A Blizzard with The Boys , Sandra

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In Lansdale, Pennsylvania it was often nice out. Today was different. Today’s forecast predicted disagreeable weather.

Sandra Walker was the mother of 2 boys, Carter and Devin, 18 and 26 respectively. Devin had moved out and started his own life out of state in the military while Carter was midway through final semester.

Carter was a smaller boy. His older brother Devin had the majority of the physical gifts their father possessed. You see, their father was Jackson Walker. The famous Olympic gold medalist from the 1990 summer games. Jackson won his award in the decathalon.

Sandra was a slightly overweight brunette woman of the age of 44. She knew she could lose a few pounds but Jackson “preferred” her this way. Well, at least he used to. Nowadays he spent most of his time in the hammock out back napping or reading his tablet inside waiting for the next alumni association dinner event. He was currently in Philadelphia meeting with his former trainer and staff. He took trips to the city quite often.

Her deep brown eyes were always a favorite amongst her previous suitors. Jackson always enjoyed when she made eye contact with him during lovemaking. At least, he used to enjoy it. He used to enjoy calling her “stunning” too although nowadays he did it before he was about to deliver her some bad news.

The family lived in quite a large home with four bedrooms and a guest house as well. A number of washrooms littered the hallways. A fancy sitting room that no one was ever allowed to set foot in was the main centerpiece of it all. The kind of room that was covered in plastic and surrounded by untouched dinnerware.

Jackson had turned one of the unoccupied bedrooms in the house into a den for his two sons growing up complete with every game system and game that you could think of.

It was here that Carter would invite his friends over in the hopes that he would be more popular at school. He mostly hung around with 3 boys his age Kevin, Chris and Jarred.

All of these boys came from good homes. All of them still had both parents. They all played sports but like most kids their age they were more into the social scene that came with the team roster spot in high school than the sport itself.

One Thursday afternoon as the four boys were bunkered down in the makeshift man-cave, Sandra walked in to check on how things were going. It was before Christmas break was about to begin and the young men had cut their final classes to hangout and play video games.

“I certainly hope you know I can’t blindly accept the fact that you are missing school!”

Sandra announced as she stood looming in the door way. “You all need to reconsider your futures and how this reflects on each of you!” The boys’ eyes remained fixated on the screen in front of them.

“It’s fine, mom” Carter said annoyed. “Kevin made sure we wouldn’t get in trouble.”

Kevin turned around and slowly grinned, “I assure you everything will be okay, Mrs. Walker.” He turned his head back towards the screen, “I would never lie to you.”

Sandra was trying to read the situation. What could he mean by this? Mischief was one thing but suddenly she became concerned as her mind raced towards the possibility of criminal activity and the inclusion of police…She found herself suddenly blurting out loud

“I hope I won’t be getting a call from the police!”

The room rocked with laughter. The sound of the game being paused was the only one competing with the laughs ricocheting off the walls.

“I highly doubt that Mrs. Walker” said Chris wiping away a tear from laughing so hard.

“Damn, Sandra who do you think we are?” chuckled Jarred.

Jarred addressing Sandra by her first name irritated the mother of two but then she always thought Jarred was lacking manners somewhat. He was the tallest of Carter’s friends. He had red hair and a slight freckling of his complexion.

Sandra ignored his bad manners for the moment and brought up the reason why she came into the room to begin with.

“I need a volunteer to help me get the Christmas decorations for the mantle out from the garage storage. Who is going to help me?”

To Sandra’s shock Jarred offered to help.

“I’ll do it.” He said without missing a beat and placing the controller on the coffee table.

“Thank you, Jarred. At least SOME ONE will help me around here.” Sandra emphasized, intending on letting Carter know how unimpressed she was with him.

Sandra lead the way through the house and into the side door through the kitchen to get into the garage. Jackson kept his ’67 New Yorker parked inside, fully restored and fully tinted. It was truly a conversation piece for every guest they had ever revealed it to.

The boxes were against the wall on a shelf parallel with the New Yorker. The shelf was high up enough that you would need to lean into the shelf itself for leverage to pull the box towards you. There was no room for any stools or ladders to stand on in front of the shelf with the car taking up most of the real estate.

