A Week of Pleasurable Horror Ch. 04

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The Examination

Soft touches on my tortured ass and upper thighs woke me up. I moaned with the pain it caused and I tried to move. Gentle hands pushed me down and a soft whispery female voice told me to stay calm and relax. She was rubbing a special paste on my injuries so they would heal fast and clean. The paste, however, would not take away any pain or discomfort.

Just now I realized the cold steel table I was laying on. There was no padding, only cold steel warmed up by the heat of my tortured body. There was this distinct hospital/doctor smell, so I figured that’s where I must be. “She’s awake now Doctor,” the soft female voice said in a distance, reassuring my thoughts and I relaxed further. Everything would be ok now.

“Get up and stand over there,” the Doctor ordered in a harsh tone of voice. I was shocked a bit and did what I was told weak and shaking. As I was standing there I was able to “examine” the doctor. He was tall and muscular, had a strong and not so kind face. He seemed to be in his late 40’s with already graying hair.

The doctor took out a measuring tape and proceeded coldly to measure every inch of my body, writing everything down in a black booklet that had my name on it. “Back to the table and lay down on your back,” he ordered. I hesitated and frowned at the thought of having to lay down with my sore ass and the pain it would cause. The doctor’s eyes narrowed and he pulled out a switch, waving it in front of my eyes. I trembled with fear and quickly made my way to the table and laid down as ordered, wincing at the pain in my ass.

The doctor pulled out some stir-ups from the table and roughly placed my legs onto them. To my surprise he fastened them strongly onto the stir-ups and then lifted my arms over head and fastened them to some kind of stir-ups as well. Then he pulled out a large strap from under the table and wrapped it tightly across my stomach, fastening me closely to the table. I tried to move, but I couldn’t. ‘What kind of doctor straps you to a table like that,’ I asked in my mind and fear welled up in me again. I shook my head in disbelief at what was happening. Again the doctor narrowed his eyes angrily. He took out another strap and pinned my head to the table with it. Now I really was immobilized and more afraid than ever. The doctor now smiled the tiniest bit.

The doctor’s hands groped and examined my Kartal escort bayan breasts now, even pinching my nipples hard a couple of times. I could not help but moan. The doctor responded to my moan by pinching my nipples even harder and continued to pinch and squeeze and manipulate them until they were rock hard and erect. Quickly he fastened a pair of large rough nipple clamps on my aching nipples. I moaned, he gave me a disapproving look and tightened the clamps further. He continued tightening them until I winced with pain. Only then was he satisfied and fastened a chain onto the clamps. He pulled hard at the chain; I winced at the pain it caused. The chain was then fastened to a hook just above the table so that the chain was really taught and tugging and pulling on my tits. The doctor smiled approvingly.

He left me laying there for a while until I got used to this situation a bit. Then he sat himself onto a stool between my spread legs and started to probe my sex. It was already hot and wet and throbbing and I was yearning for relieve. But I kept quiet. I did not want to feel the switch again any time soon. I moaned out loudly as he tugged and pulled and pinched on my swollen clit. In response, the doctor slapped my pussy with his large hand hard. Then, without any lube, other than my own juices, he pushed several fingers into my love hole. It wasn’t quite as bad since I was so extremely excited. So the doctor pushed all 4 thick fingers inside me hard and I winced with pain. His thumb started to massage my swollen throbbing clit and my pussy muscles relaxed a bit. He pushed his fingers inside me deeper and harder, never releasing the pressure on my clit. It hurt but at the same time made me want to cum even more and I was moaning with pain and pleasure. The doctor smiled now. “Enough for now,” he said and quickly pulled his fingers out of my drenched aching pussy. And yet again I was left totally frustrated with tremendous need to cum.

The doctor pushed a button and a short while after the nurse who attended my sore bottom earlier came into the room with a sterile metal tray. My eyes widened with fear at the instruments that lay neatly on top of that tray. I did not recognize any of those instruments, but did not have time to study them further. The nurse set the tray on a smaller table that was right next to the one I was laying on so that I was Escort Kartal unable to see it. “Thank you Nurse,” dismissed the doctor and she left.

