A Second Chance At First Love Ch. 06-08

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Bree Ann couldn’t help the smile that came to her face at the sight of how wide Sadie’s eyes went, at the presence of the muscular and handsome stud in front of her. The pretty blonde’s breathing seemed to catch in her chest, as she gripped Bree Ann’s hand a bit tighter. Nervous energy emanated from her body in his presence, the indifference of the stare he returned her way seeming to intimidate the therapist.

“Go ahead, silly. I really want you to touch him,” Bree Ann said with a smile of anticipation.

Sadie tore her eyes away from the powerful-looking male to look briefly at Bree Ann, her eyes seeming to ask for clarity in the matter.

“He’s not going to bite, and he wants to feel your touch,” the auburn-haired beauty said with a laugh.

Reassured but uncertain, Sadie’s hand tentatively went out, trembling slightly as her fingers approached the male’s broad chest.

“He’s so firm!” Sadie said in awe, as the horse tossed his head and whinnied his approval at her touch. Bree Ann laughed, as Sadie seemed to jump at his reaction, the pretty blonde’s hand retracting slightly before settling again against the Appaloosa’s neck.

“He likes you,” Bree Ann said, with a grin as her arm slid around Sadie’s tiny waist. “And it’s a good thing because you will be riding him today.”

“I’ll be doing what!” Sadie replied, her tone filled with shock. “But I’ve never ridden a horse! I wouldn’t know where to start!”

With a laugh, Bree Ann said, “Don’t worry, city girl. He will be doing most of the work, and he’s very gentle. The service uses him with most first-time riders and teens who are still inexperienced at handling the reins.”

“What will you be riding?” Sadie asked, her eyes never leaving the magnificent, chestnut-colored beast in front of her.

“I’ll be riding Raven, my horse,” Bree Ann replied, pointing to the stall across the way.

“You own a horse?” Sadie replied, her eyes gone wide as she turned to her date.

“I do,” Bree Ann replied. “I bought him with some of the money from the sale of our property back home. I used to ride regularly with Jon and didn’t want to let it go. I board him here.”

Sadie turned and looked across to where Bree Ann was pointing and found herself staring into the dark eyes of a magnificent, black beast. The horse stood tall as if proud of its beauty, as it stared back at them in almost a regal manner.

“He’s so beautiful,” Sadie remarked, a touch of awe in her voice.

“Thank you,” Bree Ann replied, with a smile. “Now, let’s get these beauties saddled up and hit the trail.”

The horses walked the trail at a steady pace, the two women sitting astride them enjoying the beauty of the ranch from the backs of the powerful equines. Bree Ann couldn’t help but marvel at Sadie’s beauty and tenacity, the pretty blonde holding tightly to the horse’s reins as she rode next to Bree Ann.

“Are you doing okay?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” Sadie replied with a smile, as her horse trotted alongside Bree Ann’s. “Though, I think I may have broken my hymen a couple of hundred yards back.”

Bree Ann threw her head back and laughed, Sadie’s ribald sense of humor, was one of the things that had always attracted her to the beautiful blonde.

“That’s surprising,” Bree Ann replied with a smile. “After a husband and all those younger women, I’m surprised to hear that you are so virginal.”

“I’ll have you know that I’m pure as the driven snow,” Sadie replied, releasing the reins with one hand to bring a hand to her chest while pretending to be offended. “I was merely biding my time with all those other people while I waited for the right woman to come along.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize my date was so virtuous,” Bree Ann remarked with a laugh, as they came to a fork in the trail, the auburn-haired beauty leading them down the path to the right.

“Very much so,” Sadie replied, tipping her nose into the air in a display of mock indignation that drew another giggle from her date.

The pair rode in silence for the next several minutes while enjoying the beauty of the shady path. A creek off to their right fed through the woods, the sound of gurgling water melodiously ringing out and reaching Bree Ann’s ears.

“And have you had any luck with your hunt?” Bree Ann asked, at last breaking the comfortable silence between them.

“Maybe,” Sadie replied with a mischievous grin. “I’ve got my eye on a woman, but I’m not sure about her. She seems really stuck on her horse.”

Bree Ann threw her head back and laughed once again, saying, “Well, perhaps you just need to take a few risks to catch her attention.”

And with that, she snapped the reins she held against Raven’s neck, digging her heels into the horse’s sides. Spurred on by her actions, the black beast lurched forward on the trail, breaking into a full gallop, its body seemingly lengthening as it raced down the path, its gait smooth escort bayan and fast.