“I think I got this.” Kartal Escort Jarred announced spotting the box on the top shelf. He shimmied his way sideways beside the car until he was underneath the box’s location. Sandra stood at the front of the car waiting

“Almost…got it…just a few mo–“

Suddenly the shelving unit started falling towards the prized vehicle itself.

“Oh no! Shit” Jarred yelled out as he let go of the box and was now wisely grabbing the entirety of the shelving unit as the intended box slid into the side of his face.

Sandra leapt into action and quickly made her way down alongside the car where Jarred was standing. Given her relevant smaller frame she was capable of not having to stand sideways. The box of Christmas decorations were leaning against Jarred’s face while he had both hands against the frame of the shelves.

“Are you okay, Jarred!?” Sandra asked worried.

“I’m ok, I just need help getting this off me, I can’t push it back myself.” He said struggling to keep the shelf from damaging the classic car.

Realizing now that the remaining boys in the house were too far out of ear shot to call for additional help Sandra started to push the shelf back with Jarred.

“It’s not…I need you to-can you push where I am here in the middle?” Jarred said out loud trying to resolve this problem, struggling with the weight of all the boxes on the shelf.

Sandra got closer to where Jarred was standing and stood slightly in front of him with her right leg in front of his left leg. She braced herself against the shelf and pushed as hard as she could.

The shelf began to fall back into place and as it did Sandra now found herself caught between the wall and Jarred with her back facing him.

As she put all of her effort pushing forward she did not realize that she was also pushing back into Jarred. She felt something immediately poking into the top of her pant line.

“Oh my god” She thought, shocked, “is he hard right now? No he can’t be…”

Sandra tried to get out of the situation she was in by turning around but by doing so her soft, shapely ass was now being pressed hard against Jarred’s bulging erection.

“Uh-I” Jarred said, froze with what was happening.

Adrenaline was coursing through his veins. Carter’s mom was hot but he didn’t know how to explain why this was happening right now.

His dick was as hard as he would be trying to explain what this looks like to anyone walking in.

As he was contemplating this Sandra managed to finally turn around only to have her vagina now lined up with Jarred’s rock hard member.

“Oh my god! This needs to stop! Now!”

She was screaming inside.

They both slowly untangled from each other and Jarred grabbed the box they had intended to grab in the first place and started walking out of the garage with Sandra leading. They both made no mention of what just occurred to each other.

Meanwhile in the den, Carter was listening to his two remaining friends, Kevin and Chris talk about girls in their school. Kevin was one of the best looking guys in their school. Tall with dark hair, he was the most charming but also the most asshole student in their age group. He wasn’t really a jerk personally but he just acted selfishly in key-social moments. Chris was more of a suburban-punk, medium build with “plug” earrings in both lobes. Despite his radical look he was probably the nicest of Carter’s friends, most likely because he was bullied growing up and could relate to Carter.

Carter was focusing on the game when he suddenly tuned into what his friends were discussing.

“-yeah but apparently she sucks at it.”

“Isn’t that the point?” Chris joked.

Carter began to realize what they were talking about.

The boys laughed while Carter chimed in

“That’s so stupid, I bet all girls are good at it”

Kevin and Chris looked at each other and smiled.

“All girls?” Kevin asked.

“Every single one?” Chris followed up, knowing where his clever friend was steering the conversation.

“Yeah, of course! It’s, like, natural you know?” Carter exclaimed.

“…even your mother?”

Kevin asked coyly.

The sound of controllers clicking and buttons being pressed stopped momentarily.

“My mom?”

Carter asked.

“Yeah dude! You think your dad would marry someone who didn’t know how to suck his dick properly? Think about it. Your mom must be a world-class dick sucker to live in a place like this. Look around, maybe even-“

“Whoa, what the fuck you guys? Don’t talk about my mom like that.”

Carter said annoyed, “She’s a nice woman and I don’t even think she does stuff like that with my dad.”

“Right” said Chris sarcastically. “Not even once.”

“How would you know, man? Could you even prove something like that?” Kevin asked Carter.

“I don’t know” said Carter meekly.

“I bet she’s amazing.” Said Kevin under his breath.

As he said this the door to the den opened and in walked Jarred.

“I’m Tuzla Escort gonna grab some air, does anyone wanna come outside?” Jarred announced to no one in particular.

This was code. Jarred, Chris and Kevin had invented this when Carter was becoming too whiney to be around. Kevin stepped up and offered to join Jarred.

