A Little More Attention

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I lay there in my bed, unable to sleep…man my back is killing me amongst other areas. The past few weeks at work dealing with people and their nonsense has really taken a toll on me. Just thinking about them now gives me a headache. With that being said I really don’t get much sleep and just occasionally doze off into the night.

Ugh… Monday morning, I really hate the beginning of the work week. As I trudge into the office building, one of my co-workers bumps into me and chirps “Good Morning”. Man she really seems really peppy this morning. However, before I could say anything she comments on my less than happy look on my face.

To my surprise she insists I visit a spa somewhere downtown called Apollo Massage and Therapy and even gives me a coupon. The way she is describing this place makes it seem like it’s the best place for a girl who really needs to unwind. While I give a raised eyebrow she lets me know it’s well worth the visit. Oh well my back is still killing me and a good massage may be worth it.

Once I get home from another great day at work, I sit at my computer and head to the site. Once I input the coupon, it takes me to a screen to book a massage. After I book one for a late Friday, my coworker texts me to see if I set up an appointment, she seems a little insistent and pretty much reiterates I’m going to love it.

Anyhow I eventually go to bed again with my aching back and other areas that honestly toys will not help much anymore.


Once Friday rolls around I ready myself and head downtown to the location, yep Apollo in a small undiscerning sign is in front of an equally discrete building. However once inside I’m taken aback by how serene the place is.

It’s very soothing, I mean they are playing some kind of soft music in the background while the scent of lavender fills the room. Well I feel better already. The pretty 20 something year old receptionists at the desk gives me a quick tour of the services which there are a lot of. Being that I was early I decided to get a quick wax. The feeling of your privates after a nice wax is so nice.

Once I am done, I still have time to relax in their serene lounge, and think back to my co-workers excitement about this place…my freshly waxed pussy and ass feels great but I am in need of more attention.

After a short while another pretty young woman guides me to a private massage chamber that is softly lit with a padded table in the center, bursa eskort bayan a bolster in the corner, and a table with various oils and equipment. A nice incense is used that isn’t overwhelming helps as sometimes massage and spa parlors use way too much.

Once the 20 year old gives me all the familiar instructions, I strip down and place my clothes on a nearby shelf, and slide under the crisp nice smelling sheet and sigh contently.

After a short period there is a soft knock on the door, and a muffled “Are you Ready,” I respond with a Yes, and a masseur enters. The soft light in the room makes it a little hard to see him, but I can tell he is at least 6 ft tall, with a nice slim toned build, the way he moves is very confident and serene, putting me at ease. I almost forget about the whole coupon thing.

“How are we feeling this afternoon.”

“Honestly, works been a drain and my back is killing me.”

“Ok, no worries I definitely can work on that area of concern, anything else.”

“No just ache all over really.” (amongst other things)

“All right, I’ll start with the prelims and just let me know if I’m going to hard or soft.”

While he approaches the table he gently removes a strand of hair from my shoulder, before he sets to work. I can see he is grabbing some oil from a warmer, before rubbing his hands together and placing them on my back. Oh…his hands are big and very warm with a nice firm touch, wonder if anything else about him is big. After a few minutes his hands are working magic on my back and I can slowly feel those tight knots start to disappear, it’s an amazing feeling especially when you have a hot guy with his big hands doing it.

When his fingers finish massaging the knots and really loosen up my muscles, he adds some pressure so I’m forced to open my eyes and take a couple deep breaths. Then he is working down my body…even down my legs until he gets to my feet. He then spends some time on my feet, which I’m glad because I forgot. He continues working on my legs, kneading them firmly but not too hard, but it’s having an effect on me in a good way.

Once he works his way back up to my back and neck he does asks

“How did you hear about us?”

“Oh a coworker of mine mentioned you guys, she seemed pretty adamant about this place.”

“That’s good to hear, we try to provide a range of services for busy people.”

During this small chat he has worked his way back down my back to my legs bursa merkez escort and feet working on my toes and arches. His hands feel amazing. When he works on my heels and calves I can feel how firm his hands are. Now he starts working on my quads and hamstrings making sure I feel every last ounce of discomfort being released.

