A Mature Woman’s Eyes Pt. 02

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Flopping Cock

A Mature Woman’s Eyes Pt. 2: The Longer the Fuse…

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and real individuals is coincidence. All characters are over age eighteen.

A young man has his second lesson with his mature neighbor.


Each day after that first magical afternoon with Ms. A. was torture. I thought about her constantly. My friends and parents had to wave a hand in my face or snap their fingers to bring me back to reality. Her physical beauty alone would have been enough. But I knew it went deeper than that; she was a goddess to me.

Finally, there was an afternoon when my parents were out and nobody would miss me. I texted Ms. A. and she asked if I wanted to come over. A minute later, I entered through her side door.

Those eyes and her smile blew me away. I approached her, placed my hands on her waist, and kissed her gently. Then again. Our kisses intensified and soon we were touching and squeezing each other. This went on for several minutes before she ran her fingers through my hair and whispered to me, “Kent, I want to teach you how to give a massage.”

“Alright,” I said. I would have agreed to anything.

“It’s an important skill to have. You can use it before or after making love, or not making love at all,” Ms. A. said, then began to undress facing away from me. As her clothing fell to the floor, she said, “Remember I told you about the difference between having sex and making love?”

“Yeah, I do. I’ve thought about it.”

“Good. It’s about taking one’s time. You can get sex done in a few minutes if you try. But then it becomes a function, like peeing. It gets to be something routine and not anything memorable. But making love takes some time, like building a home, and when it’s done, you remember. It’s special, meaningful, fulfilling. Learning how to massage teaches patience.”

I was mesmerized watching her bare back emerge from her clothing, then her kissable buns, then her silky smooth legs. Somehow, she seemed younger than last time, her body tighter and leaner and her mysterious eyes a little lighter. My anticipation was already high and my dick was already beginning to tingle. Still, what she said made sense. I didn’t want to just cum in five minutes. I wanted the same magic that we had the first time.

Now nude, Ms. A. got onto the bed face down, tossing the pillows to the side. “You can take your clothes off if you want. But remember, I’m going to be selfish for a while and teach you. You must be patient.”

“Alright, Ms. A,” I replied as I took off my clothes. “I can be patient.” I tried to mean it, but had doubts.

Ms. A. was up on one elbow watching me undress, smiling. “I know you can. There’s a bottle of oil on the bureau, take it and get some on your hands.”

I grabbed the bottle and got up on the bed beside her beautiful naked body. I squirted some oil into my hands, as Ms. A. said, “Start with my feet. Walking around in heels murders feet, so they need some loving. Be firm but not hard.” I swished some oil in my hands and began rubbing her foot. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned. “A little harder. There. Just right. Mmmmm, sssssss. Oho! That feels wonderful! Work the heels, and the toes.”

I rubbed her heels, her arches, then moved toward her toes. The second I touched one, she cried out, “Ooooh,” and giggled. “Firmer, please,” she said, but kept giggling a little.

“This little piggy…” I began, but she cut me off.

She laughed and said, “Please, no tickling.”


“Now the ankles, and move up slowly to the calves, knees, and thighs. And remember to pay attention.”

I went to work on Ms. A’s ankles and listened to her moans, her ooohs and ahs. After only a few minutes, I had a pretty good idea of where to squeeze and how hard. But every once in a while, I’d do something that would elicit a long moan, sometimes followed by a giggle. “Oh, oooooh, yes. Mmmmmmm, right, mmmm, there.” I made mental notes of the place and how I touched her. I had two reasons for that, one that I wanted Ms. A. to feel good, and two because every time my cock got a little harder.

It took me a few minutes to work my way up to her thighs. Each inch higher brought deeper breathing and more moaning. I watched her pussy as I pressed and squeezed her legs. The higher I got, the wider and wetter her labia became. Now my breathing rate increased and I had to remind myself to be patient, no matter how badly I wanted to touch her damp slit.

When I reached her upper thighs, her breathing İstanbul Escort and moans became somewhat urgent. But suddenly, she said, “Mmmmm, we can’t rush. Let me turn and sit so you can work on my neck, my shoulders, and my breasts.”

My heart skipped a beat just hearing Ms. A. speak. It was like listening to a goddess. Her words reflected my own urgent desires and commanded me to obey.

Ms. A. sat facing away from me. I knelt behind her and began working on her shoulders and the back of her neck. With her arms up to hold her hair out of the way, Ms. A. looked like a model posing. From behind her, I could only see enough of her breasts to entice me. Below that, her trim tummy angled in and then spread again down at her hips. It reminded me of a bronze statue of a young forest nymph at the local college campus.