The boys left the room and made their way to the front porch. Jarred shut the door closed behind them and immediately launched into what happened in the garage.

“Holy shit, no way dude! Rubbed on your dick? No fucking way!”

“Yeah dude! First her ass then her pussy rubbing up and down on my cock. It was surreal.”

“What did she say afterwards? Did she tell you she liked it?”

“Nah, she didn’t say anything. It was actually kind of an unspoken secret moment. I actually don’t know what she thinks about it all.”

“Dude, I’m so jealous of you right now. I would break my dick off in that ass.”

This statement made the two boys chuckle.

“Look–Carter is being such an idiot but I don’t want to miss out on maybe hooking up with Sandra. I know it’s a longshot but I need to know.”

The tall young redhead told Kevin.

“Okay, I understand.” Said Kevin, “let’s go back in and I’ll cover for you. I’ll let you figure out how to get closer to Sandra but you gotta promise to tell me later if anything happens.”

“Alright it’s a deal. I need to run home first though. I have condoms in my dresser drawer and I want to be prepared.”

Kevin thought that was a little overconfident but couldn’t blame Jarred for thinking that way given what he just told him.

Jarred turned around and walked away from the porch towards his house a few blocks away.

Kevin decided to go back into the house and find Sandra.

“Did she really do what he said she did?” Kevin wondered to himself. “I need to find out for myself.”

Sandra was in the kitchen thinking about what just took place in the garage with Jarred. She couldn’t believe how much of their bodies were touching. She found his tall, muscular frame attractive but she also recognized that he was still just a boy and her son’s friend. He was probably dealing with an erection because “anyone” was touching him…right?

She decided to have a glass of wine. It was after 3 pm now and she really needed to relax. She poured herself a glass and went to the pantry. She put on her apron and went to the sink to clean the morning dishes. She periodically sipped the red wine while washing the plates from her family’s breakfast.

Suddenly she felt another presence in the room.

“Hello Mrs. Walker. Did you want any help with those dishes?”

“Sure, Kevin. Can you dry?”

Kevin was looking for an clever joke or innuendo to break the ice but decided against any “wet” comparisons.

Kevin nodded yes and grabbed the tea towel hanging from the stove handle. It was quiet for a few minutes while the two of them cleaned the dishes.

“Can I try that wine?”

“Oh, honey, you are underage. I don’t want your mom to find out and hate me.”

“I wouldn’t tell her. Would you?”

Sandra was puzzled by the question. He must know that I would be responsible and tell his parents. Then again, he is 18 right now. Maybe he could just sip out of her glass? Would that be so bad?

She turned and leaned against the counter and delicately handed the wine glass to Kevin.

“Go ahead, but you need to sip out of my glass. I’m not doing anymore dishes today.”

Kevin took the glass from Sandra’s soft motherly hands. When he took the glass their fingertips briefly touched and Kevin felt how smooth her skin was.

She didn’t break eye contact with him as he was attempting to be sophisticated taking the slightest sip from the edge of the glass. Kevin turned the glass as he sipped and he suddenly found himself drinking from the same side that Sandra was before he approached.

“Oh!” Sandra giggled “you have some of my lipstick on your lips.”

Kevin broke a smile as he casually wiped the lipstick off his upper lip.

“Can’t say I’ve ever had lipstick get on me this way.” His dark eyes meeting Sandra’s.

“Oh really?” Said Sandra in sarcastic disbelief “you are just breaking hearts out there?”

“Some” joked Kevin before adding seriously “…but not the ones I want to.”

Sandra felt a warmth from below her navel rise up the length of her body. Feeling flushed she quickly turned around and went back to cleaning the dishes.

Kevin leaned in and whispered ever so quietly, “Think about it.”

And with that he left the kitchen in a rush and couldn’t believe what he just did with Mrs. Walker.

Sandra was focusing on the rhythmic scrubbing of the dishes piled up in the sink. Her thoughts were wandering to the garage with Jarred and now to the kitchen with Kevin.

“How long has it been since I’ve even touched anoth-…”

The thought was quickly perished. Imagine the neighbors finding out. Imagine Jackson learning that she had accidentally made Anadolu Yakası Escort her son’s friend hard and erect in the garage or that Kevin was whispering suggestive things in her ear in the kitchen with no one around.

