A Story about Carly

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This story is set in the fictional world of my Renewal stories. Its bit of a sidebar-It’s Danny’s birthday and Joy ends up telling him a story. Lots of introspection in these stories. I’ve enjoyed letting Danny and Joy walk down a road that they did not expect to go and seeing what might happen for each of them. If you buy it, thanks! If not, there are many other writers here for you to enjoy.


Because it was Danny’s birthday, and it was a Sunday, and she hadn’t done it in quite a while, Joy had decided she would wake Danny up his very favorite way. Not that she owed it to him or anything; now that they were old and damaged, it was a relief to have abandoned the unconsciously pernicious marital scorekeeping that can so easily poison things. It embarrassed Joy to admit that back when she was young and perfect, before Jenny’s death blew everything up, that if in her sole estimation she had found too much generosity on her side of the ledger, she could withhold extra attention from him, not as a punishment or a palliative but out of what later was proven to be a mistaken belief that their love life was a zero sum game constrained by an absolute limit on the cumulative amount of passion and love they coil provide. If she yielded too much of this limited resource to him, there wouldn’t be any left for her. As it turned out, that was total bullshit. Joy and Danny both had made more than reasonable progress at keeping said bullshit out of their intimate life, which not only was the proper way to slide into senior citizenship but which the embrace of their newly polyamorous relationship pretty much required them to do.

Joy raised up on her elbow. The yellow light of morning seeped around the edge of the shades and cast soft filaments of light across their bed. Her husband lay on his back, sound asleep. This was convenient to Joy’s purpose; sometimes it was hard to get him to flip over when he was asleep. Just in case he raised any resistance—as if any man would resist the thing she was about to do—she could always appeal to the lawyer in him by pointing out they had agreed that from here on out ‘no’ would be a word only rarely used in their bedroom.

Joy slipped off her pajamas and slid across the bed to her husband. Their skins were exactly the same temperature, coddled in the overnight heat of their bedding, and it was pleasantly hard to tell where her skin stopped and his started. She put a hand softly on his belly; the touch made him jump but she held it there, cooing in his ear like the bonded pigeon pair that lived in the lightwell outside their bathroom, and he eased. She rubbed lightly; he remained relaxed against the mattress. She snaked her body down his, skin to skin, burying herself deep under the comforter, curled up in his den, head at his lap. She slid his boxers down, lifted the waistband up and over her target.

It was flaccid, quiescent, unimpressive, little; so unlike the tool of her ravishment it soon would become. In her mouth it was soft and tender and warm and flexible and sort of squishy and the entire thing fit completely without any particular effort at all. I wish it could be like this more often, she thought. But even as she rolled him around in her mouth, palpating him with her lips and tongue, he started to harden and his hips to quiver and thrust, a seemingly autonomic response to his budding erection. She held in place as he moved, feeling the blood pulsing in him, filling his cock, stretching open her mouth. She tickled with her tongue, breathed through her nose. Danny was shaking lightly, as if the unrelenting stream of tension that underlay his daily life was being bled off through the emotional conductivity of her mouth’s wet heat. One of the things that’s holy about marriage, Joy thought.

She pulled back to take some mouth breaths, but kept him wet and slimy so she could still slide his stiffness through both of her hands, rubbing the whole of his cock and balls. When he got dry she spit thick gobs of saliva directly onto his dick, to spread happily with lips and tongue. Joy looked up when she felt the covers lift off, and her husband of thirty-two years was looking down her, eyes lidded with sleep but shining with love and gratitude. She helped move the cover, then lay herself across his thighs, head braced on her elbow, looking at him, the ring of her right thumb and forefinger moving steadily up and down his cock.

“Good morning,” he said.

“Happy Birthday, love,” she said. “Can you see me?” He likes that. Danny put another pillow behind his head, bracing himself up, to look at her.

“Now I can.”

“I’ll just go ahead then,” she said, “if it’s all right,” and lowered her mouth onto him, as deeply as she could, with no hesitation at all. His cockhead tickled her uvula.

