A Road Trip Fantasy Pt. 05

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I shuffled forward in line and absently rubbed my boarding pass between my fingers. Marvin and Julie Lee, Jennifer’s parents, were just in front of me. In front of them, her brother Chris was gabbing with Tom who was pushing a stroller laden with a diaper bag and carryons. Rebecca was bouncing baby Anna on her shoulder. For a few seconds, Anna seemed to make eye contact with me, and I gave her a smile and a little wave, but by the time I did, her eyes had goggled off somewhere else in the airport.

This was the first, and likely last time, we would all be taking a flight to Omaha together. Thirteen months had flown passed. As I had promised Jen, I was flying out for her graduation and would bring her back home with me for good this time, after one minor detour that was.

Although we had coordinated which flight we would take, I was glad I had insisted on paying for my own ticket. My seat was a few rows away from the others. Anna was traveling as a lap baby, which meant if Jen’s dad had bought all the tickets together, I would have had a choice of sitting with her parents or helping to entertain Anna with Rebecca and Tom for the flight to Omaha. Neither of those options were terrible because overall I got along much better with Jen’s family than I had with Catherine’s, but I also preferred to have a little more time to myself which I would surely be lacking for the next two days.

I had a medical journal and book in my backpack and some lectures and an audio book loaded on my phone. Those plus the crossword in the inflight magazine, ear buds, and time killing games on my phone would be give me ample diversions during the flight.

At the bottom on the jetway, Tom waved away my offer to give him a hand with the stroller, but I did grab the diaper bag for Rebecca. That was better than Chris who already had his headphones on and had disappeared into the cabin.

Julie had decided she wanted to sit with Rebecca and baby Anna which pushed Tom up one row to sit with Marvin and Chris who were already seated. A balding middle aged man had the window seat of Julie and Rebecca’s row.

“Aaron, where are you sitting?” Julie turned to me as I came up behind her.

“Row 27, back there by the window.” I pointed across the aisle and two rows back.

Julie nodded and turned back to the man. “Excuse me, sir. My daughter’s boyfriend got split up from us. He has a window seat too, just back there. Would you mind switching with him?”

I groaned inside but kept what Jennifer would probably identify as my plastic smile on my lips.

The man looked up and assessed the situation. He could travel with two women and a baby for the next four hours or move back next to an older couple. “Not a problem,” he answered. “Wouldn’t want to separate a man from his baby. What seat are you?”

I sighed and shook off his misapprehension of my relationship to Anna and Rebecca. It was not worth the trouble. “27A.”

“Thank you so much,” Julie gushed to him. Then she poked Marvin in the arm. “See, I told you I could get us all together.”

When I slipped into the row, Chris looked back long enough to give me a smirk before immersing himself in his video game.

So much for a little solitude. Jennifer came from a close-knit family. It was something I would have to get use to.

Before we took off, I held Anna, and Rebecca snapped a picture to send to Jen.

When she took Anna back, Rebecca glanced back over at the man I had traded seats with and assured that he was not paying any attention, she whispered, “Sorry, Aaron, but she doesn’t look anything like you.”

We could all agree with that. Anna definitely had plenty of Tom’s Brazilian features mixed in with the Lee family traits. Depending on where my relationship went with Jennifer, we would not be able to use Tom and Rebecca’s children as a template for what our own might look like. That was just as well. I was not ready to start a family just yet anyway.

The change in seating arrangements was not nearly as trying as I had feared. Julie did like to talk, but since she had her daughter and granddaughter to entertain her, she did not direct too much my way. The biggest problem was that while she was talking to Rebecca, I would start to drift off into my article or the crossword puzzle, and then she would suddenly direct a comment or question my way. I always have to pause and replay the last few seconds of conversation in my head to get my bearings. Then she would switch back, I would drift off again, and the cycle would repeat. Anna did quite well on the flight with only a little fussiness when she got hungry.

The projected flight time was around three and a half hours, but we lost two hours to the time change heading eastbound and then had to circle for thirty minutes or so while a thunderstorm passed through the Omaha area ahead of our arrival. We deplaned into a moist late April afternoon.

Jen had texted me while were in flight. I’m jealous you get to see Anna more than me. She’s my eskort bayan gorukle niece. Nice picture though.

