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I am a young guy in my 20s and had a mind blowing experience last year that I’ve wanted to write about for a while. I was bored at home one day, browsing the internet and looking at some adult personal ads when one of them caught my attention.

The ad went along these lines:

“Attractive, busty professional woman in late 30s seeks a discrete man to help her live out a sexual fantasy. Please contact me for further details – must be clean, in good shape and discretion is vital. West Mids.”

I had never replied to any of these ads before and wasn’t even very sexually experienced but was intrigued to learn more. I was just masturbating a lot and hadn’t had any sex in a while. So I sent her a polite email saying that I had seen her ad, saying where I lived and that I might be interested. I didn’t really expect to hear anything back and half wondered if it was a hoax or even serious. However she replied back, and we exchanged a couple of brief emails before she explained what she wanted:

“I will tell you more about what I want, and if you are still interested and serious, then please reply.

About me: I work as a very successful lawyer in a top firm. I am in a high managerial position and everyday men defer to me. I am single and go to the gym several times a week and I am very fit. I have long, naturally blonde hair, am 5’10”, I have curves with large breasts and long legs. Men’s eyes follow me wherever I go, but I don’t want to get involved with anyone. I’ve not had sex for several years and I am constantly thinking about sex. I have a big collection of sex toys. However they are not getting me off any more and I need to be fucked by a man. I want to be fucked by a stranger as a one-off situation, and I don’t want a relationship. However I want to control the experience, I don’t want to pick up someone in a bar that could cause me problems. This is where you come in.

I want you to remain a stranger. I want to see a photo of you from your neck down (I don’t want to see your face yet) and I want you to be naked except your underwear. I don’t want to see your cock until you are with me. I will need you to sign a legal contract, binding you to do exactly as I request. If you don’t do so, I will ruin your life and have you arrested for sexual assault. I will require you to go to a private sexual health clinic twice to get checked out for any disease so you do not have to wear a condom. I will pay for these checks and the results will be sent to me.

This is my fantasy: I have left my office and it is my lunch break. I am walking through the town centre to my house which is about 15 mins walk away to get some lunch. I will wear a business suit with no underwear. As I walk past, you will follow me. You will recognise me as I will be wearing a certain item of clothing and I will tell you where and when to wait. You will follow me home at a discrete distance. When I get home I will go upstairs and kneel on the edge of the bed on all fours. I will move my skirt up to reveal my bare bottom. I will be facing a mirrored wardrobe so will be able to watch you as you come upstairs. I will leave the door open and I want you to come upstairs a couple of minutes after I do. I want you to be wearing smart trousers and a shirt. Do not wear any underwear. Do not speak. In the hallway outside the bedroom, I want you to pause and take our your cock and balls through the fly of your trousers. I want you to leave the rest of your clothes on. Then I want you to fuck me. Fuck me like an animal from behind. Think of your own pleasure. Be rough. You can touch me all over but I want to remain on all fours watching you in the mirror. When you have come inside me or over me – it’s istanbul escort your choice, I want you to leave the bedroom and house, and I do not want to hear from you again (unless I contact you).

I want to go to work on that morning, knowing that a stranger will follow me home at lunchtime and fuck my brains out. I will enjoy the anticipation of walking home, knowing that I am being followed. I will enjoy feeling my cunt grow wet as I walk, knowing what is coming.

So, if you are interested, I will have to know that you are discrete, you are healthy, and you can fuck me with a hard cock. In return you will have a free fuck with a powerful woman, and feel free to give it to me as you want to.”

As I read this, I grew hard. I couldn’t believe what she was asking – a total stranger – to fuck her and then leave. I wondered if I could do it – if I could go through with it. My heart was thumping in my chest even now. But I knew I had to take this chance. I emailed her back and before I knew it, I had signed a comprehensive legal document, sent her my picture (minus my head) and been for a couple of checkups at a very expensive private hospital.

I then received an email from the woman saying that I was healthy and we set a date and time to meet. She said that she would be wearing a grey business suit with her blonde hair pinned up, but she would have a bright red scarf around her neck. I arranged to stand by a particular bank on a corner and wait for her to walk past at the allotted time.

