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“Mmm dum di dum di dooo,” Amy hummed under her breath, adding more ingredients to the blue ceramic bowl on the marble counter in front of her. “Vanilla… vanilla… Mark! Where did you put the vanilla?” she called over her shoulder as she shuffled items around the spice cabinet.

“Weeellll…” A smile spread across Amy’s face at the rumble of Mark’s voice in her ear and his arms around her waist. “I don’t think that I’ve ever had a use for vanilla.” As he began to sway with the music, she brought her arms down over his and leaned back against his muscled body. Mark continued, “So if you can’t find it, I imagine we must be out.”

Amy stiffened and started to straighten in annoyance but relaxed when he pushed her blonde hair away from the curve of her neck and began nuzzling there, nipping at the skin. “Awww man… Mmmm…” Her tone husky, Amy’s words trailed off.

“Why? Do you need it now?” Mark punctuated his words with kisses, sucking lightly, dragging his teeth along her sensitive flesh each time he withdrew to speak.

“Cookies,” Amy replied, head falling to one side.

“Cookies?” Mark chuckled, a low sound of satisfaction at her response. “That’s not what I asked, but I get the idea.” Turning Amy in his arms, he enjoyed the sleepy, sensual look in her brown eyes. Cupping her face in his hands, he kissed her deeply, pulling at her lips with his own, until she clasped her hands around his neck and started moving against his body, small sounds coming from her throat. Then he pulled back, turning towards the living room. “Ok, we can go to the store now, if you like.”

Amy stood staring after him, mouth agape. “What?”

Mark glanced back, eyebrows raised. “Vanilla… remember? We don’t have any and I hear they sell little bottles of it at the grocery store. So let’s go.”

“But… You… Why would you… ” The look on her face verged on petulant and Mark stilled.

“Amy, you like it when I tease you.”

“I do! But not so we can go to the grocery store! That’s not fun at all!”

“No?” Mark cocked his head and drew Amy towards him by her hand.

“No!” Suddenly, she found her head pulled back roughly by her hair and her breasts crushed against his chest. Mark whispered in her ear, “You want to stay here?”

Amy whimpered, her pussy contracting. “Oh! Yeeesss…” The sound slipped from her lips as a near hiss. He scraped his teeth along the edge of her earlobe and Amy trembled in his grasp, rubbing her pelvis against Mark’s hard dick. He used his right hand to reach under her loose skirt and his body, along with a hand in her hair, to propel her up against the kitchen wall.

“Spread your sex izle legs,” Mark growled. Amy quickly complied with a sigh. The beginnings of a smile danced on her lips. She thought she’d won. Blood rushed into her nipples and pussy, making them pulse. Mark cupped her sex roughly, his palm moving in hard mini-circles and his fingers pushing the fabric of her panties against her moist hole. Amy responded by sliding her body down the wall to ride his hand but moaned in frustrated lust when Mark pulled her up short with his firm grasp in her hair.

“You’re not going anywhere unless I put you there, do you understand me?” Shivering, Amy nodded, slipping into her submissive role with ease.

“Yes. Yes, I understand.”

“Good. Now spread your legs further apart. That’s right, really wide, so that I can touch you. You don’t want to make that difficult for me, do you?”

She shook her head vigorously and blurted, “No!”

Looking at Amy’s disheveled blonde hair around her face, her soft, inviting lips, and the look of hunger burning in her eyes, Mark’s own desire ratcheted up a notch. A plan formed in his mind. Pushing aside her underwear, he pushed two fingers inside her while his other hand moved from her hair to cup her jaw. He brought his face very close, mouth only a hairsbreadth from hers as he spoke, breath hot on her parted lips.

“You’re so hot and wet. I’ve barely even touched you and you can’t wait to have my cock inside you. My little slut Amy wants to stay home so that I can fuck her. It’s all you can think about. Isn’t that right?” Mark watched the emotions play across her expressive features. Lust, shyness, frustration, and embarrassment. He waited just a few seconds before moving his lips to her ear and growled, “I can’t hear you, Amy.”

At Mark’s words, Amy’s entire body pulsed with need, blood pounding in her ears.

Why was it so difficult to say it?!

Finally, she gasped, “Yes!” He raised his eyebrows and waited. “I-I’m hot and wet for your cock. I want to stay here so that you can fuck me.” Her face flushed.

Soft breath stirred the hair at her temple. “Describe how you want me to fuck you while I undress you.” He paused. “In detail. And don’t disappoint me.”

Mark’s hands skimmed along her stomach, drawing Amy’s shirt up, as she began, voice trembling.

“I want you to put my collar on me.” Her shirt was up and over her head, Mark on his knees in front of her body, licking along the waistband of her skirt.

