Stretching Pt. 06.5

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Note. To those following our journey, and paying attention, I somehow accidentally uploaded part 8 last time, skipping an entire 2 years of our stretching adventure. Below is the missing section which links part 6 to part 7, which is actually part 8. The story should make more sense now.

Part 7. The Point of No Return.


Circa 2008

Since that fateful night of first forcing the 2 inch thick toy into Amy’s pussy over 6 years ago, followed by years of stretching, and one birth, Amy’s pussy had gotten for lack of a better word, big. The girl who was once reluctant to stretch her pussy, had embraced it. The act of making sure her pussy was stretched wide every time she had an orgasm had worked so well, she now craved it. My plan to stretch her pussy and make her a sized queen was working almost too well. The progress we had made over the last 16 months was even more amazing though. Her pussy had grown as much, if not more, since having the baby as it had in the previous 4-5 years. This was undoubtedly due to the fact that we started stretching Amy’s pussy almost immediately after giving birth, and had gotten pretty extreme with our sessions.

We fisted occasionally, but on most nights I would work 4 fingers into her pussy alongside the 2 ½ inch thick toy. We decided it was time for another baby, and Amy was quickly pregnant again. I had known for a while that she was getting bored with the 2 ½-inch wide dildo, as it was now easy to work 4 fingers in next to it. It didn’t give her nearly as powerful of an orgasm as she used to have when just riding the toy with nothing else in her pussy. She had been riding it so much she had inadvertently been practicing at the length too, and could now take it to the base when she was really worked up, as her the back of her pussy stretched and she maxed out in depth. It was fun to watch her little body completely devour a 2 ½ inch thick by 10 inch long toy. You could faintly see the outline in her tight stomach up to her belly button, and her stomach would rise and fall when it moved in and out.

It was becoming obvious that now was the time to get a new, even bigger toy. There were not a ton of options that were thicker than 2 ½ inches and in a good material, and Amy did not like harder toys, so I got her an inflatable dildo. It had a solid core that was 2 ½ inches when deflated, but expanded to over 3 ½ inches wide and 11 inches long when fully inflated (I would learn that you could inflate it wider than the suggested 3 ½ inch max). I was not sure how she’d react to this new massive toy. The 2 ½ inch thick toy was one thing, but this was a whole new level. She just gave a wicked laugh when I showed her the massive toy after it arrived, but she did not say much or protest that she would not use it. After a few glasses of wine and undoubtedly turned on by the new huge toy, we went big that night. After a warm up with the 2 ½ inch thick toy, Amy was clearly excited to try her new you. She was super wet and ready to go. I patiently inflated it a few pumps at a time while teasing her clit and slowly fucking her for the next 20 minutes or so. Her hole slowly gave way and eventually Amy managed the monster 8 inches deep and inflated to 3 ½ inches across. “Oh my god,” Amy grunted. “I feel like it’s splitting me in half.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, keep fucking me, go slow.” She growled.

I was very slowly moving the monster black cock in and out of Amy about 5-6 inches, when she started to cum. I pushed the toy as far as it would go, a little over 8 inches deep. Like always, I made sure she was stretched as deep and as wide as possible when she came.

Her orgasm told me she loved it as it was one of the best orgasms she had had in a while. As soon as she was done cumming though, she said it hurt and to take it out.

It was an amazing sight to see the big black monster phallus nearly as thick as both of her slender arms together, sticking out of her tightly stretched hole. When I pulled it out after this nice long session, it was an even better sight. Her pussy was gaping the biggest I had ever seen it, staying open probably 3 inches wide. The lube had a red tinge to it from blood mixing with the lube from her freshly torn pussy. I had begun to dominate her a little by this point, so I pinned her legs back, and slide my fully closed fist into her easily. I had fisted her on many occasion, but had never been able to sink my closed fist into her so easily. I knew her pussy was too big for my cock after this session, so I slide the 2 ½-inch thick dildo into her and then my dick on top of it. Even with the big dildo already in her pussy, my cock slid in very easily, but it did make her hole tight enough so I could cum, and I blew my load in seconds. It was the very first time we had ever done a dvp with the huge dildo.

Amy went to the bathroom immediately and said upon returning, “Oh my god, my pussy is on fire right now. It stings. That thing is huge. There was some blood on the toilet paper. It definitely tore my pussy.”

She was sore for several days after this session.

