The Fallen Ch. 02

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Thank you for all the comments on the previous chapter I hope that this chapter and so on will be better thanks to your comments and suggestions. I hope you readers enjoy! All characters are 18 years or older.


Finding a white button up shirt and a small pair of old jeans, Seiji helped Tenshi get dressed. He smiled at the strange teen, he seemed so energetic for someone who must have been injured. Seiji had promised him he would show him around the farm.

Tenshi pulled on some sneakers on and followed Seiji out of the house. The rain had already dried up and it was a beautiful, clear day. He hurried up to catch up with the larger teen, who waited for him by the large red building. “What’s this place Seiji-kun?” He asked, tucking his long white hair behind his ear.

Seiji looked at the boy and smiled. “This is the we keep some of our supplies here. Saki and me grow herbs on this farm, like some medicinal herbs and stuff.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Come on let me show you the gardens.” Tenshi smiled running to catch up with him.

They walked around the many rows of plants and Seiji told Tenshi more about the town. “The town is called Hell’s Keep, mainly because the whole territory here is run by demons. There are several kinds of creatures and put into a certain rank depending on the strength of your blood and what kind of creature you are.”

Tenshi nodded his head. “It sounds complicated.”

The bigger teen shrugged. “Well I’m used to it. I’m a wolf so my rank is a little above the average. But the full blooded werewolves, vampires and other demons have the highest rank.”

“What about angels?” Tenshi asked looking up to Seiji.

Seiji looked at the smaller white haired teen. “Well yeah I’m sure they have a higher rank too. It’s just rare to see one here.” As they had walked to the edge of the farm, they sat down on a grassy hill side.

Tenshi could feel the heat coming off of Seiji’s body and he laid his head on his toned arms. A sense of peace and safety cloaked him. Though his mind was busy full of questions. “Hey Seiji, can you tell what kind of creature someone is like Saki mentioned?”

Seiji gave a awkward laugh his wolf ears twitched. “I’m not that great, so people like Saki can read a persons’ aura and tell what kind of race they are even when they keep their physical appearance hidden. I can only guess by site and smell.” He gave a devilish smile and leaned into Tenshi close to his ear and whispered, “You smell amazing by the way.”

Tenshi felt something stir inside him and blushed a light pink. “I am an angel I know that much.”

“How can you tell?” Seiji was confused, cocking his head to the side. He was surprised as Tenshi began to unbutton his shirt. His skin was pale and blemish free, he didn’t have any hair on his body. Seiji couldn’t help but feel the blood rushing down and could smell desire rising from Tenshi as well.

Tenshi laid his shirt on the ground and turned his back to Seiji, he felt weird but continued to move his long hair out of the way. To show Seiji the two silver lines parallel to his spine. He knew the mark meant he was an angel, but would Seiji rejected him or devour him like he said other demons would do…

Seiji couldn’t help but trace his fingers over the lines. He could feel Tenshi shiver at his touch and hear a low sound of pleasure. Seiji’s inner wolf urged his body forward and lick up Tenshi’s spine, which made the slender teen jump slightly.

No matter how much he resisted his wolf showed him what he wanted. Seiji saw himself, naked and pushing Tenshi down on all fours and ravaging his little body. Seiji forced the image away, he never thought of himself as gay but this angel had a hold on him somehow. Back to reality Seiji put the long sleeve shirt back on Tenshi and wrapped his arms around the boy, whispering to him. “I’m sorry, Tenshi.”

Tenshi turned and hugged Seiji his face flushed, “It’s ok.”