As I got dressed on the morning of the meeting, I found my fingers shaking as I did up my buttons. I was incredibly turned on and nervous at the same time. I felt my cock move around freely inside my trousers, and wondered how I would be able to walk with a huge erection tenting my trousers.

I am very well endowed – my cock is thick and long, and when hard, the head of my cock swells up to a considerable size. One of my ex-girlfriends had told me it looked like a plum, swollen, the skin taut and purple. I also get very strong erections and my cock stands up strongly. I have big balls that hung down heavily beneath my cock. My cumshots are large and go a long way. I did hope that my size wasn’t to be a problem for her – some of my ex-girlfriends had simply not been able to take the size of my cock inside them. I had sent this woman a picture of myself in underwear, my flaccid cock and balls presenting a fat, ominous package inside, so she must have an idea of what to expect.

Later as instructed, I waited by the bank. It was five minutes before 1pm. I wondered what she would look like – I hoped she would be as attractive as she made out. My heart thumped in my chest, and my cock rubbed the inside of my thigh as I moved. I hadn’t masturbated for a week – another request that she had made – she said that she wanted me to be as hard as a rock and desperate to fuck her. I was slightly worried about cumming immediately, but hopefully I would be able to hold out for a little while.

I checked my watch again to see that it was now 1pm, and I saw her approaching. She was looking straight ahead down the street, and wore an elegant grey business suit with a red scarf tossed around her neck. Immediately I could see that she was way out of my usual league, a rich and powerful woman with expensive clothes. She was tall and slender, but with real curves, her hips curved out and her chest looked full. She had clear blue eyes and full lips, and she wore high heels. My cock twitched as if it wanted to follow her. I waited for about 30 seconds then followed. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I thought of her walking avcılar escort along there without underwear, thinking of what was about to happen, and imagined how wet she would be by the time we got to her house.

My cock started to swell and I crossed my hands in front of my crotch as I walked, sure that everyone could see that I was getting hard. The street was quite busy and as I walked past a few women, I could sense a few curious glances towards my crotch. I glanced down and it was clearly sticking out towards my thigh, the big mushroom head taking shape against the thin fabric of my trousers. It was still pointing down though and I placed my hand over it, held it against my leg as I walked. I could see the woman in the distance, and hear her heels clattering against the pavement.

I followed her, my cock trying to grow against my thigh as I imagined her on all fours, her pussy held up. I wasn’t sure I could control myself to take it slowly, but I guess that she had engineered it so my sexual needs would be so urgent that I would fuck her hard and fast. The crowds started to thin as we left the main town centre and went along side streets. In all this time, she hadn’t looked back once. She wanted to wait until she was helpless until she looked at who was about to fuck her.

Then she slowed down and turned into through a gate, with a sly sidewards glance to check that she was being followed. I waited until she went through the door before I came up to the house. It looked classy, expensive and it was private. I took a deep breath and went through the gate and opened the front door. My heart was really pounding now. As instructed I shut the door loudly and counted to 20 and then slowly started climbing the stairs. I reached the top and went onto the hallway, and paused. I could hear her breathing in the next room – deep, excited breaths. I freed my cock from my trouser leg, and undid my flies. I then took my cock and balls out through the flies. My cock was rock hard in a matter of seconds and stood huge above my almost painfully heavy balls. It actually looked bigger than I had ever seen it, with no release for a long week and teased with slow anticipation. I walked to the bedroom door and walked though it.

I took in an involuntary gasp. She was kneeling a large bed, her shirt around her hips and her bare arse high in the air. She was looking at me in the mirror, her eyes widening when she saw my long, hard cock with its huge swollen purple head. She started to pant and I saw a look of primal, hungry desire. A little moan escaped her lips and with one hand she released her blonde hair from its grip. It fell down over her shoulders, lush, shining. I wanted to smell it, to touch her.

