After a Hard Day’s Work

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The house was completely silent as David walked in from the garage. He had just arrived home from work and was relived that Maria and the kids weren’t home yet. Work had been especially trying today and he really needed a short nap before taking on the demands of the family.

Tossing his jacket over a kitchen chair, he made his way down the hall to the bedroom. Entering the bedroom he quickly stripped out of his clothes, dropping them to floor as he shuffled over to the bed. He sat down on the edge of the bed and reached over to turn the CD player on. The beautiful and seductive sound of strings began to wash over him as the music of one of Maria’s Yoga CDs began to pulsate from the player. David felt his body start to relax instantly as he fell back on the bed and closed his eyes, the music soothing away the tensions of the day as he drifted off to sleep. His last thought before losing consciousness was the sounds of the music and the faint lingering smell of his wife’s perfume in the room.

Maria watched from the bathroom as David undressed and fell back onto the bed asleep. Smiling, she drank in the sight of him. After ten years of marriage, just looking at him still made her wet. His body had remained firm over the years and the sparse patch of hair on his chest still made her ache to run her hands over him. The days spent at the lake this summer had left his skin sun kissed and the contrast with the white of his crotch and ass were wildly erotic to her. She stood there savoring the look of him for a few minutes, before tip toeing back to the bathroom mirror and slowly stripping down to her panties.

She had purposely parked her car down the street and snuck home to surprise him. A friend of theirs had called her at work and told her about some of the trials he had endured today and as a good wife she had decided to do something special for him this evening. Sliding a pair of black stockings up her legs, she looked in the mirror with appreciation. Even after two children, she was still very proud of her legs and had managed to keep her stomach pretty flat. After hooking the stockings to her garter belt, she reached inside her panties to run two fingers over her clit. Releasing a slight moan, as her fingers slide over her already wet clit and came up to rub the moisture into the shaved area above her mound.

Removing her hand with a slight smile, Maria almanbahis adresi slowly stepped into the bedroom, moving quietly so as not to wake David before she was ready. She reached under the bed and pulled out two of David’s ties that she had hidden there earlier, thinking to herself that they were going to have to buy some handcuffs one of these days. Stepping around to the head of the bed, the sun peaking through the blinds dancing on her naked breasts. The light hitting the rings in her nipples caused a prism of light to appear on her skin. Gently she tied the tie around one of his wrists, being careful not to wake him then gently moved his arm up to secure his wrist to the corner of the headboard. She quickly and quietly repeated this motion with the other wrist, before moving down to secure his legs in the same manner, lingering occasionally to let her eyes drink in his body stretched out on the bed. As she finished securing the last tie to the bed, he began to stir, pulling slightly against his bonds.

“What the …?” he moaned, raising his head from the pillow, trying to focus his eyes on her. “Shhhh” she warned him with a finger to her lips. He looked at her puzzled for a few minutes then smiled a slow seductive smile as it dawned on him what was going on. His eyes wandered over her body as she stood at the foot of the bed, feet spread slightly, her hands firmly placed on her hips like a warrior princess from one of his fantasies. His eyes drank her in as they roved down from her hard nipples standing erect against her breasts to her stomach, and then lingering on the black thong panty clinging against her mound of pleasure. He continued to let his eyes roam down her garter belt and then caressingly over her black silk clad thighs. His cock jumped to attention, the blood rushed to the head causing it to swell and pulsate.

“I’ll play along, just be gentle” he croaked as his voice deepened with passion.

“Oh yes you’ll play, but I can’t promise gentle.” Maria replied as a devilish grin spread across her face.

She slowly crawled onto the bed and slithered on her knees up between his thighs, keeping her eyes locked on his. Her eyes clouded with desire, she reached a hand down onto his cock giving it a light squeeze before her mouth slowly descended onto the bulbous head. She took it into her mouth and ran her tongue over the slit, tasted his almanbahis adres precum and moaned deeply. She reached down and stoked his balls softly as she slid a finger back to his ass to circle his rim.