“Oh, I needed that. Mmmmm, that feels so good,” she said. “Sometimes, you don’t realize how badly you need…Ooooooh, Oh!, Mmmmm…you need a massage until you get one. Oh, honey, you’re a natural at this. Just the right amount of pressure. I love it.”

Her voice was like magic to me. All I wanted was to hear more of her moans and to make my own. I had to back away a little so my cock wouldn’t poke her in the back. It stuck straight out, and like an untamed weasel it sometimes bounced involuntarily.

After a few minutes working her shoulders and neck, she got down on her back. I watched each muscle flex and relax. Her beautiful breasts were right in front of me. With her eyes closed I could stare at her beautiful hair, her regal face, her kind smile. I studied her breasts, stomach, hips, pussy, legs. Gorgeous! I wondered how on Earth I could deserve this. Then I told myself never to wonder that; it might be bad luck.

“Now, gently massage my breasts. They’re not thighs or feet, so squeeze gently. Mmmmmm, yes, just like that. Oh, you are a natural. Go around and around, squeezing…oooooh…and rubbing. Mmmm, oooooh, Oh, oooooooh, Mmmmm, honey! Oooooh, yes. Oh, just like that. Keep going. Take your ti…oooooh, Mmmmmm, unh. Ooooh.”

My heart rate must have jumped and my breathing with it. As I ran my fingers across her nipples, they hardened, more with each pass. My cock swelled right along with them and I suddenly had an urge to suck her breasts. But I was still under Ms. A’s power, knowing I must wait.

But that didn’t mean I couldn’t be creative. As I rubbed and squeezed her breasts in circles, I let my knuckles bounce over Ms. A’s nipples. Four bounces with each pass, one for each knuckle. Each time, Ms. A. moaned. Each time, her rate of breathing increased and her chest heaved. Occasionally, I would run my fingers up her rib cage. She jumped, “Ooooh,” the first time, but then just sucked in her breath and withstood the tickle, “Shhhhh,” then exhaled, “Mmmmmmm,” as she shuddered.

My concentration focussed on her breathing and moaning and how her breasts and nipples felt on my hands. I didn’t care that my cock was now touching her shoulder. Ms. A. seemed to like it. “Mmmmm, you seem to be wanting me. I want you too. Move down now and rub my belly, rub and squeeze my hips. Let your cock massage me too.”

“Oh, Ms. A. I’m going crazy. I want you so bad.”

“Mmmm, I know. But today’s lesson is that the longer the fuse, the bigger the explosion. Patience, honey. Patience.”

“Oh, mmmmm.” I could hardly breathe as I oiled up my hands again and rubbed her belly and squeezed her hips. My hands wanted to jump like hungry wolves onto her pussy. There it was. No guards, no barbed wire, no wall, moat, no alligators. Then she spread her legs a bit more. The frustration! All this time, my hot, hard cock bumped into her soft arms, her rib cage, and once her breast. I felt her play with it, just by moving her arm or rolling just a little my way. She was deliberately teasing.

“Now, sweetheart,” Ms. A. began, raising her knees. “Oil up, and with your fingers massage my pussy. Gently, squeeze my lips closed between your knuckles, up and down. Don’t open them. Feel my pussy, feel how it yearns for your touch. There just…Oh, Oooooooh, oh, yes! Mmmmm, Unnnnhh.”

I did as she asked, sliding my slick fingers outside of her labia, squeezing those wet pussy lips together, as if to deny us both the pleasure of opening and probing their depths. Touching and denying simultaneously. My breathing was desperate now, mouth open, moans escaping my lips with each heavy exhalation.

Ms. A. was caught in the same web I was. Tease and deny. I could Kadıköy Escort hear the frustration in her moaning. “Mmmm, oh!, Unh, Mmm, Mmmm, oooh.” Finally she spread her legs wider and said, “Now, part my pussy lips with your middle finger. Oh, Oooooh, yes, yes, yes. Mmmmm, Oh, yes! Hook the tip…ooooh, yes! Oh, honey. Oh, just like that. Oh!, Unh!, Oooooh.”

“Oh, Mmmmm, oh, Ms. A., you are so beautiful! Oooooh, your pussy feels so wet and so warm…Mmmmm.”