“She did give me a coupon to use but didn’t give much details”( okay a little white lie here but I wasn’t about to admit that)

“I did see that, it’s a more complete massage if you’re okay with that.”

” Yes, go ahead.”

After a couple of minutes, he moves back down my back before folding the sheet exposing one ass cheek and proceeds to knead with his hands and thumb. Even though he has been nothing but professional I can’t help getting aroused, I wonder if he can smell my excitement. He proceeds to work on the other cheek, giving it the same treatment, and I am pretty much loving this treatment.

Once he is done he has me turn over to work on my front, placing a bolster underneath to support my back, then proceeds to work on my arms turning them into putty. He then proceeds to work on my tummy, quickly realizing I’m a bit ticklish on my stomach so he uses his knuckles on that area instead.

I notice that the sheet is still there, but thankfully he asks to remove it for a better range and I’m more than happy to oblige. So yea, here I am completely nude with a hot guy giving me an amazing massage, and you know what I’m glad there should be something like this for the ladies.


With the sheet removed he is now massaging my whole front starting gently with my neck and face before working my chest and breast with my hard as rock nipples before working down my tummy and near my hips and working back up.

All of this left goosebumps along my entire length, especially when he was running his hand across my inner thighs to my clit causing me to moan softly. He asks if this was okay, which I was more than happy to oblige. When he finally arrives at my crotch I almost scream, the large warmth of his hands sends shivers throughout my body, forcing me to groan out and voluntarily open my legs wider for him to have better access. This whole experience has turned me on so much, the fact that I’m enjoying a session with a sexy masseur.

Before I knew those wonderful hands were not on my chest any more and I kind of huffed, but now he is bursa sınırsız escort bayan now at the end of the table working my left leg, he lifts it after a minute placing my feet on his shoulders and really kneads the whole leg. He is working the calves, knee cap, quads and hammies to the point I’m once again breathing heavily from his ministrations. Now I should say I do take yoga classes and would say I’m good but no expert, but somehow he is able to take my left leg and bend it straight upwards until it’s touching my chest. He holds this position for a short while before lowering my leg down and proceeding to my right leg.

Once he is done with the second leg, he is now focusing on my pussy giving it light strokes with his thumb causing me to moan happily again. Before I knew it I was begging silently for him to do more, much to my delight he does. He then slides the lower bolster from underneath me, and adds a different bolster that supports my legs in a folded position, completely giving him a view of my shaven, very moist pussy and ass hole.

He then uses his tongue to give my pussy a very slow long lick, earning a nice moan from me, before proceeding back downwards. Pretty much time becomes a blur as he works his tongue all around my mound, pushing and sliding around his tongue is magic. Next he turns his attention to my tight rear blowing soft air on my star before dipping his tongue right on it. After some probing he really starts to go to town on my ass and I am a hot slutty mess enjoying every second of it.

Next his hands work slow circles around my anus, sliding his thumb up the crack teasing my tight pink entrance causing me to beg for mercy. After a minute he presses down gently onto my anal ring before adding another finger sliding inside. This feels so wicked and the fact that he was willing to rim and finger my rear end pretty much ends me. I’m pretty sure he can tell I’m close to orgasm and he soon goes to full speed fingering and sucking my asshole hard before stopping suddenly. I scream as the orgasm breaks loose pouring out of my loins leaving me panting and out of breath.

He then returns back to work between my legs moving his mouth back up to my clit making me gush over and over. When the second round of climax passes I feel like I’m dying, my pussy juices dripping everywhere from all of his hard licks.

Eventually he stops again, and after cleaning me off a bit he grabs his bottle of gel, which smells like peppermint and peppermint flavor. After applying the gel and wiping me clean, I’m feeling rather satisfied. After he’s done he gives a soft peck on the cheek and invites me to return anytime, which I certainly will.

This is uncharted territory for me, never wrote anything in my life much less anything erotic. Just was bored really.

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