A Dream Come True

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Big Tits


I was adopted by a loving couple and raised in a small town in Northeast Ohio. When I was 18 years old in high school, I developed a strong interest in math mainly because I had a very good teacher, Mrs. Pauline Rogers, who also was an attractive lady: about 5’2″ and 120 lb, blonde, firm boobs, and slim legs. When ever I was close to her, I tried to inhale her intoxicating perfume. I worked hard to please her, who I guessed was about 35 years old. In turn, she was glad to have one male student interested in learning math. There were rumors that Mr. Rogers, a basketball coach, was cheating on her. I dreamt of being her lover and jacked off at least once each night imagining every conceivable sex act with her.

When I was studying at the State University, I heard that Mrs. Rogers left the school district when her husband was transferred to Pennsylvania. After graduating in Computer Technology, I started working for a young IT company in Cleveland.


My 20-year old girlfriend, Beth, who was to start her sophomore year, came to see me on Saturday afternoons. She was a beautiful, vivacious, and intelligent, woman. She was also a good lover: she loved to have her boobs fondled and sucked for a long time, followed by having her pussy eaten. Having been called a nerd and avoided by many pretty girls, I felt lucky to have had Beth as my girl friend. She and I had been going out for about 18 months. I loved to fuck her tight, juicy, pussy, and Beth made sure I wore a condom every time we made love. Thus, it came as a surprise when she told me, “I missed my period. I’m late by couple of weeks.”

I knew Beth wanted to get married. I recalled her words, ‘The women in my family marry early.’ Also, her family blamed me for ruining her young life. I was not ready to get married; however, I did not want to abandon Beth with a child. I said to her, “You know I love you. Let’s elope and get married.”

She had a large extended family and wanted to have a big wedding, but I held my ground and we got married in front of a judge with only a few friends in attendance. Beth and I agreed that she should continue her studies; thus, we saw each other only during weekends. Unfortunately, after about two months, she suffered a miscarriage. Soon afterwards, after her family convinced her to do so, she filed for divorce from me.

After dad retired, my parents moved to Raleigh, North Carolina. Soon, they had many friends who were also retired. One day, mom called to say that Dad bought a two-bedroom mobile home in Florida from a friend who was moving in to an assisted living home. She said, “We don’t get as much snow in Raleigh as in Northern Ohio, but it does get cold during January and February.”

I said, “A mobile home is not a safe place during a hurricane.”

Mom said, “We plan to stay only the winter months when there are no hurricanes.”

After a pause, she added, “The mobile homes at Sandy Pines were built after hurricane Andrew. All are spacious and well-furnished. Our mobile home is at the end of a road with trees on one side, and friendly neighbors on the other three sides. We love our private fenced-in backyard and swimming pool.”

A few years later, the company I was working for was bought up and a number of us found ourselves working part time. On top of that, it was a cold winter in Northern Ohio. Early March, I was talking to my parents and complaining about the bitter cold, when mom suggested I take a break in Florida; she suggested I could stay in their mobile home. I was to spend Wednesday-Friday with them and another two weeks after they returned to North Carolina; mom had to be back for an important event of her book club.

I flew to Orlando via Charlotte; from Charlotte to Orlando, I sat in an aisle seat next to a mother and an overactive son. Across the aisle was a friendly, attractive, lady with light brown hair, blue eyes, and a dazzling smile. She was dressed in jeans, a pink short-sleeve blouse, and sneakers, and had on costume jewelry: dangling ear rings and a necklace. We chatted about the full flight and other matters.


At the airport baggage carousel, I was met by my mom and dad. As dad and I chatted, mom talked to the lady I met on the plane.

Mom introduced the lady as, “Dee Adams, our neighbor.” Dee again flashed that dazzling smile.

Eagerly, I said, “We talked on the plane.”

She said, “Yes, nice meeting you.”

I drove my mom’s car to Sandy Pines Park for about an hour. On the way, mom explained, “Pauline, behind our mobile home is a friendly lady and stops by often with a jar of jelly or a loaf of bread. Dee, next door, is also a friendly neighbor. Both Pauline and Dee are also from the north, but live here year round.” After a pause, she added, “Pauline’s husband, Fred Barnes, was much older than her; I guess about 20 years older. Fred died about a year ago in a nursing home. Pauline has been away to see her family near Wooster. I miss her.”