“Oh, sweet young man, probe me,” Ms. A. said. She seemed frantic for me to touch her. “Slide your fingers inside, two…oh! Oh! Oh!, Ooooooh. Deeper, yes, OoooooooooOooooooh, Mmmmmm, yes! In and out, in and…oooooh. Oh, honey, with your other hand, middle finger, very, very…oooooh, gently, touch my clit. Oooooooh, just…ooooh, slide it back and forth…Oooooh! Oh!, Unh! Unh! Gnnnn, Mmmmm.”

Ms. A.’s hot moaning and groaning convinced me she was about to climax, and the closer and hotter she got, the more I wanted to relieve my stiff penis inside her warm tunnel. I fingered her vigorously, deeply, in and out of her sopping wet cunt. Each stroke brough more groans and moans. I would twist my fingers every few strokes to vary the sensation, looking for some magic formula to make her squirm or cry out.

Finally, I hooked the tips of my fingers up inside her drenched vagina. That did the trick. She lifted her pelvis upwards and she began to cry, “Ah! Ah! Oh! Oh! Oooooohooo, Unh! Oh, my…Ooooh, Ooooh, Oooooohooooh.” Ms. A. squeezed her eyes shut and clenched the sheets in her fists while her hips bucked against my relentless fingering of her tight pussy. “Oh! Gmnnnn, Unh!, Unh, Oh!, Ooooohoooohooooh, Gnnnn! Oh, oooooeeeoooooh, unh, unh! Oh! Mmmmm, mmmmmm, oooooh!” Suddenly, her body jolted as the orgasm surged through her body.

Ms. A. pushed my hands out and rolled away from me, clenching her legs together. I thought for a second I had done something wrong, that I hurt her in some way. “Ms. A., are you okay?”

Then, amid her heavy breathing, I heard Ms. A. laughing. “Holy crap,” she said, and kept giggling. After a moment, she turned, smiled at me and said, “Oh, my turn! Get on your stomach.”

I did so immediately.

Ms. A. knelt at my feet. I could hear her heavy breathing as she grabbed the oil and began to work on my toes. In only a few seconds I understood why she wanted my second lesson to be about touching and paying attention. Her hands on my feet and toes felt fantastic. Being patient and waiting was driving me bats.

“You’ve been so understanding, honey. I know it’s frustrating but hang on just a little while longer, sweetheart. You made beautiful love to me. It was wonderful. In a little while, I’ll take care of you, I promise. For now, enjoy me touching you and listening to you, knowing what will come.”

Oh, Ms. A. was deliberately trying to dial up my anticipation level. And she succeeded. As she moved up to my calves, I groaned at how good it felt. “Mmmmm, oh, Ms. A., that feels…Mmmmm, oh, wow!” I cried. My breathing rate went up and I moaned over and over as her firm hands squeezed me higher and higher up my legs. Ms. A. began rubbing my legs in long strokes that began low and moved up. Each time they started and ended a little higher, now reaching my thighs.

When her hands reached my ass, I moaned, “Oh, oooooh, Ah! Mmmmm, Ms. A! Ah! Mmmmm, oh, man! Ooooh.” With Ms. A. hands so close to my throbbing cock, I could hardly stand the tension building inside!

“Hang on, honey. Just a little while longer,” Ms. A. whispered. Her voice was so sexy. She knew I was going crazy but wasn’t willing to end my suffering yet. In fact, she was determined to make me suffer more. When Ms. A. finished kneading my butt, she climbed up and sat down on it and went to work on my shoulders. I could feel her moist pussy on my ass as she ground her hands onto the middle of my back. “Mmmmm, hmmmm,” she moaned.

“Oh, mmmmm, ow,” I moaned, feeling her rubbing the kinks out of my back and feeling the rocking of her naked beauty down in my yearning cock. “Mmmmm, oooooh, shit!” I cried, feeling my cock rubbing against the bed, rocking back and forth from her movements. “Oh!, oh!,” I cried again.

“Mmmmm, turn over, young man.” Finally, I could release the pressure on my cock. Ms. A. now looked at me and there were those heavy, laser beam eyes and that smile! Her beauty made me weak all over again. That would have happened if she were fully dressed, but she wasn’t wearing a thing, and she was up on her knees, Ataşehir Escort straddling me with her pussy and ass right near my cock.