He moaned, “Oh Joy, that is . . . so . . . so. . .” Blowjobs like this one often rendered him inarticulate. She knew he would want to move, to fuck her mouth, but her hand on his hips kept him still; her thumb and forefinger circled the base Anadolu Yakası Escort of his cock, holding it upright. Joy moved her mouth slowly on him, wrapping her tongue on the downstroke, sucking harder on the upstroke. His cock throbbed, hot and pulsing, and she managed his pleasure. Up and down. Down and up. Suck and release. Lick and swallow. Kiss and rub. He gave out painfully satisfied sounds, but when he began to quiver uncontrollably he huffed out, “Wait.” He reached down lifted her head. “Joy . . .I don’t . . . .want to . . .cum yet,” he panted, “can we . . . slow down?”

“Of course,” she said. At fifty-nine he really only had one high-volume orgasm in him and if he wanted to hold onto it for a while this morning she could be generous. Joy slid up next to him and they wrapped each other up. They kissed. She kept one hand lightly caressing his cock and balls. He humped her leg; his hands wandered over all the skin he could reach.

“I thought this would be a great way to start out your birthday.”

“You were right,” he said. “But I actually have a more specific fantasy for this morning, if you don’t mind?”

“What could possibly be any better than cumming in your willing wife’s mouth?”

“Doing it in the sunroom.”

“Won’t that be kind of cold?” It was all windows and at the end of the central heating’s ductwork.

“Nope. It’s the right time of year. And I’ve got a plan.”

Of course he does. “Okay,” she said, miming a waitress taking an order. “Birthday blowjob in the sunroom, coming up!”

“Not only a blowjob, I hope.”

“No,” and despite nearly thirty-five years of fucking this man, Joy blushed. “Full service.”

“Speaking of service, the coffee should be ready,” he said. “Why don’t you go down and bring up a tray and I’ll do the room.”

Every little detail thought out. “This is why I love you, Danny,” she said. Joy recovered her pajamas, slipped her feet into twenty-year-old furry cat slippers, and headed down to the kitchen. Young Joy would have been totally annoyed with him for blowing up her perfect little moment—take the blowjob I want to give you, buddy, or none at all—but after all these years she was so accustomed to his peculiar artifices that even when he surprised her with one, like today, it was a blessing to engage rather than resist. Grown-ups in love, she thought.

In the five minutes it took her to pull together a tray of coffee, fruit and granola and head back upstairs, Danny had built a sweet nest with pads and pillows and blankets and sheets and the 1970’s beanbag chair they somehow still owned, probably because it had proven to be a useful sexual aid more than once. This space was bathed in the bright September sunlight that poured past the open shades of the six large windows facing east and south. A couple of towels were neatly folded on the side table. He was running two small space heaters. The room looked soft and felt warm. Danny lay there, still in his black merino wool boxer shorts, a blanket thrown carelessly over his feet. His chest was broad and hairy and despite their familiarity she still found his maleness both alien and thrilling. She yearned to be close to him.

“What do you think?” Danny seemed quite proud of himself.

“Nice. I like the sun. Coffee?”

“Take off your pajamas first.”

The rear windows of a couple of dozen houses and apartment buildings, including the very windows she was standing by, faced the midblock open space formed by their fenced but contiguous backyards.

“Time to show me off?” This fetish of his had surprised them both when it had first emerged some years before.

“No one is watching. Just for me.”

Neither of them had any idea if this was true or not. She didn’t really mind it today; anybody who on a random Sunday morning was assiduously scanning dozens of backyard windows for prurient displays enacted by fifty-six-year-old neighbor ladies had certainly earned the view. No one will see us when we get busy on the floor. Peeling off her top, she stood in the sunlight, the window sash just below her pubes. She faced him, cupped her breasts, circled a finger on her nipples, which immediately hardened. Her hands slowly moved down her torso, sliding under the waistband, peeling the pants away from her waist and over her hips, letting them fall to the floor. She turned around slowly, letting Danny and his imagined watchers see, then sat on the sash, her bare back and ass against the window, legs falling open, arms at her sides, exposed to her husband.

“Great view,” he said.

“We’ve lived in this house for a long time,” Joy said, “And you’ve never done this before.”

He said, “I’ve wanted to bring you back here for years, but never asked.”

“I’m glad that whole ’embarrassed by your fantasies’ thing is over.”

“Me too,” he said. “I was such a dork. You are still the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, anyway.”

“More than Jennifer Lopez?”

“Jennifer is not standing here Avrupa Yakası Escort naked behind a promise to blow me. That gives you an uncontestable advantage.” He extended a hand to her. “Come.”

