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This story is all thanks to epiphany65 and his stories for giving me to nerve to write my own. And thanks to Wolf Vixen for editing my story.


It was the first few weeks of winter in Colorado and the snow had already hit like a ton of bricks. Justin had just gotten home from his final class that Friday, as he entered his apartment he shook off the chill and dropped his bag onto the floor with a soft thunk. He gave a sigh of relief and depression as he flipped on the electric fire place and settled down in his chair. The reason for his sigh was there had been a girl at his college that he had his eyes on and had been exchanging flirtatious advances with him and when he gained the nerve to ask her out on a date she reviled to him that she was only flirting with him to win a bet and that there would be no chance in hell she would ever go out with him. Her actions had shattered Justin’s self-esteem, now Justin wasn’t a bad looking kid he was average in height about 5’6″ and had short dirty blond hair and was around 175 and it was all muscle from his fencing lessons that he gave on most weekends. Justin sighed, got comfortable and leaned back in his chair to enjoy the emanating warmth from the fire place.

Just as he was about to doze off there was a rapping at his front door, he grunted and sighed before he got up.

“Coming, he said in a groggy voice.

When he opened the door his doziness wore off instantly as he stared at his beautiful older twin sister Rebecca, as he stared into her piercing blue eyes he didn’t hear her ask her question.

“Earth to Justin!” she said in a louder voice and he snapped out of it

“Sorry sis, what did you say?” he said kind of embarrassed.

“I asked if I could come in, it’s cold as hell out here,” she said with a soft smile.

“Oh, yeah of course,” he moved to the side and let his sister in and quickly looked down at her ass.

As she stepped inside her hand brushed against her brother’s thigh and she gave his a small smile, Justin didn’t think anything of it, closed the door and followed his sister into the living room.

“So how were classes little brother?” she asked with a smirk as she took off her puffy coat and laid it on the floor by the table.

As she turned around Justin’s eyes went to his sister’s chest as he stared at her crimson turtle neck that was straining to hold in her ample breasts; as he looked he thought of how nice it would be to hold them in his hands, or as much of them that he could fit into his hands. Rebecca followed her brother’s eyes when he didn’t answer her question and a sly smile formed.

“Like what you see little brother,” she said in a very sexy tone.

“What?” he asked trying to play dumb.

“Don’t what me Justin; I know where your eyes were. So do you like them?” she smirked and waited for his response.

“Becca! I wasn’t looking at anything honest,” he said quickly.

“Oh czech couples porno so my breasts are nothing now huh?” she asked still with a smile on her face.

“That’s not what I meant, but you’re my sister” he said, his face now bright red.

“That’s never stopped you before little brother” she grinned “So what do you think?”

Justin’s cheeks turned every shade of red possible as he looked back at his sisters breasts and noticed two little bumps which he knew where her nipples, thoughts ran thorough his head about just lifting her turtle neck up and sucking on her nipples.

“They’re wonderful Becca” he said with a smile, “in fact they’re more than wonderful, I can’t keep my eyes off of them.”

Justin was taken aback by his bold comment and he blushed more as his cock strained the zipper of his pants. Becca smiled and hugged her brother, pressing herself as close to him as possible, she could feel his hard cock so she knew that he was telling the truth.

She leaned closer to his ear and sexily whispered “It makes me feel naughty to feel your hard cock and knowing that I did that to you”.

Justin stared into his sister’s eyes and saw a very deep wanton look to them, he gulped and pushed away some, but his sister pulled him back and slowly started to grind her hips against his cock.

“What’s gotten into you Rebecca?” Justin asked, but never moved from his sister.

“Girls can crave sex just as much as the boys” she whispered and took her brothers hand and placed it on her left breast, “play with it brother.”

Justin was shocked by his sister, but the arousal had finally gotten the better of him. He held as much of his sister’s breast as he could in his hand, he realized that it was exactly like he imagined, nice and firm yet very perky. He realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra and that the wool of the turtle neck made his sister’s nipples very sensitive as he ran his thumb over it slowly.

“Becca we really shouldn’t be doing this” he said half heartedly.

Becca kissed his neck and continued to grind her hips and let out a soft moan, “I don’t care brother, the truth is that I’ve wanted you since I came over here two weeks ago and you were just wearing that tight white beater and those pants that showed off your bulge after I made you hard. It just drove me crazy.”

Justin hadn’t realized it till this very moment but he had wanted his sister since that moment as well and now that they both finally had the chance to live their fantasies, he decided that since they were both adults that it wasn’t wrong in his mind.

“I’ve wanted you since then too Becca, I just never had the guts to say anything” he said quietly as he held his sister and kept squeezing her breast.

Becca’s eyes lit up and she looked her brother straight in the eye, “do you really mean it brother?”

“Of course I mean it, and we’re both adults so it’s our decision czech estrogenolit porno right.” Justin said with a smile and kissed his sister’s check.

