A Vaginal Monologue of a Friend

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Whether men know it or not, it is not typical for women to talk about sex or intercourse with each other. We rarely speak about the explicit details of sex even with a man, or of having sex, wanting sex and of course not any kind of sex involving our special body parts. The special body part of discussion is called the vagina, which goes by many other names, as well.

As a younger woman, on a weekend excursion, a friend talked about her vagina one too many times as far as I was concerned. I really didn’t want to hear the word ‘vagina’. I didn’t want to be acquainted with about her vagina. I especially didn’t want to know about what STD her ex-boyfriend had given her vagina during their last escapade. I didn’t want to hear about how her vagina felt and anything else about it for that matter. After all, she wasn’t talking about a penis that I may have found more interesting. She was talking about a part of the body I really didn’t understand, look at or feel.

In addition, I didn’t want to know about how the doctor at Kaiser Medical examined her vagina. I didn’t want to know about what the doctor gave her to treat her vagina. I particularly didn’t want to go on another weekend trip with her vagina.

I believe it was the end of that friendship when I expressed these feelings about her vagina to her. Life was all for the better.

I don’t think I ever really heard the word ‘vagina’ openly again until later in life. When I was a child my mother would use the word ‘pookie’ to discuss my little vagina but never talked about why the pookie existed or what exactly the pookie would do for me in Bostancı Escort life.

However, as a latent open-minded adult woman today, it appears that I can’t get away from the word vagina. I can’t stop talking about the vagina or as you are witness, writing about my vagina. I can’t stop seem to stop writing about the vagina. I certainly can’t stop exploring my vagina. And, last but not least, I can’t stop letting a man enter my vagina to make it feel needed and desired.

If you are a man and you are even luckier, you have discovered all parts of a woman’s most sensitive parts; the vagina, the pussy, the cunt, the box, or whatever other terms you may refer to as the vagina of a woman. You are lucky if you have found that special spot in the clitoris that leads to the vagina. You are the luckiest if you have explored the many other secrets of the vagina.

As a woman, my feeling is that best sex with love, companionship, marriage and faithfulness. I believe my vagina feels the same way and responds more frequently in lust of a special penis. But then, who am I to say as only freelance vagina author.

Unlike her mother who could ‘take sex or leave it’ probably because she had never had an orgasm, I prefer to take sex then leave it. Today’s woman embraces sex and her vagina. She is fortunate and the world embraces her vagina, especially in America in a good way, and not in ways that many women suffer in other parts of the world. Okay, we’re getting too serious her. Let’s get back to the vagina, our vaginas, your vagina and my friend’s vagina that I will tell you about as Ümraniye Escort you read on.

Women, in general, if I may generalize tend to like sex, love sex, go without sex, tolerate sex but those women who really fuck, do it with venom, do it vaginally and do it with tremendous orgasm, multi-orgasms and penetration.

If you are a man, you are lucky if you have experienced this type of woman; passionate, loving, free-spirited, involved in the act of sex and having orgasms for you.

As a woman, if you have a partner that you can talk freely about sex, you are a very lucky person.

If you have a female friend that you can share intimate details with openly, or anonymously, through friendship or through emails, you are also fortunate.

Recently, a friend of mine discussed her ‘favorite body part’ with me. Therefore, I thought I would share her story with you since you are my secret friend as well.

If this story makes you think, great! If it makes you explore, even better! If it makes you touch yourself or your partner and explore your vagina or your partner’s vagina, all the better in sharing this story with you!

And, for the record, if nothing else enjoy your body, and if you are a woman especially enjoy your vagina. If you are a man, explore your woman’s vagina to bring her some of the ultimate pleasures in the world and she will cherish you forever. It’s called vagina power!

My Friend’s Vaginal Monologue

I am happy to talk about my vagina, cunt or pussy as you well know my friend.

I love my vagina filled up with a cock.

I Kartal Escort love my cunt aroused with cock vibrator.

I love my g-spot.

I love when I cum and my pussy goes into spasm.

I love my vagina filled up with cum and feeling it drip slowly out between my shaved lips.

I love it when my husband’s cock fills me from behind and goes deep into my cunt.

I love to have my cunt lips wrapped tightly around his cock while I ride him.

I love the feeling of my cunt separating to take him all the way in and then coming together as he thursts in and out of my vagina.

I love when he sticks his tongue inside my pussy lips and up inside my cunt.

I love it when the hood of my clit opens and my big clit meets his hard cock.

I loved my cunt when my children came down and slid through my pussy.

I love each month when I bleed knowing it makes me special and it makes me a woman.

I love feeling the wetness starting inside my cunt as my husband kisses me and my cunt knows that in a short time my pussy will be soaking wet and filled with his warm, hard cock.

I love the feeling of my thong riding up in my wet cunt after we fuck, I go to my job and I am behind my desk with that wetness reminding me of what a wonderful fixation it is to be a woman and have a cunt.

I love sticking my fingers up my cunt while I close my eyes and think of my husband’s cock, slowly working another finger inside as my cunt stretches wide to accept my probing.

I love it when I cum so hard that my cunt clamps down on my fingers as my lips grab them and my clit throbs to orgasm.

I can do that at my desk along side other workers if I wanted to.

Yes, it is wonderful to have a cunt!!!

That’s my vagina monologue!!!!

The End

But, please feel free to submit your vagina’s story.

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