Behind her, Bree Ann heard Sadie squeal loudly as her horse followed suit and followed the lead of Sadie’s dominant black beast. The thundering sound of the horse’s shoes against the gravel path was like music to the Bree Ann’s ears, the speed at which they galloped like a tonic to her soul. To Bree Ann, it felt as though she was flying, the grass and trees around her passing in a blur of seamless motion.

Bree Ann tightened the reins as they pulled in sight of a lake, really not much more than a large farm pond fed by the stream they’d been riding alongside on the path. It was a scenic spot, shady evergreen trees interspersed along its banks.

“I hate you,” Sadie declared, as her horse slowed, falling in line next to Bree Ann’s as she manipulated her reins to lead her horse out into the pasture bordering the lake.

“Well, we can’t have that, can we?” Bree Ann remarked, with a smile as she watched the tall grass they were riding in seem to ripple in the breeze as the wind blew through it. “I guess that I’ll have to try to think of a way to make it up to you.”

“Skinny dipping in that lake might do the trick!” Sadie stated, with a lecherous grin.

Bree Ann flushed at the thought, not finding it all unappealing as she led them toward one particular tree, nestled right against the water’s edge. Under the tall branches of the pretty evergreen lay a large gingham blanket spread out across the grass. A picnic basket and a metal bucket filled with ice were on it, a bottle of wine chilling inside.

“Wow,” Sadie replied, finally spotting their destination, a brilliant smile blossoming on her face. Bree Ann couldn’t be sure, but the sight of the spread laid out in front of them seemed to strike a chord in the pretty blonde.

Bree Ann slid down off her horse and deftly tied his reins to the branches of a bush before heading over to where Sadie still sat on horseback. Walking over to where Sadie waited, Bree Ann took hold of the harness attached to the bit in the horse’s mouth and held a hand out gallantly to her date.

Looking unsure of herself, Sadie took her hand and slid down off the horse, her slim legs seeming to wobble slightly as she hit the ground. Bree Ann took the reins of the pretty blonde’s horse and led her next to where Raven stood eating grass. Tying the chestnut-colored horse to the same tree, Bree Ann left the two equines to their snack and turned back to her date.

“I can’t believe that you did all of this!” Sadie declared thoughtfully. “How did you manage it?”

“I called Harry, the ranch manager, early this morning and told him what I had planned,” Bree Ann explained. “I had the basket and bottle of wine hidden in the back of my SUV under a blanket. Harry supplied the pail and ice and had one of his ranch hands ride out ahead of us to set things up.”

“It’s so romantic,” Sadie said, beaming as she stared back at the auburn-haired beauty.

Bree Ann felt her face flush under the intense look of the pretty blonde’s gaze, her nipples stiffening into tight points and pressing against the sheer, lacy bra she was wearing. Her heart quickened as Sadie’s hands went to her hips, pulling her in as Bree Ann’s hands slid up around the pretty blonde’s neck, their lips coming together in a passionate kiss. Not content to wait to experience Sadie’s tongue in her mouth once again, Bree Ann swiped her tongue against the pretty blonde’s pink lips, Sadie opening her mouth to allow it admittance. But before she had time to react, the lovely blonde’s lips closed around her oral appendage as she began to suck at it, Sadie’s tongue swiping against it. Bree Ann couldn’t help but moan in response, having never had anyone do something so erotic to her, not even her late husband.

“I guess that I forgive you for attempting to kill me on that damn horse,” Sadie said softly, when their lips finally parted, her eyes gone dark with arousal.

“Was it really all that bad?”

With a slight shake of her head, Sadie said, “No, it was terrifyingly fun. It made me want to puke and laugh at the same time.”

“Well, I”m thrilled that you survived it, city girl.”

“Me too,” Sadie declared. “Because otherwise, I couldn’t enjoy doing this.”

Her lips again closed that distance to Bree Ann’s, in a passionate, open-mouthed kiss, their tongues intertwining as Sadie’s hands slid down from the auburn-haired beauty’s hips to her shapely backside. She firmly gripped Bree Ann’s blue jean-covered bottom, her fingers compressing the supple globes with lascivious intent. The auburn-haired beauty loved the feel of it, of Sadie possessively taking hold of her body as if laying claim to her. It made Bree Ann feel special and desired, feelings she hadn’t really known she’d been missing until recently.

“Wow,” Bree Ann said, in appreciation of the kiss once their lips had finally parted. “You’re really good at that.”

“I’ve bursa vip escort been practicing a lot to be ready to impress the right woman.”

“I think she will be,” Bree Ann replied breathlessly, her eyes going to the pretty blonde’s lips once again.