Late Thursday Anadolu Yakası Escort morning was unusually warm. I looked out of the widow of my bedroom and saw Dee about 25 yards away, reading a book while sunbathing. She had on a wide-brim straw white hat, sunglasses, a white tank top, tapered thighs, well-toned legs, long neck; most of all, what made me stare at her were her lovely cleavage and large breasts that sagged sexily. I just could not help ogling her for a long time.

That evening, under an awning next to the swimming pool, dad fixed drinks for mom and me. I volunteered to grill marinated chicken. My mom had invited Dee for dinner; she came dressed in shorts, a short-sleeve blouse, and high-heel sandals. She brought a bottle of wine that was served during dinner. Afterwards, we played card games; she and I played as a team against mom and dad. Dee was a much better player than me; when I complimented her on her talent, she said modestly, “I’ve had lots of practice.”

Mom said, “Ted, now you know why we like it here; each week, we could go to three/four small parties.”

Dad brought a boom box to the front porch and started playing a CD on it. Soon, mom and dad were dancing on the concrete apron. I asked Dee to dance with me and she agreed; she was a good dancer and we danced for several minutes while talking about the nice weather we were having. A short time later, she said, “I need help carrying a few boxes to my pick up.” I nodded my head and, as I walked with her to her mobile home, she said, “I’m going to put some of my stuff in storage until I move in to a condo.”

She and I loaded several boxes on a pick up and moved it under an awning. I was perspiring heavily. Dee also perspired and her sweat flowed down her cleavage creating wet spots. As we sat in her kitchen sipping ice water, I could see her nipples outlined under her sweat streaked clothes. When Dee saw me staring at her nipples, she said shyly, “Hope you like what you see of this old woman!”

I blushed and said, “You’re not old. You’re a beautiful woman. I can’t help it.”

Dee touched my face, looked in to my eyes, and said, “You flatter me, Ted. I knew you were watching me sunbathing this morning. I’m your mom’s age.”

Eagerly, I said, “I don’t care. I’m attracted to you.”

She smiled and said, “You’re sweet. Right now, I need a shower. You should go home.” She walked with me to the front door where she quickly kissed my cheek and said, “Thank you for helping me. See you later.”


Next morning, as dad and I were loading my mom’s car, Dee came to say goodbye to my parents. Mom told her that I was taking them to the airport and staying in their mobile home for several days. Mom turned to me and said, “If you need something, Dee can help you.” I nodded my head.

At the airport, when mom went to freshen up, dad confided to me that my mom had a lump in her breast. He said that both were hoping that the lump would be benign. We agreed that he would keep me informed of developments with mom.

After I returned from the airport late afternoon, I put on shorts and a tank top, and sat under a tree reading the Saturday paper. I also put on sun screen. I saw Dee carrying a small box to the pick up truck; she was dressed in beige shorts and a white short-sleeve blouse. She waved to me and said, “I’m going to have iced tea. Want some?”

I said, “Sure, if it’s not a bother.”

She said, “No bother,” and came with two glasses of iced tea and offered me one. When she asked to see the various ads on sales, I gave them to her. After she sat in a chair next to mine, we chatted as we read the paper. Again, I found Dee to be easy to talk to.

Later, Dee said, “I can use your help storing the stuff we loaded.”

I said, “Ok. It has cooled off a bit.”

Dee drove her pick up to a mini storage where we unloaded her stuff. Afterwards, she drove to a bar and said, “The food is good here. They have happy hour specials.” After a pause, she added, “This is my treat to thank you for your help.”

I said, “Thank you.”

After she ordered a light beer for herself, she said, “I love beer, but I got to watch my weight and limit myself to a bottle a day.”

To tease her, I said, “You are celebrating today; you should have two.”

Dee touched my hand on the table and said, “I think you’re trying to get me drunk.”

I said, “May be just get tipsy,” and squeezed her hand; I was pleased when she did not pull her hand away until the waitress brought our beers.

Dee had soup and salad, while I had a club sandwich. After finishing our meals, I asked her to dance with me in the bar area and she agreed.

During a slow dance, she said, “I’m glad you do not mind dancing with an older woman.”

I replied, “Based on the envious looks I am getting and the admiring looks you are getting, I would say no one cares about our age difference.”

While Dee smiled, I quickly added, “I think you are beautiful; I’m very glad to be with Pendik Escort you.”

She blushed and said, “I’m nervous. I have not dated since my husband left me.”

I said, “I’ve been busy working. After my divorce, I did not go out for a year or so. I went out just a few times recently. Let’s go slowly.”

