken his eyes (and hands) off her the whole time! Quietly she loved the attention but pretended not to. “Behave your hands” she would say. It seemed that word was not in the English dictionary.

But once settled in her seat, she relaxed. She was only visiting for a week but was determined to make the most of it. A little bit of excitement crept into her mind but she put it to one side. The journey was eight hours so she watched a film, slept and enjoyed the chance to relax. Before the landing at Gatwick, she went to the bathroom to freshen up. She wanted to be clean and sweet smelling; as an afterthought she removed her panties. That would be a nice surprise! Only then did she realise how excited she really was; the merest touch down there sent quivers up her spine. She couldn’t wait, but made herself pull her jeans back on and return to her seat.

She couldn’t help flirting with the customs man. “I’ve come to visit my boy-friend”. “I’m sure he will enjoy that!”, the man said with a cheeky smile. Her smile confirmed it!

Then she was in his arms. He kissed and held her very tight; he was taller than she was and she was on tiptoe as they embraced. His hands went down and squeezed her arse approvingly. He always tested whether she had anything on underneath!! Nothing on suggested a very excited and willing Crystal.

As soon as they got to the car, Crystal removed her bra; it had been killing her for the last two hours, pinching on her large breasts. Inside the car, they kissed passionately and he thrust his hand down the front of her jeans between her legs. He wanted to check she still got excited at his touch; the gush of juices proved it as his two fingers explored and found her hard very wet clitoris that he loved so much. And she still tasted as good as ever!

But Crystal took the initiative. He had tried to park away from the main sex izle pathways so no one could see as she unzipped his fly and let his penis spring free from his underwear. Eagerly, she put her head under the steering wheel and tongued the tip; she also wanted to have that taste again. There were already traces of pre-cum at the opening – delicious! Crystal opened her lips and slowly took him into her mouth; she had promised Alan she would do this as soon as they were in the car. He hardened even more as the gentle sucking became more urgent. Holding her head he began to control the rhythm of her movements.

All, the while, she had a finger on her clitoris so she was being pleasured at both ends of her body. She had waited so long for this moment…

They were not so oblivious of their surroundings that they did not hear the footsteps and excited chatter of a family arriving at the car next to theirs. Crystal was just quick enough to get back on her side of the car before the man about to get into the driving seat looked across and smiled. Maybe he had seen something because he gave her a knowing smile. Crystal smiled back and why not – she was very happy even though she would have to wait a while before she could be satisfied. But the waiting would be worth it.

They were soon away and speeding down the motorway. The flight had arrived just before dawn so the traffic had yet to build up. They were travelling to his house in the country rather than his London flat; this was two hours even with a clear run.

As Alan drove, they chattered away deciding what they would do during the week. Crystal had never been to England before. On the way they passed Stonehenge, Longleat and a number of other well know sites but Crystal said she wanted to go direct. They could visit those places on the way back!

Alan kept one hand on the wheel and let his left hand roam under Crystal’s T-shirt to feel her large right breast, soft warm and welcoming and squeezed her nipple. When the road was clear, he wanted to explore further and asked her to take down her jeans. “You will be more comfortable, darling.” And it did feel cooler with her jeans around her ankles, lying back in the reclining seat.

His hand roamed onto her thigh and then inside, alt yazılı porno stretching down to discover her shaven pussy lips. My, she was wet and her clitoris was good to touch and caress. As the traffic volume increased, Alan had to concentrate and use both hands to steer and to change gears. Crystal didn’t allow that to slow her down; her fingers could the job even better and knew exactly what was needed to bring her to the edge and beyond.

The road was clear as they went under a bridge and she came suddenly. Alan could only take his eyes off the road for a second to see the expression on her faced as she screamed at the top of her voice for several seconds. Her whole body seemed to shudder, her thighs tensed as she stiffened all over. She had come quicker than either she or Alan expected, the orgasms building into one huge explosion, releasing weeks of sexual frustration, of days and nights with no man in her bed and nothing to satisfy her beyond her fingers and vibrators and Alan’s voice on the phone as they brought each other to orgasm across thousands of miles of ocean. But she hadn’t been able to wait a couple of hours to let Alan share her pleasure.

But he always enjoyed seeing and hearing her come and was happy as she relaxed and slept for the rest of the journey. She was still asleep when they arrived at the sleepy village where Alan had just bought a house. The 17th century house looked out over a beautiful even older church. Alan always felt himself relaxing as he drove the cobbled path and parked the car in the garage.

Crystal steered as the car stopped and smiled. She wasn’t sure if he could wait until they got into the house or whether he would take her now. But Alan liked to be comfortable; fucking in a car, or on a cold hotel bedroom floor when her daughter had been with them in Florida, wasn’t his scene.

But he didn’t spend wasted time showing around the house. As soon as they were inside, he grabbed her hand and pulled her up to the main bedroom. He undressed as quickly as he could and helped her off with her last clothes and then pulled her on to the large double bed. He enveloped her with his arms and body and hugged as tight a she could. Parting her legs, he put a finger down between altyazılı sex izle them to check she was still wet; she was gushing. He rolled her over on to her back and mounted her with her legs apart.

Alan kissed Crystal on the lips and then entered her. Gently at first and then a strong push all the way in. My but she was tight and juicy. He began to move slowly and strongly in and out.

“What about my foreplay?” she asked.

“Foreplay comes later. You had your fun in the car!”

The church bells rang every fifteen minutes so Alan knew how long he stayed in her making up for those weeks without her. Fucking slowly and lovingly, then hard and rough, pulling his dick in long strokes on the lubrication of her cunt juices. Resting with his dick still inside her, kissing and nuzzling her face. Then back harder and deeper, feeling the pleasure and giving the pleasure Crystal had of being filled to the brim.

She felt him getting bigger as her pussy tightened and his weapon seemed to grow as it pummelled into her. She wanted to be on top and to make him come. He was controlling his orgasm but had no power as she took over. She positioned herself over him and lowered herself feeling how tight it was and needing the confidence to push all the way up. He pulled her down and it suddenly slid in, all the way up as if she could feel him filling her whole body.

She shifted her large 44D breasts on to his chest and began to go about her business, completely in control. Now he would have to come! He could feel the strong rhythm and the friction of her tight cunt around him; she was milking him into her and he knew that he was ready. He helped with his hands on the back on her arse, increasing the pace of her fucking. She was pushing her clitoris hard into him and achieving intriguing small orgasms in her pussy and lower abdomen. But she wanted him to come; she could sense his body tensing and noticed a glazed look on his face.

He was gone, feeling the spunk surging out of his balls all the way up the shaft of his dick. It only took seconds but he felt every inch of the journey and every spasm as he exploded three or four jets of warm thick fluid into her wet, juicy cunt. She felt it dribble down her thigh as she let his penis relax and slip out, all small and bashful. She knew it would be sensitive now, so she was careful as she licked off the last drops and tasted both of their sex juices.

They lay in each other’s arms and dozed off as the church bells rang again. Could that be the time…?

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