We’re here, I texted Jen. I thought she ought to be done with her final exams by now especially since she had messaged about the photo, but I was not sure until she texted back immediately.

I’m home packing. Let me know when you’re on the way. Love you.

Love you, too. See you soon.

Soon had to wait for us to collect our luggage (I for one had to bring a slightly bigger suitcase than usual), renting a van big enough to carry us all, and a stop off at the hotel so Jen’s family could check in and drop off their baggage. Then Anna was hungry, and so we had to wait for Rebecca to feed her. I was antsy to see Jen and was tempted to just walk the couple of miles to her apartment but instead contented myself with the thought that starting today, I could see her any time I wanted to.

The sun was low in the horizon by the time we pulled into that familiar apartment complex. As we got out of the van, Jen was standing by the railing outside her door waving to us. While I grabbed my suitcase, she came down the stairs to greet everyone.

Marvin and Julie got big hugs, Chris and Tom quick ones. During her hug with Rebecca, Jen managed to steal Anna away. As Jen cooed to her, Anna smiled and then reached out to pinch her lips and tug on her hair. That just made Jen smile and laugh more. “Who’s your favorite aunt?” She kissed Anna, and Anna just beamed and flapped her arms.

Even though being jealous of a baby was petty and ought to have been beneath me, I still felt like the third person along on a date as I stood there waiting for my greeting.

“Come one, let’s all head up.” With one arm busy holding Anna and the other busy tickling the baby’s belly, Jen nodded her head toward the stairs. Chris was already headed up and her parents followed. Rebecca held out her hands to retrieve Anna to which Jen acquiesced with a certain reluctance. Tom put his arm around his wife’s waist as they started up.

Finally, Jen turned to me. “No, I did not forget you.”

I stepped into her arms. “Saving the best for last?”

Her lips were warm and moist against mine. She opened her eyes though and broke the kiss for a moment but left her lips touching mine. “Maybe second best.” Then her arms wrapped around my neck and pulled me tight and her tongue tickled mine. For now I would accept that.

We walked upstairs with an arm around each other’s waist and me lugging my suitcase with the other. “So how did your exams go?” The warmth and curve of her body melded into mine and just felt so right.

“Actually pretty good. They already posted results from yesterday, and I passed.”

“Yay, I knew you would.” I gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Thanks. Clinicals were today. They weren’t as bad as I thought. My examiner said I passed them too. So I am officially a nurse.”

By that point, we had reached the top of the stairs, and I spun her to me for another kiss. “Congratulations, you’ve worked really hard for this.”

“Well, I couldn’t have done it without all your support.”

I shook my head at that. “You would have done it with or without me. I’m just glad I didn’t get in your way.”

Inside Jen’s apartment, Rebecca and Julie were entertaining Anna on the futon, Marvin was sitting in the arm chair, Tom had grabbed a chair from the table, and Chris was raiding the refrigerator.

“Anyone want something to drink?” Jen asked.

“I got it,” Chris said.

While they took care of refreshments, I rolled my suitcase to her bedroom. The floor of her habitually neat apartment was covered in boxes. She still had a ways to go, but I could see she had started emptying her closet. I made a note to let Rebecca know so she could grab the clothes she thought Jen would need.

Back out front, Jen had joined her mom and sister to play with Anna which left me bereft again. I leaned against the kitchen island next to Chris and sipped my water.

The conversation flitted around the room, sometimes two or three separate conversations, sometimes one big one. Much of it centered on baby Anna to begin with, but then over the graduation schedule tomorrow, and then meandered off as conversations do in a big group of people.

After such a big day, Anna was ready for her nap. Rebecca retired to Jen’s room to put her to sleep. Tom and Chris were rehashing their broken March Madness brackets and the Final Four that had finished the night before while Jen and her parents were running over what still needed to be done before Jen moved for good. I was half listening to both conversations.

“Oh, I have to remember to take you all down to meet Tanya and her family,” Jen was saying. “She’s been a big help. She’s the one I told you about who invites me over for dinner every so often. Her kids are really cute.”

“Oh, and what about that nice young man we met down the way?” Julie asked.

My ears perked. Ostensibly, mudanya escort I was listening to Tom and Chris jaw, but I saw Jen’s head turn in my direction. She spoke low, I presumed because she hoped I had not heard the question. “Turns out he wasn’t so nice, Mom. He moved a few months ago.”