“Now back to business, shall we?!” With that, the doctor inserted a small tubular device into my anus without any lube. Although I never had one in my live, I knew exactly that he was preparing to give me an enema. I gritted my teeth not knowing exactly what to expect but fearing great discomfort and even pain. The doctor must have noticed me, because he let out a short knowing laugh and it frightened me.

Without a word, the doctor proceeded to fill my anus with lots of body warm liquid. My first instinct at the intrusion was to force it back out. “Don’t you dare let any of it spill out Bitch!” the doctor barked at me. So I forced myself to try my best to keep the liquid inside me. I already felt quite filled up and really struggled to keep the liquid inside me, but the doctor only squeezed more liquid inside me. My abdomen felt so bloated and I started to cramp, causing me to moan with discomfort and pain. I started to sweat, but more out of struggle to keep the liquid inside me.

“Now really try hard not to spill it bitch” the doctor ordered. He slowly pulled out the tube and quickly pushed in a much larger plug. It hurt when he pushed it in and I cried out. Smiling, the doctor strapped the plug around my legs and waist and I knew it would not come out of my back door unless he undid the straps. He then took another device and looked at it for a bit, thinking. I was unable to see what the device was but felt something very large and phallic being pushed into my vagina. It felt heavy and so very large. I felt as if I was going to be split apart by it and cried out again.

The doctor now attached something to that phallic device, pushed some buttons on a remote control, and that thing inside my pussy started to grow. It grew bigger and longer, slowly but steadily stretching my pussy more and more. It did feel good to be so “stuffed” but that thing would not stop to grow and stretch my pussy even more and now caused quite a bit of pain. I was crying now and begging softly for him to stop. He only grinned and continued. To my surprise he took his finger and gently started to massage and play with my engorged throbbing clit.

“Ohhhhh” I moaned with delight. He massaged and played with my clit harder Kartal Rus Escort and faster. I concentrated on his finger on my clit and the sensations he caused me. I was moaning and crying with pleasure, and ready to cum. “Oh please let me cum, I need it so bad, p-p-pleeeaaaassseeee,” I begged. This time he did not get angry with me and continued to manipulate my clit increasingly harder and faster. With a loud scream I came harder than I ever had. I nearly passed out it was so intense.

The doctor, while continuing to manipulate my aching throbbing clit, pulled out the phallic device. It was drenched with my juices, which now flowed freely out of my pussy and puddled on a deep tray the doctor had pulled out from the table underneath. One hand was now pressed on my abdomen, increasing the pressure from all the liquid inside me and I screamed with pain and discomfort. The doctor laughed approvingly. He then put his fingers back on my clit and continued to manipulate it, almost causing another orgasm. As soon as I was about to cum, he released the straps that held the plug in my anus and pulled the plug out quickly. He then used his free hand to push against my abdomen and ordered: “Release!”

I came so hard again that I did not care that I released all the liquid that was trapped inside me nor worried where it might have went, if it made a big mess on the floor or whatever. The doctor called for the nurse and while the nurse cleaned up my mess he undid the entire straps that pinned me to the table. He bent over me, stroked my head gently, and whispered: “You’re ready for the last pain of this session?” Before I could answer he undid the nipple clamps. The pain was tremendous as the blood rushed back to the nipple tips, but I still was so aroused that all I was able to do was moan. The doctor smiled and then kissed me deeply and lovingly. Then he pulled back and I gave a disapproving grunt. I wanted more, needed more.

To my surprise the doctor said softly: “Yes my dear, you deserve more, you did well” With that he shoved his rock hard throbbing cock into my wanting mouth and I sucked him hard and fast. I wanted his cock, I wanted his cum, and I wanted to thank him for giving me such pleasure. It did not take long for him to start shaking and moaning and groaning. I gagged at his tremendous load of cum, but I hungrily sucked each and every last drop and swallowed it. The doctor stroked my head softly again and withdrew quickly. With another push of a button by the doctor, 3 hooded men came in, lifted me up and carried me upstairs. They gently laid me down onto a nice soft bed, closed the curtains and left. I immediately fell asleep.

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