This was her introduction to the game changing inflatable dildo. The first month we only used it a few times as Amy gave bursa escort me her standard “I don’t want to use it too much or it’s really gonna stretch my pussy out” answer.

By the end of the second month though, Amy was requesting the monster toy more and more, and it was getting even easier for her to take, as her pussy seemed to be getting ever looser. Pretty soon I suspected Amy was not just using the inflatable dildo with me, but had begun using it on her own. I’d noticed that the huge toy would not be in the exact spot I left it. I made a comment to her one night about how she was mastering this new size toy. She told me she had been extra horny with the jump in her hormones lately and had been playing with it a bit.

“Really” I said. “That’s pretty hot. How much is a bit?”

“Oh, I don’t know, when I’m horny I guess.” She responded.

“So, how often then?” I questioned again.

“Umm, I don’t know exactly.” She responded sheepishly.

“Okay, when did you use it last?”

“Umm, earlier today.” She said.

“And when did you use it before that?”

“I don’t know, yesterday. Ummmm, Twice.” Amy said, looking down and rather embarrassed by this point.

“Really, so that’s three times in two days. Tell me. How much are you using it?

“You really want to know. A lot, okay. I’ve been so fucking horny lately and it fills me up so much and doesn’t hurt anymore, it just feels awesome. I love it.” She shot back with a little fire.

This was one of the hottest things she had ever said to me. She was a total size queen, and I loved her for it.

Double fucking her pussy next the 2 ½-inch thick dildo became one of my favorite things to do, and surprisingly became increasingly easier as her pussy quickly widened. Adding 4 fingers in next to the huge toy was always one of Amy’s favorite things to do. Up until the right before the baby was born, there was a little fisting which became increasing easier, and lots of dildo play. The more time I spent playing with Amy’s pussy the more I learned about it. I could feel her cervix with my fingertips when my fist was in her. I could feel my hand sliding past, not into, but past her cervix and deep into the now well stretched posterior fornix of her pussy. I could now easily tell where her tailbone was, and the bones that made up the opening of her pelvis. I was regularly sliding four fingers in next the thick dildo and noticed that when they were fully inserted, my knuckles were bottoming out on her tailbone, much like my huge fist would rub against her front pelvic bone and tailbone when I fisted her. We were regularly stretching her to her maximum width. Towards the end of pregnancy, again assisted by the hormones, I was stretching her wider than ever as her pelvis widened and ligaments loosened getting ready for birth. I could get my huge hand in up to the palm inside of her next to the huge dildo, and would max out the inflatable dildo at more than 3 ½ inches wide.

By the time Amy was ready to deliver the second baby, her pussy had been used and abused so much, and no doubt her body also getting ready for birth, she was gaping huge all the time. For anyone interested in having an easy birth, a giant inflatable dildo is the way to go. I honestly could not make this up if I tried, so here is what happened.

Amy’s pussy was so well stretched by now that as soon as she started to give the first push, the baby’s head and shoulders slid right out. Even the doctor was a little surprised at how easy it was and said as he reached to suction the baby’s mouth, “Okay, stop.”

Amy looked down and laughed when she saw the baby sticking half of way out her, but when she did, just her laughing caused the baby to slide the rest of the way out. The doctor was not ready and nearly dropped the baby. One positive about all of the stretching and Amy’s big pussy was that it was an easy, pain free, and damage free birth, and it was a sizeable kid too. That was it, one half push and a laugh, and the baby was out. Easy peasy. For a moment I thought about the loose pussy jokes about a girl being so loose the baby just falls out. I guess there was some truth to this myth, as this was no joke. My big vagina fetish was so strong that I looked at Amy’s huge gaping pussy that had just given birth to large baby, with a rock hard cock. Her sitting back with her legs open and her pussy gaping 4 inches wide was so hot and sexy to me. I wished her pussy would stay like that all the time.

