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Ryan sees her there again. He smiles. She’s been sitting at the bar for awhile now. The ice in her glass melting. He can see the watery substance rest on top of the amber liquid the bartender served her earlier. He remembers the first time he’d seen her. She alone then too.

He watches her toy with her drink, the straw bobbing up and down. His eyes scan her red hair and full figure. He winks at the little blonde bartender, and casually makes his way to the red-head.

Kim feels his presence. She doesn’t need to turn around, nor does she need to talk. For months they dodged suggested looks and heated glances. Now the one thing they both want is within their reach. He places his hand on her shoulder. Her cheek nuzzles against his firm grasp. “Are you ready?” he asks her.

“Yes,” she tells him. He helps her from her seat. “Kim,” she says.

“I know,” he answers.

Her lips lift in a smirk. “Ryan?” she asks, though she knows she’s right.

He nods his head and lifts her hand to his lips. “Any other questions?”

“No,” Kim tells him.

They move through the bar. Ryan leads. Kim follows. Soon she’s in his truck, sitting in the middle, straddling the column. Ryan’s hand moves to her thigh, rests firmly, and he looks down at where his tanned skin contrasts against her white flesh.

He starts the vehicle. Every time he changes gears his hand rubs her leg. Her skirt rises up. “Panties?” he asks.

Kim looks over at him. One of her hands play with the dark, brown locks of his hair, the other begins to travel up her other thigh. She laughs and runs a long nail down his cheek. “Check,” she whispers. Kim leans in and trails her tongue over the curve of his ear.

“I plan on it,” he tells her. His eyes never leave the road, but his hand moves. His hand travels where his eyes would like to be. He skates his fingers up her leg. Ryan feels the heat of her cunt rolling over him. He’s pleased when his fingers feel the slick pussy that he’s imagined beneath his lips.

“Mmmm…,” Kim whimpers. Her eyes flutter close, she opens her legs wider, and pushes her skirt up higher. “I stopped wearing panties the day after I saw you in the bar. I figured there was no use, since you made them so wet and they were always in the way when I had to fuck off in the ladies room.”

Ryan toys with her pussy and sends a second finger in with the first. He looks in the rearview mirror and sees Kim’s lips part, her tongue snakes out to moisten them. His fingers move deeper. “You’re tight,” he tells her. His fingers slide in and out as she flexes her muscles around him.

Kim lays her head on his shoulder, her eyes remain shut, her pussy begins to throb harder. “Oh fuck,” she mutters under her breath.

Ryan grins and starts moving his fingers faster and faster. His eyes shift from her face in the mirror to the road. “Can you come Kim?” he asks.

She bites her lip; he watches her head shake yes. She floods him. Her entire body shakes as she releases her climax and her fluids slide down her sex to gather against his fingers and palm.

As she shatters Ryan smiles. “Beautiful,” he tells her. He pulls his fingers out, brings them to his mouth, licks and sucks them clean. “Wonderful,” he says.

Kim sits there recovering from his touch. She feels his hand moving again. His arm sliding along her thigh brings her back to reality. She realizes they are closer to their destination. “Your place?” she asks. She slips back to her side of the truck and watches him shut the vehicle off. He turns to her and grabs her left wrist.

“Yes,” he tells her seconds before pulling her back across the seat. His tongue dives into her mouth, strokes the soft muscle, and he places his other hand on her hip.

Kim’s body flames. Her sex quickens and her mind swims in pleasure. The grip on her wrist and her hip tighten. Her free hand slides to his thigh, runs up his leg, and begins a firm assault on his cock. She pushes down on the stiff bulge that continues to grow as she works her tongue along the side of his wet muscle.

He releases her waist, cups her breast, and begins to knead it through the material of her spaghetti-strap blouse. The large globes had swayed since the second time he’d ever seen her. He knew she’d stopped wearing a bra… at least when he saw her at the bar she wasn’t wearing one.

Now, he finds himself within a few millimeters from caressing the nubs that torment him. He’s been wanting to do this more months. His fingers run over the nipple. It lifts. He pulls and teases it with his fingertips. “The bra?” he asks after he leaves her mouth.

“Stopped wearing those too,” she grins. Kim slips her hand inside his shirt and her fingers travel up his chest. She tilts her head as his mouth moves to her neck. The warm tongue begins a journey over her flesh, until it reaches her ear. He traces it. She sighs in pleasure.