“You’re right little brother it is our choice.” She smiled

Rebecca slowly leaned in and ran her quivering lips over her brother’s and planted a very loving kiss on them. Justin returned his sister’s kiss and softly suck on her bottom lip as he picked her up with one quick motion; he carried her into his bedroom and laid her on the bed. His sister let out a little yelp as she was dropped on the bed before smiling up at her brother and putting her arms out. Justin lay with his sister, she cuddled him and slowly moved her hand down his chest till she got his waistband then stopped, slowly lifting up his shirt and bringing it over his head, throwing it on the floor.

“Mmm much better.” She gave her brother a sly smirk and straddled him.

Justin looked up at his sister who was now on top of him her pussy just inches from his cock and he smiled back at her as he slid his fingers under her turtle neck and slowly pulled it off as well. Once it was over her head it was just as he thought, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts were just inches from his face so he quickly threw her shirt onto the floor.

“Your right, this is much better.” He said and softly squeezed both of her breasts.

Becca let out a soft moan as her brother played with her breasts and she grabbed his hands.

“Suck on them brother.” She said in a soft horny cry.

He acknowledged her wishes, sat up and slowly licked around her soft light brown nipples, switching back and forth between the two then started to suck on them and gently nibbled on them. Becca let out a loud moan and pressed her breasts farther towards her brother’s mouth. “Oh fuck little brother that feels so good!” she cried as she grabbed at his hair. Justin stopped sucking on her nipples and moved his hands down her bare skin slowly sending chills up her spine. He got to the hem of her pants, he slowly unbuttoned them and started to pull them down, but his sister stopped him and got up from the bed, giving him a grin as she slowly danced at the foot of the bed and started to remove her pants.

“My god Becca, you’re good at being a tease you know that.” He said with a soft smirk as he pulled off his pants to ease the pain of his cock pressing against the denim.

Becca nodded as she stared at his big had cock pointing straight up from his boxers. She got her pants off and Justin’s jaw dropped when he saw that his sister wasn’t wearing panties and he couldn’t see any hair on her, his cock jumped and Becca let out a little laugh.

“Guess I don’t have to ask if you like it” she said slowly crawling towards him on the bed. “Now it’s time for you to lose those boxers little brother.”

She hooked her fingers inside her brother’s boxers, slid them off him and tossed them; czech experiment porno she let out a gasp as his hard cock was staring at her directly in the face.

“My god brother, there’s nothing little about you any more” she said surprised.

“So will you stop calling me your little brother?” he asked with a smile . She looked up at him and shook her head;” Nope, I’ll just call you my little big brother” she smiled and took his hard cock in her hand, slowly started to stroke him. “I love you Justin”.

He let out a soft moaned, “I love you too Becca”.

Justin reached down and played with her nipples; as he did she slowly took her brother into her mouth, he let out a sharp moan and arched his back as his sister slowly sucked on his cock. He kept playing with her nipples and moaning but she soon slid his cock from her mouth.

“Is everything ok?” he asked concerned that she would get up and leave because of what they were doing.

“Everything is fine brother; I just have something to tell you.” She said and straddled her brother. She slowly lowered herself onto his cock and threw her head back with a loud moan “Fuck yes!” she screamed and held still.

Justin was stunned with pleasure and at the same time wondering what the hell she had to tell him.

“Jesus you feel so good Becca!” he said through a moan and held her tight, “what did you want to tell me?” he asked as he felt her pussy slowly squeezing his cock.

“I got on the pill just for you brother” She moaned.

Justin couldn’t believe what his sister had said, but he really didn’t care at this time as his sister braced herself on his shoulders and started to thrust up and down on his hard cock, moaning deeply. Justin moved his hips up to match his sister and went back to sucking on her nipples. During this heated passion the wind had picked up and the snow was coming down in sheets, Justin saw it through his window, but didn’t say anything because he remembered that his sister was afraid of the blizzards that they had. As Becca thrusted herself on her brothers cock she let out a very loud moan and stopped moving, he could feel that she was having an orgasm as her walls started to squeeze his cock, he keep thrusting and let out a load moan.

“I’m gonna cum sis!” He hollered as he kept thrusting.

Becca nodded and slowly thrusted through her orgasm, “Cum in me brother, I want to feel it”

Justin nodded and arched up and shot his load deep into his sister; he felt her pussy grab his cock and start to milk it. After they were both spent Rebecca lay on her brother’s chest and cuddled him; his cock became soft and slid out with a pop. Becca shivered and cuddled closer as Justin put his arms around her.

She leaned closer and whispered into his ear, “I lied about being on the pill”.

Justin shrugged, “if it happens it happens, I love you no matter what.”

He planted a soft kiss on the top of her head and the blizzard picked up its intensity as if mad at the forbidden coupling that had just taken place; for the first time in Rebecca’s life she wasn’t afraid of the storm or anything because she had the man that she loved holding her and keeping her safe. They were for sure going to be snowed in tomorrow which just gave them more time to make love till the snow melts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32