Do to the lack of damage, we were back having sex again in weeks, and Amy’s pussy was still wider than before from the recent birth. When she spread her legs for me to see the very first time, and her pussy just lazily hung open nearly 2 inches, I was in awe. Her gape was huge. Nothing had been inside of her for almost a month and her hole just flopped open 2 inches, looking like a massive toy had just been removed, and waiting to be filled. The very first time we had sex she wanted to use the 2 ½ inch thick toy. The dildo slid inside of her like a toothpick, and soon I had four fingers all the way up to my palm in next to it, and Amy was cumming hard. It’s hard to maintain a frequent sex life, especially when you have 2 year old and a newborn, but we were good about it. Plus, I encouraged Amy to play with herself when she had some “nap time” break to steal a quick toy session. Amy attempted to go back to her old favorite toy, but quickly realized that the 2 ½ thick toy was just not enough for her anymore. I did not know this at first, but the inflatable dildo had now replaced the other toy for her solo play sessions. The 2 ½ inch thick toy that Amy had loved, and used nearly daily for years, was now too small for her. She could still have really good orgasms with it, but not the mind blowing ones she had when her hole was stretched to the max. If she lay on her back and I inserted the toy, just the weight of it would create enough space to slip a finger or two into her above it. Her pussy had little grip on it and her pussy lips did not cling tightly to it anymore. Even fucking her pussy in a dvp with the old big toy was easy for us to do now. We did still use the 2 ½ thick toy when Amy was in the mood to have her pussy pounded hard, fast, and rough. I was amazed and how hard I could pound her pussy with this huge dildo and she loved every bit of it and would emerge without being sore.

This was another key moment. Instead of her pussy having a chance to shrink and recover from now the second birth, she stayed using the big inflatable toy immediately. I decided to surprise her and went overboard shopping and ordered a bunch of new toys over the next few months. One that was 2 ¾ thick, another that was 3 ¼ thick at the bottom, another that was about 3 inches thick, another that was 2 ¾ thick, but could be attached to her new sex pillow that was made for solo riding. A cock sleeve that was 2 ¾ thick, one plug that was 2 ¾ thick, one plug that was 3 ¾ thick, various vibrators and stimulators, handcuffs, a flogger, nipple clamps, and a few other dildos, plugs, and random toys I won’t even mention. Our toy collection was getting huge. At one point, Amy got overwhelmed at all of the toys that kept showing up and said, “If you buy any more sex toys, I am going to throw them all away!”

I knew she was bluffing, but I got her point. Amy really loved some of the toys, others she did not so much. She was very picky about firmness and texture. We had started to get more into domination too. Amy liked to be submissive, and as I had mentioned before, liked a little pain at the right time. Nipples clamps, flogging, hard spanking, and obviously, her pussy stretched. We did not have sex nearly as much as before kids, but we were good at making time for sex and would typically play 3 times per week, and Amy would play solo during the week with her variety of new toys if time permitted. With the arsenal of toys we now had, there was something massive stuffed inside of her almost every day. We fisted her sporadically, and sometimes she loved it, but other times my big bony hands did not feel good rubbing up against her bones. Amy’s pussy just slowly continued to expand and her gape was getting bigger than ever. It had been over a year since the baby was born, and life happens. Everyone in the house was sick back to back, and we were busy, and then I was travelling. When the shit storm ended, we realized that we had been over 6 weeks without having sex. Amy had not even had the time or energy to play by herself. This was the longest she had been without sex of any kind since we had met, other than right after giving birth the first time. Finally, when the night came, I went for the toy drawer to grab a few toys.

“No.” Amy stopped me, “I want it to be just us tonight. We have not done that in a long time.”

She was right, we always played with toys. I never fucked her with my cock alone anymore. I would still fuck her with just my cock during a session, but it was after she had cum on a big dildo, and she was just lying there in post orgasmic bliss, usually oblivious to what I was doing. There were the few rare occasions when we did not use dildos, but that was usually her masturbating with a vibrator on her clit while my cock was in her pussy or ass, but even one of those session had not happened in a long time. I honestly could not remember the last time I had fucked Amy with just my cock, and had not used toys either before, during, or after. It was probably close to a year ago, just after the baby was born, and she still had a vibrator on her clit. She had probably had not had an orgasm from my cock alone for about a year and a half, not surprisingly about the time she started using the huge inflatable toy regularly.

I usually start by licking and fingering her. I easily inserted 3 fingers into her already wet pussy with no resistance. As I went to add a fourth, now curious to see if I could fist her easily after such a long break, Amy was already super horny and pulled me on top of her instead. As we kissed my cock fell into her with the typical no resistance I am used to. I thought that after a 6 week break, her pussy might have tightened up a little, and maybe it did, but not to the point where I noticed it. Her pussy, at least the opening, more or less gaped around my cock these days. I was sliding into the warm, loose feeling of her pussy that I had come to love. She pulled me in as deep as she could by my ass, trying to görükle escort bayan get more cock inside of her. A few more unsatisfied strokes and she looked at me, “Okay, you can get the toys.”