His fingers move away from her breasts and back to the slick pussy he invaded earlier. Ryan pushes two fingers against ankara escort her cunt and begins to rub it hard, pressing it into her pelvic bone. He then starts to pinch and pull it. His tongue slides into her ear, his other hand holds her wrist immobile.

Kim’s muscles clench around his fingers, her hips lift and fall. “Ryan,” she gasps. Her sex rocks against his hand. She bites her lip, releases it, bites it again. She isn’t sure what to do. She wants to continue touching him, but in a second she is lost. Her fingers curl around the hair on his chest. She pulls herself into him and she whispers in his ear, “I’m coming.”

Ryan slides his tongue to the spot that radiates her pulse against her skin. “I know,” he growls and sucks in her tender flesh. He feels her release again. He marvels at the passion that the young woman has and finds himself thankful to have finally made that first step.

Her juices flow thick and hot over his hand. He strokes her pussy with his come soaked palm. His fingers tug on the red trimmed bush, they are a promising toast for more to come. He leaves her sex and this time he shudders as Kim cleans his fingers.

Kim licks her lips and watches as he finally opens his door and walks around to assist her with hers. They walk together toward the porch of his ranch house. Two consenting adults, each one wanting something from the other. Both not knowing where it will end in the morning, neither one caring.

They enter the house, he closes the door behind her. Ryan falls to his knees and presses Kim into the door. Her hand grabs the knob, the other hand grabs his head.

“Your scent fills me,” he whispers. Ryan’s fingers grip her waist. The soft flesh is teased with firm strokes before he pulls the skirt down over her full hips and thighs. He stares at the beautiful red hairs that were trimmed recently. He smiles up at her. “Perfection,” he says.

A whimper of delight escapes her lips as she hears his words. She steps free of the skirt. Kim feels his fingers make love to her leg as they skim down her thigh, knee, and calf muscle. She looks down, watches him lift her foot. The five inch stiletto now rests on his shoulder. His mouth now rests on her ankle.

“Ohhh…,” she mutters. “That’s nice,” she tells him. She’d never had anyone worship her ankle before. A spark runs through her leg; she shivers with girlish pleasure. The smile on her face erupts and Ryan is lost in its brilliance.

His tongue slips over the hard bone. He bites her flesh and then he stops. He sees a prize that glistens with the succulent juices he’s craved for so long. “I need to taste you, Kim,” he says. He scoots closer to her cunt. Her leg moves with him over his shoulder.

Kim feels his tongue slide over her pussy. “Oh God,” she hisses. Her muscles contract and she shivers. Nectar falls from the pot and Ryan laps it up. He looks up the length of her body.

“Watch me Kim,” he says.

She forces her eyes to flutter open. She stares down at him. His tongue is poised at the bottom of her slit. She bites her tongue and gazes as he runs the length of her pussy with the wet muscles. “Jeeze…,” she hisses again. “Damn,” she gasps. She can see the liquid slip onto his tongue. She witnesses the gathering of it and watches him swallow the treat she’s offering to him.

He laps again. She purrs. He smiles and goes in for more. His fingers join the assault. One of them invades her as the others just massage the lips. His eyes are heavy with desire as he gazes upon the succulent fruit displayed before him. He pushes his tongue against her clit. Every patch of skin he has beneath his lips is given a scorching touch.

“Baby,” Kim mutters. “Suck my pussy lips… one at a time… please…,” she begs him. Her fingers tighten in his hair. “Your teeth too…oh Ryan… please, please use your teeth.”

Ryan grins against her cunt. He opens his mouth and begins to gnaw on her. Gently he chews his way around it. He doesn’t bite hard enough to tear her or hurt her, but she knows he’s there. She shudders and tightens the pull on his hair.

Her clit is a match now, burning and slowly being consumed. He stops biting and begins to pet it with long licks, soothing the heated strip of flesh. The tip of his nose nuzzles her sensitive bud while his tongue licks the lips of her sex. His finger had paused briefly while he adored the thin strip of flesh now though it begins its quest to seek out the hidden treasure buried deep inside her.

“Would you… oh fuck Ryan… oh fuck… please hurry,” she growls low. Kim doesn’t recognize her voice. She is heady with passion and desire. It oozes from her just like the sweet juices of her arousal does.

Ryan hears her. He listens and a second finger, then a third are plunged into her depths. His mouth pulls and sucks on the right lip, then the left. Over and over he dives his thick fingers into her cunt while he marks her lips with little pussy hickeys.