“Oh… hmmm… then I want you to rub your dick against my face until I can’t stand it. I want to taste it so badly.” Bra gone, Mark caught a nipple between his fransız porno teeth, pinching and rolling the other while he sucked hard, his teeth scraping along the peak. It was sharp enough to hurt and Amy arched against his body, trying to rub her aching cunt against him.

“Finally, you let me take you in my mouth and you’re so mmmmm… hard and I can’t get enough of you.” Amy threw her head back when Mark roughly grasped her hands above her head again.

“Close your legs so I can get to your pussy. And keep your arms above your head. You’re not allowed to touch me until you finish.”

“You pull out of my mouth and spin me around, bending me over the table. You make me spread my legs and … ohhhh…” Mark had pushed her skirt and underwear down over her hips and Amy could feel soft puffs of air as he teased her with his breath.

“Then you eat me from behind until I cum. As soon as I start to calm down, you shove your dick in my pussy. Ah!” Hands squeezed her ass and Mark’s tongue darted down her slit once.

Mark stood up, smiling, and pulled Amy down the hallway to their bedroom, where he pushed her down on the bed.

“Get on your knees.” She heard him rummaging in the bedside drawer for just a moment before he walked in front of her, cuffs and collar in hand. In moments he had Amy securely fastened to the bed, arms in front of her, ass in the air at the edge.

“Spread your legs. That’s right. Now tell me what it feels like to have me fuck you from behind.”

Mark unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out to rub it along Amy’s slit. She bucked and pushed back towards him. He pulled her head back roughly by her hair. “Tsk tsk… Talk.” He pressed the tip against her cunt but went no further. Instead, he slid it maddeningly up and down, making sure to massage her clit on every stroke.

Amy’s words came in a rush, “Oh God. You’re behind me and I’m so wet, but you go too slow and I want you to go faster. And so I push back against you –“

“Slow down. I’m not in a hurry.” He moved his hands to pinch both of her nipples roughly pumping his hips against her ass. “What do you say to make me go faster?”

“Oh. Oh. Oh… Fuck me. Please. Please fuck me harder! Fuck me faster! Oh God!”

While Amy yelled, Mark plunged deeply into her soft, wet pussy. He alternated hard, fast strokes with slow, deep thrusts. Low moans and pants slipped from Amy’s lips and she wiggled her bottom back to open herself up more fully. Too soon, Mark slipped out of her and she groaned in protest, looking back to see why he wasn’t fucking her anymore.

Mark positioned himself in front teen porno of her face and brought her close enough to his dick that she could smell her pussy on it, but his firm grip on her hair kept it out of her mouth.

“Look at that Amy. You got your cunt juice all over my dick. Clean it.”

Mark pulled her face roughly towards his hard cock and Amy used her tongue to lick every inch, the soft wetness stroking and probing slowly. The taste of her own pussy on his dick excited her and she didn’t take him into her mouth until she had licked all of it off. As soon as she sucked Mark into her mouth, he used his hands in her hair to fuck her mouth. Then, again, he took it from her, tucking it back in his boxer shorts.

Amy looked at him with pleading eyes, “Why…?”

“You said that you want to stay at home, that it’s more fun than going to the grocery store. I could really use some cookies though. So, I’ll go to the store and you can stay here having fun.” Mark’s left hand stroked her ass and then smacked it fast and hard when Amy pulled against her restraints.

“But Maarrrk…” His face remained inscrutable.

“I want you to lay right here, with your ass in the air until I get back. I’m going to put a movie in the dvd player so that you don’t get too bored. Who knows how long it might take.” Mark shoved several fingers in her pussy, pushing in and out as he explained what was going to happen. “I like the idea of you here, alone, so desperate to cum, but you won’t be able to. By the time I get back, you’ll do anything to get me to fuck you. Won’t you, my little slut?” Amy nodded, moaning. “I might just fuck you as soon as I walk in the door. Or I might finish the cookies. Or maybe I’ll eat you out until you come in my mouth. Wait here like a good girl and you’ll see when I get back.”

And then he left, pausing briefly to press play on the dvd player. Amy moaned when she realized what he had put on. The TV was behind her, but she could hear fucking and sucking.

At first she was angry. How dare he tie her up like this and leave, like she was some … toy. When Amy’s mind settled on that idea, she moaned and thrust her hips back, wishing Mark was there to fill her aching hole. Her petite ass pointed towards the door, which made her squirm. So open and exposed and she couldn’t even see if anyone was watching her.

Around and around her mixed thoughts and conflicting emotions swirled. The internal struggle pushed her desire higher and higher. It wasn’t the embarrassment that did it, or the anger, or the sexual arousal, but the struggle to reconcile them all that drove her mad.

Within minutes she was shifting her weight from leg to leg, hoping to increase pressure on her throbbing clit, while levering herself up on her extended arms to rub her nipples against the bedspread.

How was she going to last in this state until Mark got back???

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32