She cuddled up next him on the beanbag. His arm wrapped around her, finding a nipple to play with.

“I like your cock,” she said. Her hand moved up and down, all the way down his balls and back up again, long, smooth strokes. The wool felt nice against her hand.

“My cock likes you.” They paused for a minute, wrapped together on the floor, in the warm morning sunshine. “Tell me something I never knew about you,” he said.

“I think you know just about everything, Danny.”

“I didn’t know you had slept with Carly until last year.”

True. “I apologize. It never occurred to me that it was even a thing; young girls did experiment. It wasn’t a secret, just a misplaced piece of my past.”

“I’m not asking for a secret, just something I don’t know. Did anything else happen that summer?”

“Something did.” She long ago had sworn she would never tell him this, because when they got engaged she had promised him that she would have any sex with him that she had ever had with anyone; but being as young as she was when the story she was about to tell happened, and having felt sort of strange when it all ended, she had believed it would be smart to avoid a similar situation ever coming up again in her life. Maybe Danny would be mad if he knew. However, now that they had shared several varieties of threesome and foursome with Lea and Tal any imagined undesirability of this sort of outcome was blown completely out of the water.

Joy took a deep breath. “That fall, Carly wanted to have group sex, and I helped her.”

“You had group sex?”

“Not really. I mean I was in the same room but I just had sex with my boyfriend. Carly had sex with four guys and another girl. And she went down on me.”

“So you had sex with your boyfriend and Carly.”

“Not at the same time. I didn’t go down on her. And I made out with the other girl, a little bit, too.”

“Wow.” He put her hand back on his rock-hard cock. “Why have you never told me this before?”

“I was afraid you’d make me do it.”

“Turns out you took care of that on your own.” he said. “Tell me the story.” The arm around her shoulder played with her left breast.

“Okay, but you can’t cum until the end.” He nodded. “So Carly was going through boys like popcorn. She had two older men she saw occasionally, too, a guy who owned a bookshop and a fitness nut who also was a statistics professor at the university.”

“Did they pay her?” His cock jumped at the thought, pushing up against her hand.

“I never asked, but they took her places for the weekend and bought her things. Anyway, she came home one time and told me that bookman, Bob, who I think thought he was mentoring her sexually, wanted to watch her fuck someone, and what did I think? I said well I wouldn’t do it, but you’re going to. True, she said. Then I asked her what ‘it’ was, specifically? and she said that specifically before winter break she was going to get fucked by a few guys at once.”

“Gangbanged,” Danny said. He was humping her hand through the wool.

“Honestly, Danny, I don’t think we had even heard that word then, we were so young. There was no Internet porn. Then she asked me to be there. She said I could bring my boyfriend Ben—we weren’t serious or anything, but we had good sex—and if it was okay with me he could be one of her guys, but mostly to be there for me. I didn’t have to participate, unless I wanted to, I could keep my clothes on, but she thought I could be there if she needed me, and maybe my presence would help things stay under control, somewhat. Like a traffic cop, I said. She said maybe more like a referee.”

Danny laughed. “There’s a profession for you. Gangbang Referee. I can see those penalties. Offsides. False Start. Clipping!” Danny laughed a little too heartily at his own joke. His cock was very, very hard and very hot.

“Get on me, now,” he said.

“Are you sure? There’s a lot more story to go.”

“I can control myself if you help me.”

“Delaying orgasm,” she said. “A wholesome family activity.” That got a chuckle. Joy slid his boxers down his legs and they both were naked; on his belly, his erect cock pulsed to the rhythm of his heartbeats. She straddled him, lowered her wet cunt and stroked her pussy back and forth on his straining cock. The sun warmed her back. Her tits were the height of the window sash if the viewers were out there. Still R-rated, she thought. “This good?” Her clit was singing. Danny breathed slowly. He put his hands on his own hips to keep himself from moving. “Go on,” he said. “Please.”

“So when the big day came, I helped Carly do her makeup and hair. She wore this very cute, very sheer and very short silk robe and camisole set. I was just wearing like a denim skirt and a t-shirt and sneakers, I think; total İstanbul Escort college girl. I did put on some slinkier underwear though. Turned out that was a good idea.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll see. Remember, I was just there to help Carly and maybe to fuck Ben, back in my own room with the door closed, when Carly was done. Except I got a little more involved.” The concept seemed to have excited Danny because he changed the angle and penetrated her with a groan, fucking vigorously, forcing her breath into a quick rhythm. She placed her pussy so his shafting of her did just the things she wanted it to. They spent a while grunting and fucking. When Danny stopped moving Joy lay still, too.