The next morning the boys were woken up early by Saki earlier than usual. Saki had gotten Tenshi registered to go to the high school in town, the same as Seiji. She also got him the school uniform, regular clothes, and school supplies. Saki insisted she cut Tenshi’s long hair, saying white hair was strange enough. Seiji was quiet happy with the results. Tenshi walked down the stairs, wearing the standard school uniform of a white button shirt, black vest with the school logo and black pants, he did have a red bow loosely around the shirt’s collar that sex hikayeleri was usually girls style but Seiji thought it looked cute on him. Saki had cut his hair pretty short but long enough to go past his ears and curl at the ends. Seiji turned away hoping they didn’t see him blushing, taking a calming breath he said, “Come on we can’t be late.” Grabbing their back packs Seiji headed out of the house. Smiling he heard Tenshi’s foot steps quicken until he walked beside him.

Hell’s high school was located in the central part of the town, Hell’s Keep. It was a large three story gray building, track and fields in the back and a separate building for the indoor pool. Tenshi stayed close to Seiji, he looked around nervously at all the students around the school. Seiji used his free hand to pat the teen’s head, Tenshi looked up at him with his bright blue eyes and smiled and he appeared calmer now. The bell rang as they entered their classroom, they were happy they had the same classes, they figured it was probably Saki’s doing. Seiji took his seat in the back and set Tenshi’s bag on the floor by the empty desk on his right. Quiet a few of the other students began to whisper seeing the white haired boy standing beside the teacher, Mrs. Inoue. She was young teacher, in her late 20’s with long brown hair with amber eyes and a light tan on her smooth skin. In her mint green blouse and long black skirt she filled out nicely many of the male students had their eyes on her except Seiji. He watched Tenshi at the front of the class, his tail swaying slightly.

Mrs. Inoue cleared her throat silencing the class. “We have a new student today his name is Tenshi. Please help him feel welcomed to our school.” She gave him a smile and motioned him to take a seat, turning to the white board she started writing the assignments. Tenshi took the seat by Seiji and gave him a nervous smile.

The first half of school went uneventful, students still stared at Tenshi but he seemed to relax more. During lunch they sat with their desks together, with the lunches Saki made them. They both had ham and cheese sandwiches and some sliced fruit. Trouble came to them quickly. Akira wore the girls uniform in usual fashion, too low white blouse and way too short black skirt and a red bow holding up her blond hair in a ponytail. “Seiji you look great today” she flirted, sitting on the edge of his desk.

“Yeah.” He grunted keeping his eyes on his food and Tenshi next to him.

Akira crossed her long legs knowing that her skirt shifted higher. “So have you thought of my offer?” It was always a game of hers to try and grab more attention to herself. For some reason she made Seiji her next target to sleep with he supposed. Akira had offered to be Seiji’s mate several times now since they met and he always refused. But that didn’t stop her.

Without looking at her Seiji answered her. “No. Now leave us be.” He took a mouth full of his sandwich and chewed.

Akira made an annoyed sound and turned her attention to Tenshi, he was just watching her with a confused look. She gave a brief but cold smile. “Hey new kid. I’m Akira, a succubus and you are?” He didn’t answer, Seiji was about say something to Akira when she spoke again. “You look too girly and weak to be anything strong.” She slid off the desk and walked away, laughing to herself. Seiji’s wolf ears turned back angrily. He didn’t like that Akira was starting to pick on his boy already. His? Seiji mentally shook his head. Tenshi didn’t belong to him, he was just helping the boy until they had more information on who he really is and where he came from. Though his inner wolf said something else.

Later in the day several students had talked to Tenshi in a much friendlier way than Akira had. Seiji smiled proud to see him adjusting well. It was last period of the day and Seiji knew it meant gym for him, Tenshi, and his good friend Alex. They ran into him in the locker room, already in his gym shorts and t-shirt, the tall dark teen looked menacing at first glance. He gave Seiji and Tenshi a big grin. “So who is your little friend?” Alex asked in his heavily accented voice.

Seiji began to undress and so did Tenshi. “He’s new here, his name is Tenshi.” He slipped on his red shorts and slim fit white tank top, he liked it because it kept him cool during gym. Tenshi finished dressing in his uniform, similar to the others but he wore a white t-shirt.