I was pretty sure I knew who they were talking about, a neighbor whom I had seen once or twice and whom Jen may or may not have had a thing for once. I both wanted and did not want to know more, but this would be the wrong time to ask in either case. I pretended not to notice what they were saying. At least it sounded like he was gone.

“That’s too bad,” her mom said. “He was so polite when we met.”

“Hey, what are we doing about dinner tonight?” Chris had exhausted his basketball venting. His question cut off anything else that might have been said about the neighbor. “I’ve seen ads for Omaha steaks. Let’s go to a steak place. What’s good around here, Jen?”

Rebecca stuck her head back out of the bedroom. “Keep it down, Chris. Anna’s asleep.”

“How long will she be down for?” Jen asked.

“She didn’t sleep much on the plane.” Rebecca shrugged. “Maybe an hour or so. Why don’t you all go? I’ll stay here and maybe do some packing for you.” Rebecca winked at me, and I smiled back. Jen was facing away from me, and I did not know if she saw our signals.

“Grab me something to go, won’t you, honey.”

Tom stood up. “Sure thing, meu amor.”

“Are you sure? We could wait?” Jen was still not convinced.

“Definitely, once she wakes up, she’ll be hungry. Better for you all to go. I’ll be fine.”

We did find a place that served steak, whether or not they were Omaha steaks, I did not know, but Chris seemed satisfied. Jen and I sat next to each other, shared our meals, and fed each other bites now and again. Marvin ordered a bottle of wine for the table, but I limited myself to just a few sips. I had made a point of restricting myself to a single drink or less for the past several months. Even though Jen and I were together, my new habit had taken a strong hold.

At the end of dessert as everyone else was sliding out of the booth to leave, Jen raised her eyebrows at my two-thirds full glass. “Not up to your standards?”

“Sticking with my resolution to be healthier.” I kissed her to forestall further comment and drew her with me as I slipped out of the booth.

Back at her apartment, Anna was indeed up and feeding again. Once she was done, Jen and I played with Anna on the floor while Rebecca ate her take out food. Chris and Marvin watched television. Despite Jen’s protests, Julie insisted on washing the few dishes in Jen’s sink. When she then started to box up Jen’s kitchen, I gave in and went to help out with the packing.


Finally, the Lee and Almada clans said their good-nights and headed back to the hotel leaving Jen and I alone at last.

Jen locked the door and leaned back on it with a sigh. “I love them, but I thought they’d never leave.”

“Funny, I was thinking the same thing.”

She came into my arms, and we kissed, mouths open, hands running up and down each other. I ran my hands under her shirt and up over the contour of her sports bra beneath while one of hers came up the front of my shirt.

The groping and kissing were getting more serious when Jen pushed away. “I worked out after exams today, and I’m still all sweaty and salty. Why don’t you get the futon ready and let me jump in the shower?”

I shifted one of my hands to the front of her shirt. “You know, you’re just going to get all sweaty again anyway.”

She reached up to play with my lower lip. “If I get in the shower, you could join me and help me clean those hard to reach places.”

“Now that sounds like a most excellent plan.”

Ten minutes later I had the futon ready. Jen’s voice echoed from the bathroom. “Getting in the shower. Are you coming?”

Jen was lathering her thick blond hair when I stepped into the shower with her. The warm spray of the shower made her body glisten. With her arms up to massage the shampoo into her scalp, her breasts lifted and swelled. Dollops of shampoo spattered down over them like droplets of cream, including one that made a gentle curve around her left nipple before running down the underside of her breast. A stream of water ran over her right shoulder, around her right breast, across her belly and dripped off the brown-blond curls of her pubic hair in a little waterfall.

To keep the shampoo out, she held her eyes closed but the draft of air from my entrance around the shower curtain made her peer out at me. She saw where I had directed my eyes and gave a little shimmy that dislodged more whipped cream spatters.

“It’s about time. I was getting lonely.”

“Remind me to stop at the grocery store tomorrow.” I put my hands on her hips and leaned forward to lick her right nipple.

Jen giggled and pulled back. “Hey.” The nipple visibly bursa evi olan escort perked as the stream of water now split to run around either side and splash off the tip.