Kim pulls at the handle of the door, her escort ankara grip tightens. Her fingers twist his hair, bringing a wince to her lover, one that goes unnoticed to her. She only can feel. Her head slams back against the door, but even that pain is nothing to force her from the moment of release. She screams his name as her body explodes.

“Yes,” he growls seconds before her come spills out to greet him. The sounds of him sucking, her honey-covered fountain, mingle with the cries of “don’t stop” and “oh fuck” and “Ryan.” He pushes his face in deeper, removes his fingers and it is as if she’s uncorked. The thick, creamy syrup runs free and he is there, mouth open, and accepting of the precious offering.

“Delicious,” he says. He drops her leg from his shoulder and stands. His fingers raise her blouse. She lifts her arms. Ryan twists the material tight and Kim finds her hands bound in her shirt, her head covered by the shirt.

“Oh fuck,” she groans. The first touch she feels is a come-covered tongue that streaks across her right nipple, then over to her left. She can’t see him. She can only feel and hear.

Ryan admires the large breasts. His spare hand comes up and cups her right one. It is full and overflows his big hand. He lifts it up higher, stretching the skin almost to the point of pain. Her legs shift. He hears her whimpers from behind the makeshift hood and restraints he created with her blouse.

“Shhh…,” he tells her. “I’m here.”

She quiets, not out of fear, but out of need. She needs to calm herself. If she doesn’t Kim knows she will miss something. She will miss some feeling that runs through her. Concentration is the key to feeling and she longs to experience everything.

Ryan returns his attention to her right breast. “My God your beautiful,” he whispers. His tongue traces the rose colored areola. The bumps and ridges form beautifully under his caress. He nips her extended nipple, pulls it back, stretching her breast. He releases her tit, watches it bounce and sway, before he dives in again.

Sparks of electricity run through Kim’s nipple. She squirms, wanting to thrust her hands in his hair, but unable to because he still has her restrained. Her eyes clench tight, she thrusts her boobs further into his face. “Ohhh… ohh…,” she mutters through the cloth.

Ryan’s tongue travels between her breath, captures her other nipple, and treats it the same way as the first. He pulls, bites, stretches, and teases the luscious pearl until he sees her foot stomp against the floor. She’s holding back, wanting to prolong her release.

He pulls the shirt from her head and arms, drops to his knees again, and orders her to come for him. She showers his face. He drinks her nectar. Ryan covers her pussy with his mouth and sucks the fluids as Kim climaxes again.

Kim gasps. She feels as if she were a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Every time she comes, there is something left behind. There is a feeling that there is more. There is another orgasm hidden and her body is desperately trying to reach it.

“Oh baby,” she whispers. He moves up her body, licking her stomach, her left nipple, her right. Finally Ryan reaches her mouth again and he shares with her the mouthful of come he saved for her.

Ryan shoots the honey into her mouth, tilts his head back, and watches her savor the juice. She absorbs its saltiness and as she swallows the liquid heat she tastes a hint of sweet syrup. She hungers for more and thrusts her tongue into his mouth.

Kim cleans his mouth, strokes his tongue, and laps at his teeth. Ryan takes her hand and leads her away from the door. They stop in the kitchen. He retrieves the small bowl of fresh fruit on the table, grabs a bottle of wine from the rack, and hands it to her.

“Prepared?” she asks, a smile lights up her face.

“You have no idea how long I’ve fantasized about you. How many times I wanted to make you come. All the ways I’ve wanted to have you thrashing under me. We have a long night ahead of us Kim… a long erotic night.”

She shivers as his words make love to her thoughts and she pictures some of her fantasies and she wonders if perhaps they can play out some of hers.

The click of her stilettos echo down the hardwood floor as he continues his path to his bedroom. Ryan’s cock is hard, yet he knows he’ll not allow himself to come until he is ready.

This night is for the woman who he saw at a bar months ago… a woman that looked lost, alone, hurt, confused. But most of all she looked untapped. Tonight is about her and he plans on tapping every spot on her that he can find.

“Wait here,” he tells her. He opens his bedroom door, takes the wine from her hand, and closes the door behind him.

Kim waits in the hall. Her stomach does flips as she listens to his footsteps behind the door. She hears him open and shut drawers. When he opens the door she looks up at him. He takes her hand and leads her into the room.

The room is dimly lit. ankara escort bayan A small lamp rests on a bedside table. Its light cascades a glow over the pillows and radiates further touching the thick carpet. Another light flickers in the bathroom, its door stands open. She glances and sees a large 3-wick candle. She breaths in the scent that is trying to fill the room.