“Then that’s all I need to hear,” Sadie said with a smile.

Bree Ann responded to the pretty blonde’s remark by launching herself at Sadie, their lips colliding in a furious passion, as the lovely blonde’s hands began to roam up and down Bree Ann’s body. They came at last to the sides of Bree Ann’s large and supple breasts, Sadie’s nimble thumbs deftly sliding between their bodies and finding the turgid nubs of Bree Ann’s nipples, causing the neophyte fan of sapphic love to moan into their kiss.

Finally, Bree Ann broke their kiss, her breathing coming fast and hard as she stared into Sadie’s blue eyes. “If we don’t end this now, I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to stop myself.”

“And you’re not quite ready for that?” Sadie asked, with a gentle smile as she gazed lovingly into Bree Ann’s eyes, her right hand rising up to stroke her cheek.

“No,” Bree Ann admitted, while leaning into the sexy blonde’s touch, every little thing Sadie did, seemed to propagate the intense feelings that Bree Ann had for her former therapist. “Don’t get me wrong, Sadie. I want it so badly, and those feelings only seem to grow inside me with every moment I spend with you, but…”

Bree Ann paused there while trying to find just the right words, the struggle on her face readily apparent. She wanted this so badly; the feel of Sadie’s touch against her body was electric, the waves of arousal when the sexy blonde touched her breast leaving wetness and heat between the auburn-haired beauty’s legs.

“You’re scared?” Sadie finally asked, trying to help Bree Ann out.

The auburn-haired beauty nodded, her eyes coming up to meet Sadie’s.

“What are you afraid of?” Sadie asked gently, the pad of her right thumb continuing to softly caress Bree Ann’s cheek.

“Of wanting this too much, yet having no idea what I’m doing,” Bree Ann declared with frustration. “Of being horrible at it, embarrassing myself, and having you decide that maybe I’m not what you want. What if my body doesn’t quite measure up to all those younger women you’re used to being with, with their perfect breasts and tight little bodies? I don’t want to be a disappointment to you and end up alone! I’m lonely, Sadie! And I never realized that until I finally recognized how I felt about you…”

“Shhhh!” Sadie replied, gently shushing the auburn-haired beauty in front of her. “I don’t think you’re capable of being a disappointment to me, Bree. And as far as sex goes, I’m more than willing to go slowly, at a pace that you’re comfortable with. And as far as those other women are concerned, they were just placeholders for me to occupy my time while I waited for you to realize what a catch I am.”

Bree Ann couldn’t help but smile as she said, “You really mean it?”

“One hundred percent. You’re my girl,” Sadie declared, “and I don’t plan to let you go.”

The two shared a soft kiss, the feel of it seeming like a promise to Bree Ann. Sadie’s stamp of approval, saying that she wanted nothing more than to be with her regardless of Bree Ann’s inexperience. And that was all the auburn-haired beauty needed to hear.

“Now, let’s see what all you have packed in that picnic basket!”

The pair sat down on the blanket in the shade of the Sweetshade tree, the waxy leaves of its covering bristling slightly in the breeze overhead as they unpacked the picnic basket and poured themselves a glass of wine before beginning to eat.

The pair made small talk, with Bree Ann filling Sadie in on the latest antics of Macey and the twins. The couple discussed sights they wanted to see, with the two women making plans to take a drive up the coast to Los Angeles, once Bree Ann revealed that she’d never seen Hollywood. They talked about movies they wanted to see and books they were looking forward to reading. But always underneath their conversation, was the subtext of the energy and attraction that lay between them, and at last, Bree Ann couldn’t take it anymore.

“Do you think I could have more of your kisses,” she asked, blushing at admitting what had been on her mind throughout their conversation.

“I can’t think of anything better,” Sadie replied, closing the distance between them and kissing Bree Ann repeatedly, each woman’s lips softly caressing the other’s as they came together again and again. At last, Sadie’s tongue slid into the auburn-haired beauty’s mouth, Bree Ann moaning and not resisting as the sexy blonde laid her back on the blanket, their kiss deepening and becoming more passionate.

Bree Ann felt the hand that was on her right shoulder begin to shift down towards her breasts. She shivered with anticipation as Sadie teased her, the sexy blonde’s fingertips bursa elit escort caressing all around and in between the part in her breasts without actually touching the pliable flesh through the top she wore. Bree Ann groaned in frustration as Sadie repeated her actions on the other side, sighing deeply into their kiss when the sexy blonde’s long fingers finally scraped across the swollen nipple of her right breast.