Dee said, “I think you should go out women your age. Tonight; we can watch a movie at my place.”

After Dee turned on the TV, she sat next to me on the sofa, and snuggled with me. She said softly, “Ted, just hug me and hold me in your strong arms.” It felt good to hug Dee. I inhaled her perfumed neck as I kissed it and slowly rubbed her slim arms. After a while, she got up, turned off one of the bright lights, and whispered, “This is so cozy,” and softly French kissed me. After the movie ended, she again French kissed me. The movie was followed by a soft porn program featuring skimpily-dressed young blondes with big boobs.

After watching the program for a few minutes, Dee said, “You should be hanging out with one of those young ones with huge boobs.”

I looked in to her eyes, and said, “I’m sure they were enlarged considerably. I think you have much better ones.”

Dee blushed and said, “Thanks. Mine are natural,” and, after sitting in my lap, she French kissed me. When she felt my rigid erection in her crotch, she whispered, “I’m glad you’re really turned on by me.”

I mumbled, “Yes,” and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Much to my delight, she removed her blouse and gently pulled my face in to her cleavage. After I kissed her cleavage and inhaled her perfume, I kissed her neck and exposed shoulders. “I need to freshen up,” mumbled Dee and, after patting my crotch, left.

Several minutes later, I heard Dee whisper from her bedroom, “Come over, Teddy. Take your clothes off.” Inside the bedroom, I saw she had on a black silk night gown; underneath it her boobs sagged sexily and her nipples were stiff. She pushed me to lie on my back on the carpeted floor; after she slowly impaled herself on my stiff cock, I felt her love juices coat my stiff cock. As she fucked me slowly, leaning forward, she offered me her boobs to suck. She pushed her crotch hard, back and forth, on my cock, and began to moan. I held on to her succulent boobs without climaxing, as she whimpered, “I got to have you. Ohhhhhhh. Ohhhhh. Cummming.”

Dee smiled and whispered, “I’m glad you’re still hard.” Slowly, she got off of me, and moved to engulf my cock with her mouth and my mouth with her nectar-filled pussy. Gladly, I slurped Dee’s love nectar and unloaded my stored cum in to her sucking mouth.

I must have dozed off for several minutes when I felt Dee snuggling with me. Later, we fell asleep on the floor.

When I woke up, Dee was talking on the phone. I saw she was dressed to go to work. I was putting on my clothes, when a group photo on Dee’s dresser caught my eye. In the middle of it was Beth, my ex wife when she was 18 years old.

We were having breakfast when I said, “I’ve to be honest with you. Are you related to the ‘Charles’ family? I was married to Beth Charles for a short time.”

After several moments, Dee said sadly, “I can’t believe my niece, Beth, was married you. You looked vaguely familiar. I recognize you from her wedding pictures.”

After a long pause, Dee said, “We have to stop seeing each other.”

I said apologetically, “I did not know you were Beth’s aunt. I like you very much. No one will know. Let’s talk it over.”

Dee pleaded, “I need my family; I can’t hide you from them. After a few years, I may be moving back to Ohio for the summers. You take care of yourself.”


I knew Dee was right and that she had made up her mind to not see me. If there was a silver lining to our break up, it was that I had not gotten too fond of Dee.

For about a week, I stayed busy working on my computer in my parents’ mobile home and out of Dee’s way. I missed her, but I knew she would not see me; then, she moved out of her mobile home.

Late on Friday evening, I went jogging when it was not too warm. After jogging couple of miles, I passed two briskly walking petite women who waved to me. Later, while sipping beer, I was reading the day’s newspaper on the front porch when a lady walked up the steps, and said, “You must be Ted Bradford. I’m Pauline Barnes your neighbor. I returned last night from Wooster.” Pauline looked pretty even though she still had on her walking clothes. She had nice legs, wide hips, and a large bosom.

I said, “Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Barnes. I saw you walking. Forgive me, but you remind me of my high school math teacher, Mrs. Rogers.”

Pauline said excitedly, “I am that Mrs. Rogers. I married Fred Barnes after divorcing my first husband. I remember you now. What happened to all your wild hair?”

I laughed and said, “I lost most of it. I am so glad to see you, Mrs. Barnes.” As I shook her hand, even after several years, I recognized her perfume.

Pauline Kurtköy Escort said, “You are a young man now, call me Pauline. You’re handsome too. What’s your weight? How tall are you?”

I blushed and said, “Ok, Pauline. I weigh about 180 lb; I’m just over 6 feet. Would you like to have a beer?”