Surprisingly Tenshi held his hand out to the much larger teen and smiled. “Nice porno hikayeleri to meet you, Alex.” This made him smile shake the boy’s hand with his much larger one. Seiji grinned glad he wasn’t afraid of his large friend, Alex was a cross of an panther and grizzly bear so it was a surprise Tenshi wasn’t intimidated by his size.

They headed out to the track behind the school and did simple stretches and jogged around the track. Seiji was so happy to be outside in his element, he turned the jog into a full on race with the males in the class.

Tenshi took his time and jogged with the girls knowing he had no chance. He happily watched Seiji and his new friend having fun. Smiling to himself he didn’t see two girls run up beside him, on his left the girl from before and to his right a slim girl with long black hair and a blond streak to the side. He didn’t like how their presence made him feel, it felt dense and full of dark intent. “He finally left you I see.” Akira said, her cold eyes looking to where Seiji rested on the benches across the circular track.

“What is he your guard dog?” The black haired girl joined in. Tenshi avoided their mean stares. “No, he’s my friend. I’m staying with him for a while..”

“Oh really?” They both sneered. They reached the end of the track and Tenshi raced over to Seiji. He smiled and sat next to the wolf boy, he took a sip of water silently wishing the two girls would stop staring daggers at him.

Seiji sensed the boy’s tension, and looked around. Akira and her little sidekick Ivy where talking to another guy who everyone called Russel, he was a large muscled guy with short brown and black hair. He was known as a big bully all over town, being a pit and boxer mix by nature he was aggressive. Seiji didn’t like that they were staring at him and his boy. “Wait here.” He told Tenshi as he stood and walked up to the group. His inner wolf growled, he didn’t care that a circle of students surrounded them and chanted “Fight”. His wolf wanted a good challenge, he didn’t like that they were threatening what was his. He could feel the familiar sharp pains as his body began to shift. A small hand wrapped around his fist, it was Tenshi. His eyes silently pleaded for him to stop. Seiji calmed instantly. Tenshi pulled Seiji away from the crowd, and he followed willingly back to the school.

Later at home, Tenshi and Seiji were going home work in Seiji’s bedroom. Tenshi looked around the room he hadn’t been in here before now. The room was clean, but the walls were covered in band posters and other things, the bed was quiet large and soft, and there was a big tv across the room on top of a dresser by the door. Beside the bed was a lamp, alarm clock and a photo with happy looking family of five. “Who are they?” He asked aloud.

Seiji looked at what Tenshi was pointing at and picked up the old photo. “It’s my family, from when I was younger.” He pointed to the little wolf boy in the image. “That’s me, Saki, my older brother, and mom and dad.” He pointed out each of the family members.

Tenshi noticed they all had dark and the same green eyes as the woman, but the father and older brother had piercing grey eyes. “Where are they?” He asked.

Seiji tensed up. “My parents passed away a few years ago. And my brother left me and Saki afterwards. Saki chose to drop out so she could take over running the farm and taking care of me.” Tenshi leaned against him and hugged his arm. Seiji smiled and petted his soft white hair. The boy was sweet trying to comfort him. His inner wolf loved the affection. But his heart gave a little squeeze, remembering the past.

Weeks passed with no word from Akira or her minions. They did little things like “accidentally” pushing Seiji into the hard mental lockers in the hall, but nothing too serious. Tenshi was becoming a great student he discovered a love for reading and swimming.

As the days went by Seiji cared more about the boy. Homosexuals weren’t unheard of or illegal, but some people didn’t like it. And the fear of rejection kept him from telling Tenshi how he felt. Then came the day Seiji and many of his class mates dreaded. For the next week in the science class they will be learning about sex. It was a class no one wanted to witness. Seiji groaned siting in the back of the class with Tenshi. He kept his eyes away from the front of the room, knowing the usual posters of space and the skeletal structure would be gone and replaced with diagrams of the reproductive organs.