I gasped again when I saw her pussy. She had thick, swollen pussy lips and her thighs were glistening with her juices. I felt such desire and lust at this moment. I wanted to stick my cock right in there but wanted to savour the moment first. I knelt down and held her arse cheeks, and then licked her juices from her thighs. She tasted sweet, salty, and the taste made my cock swell even more. I put my face next to her pussy lips and took her lips in my mouth in one mouthful, and sucked hard. Her body shook and I saw her hand move to between her legs and start to rub her clit, next to a small patch of blond pubic hair. Her clit was fat and pink, and I wanted to suck it too but instead thrust my tongue deep into her pussy, and tasted how hot she tasted. I couldn’t wait any more though, I was so hard for her.

I stood up and took my cock in my hand. She watched me in the mirror, her fingers rubbing her clit between her legs and her mouth open şirinevler escort and panting. I pulled my cock down and rubbed it against her lips, rubbed it up and down. She took in a sharp breath and said “put it in” in a hoarse thick voice. I looked straight into her eyes and started to push the huge cock head inside. Despite how wet she was, it met with some resistance as my cock head began to stretch the entrance to her pussy. I withdrew it and then pushed again, pushing my hips into her. It then popped in, and her pussy made a wet pop as it started to slide inside. She breathed out and said “oh god” as I started to push deeper inside her. I then started to thrust more quickly, and with each thrust my cock sank in a bit deeper. She was so tight and so wet that I knew that this wasn’t going to last long.

About half of my length was now inside her and she was panting away and rubbing her clit furiously. I reached around and grabbed her tits and tried to undo her shirt. I fumbled with the buttons, then remembered that she had wanted me to fuck her like an animal, so I ripped her shirt open. Her eyes widened and she gasped again and her hand moved and grabbed my balls and squeezed them. I pulled her tits out of her bra – they were full, heavy and I squeezed these roughly. She had big fat nipples that responded quickly when I pinched them. They grew hard and raised up and I rubbed and pinched these as I continued to thrust inside her. My cock was now about 3/4 of the way inside her. Then something took over me, an animal urge and I began fucking her furiously and with an urge that I had never felt before. With a big thrust, my entire cock slipped inside her and she shouted “fuck, fuck, fuck” over and over again as I began fucking her furiously, wildly, my hips bucking back and forth, my fingers pinching her fat, hard nipples, and with one hand I reach down to grab her hand that was rubbing in her clit. She then began to shake and moan and started to cum, her entire body tensing up, her pussy beginning to contract around my pistoning cock. She moaned and started making small cries and yelps as she came. I felt my balls grow wet with her cum.

I felt I was about to cum as well, her tight contractions around the huge head of my cock driving me to the edge. I grabbed her hips and increased my speed until I was fucking her without mercy, all my thoughts on my own pleasure. I watched her face in the mirror, her eyes almost black with arousal, her face pink, her mouth open in a perfect circle. I kept my eyes on hers as I began to cum. I buried my cock deep inside her as the first pulses seized me, with an almost unbearable intensity. I pulled out and watched as my jets of cum began to fly out of my cock. They hit the mirror, and covered her hair and her clothes. I felt the intensity in my whole body, with such a release. I thought I would cum forever, as my cock fired heavy jet after jet of thick white cum over her body. I then stuck my cock back inside her to finish cumming, the last few spurts filling her wet pussy. I realized that I was holding her hips tightly, my fingers rigid around her soft skin, holding her to me. I waited until my cock started to lilt before withdrawing it, the fat head covered in both our cum. I looked up to see her stick her tongue out and taste my cum as it hung from her lip, her eyes still fixed on mine.

My legs felt like jelly but I managed to zip myself up and took a lingering look at her before I walked out the bedroom. Her suit was covered in ropes of cum, and her hair and face were also covered. Cum ran down her engorged pussy lips. She just looked at me with her mouth open, breathing heavily.

I walked out as I had agreed to do after I had cum, and walked into the street in a daze. I realized that the front of my trousers were covered in her juices, slick and warm. I tasted her again as I walked down the street, and my cock started to rise again in my trousers.

A week later I heard from her again with another proposition. To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32