I was delighted when she said, “Sure, a cold beer sounds good. My refrigerator is nearly empty. Bring me a glass of water too.”

She talked about her family: she had a daughter and two grandchildren near Wooster; she went to attend a birthday of her grandson and got stuck in a heavy Lake Erie snow storm.

She said, “I guess everyone at school knew my husband was cheating on me; he liked athletic, young, women. After my divorce, I met Fred, a widower. Before he retired, we began to spend part of the winter in Florida; he was sick for a whole year before he died. I am thinking of living in Florida most of the year.”

We talked like old friends about the high school we both knew. I also told Pauline of my short marriage to Beth, divorce, and single life afterwards. I did not mention my brief affair with Dee. Our conversation became open and personal.

She asked, “How come you’re home alone? Are you seeing any one?”

I said, “No. But, I’m looking.”

Pauline said, “It’s mostly old folks around here. You won’t find many young women.”

I said, “I don’t think age is an important factor in dating.”

She asked, “Would you date a woman say 15 years older than you?”

I said, “Sure, if I find her to be attractive and intelligent. My generation does not have old hang-ups when it comes to dating. I believe in happiness,” and we clicked our beers as a toast to that hope.

After finishing her beer (I had two), Pauline thanked me and left.


Next morning, I sat on the front porch enjoying the cool air, when Pauline stopped by and said, “Ted, my car is still in the garage and I need groceries.” I noticed she had shoulder-length grey-blonde hair. She wore a red short-sleeve blouse and white shorts; she also had a sparkling smile and blue eyes underneath wire-rimmed glasses. She still seemed to be about 5’2″ tall, but slightly heavy, about 130lb.

I said, “I need groceries too. I’ll be glad to give you a ride after I shower, say in about 20 minutes.”

I guess I did not say that I would pick her up after I showered and got dressed because she walked in to the living room as I was drying myself while watching a morning TV program. It so happened that I was rubbing my partially erect cock when I heard Pauline mumble, “Oh, my. Ahhh, I knocked on the door.”

When I turned my head towards the door, I saw she had a dreamy look as she stared at my cock and my naked body. I mumbled, “I’m sorry, Pauline. I’ll be back soon,” and went to get dressed.

Later, as Pauline sat demurely in the passenger seat, I saw she still had nice, smooth, legs; also, she wore open-toe sandals and had red toe nails. She wore a multi-strand costume necklace and dangling ear rings. Her perfume smelled nice.

As we shopped together, Pauline helped me select fresh fruits and vegetables; she told me: “I hope you like fruits and vegetables. I’m sure some of Fred’s health problems were due to his mostly meat diet. I’ve given up eating red meat and pork.”

After shopping, as I helped her unload groceries, she said, “Ted, while you are here, please change a lamp for me. I’ll hold the ladder for you.”

After I changed the fluorescent lamp, I looked down to Pauline’s sexy cleavage and then our eyes met. Blushing, she turned her head away. While we were drinking iced tea at the kitchen table, she told me, “I get my teacher’s pension and Fred left me more than enough to live. But, I didn’t expect to be widowed at my age.”

I said, “I’m sorry you were widowed at a young age.”

In a sad voice, Pauline said, “Fred was so much older than me. He took care of me until he got very sick; over the last several years, we did not have much love between us.”

I held her right hand and said, “A beautiful woman like you deserves better.”

She smiled and asked, “You think I’m beautiful? You don’t think I’m just an old widow?”

I said, “Yes, yes, you’re beautiful. You’re not old. In fact, would you have dinner with me?”

Blushing, Pauline said, “You’re a nice guy, but I have to clean my place. If you have no other plans for tomorrow evening, please go to a birthday party for a good friend, Ruby, with me. She and I walk together; her daughter Nancy arranged the party; I understand only a few friends will be at her mobile home. We can have dinner here before we go to Ruby’s. Let’s see how the evening goes.”

I said, “Thanks. I’ll be here about five and bring a bottle of wine for dinner.”

As I was leaving, Pauline hugged me, kissed me on my cheek, and said, “It will be a warm evening, put on light clothing.”


Sunday evening, I put on shorts and a tank top, and walked to Pauline’s home. She had on beige shorts, a green tank top, and costume jewelry: dangling ear rings, three-strand necklace, and bangles on her small wrists. Her hair looked more silver than blonde and shiny. She looked alluring and blushed when I said, “You look lovely.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32