“Under control?” she asked.

“I’ve got this,” he said. “Keep talking.”

“So it was Bob, and Ben, and Dave, and Cathy, who was the assistant manager in Bob’s bookstore and her husband Chris. And me. Carly had three ground rules: 1) her ass was off limits, but otherwise she’d try anything; 2) She’d respect anyone else’s limits; just say so; 3) Whatever Joy says, goes. But it turned out I never said a thing. Ben and Dave went off to turn Carly’s room into an orgy den and she got started with Bob on my bed.” Danny was fucking her again, with a regular rhythm.

“Stop,” she said. “Let me.” Joy slowed the pace, all the way up, all the way down, hands braced on his shoulders. she looked right into his eyes. Up, the tip of his cock barely inside her. “I’d never seen anyone have sex before, Danny.” Down, her clit pushed against his pubis. “Not even in pictures.” Up and down she moved, punctuating each phrase or sentence with a rhythmically correspondent action on her husband’s cock. “They kissed and touched and she sucked his cock while he rubbed her and then he peeled off her nightgown and they fucked for good long while. I picked up her nighty and put it on a hangar but then I had no idea what to do!

“But she told Bob to save his orgasm and sent him off to wait with the other guys and she took me with her to join Chis and Cathy on the living room sofa, which we had temporarily upholstered with beach towels. They were naked and Carly was naked and she sat down on the couch between them and then Cathy went down on her and Chris got up and stuck his dick in her mouth. Then he fucked Cathy while she was still eating Carly. Then they switched.”

“Oh my god. You never told me any of this.” Danny pushed hard up into her and arced up of the bed.

“Easy, Action,” Joy said. “This story is just getting started.”

He stopped moving. She lifted up, let his cock fall out and let her weight fall fully on him, trapping his stiffness against her belly. He wrapped her up in his arms and legs. “God, I love you,” he said. Joy slid herself back down to lay her right arm on his thighs, holding up her head, her left hand on his cock. She held it directly in front of her face.

“So Carly came, pretty loudly, all over Cathy’s face but she didn’t let Chris cum yet.”

“What was happening to you?”

“It was really hot to watch my friend do this.” Joy said. “My skirt was at my waist and I had the other hand under my shirt. Carly asked me if I wanted to stain my clothes and that was a good point, I thought, so I stopped masturbating! Then we went into Carly’s room and the guys had the mattress and box spring on the floor and had brought pillows and camping pads and extra towels and stuff and the whole room was big and soft. Carly got on her knees in front of David who pushed himself right into her. I looked at her, sort of desperately, standing there in with my skirt at my waist again and a hand down my soaking wet panties. Just a sec, Joy, she said, and pulled Ben to her mouth. In like thirty seconds he was as hard as a rock. Go to her, she said to him, and to me she said, take off your clothes. Then she started sucking Bob.”

“While still getting fucked by Dave,” I said.

Joy nodded, “That’s right! Glad you’re keeping track.”

“What did you do next?” Danny was dry so Joy generated a bunch of saliva and gave her husband three good, long, wet sucks then went back to rubbing, all the way up and all the way down.

Joy said, “I took off my clothes. I still don’t understand why I needed her direction. Then Ben fucked me.”

“What position were you in?” Danny’s cock throbbed in her hand.

“On our sides, he was fucking me from the back so we both could watch Carly fuck and suck Bob and Dave. The whole scene was totally obscene. He took off my bra but we ripped my panties to get them off because his cock felt big and good and I wouldn’t let him take it out of me. But then Cathy and Chris came in with the pillows from the couch and it was clear we were going to have to rearrange things so that broke the mood. We took a little break, drank some soda and smoked a little weed, and then Carly said back to work, who was going to get it started?”

In one motion Danny sat up, spun his legs out from under her arm, flipped her over and began fucking her robustly from the back. “Keep talking,” he said. “Let’s use this.” He pulled the beanbag underneath her and together they piled it under her hips. She leaned over it and spread her knees and arched her spine and pushed back firmly against each of her husband’s increasingly enthusiastic thrusts.

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