“Vanilla?” she asks. “How did you know?”

“I asked the bartender. I knew you and she spoke a lot. I hoped one day you’d mentioned to her anything personal… you did and she shared with me,” he tells her.

Ryan stops and pulls her into his arms. He circles her waist, holds her close, and kisses her neck. His teeth tug on her skin, he sucks greedily from it. His mouth moves to her lips and they kiss once more.

Kim’s fingers slide under the back of his shirt and she scraps her nails over the slick muscles. The sweat is beading under the cotton shirt and she slips her hands back to his waist and eases the shirt up.

As the shirt rises up her mouth takes in his nipple. She licks the hard bud, he removes the shirt. She’s lost in the taste of his skin. Her tongue circles the dark circle, her teeth pull at the tender morsel. He drops the shirt and pushes his hand through her silky tresses. “Mmm…,” he mutters.

“Like?” she asks.

“Yes. Bite me,” he tells her. His voice is thick with desire. He feels her breath against his skin and knows her mouth is opening wider. She bites his nipple. At the same time she twists the matching pearl with two of her fingers. “Oh… yes,” he whispers.

She grins and continues to tease his nipples, alternating between them with bites, strokes, and twists. “More?” she asks.

Ryan’s cock jerks in his pants. “Later,” he answers. It is a hard decision, one that he hopes he doesn’t regret. He wants to come in her and on her. He wants to bury her in his juices, but he wants to drive her to the peak he knows her body has not yet reached.

Kim whimpers, but relents. She steps back and waits.

“Lay down,” he tell hers. She moves to the bed and climbs on.

“Oh fuck. Stop,” he says.

She smirks. She rests on her hands and knees, her ass proudly displayed for his enjoyment. “You like?” she asks.

“Fuck yes,” he answers. His hands move to her hips. He runs his palms over her round ass. Gently he massages her cheeks, kneading the soft flesh, squeezing it, watching her body begin to slowly pump the air underneath her. His cock hurts as he watches her support her weight on her knees and one hand. The other hand takes possession of her tit and she teases the nipple.

Kim hears his intake of breath. She hears the clicking of his belt being released. The thump of his shoes hitting the floor bring a smile to her lips. She flexes her ankles. She feels her shoes still molded to her feet. A thought crosses her mind and she finds herself wondering if he’ll leave them on her all night.

“Lovely ass Kim,” he mutters. He runs a finger down the crack before bringing his hands to his pants and releasing the button and zipper. The air roams over his swollen shaft. His hands pull down his pants and briefs. The sound of tearing plastic fills the room. The slick condom encases his dick like a second skin.

His cock pulses. It has a mind of its own. It wants to fuck the tight ass, the slick pussy, the eager mouth. But Ryan commands it, controls his desires and instead brings his hands to her hips and rolls her to her back.

“Baby… I’m so wet, so hot…,” she mutters. She presses herself into the cool blankets and waits for him to begin his assault once more on her flesh. Something tells her she will be up for hours. She wonders for a moment… how long can he last.

Ryan opens the wine. “Spread your legs,” he tells her. She does. He doesn’t care about his bed, he’s wanted this woman far to long to care about anything but her pleasure.

The wine is drizzled over her pussy. His throat suddenly goes dry as he watches the white liquid slide between her hot lips. He dribbles more over her. He watches it travel through her trimmed curls. They glisten as the lamp’s light waltzes over her skin.

She shivers as the moisture runs over her sex, coating her clit with expensive nectar, and continues its journey down to soak into the blanket. Her eyes catch a glimpse of his hand moving to take a several blackberries from the bowl on the night stand. A shudder slides up her spine as she imagines the places the blackberries will go.

“I’m so hard for you,” he whispers. The blackberries are smeared over her tits. The juice stains her white flesh. He mashes the large globes; they drip with juice and blackberry meat.

Ryan looks over her sticky figure and smirks. “I suddenly find myself very hungry,” he says.

“Thirsty too, I hope,” Kim adds. He laughs and settles himself between her thighs. He lifts one then the other onto his shoulders.

“God you smell exquisite,” he says. He gives her one last look before putting his mouth at the top of her sex and licking his way around her trimmed hairs once more. He laps up white wine and clear honey. He drinks from her perfect cunt and drives a finger to stir in the sexual juice and the white wine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32