I wasted no time and was soon filling her pussy with a fat dildo as she was working a vibrator on her clit. At this time for some reason, the contrast hit me like a ton of bricks. The difference between the way she acted when the thick toy slid inside her versus my cock was night and day. I knew she had become a size queen, and a lot of that was my doing, but I was clearly seeing what it actually meant for the first time, which was a wife who was only going to get pleasure from something huge. Soon, the sight of her pussy getting stretched and watching her go wild cleared these thoughts from my head. I ended up cumming in her mouth while she was riding a huge dildo, and then threw her on her back to pound her pussy to orgasm with the huge toy.

The next day I could not get the night out of my head. It was like a moment of clarity for an addict. For the first time I really thought about what we had been doing to Amy over the last eight years, and what it actually meant. My once tiny pussy wife had a huge pussy now. It’s funny how you can become desensitized to something when you are immersed in it. Neither of us fully realized just how big Amy’s pussy had become, and the ridiculous size of the toys, or my fist, she was constantly fucking. It was just the norm to us. We had been constantly stretching her for the last eight plus years, and she had given birth twice, and we went back to stretching her pussy immediately, never giving her a chance to shrink in size and recover. She probably had something inside her pussy 3 inches thick or thicker, at least once per day for the last year alone, other than when her period was its heaviest, which she did not get back right away after birth anyway. I often thought we could stop this adventure at any time, but now fully realized it was well past that point. If you were writing a play book on how to permanently stretch a pussy, we were doing it.

I loved her pussy now, and how much fun it was to stretch and play with her, and absolutely loved the way her big meaty pussy looked. Plus, I never had to worry about cumming to soon in her pussy, and enjoyed the gentle and kind of frustrating feeling of being inside of her. It was quite the opposite now from when we first met. It had happened gradually over time, but I would sometimes actually have to concentrate to orgasm while fucking her now when I was in her pussy with nothing else in beside me.

We were still young though. Did I want to go through the rest of life with a wife who needed a ridiculously huge toy, or fist, to get off? What did she think of my cock in her, how did it feel to her? I was wondering if I would grow tired of a loose pussy. It had been a ton of fun, but did I want a wife that was unfuckable by vanilla standards because she was so loose. Then what? Was it time to throw the toys out, and maybe something I should have done a long time ago? Part of me felt guilty, like I had somehow done this to my wife alone, and her loving her pussy stretched was all my fault. Granted, we would not be here if it wasn’t for my fetish for this stuff, but she was not exactly an innocent bystander either. I pondered throwing out all the toys except for the clit vibrators, and came very close to doing it over the next few days, especially knowing that my wife had been pleasuring herself with a few of these monster toys while I was battling this inner turmoil.

I knew there were vaginal tightening surgeries, and Amy had even commented about it once recently referring to the way her pussy looked big and open now, and about how much looser she had become. I knew that if we went down that road, I might never get to see a huge dildo in her pussy, or enjoy sliding my fist inside her again. What would it mean for our sex life? Amy loved her pussy stretched and stuffed. Would we end up doing it all over again. Would Amy be satisfied with not stretching her pussy anymore?

I thought and thought about it. We had already crossed the point of no return. It was not possible to stop, do a 180, and head back the other way. Even if we could turn back the clock and shrink her pussy back to an average size, there was no denying Amy was addicted to the feeling of being full and stretched. Do we keep pushing forward and stretch Amy’s pussy even more? I started to think about Amy when she had a small tight pussy, and then about her with an even larger pussy. I was turned off by the thought of her having a small pussy, but immensely turned on by the thought of her pussy growing larger. I realized for the first time that my fetishes had morphed. While I once got off solely on watching Amy fuck huge toys and stretching and fisting her, I had now become aware that witnessing her pussy grow larger (particularly the physical changes), especially in the last few years since she gave birth, was my interest now. I wanted to keep stretching Amy’s pussy, but with purpose now. It was no longer about how much she could fit in her pussy, but now about how big we could make Amy’s pussy. I had fully realized and embraced my huge vagina fantasy. Consequences be dammed. I wanted her to be absolutely huge. If I had to settle for a life of blowjobs and anal (I really like anal by the way), then so be it.

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