“Sorry, it looks like you have something stuck on there. Let me try again.” I licked her nipple again and sucked it into my mouth. Her skin had just a tinge of salt mixed with the freshness of the water and vague hint of soap. The rich aroma of the lavender in her shampoo filled my nostrils.

“Mmm, that feels nice. Let me rinse my hair out.”

She shifted back, and I straightened as more foamy water cascaded down her body. I fondled both of breast while she rinsed. “Shouldn’t you be cleaning me off, not just molesting me?”

I sighed. “But it’s so much fun.”

Jen squinted out at me between water and locks of wet hair. “There’ll be more fun if you do what you’re told.”

I found her pouf and added some soap to suds it up.

When she finished with her hair, Jen stepped out of the spray so it struck only her back and legs. I began lathering her body in slow circles starting on her neck and shoulders and working my way down to her chest and breasts.

When her top half was well covered, Jen stepped into to me, and we kissed. She began rubbing her soapy breasts against my chest. “You’ve got my pouf. I’ll just have to make do with what I have,” she told me.

“You are doing more than making do.”

“We need to get you all wet.” When she shifted places with me under the shower, her voice was low and husky in my ear. “I already am.”

Warm water cascaded over me, but the way my body was tingling all over, I hardly noticed it.

“Can I have the pouf now?”

I struggled to keep a straight face and hid the pouf behind my back. “Sorry, I guess you’ll just have to keep making do.”

Jen raised her eyebrows at me. “Guess I better get the soap.” She made a theatric show of bending down to reach the body wash on the edge of the tub. Instead of grabbing the body wash, she gripped my erect penis. “Oops, I missed.”

“That works too.”

Jen stared into my eyes and jerked me with slow strokes. “I’ve got something else that might work too.” This time she really did grab the body wash. With those same exaggerated, theatrical motions, she drizzled ribbons of soap over her breasts and chest. It ran down her belly in pale blue lines. “Now come here.” She curled her index finger to me, and I did not hesitate.

Jen pressed her body to mine. She made circles with her chest against me. At first, our bodies stuck together, but as the soap began to spread and lather, we slid easier against each other. My penis remained caught in that delicious friction with her body. Once it became soapier though, Jen reached between us and pointed me down between her legs. My shaft pressed through her pubic hair and against her hooded clitoris and swelling labia. “Hard to reach places,” she whispered before grabbing my face and pulling my mouth to hers.

We were both quite soapy at that point. Jen turned around and looked back at me over my shoulder. “Clean my back for me.”

I dropped the pouf in favor of stepping up behind her. I redirected my penis down between her lags and pressed my belly and chest against her back. We ground our bodies against each other. I reached around her to pulled her tight to me. My left hand reached around to squeeze her right breast while my right hand ventured south through her pubic hair to find her clitoris.

One of her hands grabbed my right wrist so that she could direct my attentions. Her other hand reached back behind her and pulled my head down into her ear and neck. I nibbled on her ear lobe and down her neck. Our words were hoarse gasps and moans. Jen released my wrist so she could reach down farther to my penis as it probed between her labia. She arched her back, pushed my glans up with her fingers, and her labia spread for me.

I could feel the warmth of her entrance as she opened for me, and I pressed inside. Jen’s hand was now holding my shaft in place as I slid the first two inches of my penis back and forth against that front wall of her vagina.

“I need you all the way in.” Jen stepped forward to spread her legs to the sides of the tub and leaned forward to brace her hands on the wall.

I followed between her legs and slipped my penis all the way into her vagina. I grabbed her hips and began to thrust in and out of her. I pulled back until only my tip rested inside of her and then pushed forward until our bodies came together again and again.

Jennifer shifted, adjusted the angle, and sighed. “Yeah, just like that. Right there.” I could feel her fingers now stroking her clitoris and sometimes reaching back farther to tickle the shaft of my penis. Within a few minutes, she cried out in climax. Pulsations from her vagina squeezed my penis. I moved my hands up to her chest to support her as her legs shook and threatened to give out during her orgasm. My hands squeezed her breasts, and I could not resist thrusting faster trying to penetrate as deeply as I could. All the while her vagina tried to grip and hold me, and then I too was climaxing, ejaculating deep within her.

She stood up, and we faced each other in an embrace. Both our legs wobbled slightly beneath us, but they held.

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