Tenshi seks hikayeleri looked around the room, not knowing what all the disappointment was about. He watched the science teacher, Mr. Watson, walk in. He was an older man from his salt and peppered hair and soft brown eyes. He dressed casually in a brown sweater and khaki slacks, he took a seat in his rolling chair and began to teach them about the body.

Seiji looked at Tenshi with his side vision. The small teen had his elbows on the big science table watching what Mr. Watson was teaching. Of course everyone else had all of this drilled into their heads for years except him. “Since there is many varieties of species in our world not everything with look the same as someone else’s. But most work the same. Like animal based females will go into heat more often than others. And males -” Seiji tuned him out and laid his head down on his arms. It was always weird to hear things that included him in it. He knew he was a wolf so he had those organs. He looked over at Tenshi, he stared blankly at whatever the teacher was showing. Seiji noticed his cheeks were slightly colored, which made him look cute. His gaze moved down Tenshi’s slim body. Seiji’s thoughts wondered to the day he found Tenshi, naked and laying unconscious on the forest floor. He stopped his thoughts there, blushing red he hid his face in his arms again. His mind had been doing this more often now a days, even moving to his dreams now.

After swimming in the school’s heated pool during gym, everyone headed to the showers. Tenshi waited by the lockers as Seiji undressed and went to the showers with only a towel on. Tenshi kept his blue swim shorts with Hawaiian flowers on. And sat on the wooden bench with an open book in his hand. He didn’t like the idea of showering with everyone there, watching him. He always waited until most of the guys left. With his eyes on his book, he didn’t see Russel and two other jocks approach him. The large male took his book and threw it to the side. Tenshi looked up at the boys frightened. “What do you want?” He asked quietly. They only snickered. With his large hand Russel smacked the side of Tenshi’s face, the force of it knocked him back into the floor. He held the side of his face, tears building up in his eyes.

One of the boys laughed loudly at this “Look at the little bitch, crying like a pussy.”

Tenshi tried to stand up but Russel grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head back. The huge boy smiled showing his canines. “Listen fag, we don’t like your kind here. We know Seiji is only using you as his little fuck toy.” The other boys joined in called him other names and pushed him around. Russel pinned him to the lockers by his throat and pulled his fist back, aimed at his face. He closed his eyes and braced for the punch. When he heard a loud growl. The bully let go and Tenshi fell to the floor his ears ringing. He looked up see Seiji in his towel. Water droplets clung to his skin and hair still. Tenshi gave a weak smile happy to see him again. Seiji made a feral like growl, looking at Russel with murderous intent. Tenshi noticed that his body was quickly changing, black fur covered his body and his face elongated into a snout. Tenshi looked at Russel, a large dog with bracken fur stood in his place growling back at the large black wolf that was Seiji. Seiji leapt at the dog and biting into, Russel’s shoulder. He howled in rage and shoved the wolf into the lockers, but Seiji didn’t let go he bit down harder and used his front claws to scratch at Russel’s snapping muzzle. To Tenshi’s horror Russel snapped at Seiji’s furred face, he yelped and backed off only to growl challengingly at the big dog. Both of their muscles coiled ready to pounce, when they both fell down whimpering in pain.

The gym coach appeared by the door holding a whistle in his hand, his plump face bright red in anger. “Break it up now! Seiji! Russel! Go home all of you!” The other boys hurried up and got out of there. Russel and his thugs gave Seiji and Tenshi menacing looks and followed the others, Russel’s shoulder bleeding heavily.

Everyone was gone now but them. Tenshi looked at Seiji, he had a few scratches on his side and right cheek. He walked over to Tenshi and picked him up giving the boy a big hug. “Are you ok? How bad did he hurt you.” Seiji looked over him, just a red mark on his face and marks around the boy’s neck. His inner wolf growled angry that some one hurt his boy and got away alive. He saw Tenshi blushing and realized he was still naked. A tear ran down the boy’s face and Seiji used his thumb to gently wipe it away. Without thinking he leaned forward and kissed Tenshi’s lips softly. Blushing brightly he turned away and begun to dress and Tenshi did the same.

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