“Oh, God!” Bree Ann cried out softly, as Sadie palmed her breast, her palm pressing against the turgid nub as her long fingers gripped the fleshy globe. Bree Ann’s nipples had always been the spark plugs that fired the engine driving the auburn-haired beauty’s arousal. And as Sadie’s fingers located her swollen bud and began to twist and knead it expertly as she continued to kiss Bree Ann passionately, the auburn-haired beauty was forced to grind her hips together at the sudden itch the breast play was causing between her legs.

“I’ve been dreaming about this for the better part of a year,” Sadie whispered into Bree Ann’s ear, before sucking the auburn-haired beauty’s lobe between her plump lips.

“Oh, Sadie!” Bree Ann cooed, her body suddenly feeling like it might be suffering from sensory overload. Her hands went to the sexy blonde’s hips, tugging at them and pulling Sadie over on her, where her sexy former therapist’s right knee came to rest between Bree Ann’s legs, the jeans-covered limb now pressing against the auburn-haired beauty’s sex.

“You have no idea how bad I want to fuck you, Bree,” Sadie announced; her choice of words shocking the former pastor’s wife, while strangely titillating Bree Ann at the same time. “I want to make you come on my fingers and hear you scream out my name in passion as you do!”

Bree Ann couldn’t help but think how much she wanted that, too; the thought of the walls of her pussy clamping down against Sadie’s digits having her nearly on the edge as she ground her pussy against the sexy blonde’s knee, while Sadie kissed and nibbled at her neck.

Feeling Sadie’s left hand begin to slide down her body and settle on the snap to her jeans, Bree Ann couldn’t help but moan wantonly, the anticipation nearly driving her mad. Her hands hurriedly went to Sadie’s cheeks, cupping them aggressively and practically launching her

mouth against the sexy blonde’s, just as Sadie’s fingertips slipped beneath the lace of her panties and encountered Bree Ann’s thick bush. They deftly skirted through her plush forest and into the auburn-haired beauty’s wetness, causing Bree Ann to moan loudly into their kiss.

“Ooo, my girl is so wet,” Sadie declared, as two of her digits settled on each side of Bree Ann’s clit and began to move back and forth, the sensation pushing Bree Ann even closer to her climax. “Is my girl almost ready to come?”

“Yes!” Bree Ann declared, practically screaming, though her voice barely sounded above a whisper; her eyes closed tightly shut as she gave in to everything she was feeling. She’d never needed to come so badly before, Sadie having elevated her arousal to levels Bree Ann had never thought possible. Her sex life with Jon had been very fulfilling, if a little bit vanilla, but it certainly couldn’t compare to what Sadie was currently making her feel. There was an immense pressure building up within her, the fluttering as it swelled, making Bree Ann think she’d explode at any second.

“Are you ready for me to fuck you, Bree?” Sadie asked, her fingers slipping down, the tips of her digits hovering over the vestibule to the opening of Bree Ann’s sex. She paused there, though, awaiting her new lover’s reply.

Bree Ann, who found her mind lost in a rolling sea of lust, didn’t hesitate to answer, the vulgar words spurting forth from her own mouth sounding to Bree Ann’s ears as if they were spoken by some wanton harlot.

“Fuck me, Sadie! Please fuck my pussy!”

Two of the sexy blonde’s long fingers sank into Bree Ann’s pussy and expertly curved up, searching for her g-spot, finding it on the roof of the auburn-haired beauty’s sex. Sadie began to tap out a rapid beat like a frenzied bass player in the midst of a solo, the stimulation finally blowing the circuits in Bree Ann’s mind, as she came in an explosive climax that seemed to take the top of the auburn-haired beauty’s head off.

When she came to, Sadie was lovingly hovering above her, the sexy blonde proudly sucking at the two fingers that had been inside her. Bree Ann couldn’t help but blush at the sight, everything on Sadie’s countenance telling Bree Ann that the sexy blonde was enjoying the taste.

“You’re delicious, just like I always thought you’d be,” said Sadie, brazenly smiling as she slid down until she was settled over Bree Ann’s hips. The sexy blonde’s fingers then went to the waist of the auburn-haired beauty’s jeans, starting to slide them down over her hips.

“Wait!” Bree Ann declared, suddenly feeling self-conscious, her hands flying down to grasp Sadie’s, stopping the descent of her jeans. “Not here, not now; I’m just not ready yet.”

Bree Ann saw the immediate signs of disappointment spring up on Sadie’s countenance, the loving blonde hiding them a second later.

“I’m sorry,” Bree Ann offered, afraid that she’d hurt Sadie’s feelings.

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