She decided she would keep her distance from the boys and put some space between her and these events. She soon finished up the housework in the kitchen and made her way outside to take the garbage out.

“Brrrr…” She said out loud involuntarily.

The temperature was dropping as the sun was going down. It was December so frost was already on the ground but snow was beginning to form in piles around their yard. She would need to make sure the driveway could be shoveled later tonight.

Back in the bedroom Chris and Carter were now playing a fighting game on the console in front of them. Kevin had rejoined his friends. He too noticed it was beginning to snow outside.

He then thought of a plan.

“I need to make a call” Kevin announced and got up and left.

He went down the hallway to where no one could see or hear him. He dialed the code into his phone to turn his number private so you couldn’t see the source. He then pulled his hand into his sleeve & the devious boy pulled his cellphone out of his hoodie pocket with his hand covered and dialed the house phone of Sandra & Jackson Walker.

The phone rang a few times. Suddenly a heavenly voice picked up on the other end.

“Hello Stunning” Kevin said into the phone imitating Jackson’s voice. He had learned of Jackson’s nickname for Sandra by spending time with the family over the last few years.

“Hello? Jackson?” Sandra answered in a quizzical fashion

“Yes, hi, it’s really coming down out here in the city. I don’t know if the roads are safe. I think maybe I should consider staying overnight here. The snow is building up.”

“Oh, that’s awful, I’m so sorry honey. The reception of the phone is so muffled. Do you have everything you need right now? Credit cards? I really wish you could come home and be with me. I’m worried about you!”

“Don’t worry about me, my phone is dying but I’ll try and call from the hotel later.”

“Alright then.” Sandra sighed defeated “I’ll let Carter know and I’ll talk to you later?”

“You bet, stunning. I love you.”

“I…love you too.” Sandra sounded disappointed as the call ended.

Kevin hung up the phone and quickly caught his breath. This was crafty! She actually thought that he was her husband Jackson! He only had a small window to make this work. He now had to convince his friend’s father to somehow stay in the city that night. He could only think of one way.


Jackson’s son Carter was his pride and joy. He would do whatever he asked of him which is probably why Carter was such a pathetic kid. No one was ever tough with him at home.

Kevin entered back into the room and stood in front of the TV blocking the current game, Urban Warrior 2. Chris and Carter yelled out in disbelief as their view was blocked.

“Carter I need to ask you a favor”

“Can’t it wait until after this round? I might actually beat Chris today!” Carter asked swerving his head back and forth trying to gain his original view back.

“Not likely.” Chris interjected. Carter glared at Chris.

Carter paused the game.

“Fine, what, man?”

“I need you to call your dad and tell him to pick you up in Boston.”

“What?” laughed Carter. “I’m no where near there. Why would I say that? That’s like a 6 hour drive from Philadelphia.”

“You’ll say it because… I’ll get Becky Cartwright to give you a handjob on New Year’s Eve.” Kevin grinned when he said handjob, enthusiastically.

Becky Cartwright was a girl their age who had either had sex or orally serviced half of the locker room by senior year. She was sexually free and proud of it. She also had a true to life crush on Kevin but he had no interest in her beyond busting a few loads in her mouth in the past.

Carter’s eyes began to widen as the offer was processing in his young mind. He had never even been to 2nd base with a girl.

“You could make that happen? You could make her do that? Man, why though? You already imitated my dad earlier today to get us out of school. That was awesome.” Carter was questioning Kevin.

Chris didn’t take his eyes off the screen.

“Yeah dude, that was awesome” he grinned.

“I did that for us, my friend, so we wouldn’t have to deal with afternoon science, bored by Mr. MacMet” Kevin responded reassuringly. “Do you want Becky to help you ring in the new Year properly? Or do you want to sit here and continue getting destroyed by Chris at Urban Warriors 2?”

Carter was unaware of the level of manipulation he was being put through. He hated being the smallest guy on the team. He disliked not being able to join in when the guys talked about girls.

“…what would I even say to make him do that? He’s not going to just drive all the way there! Plus what will I do when he gets back! I don’t kn–“

Carter was interrupted by Kevin.

“I don’t know!? Just tell him you got mad at your mom this morning or something and you caught a greyhound to Boston because you were angry but you didn’t think it through and now you’re at a bus station and you don’t want to call your mom to pick you up'” explained Kevin.

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