“Oh! Ooooooohooooh, Mmmm, Unh! Mmmm, Ms. A., Oh, shit!” Her hands rubbed me from my shoulders down to my belly and the closer they approached my cock, the lighter her touch became. By the time she was about to touch my throbbing, yearning dick, Ms. A. was touching me with just her fingertips. “Ohooohh,” I laughed. “Ms. A., don’t do that!” I protested. She laughed and did it again. “Oh, Ms. A.” I said again, trying to reach and touch her breasts.

“No touching. You must be patient. Not much longer now.” She looked at me with fire in her eyes. We both knew that she was manipulating my anticipation, raising it to an insane level. I wasn’t laughing anymore. The goddess was back and this whole thing became very serious. “Remember,” the voice of the goddess said, “this is about making love. This matters, this is important. Just lay there, relax and let me heal your wounds.”

Ms. A. rubbed downward across my nipples and lightly across my belly. Then finally, she growled as she wrapped her hands around my rock hard penis and began to massage it up and down. “Oh, ooooooh, Oh! Oh!, Gnnnn, Mmmmm, Nnnnnnnn, Unh! Oh!” I cried as she worked my hard cock up and down.

She stopped, and I almost began to whimper. But she was just putting more oil on her hands, then they were both wrapped around my slick dick again. Ms. A. was firmly stroking my cock now, one hand after another, each starting at the tip and moving downward to the base. “Ooooooh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh! Ooooooh. That feels so good. Oh, Ms. A. Oh!”

When Ms. A. sensed I was about to squirt my cream, she slowed and changed her technique. Using just a thumb and forefinger, she began stroking again, down toward the base. It felt wonderful, though less intense than before. I looked in her eyes and could tell she was experimenting, listening to me, watching me. I could tell from our eye contact she knew exactly what I was feeling.

She moved higher up my cock, still stroking with thumb and forefinger, but now up near the tip. That really got me going. “Oh!” I cried, really loudly. “Ooooooh, oh, Ms. A! Ooooh, oooh, oooh, Unh!” She knew what would make me blow my cream.

But Ms. A. wasn’t ready for that yet. She looked right into my eyes and I felt something about her was very old, ancient, and very powerful. She smiled sweetly and scooted down so her face was right next to my hard cock, with her ass pointing skyward behind her. Then she kissed the tip of my dick! I wondered if she was going to suck me, but she didn’t. Instead Ms. A. began firmly sliding each hand down my throbbing cock, one after another. “Oh, oooooh, Ms. A.” I cried out. My gorgeous, beautiful to the bone, mature neighbor was going to use her powers to make me explode.

Between strokes, Ms. A. gently kissed the tip of my wet dick. But they were mouthy kisses, open lipped, just barely hinting at a sucking action. Each stroke made me moan, groan, or cry out, “Oooooh, Oooooh.” My pitch rose each time I cried, building and building, louder and louder. Now Ms. A changed her technique again. She used her thumbs and forefingers again, combining that with hand over hand, both of them still slick from the oil.

I clenched my eyes shut and cried out,”Oh!, Oh, shit! Ms. A! Oh! Oh, I can’t…Oh! Ooooooh! Oh! Ah! Ah! Oh, Oooooh.” I was almost screaming now, and I didn’t care how loud. I leaned up and looked back at Ms. A., her heavy, intense blue eyes looking right back at me with unbelievable power. “OH!, OH! Ah! Ooooooooh, Oh!” I cried out, louder than ever as I looked right into the eyes of the goddess of love. And then, she rose up, pursed her lips tight, and slid my rock hard, throbbing cock right into her mouth. “AH! AH! Gnnnnn, Ooooooh, OH! OH! OOOOOOOOhhhhhhh!” I groaned as I felt my dick squeeze through her tight mouth and across her tongue. Ms. A. pulled away from my cock and kept stroking as I arched my back, thrusting my pelvis into the air just as my cum blasted out. “AHH! AH! Oooowah! AH! Unh! Oooooof, Oooooh,” I cried as another and another squirt boiled out and coated Ms. A.’s fingers as she smiled at me and lased my eyes.

Time passed without markers. I was only vaguely aware of Ms. A. stroking my cock a few more times, squeezing it from bottom to top to get the last drops of cum to run down her fingers. At some point, she crawled up and laid her head on my shoulder and spoke to me gently, lovingly, stroking my face and hair with her hand.

Finally, I felt Ms. A. kissing my lips, lovingly, passionately. “You okay, honey? You alright, my sweet, young man? Are you still with me, my cuddly snugglebunny?”

I pulled her close to me and kissed her. “Oh, I’m more than okay, my beautiful goddess of love.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32