The feel of her hands on him made his cock jump against the back of her throat as she slowly slid her lips down his shaft, taking all of his cock into her mouth until her lips brushed against the base of his cock. He felt her breath on his balls as she swallowed him whole. She tightened her lips against his rock hard cock as a moan escaped from his lips. Her hands continued to caress and squeeze his nuts as her finger explored his rim. Slowly she inserted her index finger into his ass up to the first knuckle, creating explosive sensations in his groin, as she made small circles inside of him with her finger. David let go of a deep groan as he lifted his hips to slam his cock against her throat, fucking her face with a vengeance.

Maria felt his cock pulsate against her throat and it started to twitch. She knew that he would cum in seconds if she kept this up.

“Oh no, I’m not letting you off that fast” she said with a laugh, as she removed her mouth from his cock and her hands from his ass and nuts. David arched his hips violently and groaned fiercely, he felt the absence of her mouth like a man dying from thirst in the desert.

Maria climbed up, knees placed on each side of his waist, she let her clit glide up his abdomen and chest until her knees were on either side of his face, hovering above his mouth. She looked down into his eyes with pure lust displayed in her eyes, as she lowered your cunt down onto his out stretched tongue. David started to lick her soaking wet clit; the scent of sex and carnal need surrounded them. His tongue lapped at her clit, flicking back and forth. Her clit became rock hard and swollen; her breath came hard against her throat as she slammed her cunt against his face. Maria reached up and began to stroke her breasts as David’s tongue worked its magic on her pussy, lapped at her clit then slammed into her cunt, fucking her like a miniature cock. David tasted her juices and began to suck hard on her clit as she rocked against his tongue. His tongue sent sparks of desire through her body and flames of passion down her spine. Her fingers pinched and pulled against her nipples making them rock hard as he strained against his almanbahis adresi bonds and struggled to plunge his tongue deeper into her pussy.

“Oh yes baby…Fuck me with your hot tongue…make my pussy weep for your baby!” Maria screeched as she felt her climax building and tremors start to shoot through her body. The juices of her pussy flowed freely against his mouth as he increased his rhythm sending her over the edge. Maria screamed as she came furiously against David’s mouth, as he continued to lick and suck at her clit until she couldn’t take a second more without the pleasure becoming pain.

Maria panted and shivered as she moved her hips down to his thighs and plunged her mouth down on his cock hard, ramming him against the back of her throat as she sucked him wildly. The fingers of passion rippled over her as she sucked David’s cock like her life depended on it. Hands moved down to stroke his balls as she tightened her lips on his shaft and created a vacuum with her mouth that drew a furious groan from his lips. She bobbed her head up and down on him milking his cock, tightened and loosened her lips and throat.

“Fuck me bitch! Fuck me now!” David yelled through clenched teeth as he slammed his hips against her face, his cock swelling filling her throat to the point of choking.

Quickly, without further thought, she moved up and instantly impaled herself on his rigid swollen cock. She slammed her pussy hard against his cock and rode him like a wild stallion. He strained against his bonds to bury his cock deeper in her cunt. She rode him furiously, her pelvis pounded against his and the muscles of her pussy squeezed him tightly inside of her as their climaxes built together and they reached the point of no return. Maria felt his cock jump inside of her as David felt her cunt grasp him tightly, they both screamed out as he let loose and hot cum filled her cunt. Her own climax let go as their juices mingled inside of her, their bodies trembling and their breath came in hard gasps. Maria continued to rock against him riding out the waves of passion riding over their bodies, sweat pouring down her breasts as she threw back her head and gasped wildly.

Slowly their motions slowed and she collapsed against his chest as they both savored the sensations running through their bodies. After what seemed like hours, they finally stopped cumming and their breathing slowed to almost normal. Maria reached up and unfastened his hands before crashing back against his chest exhausted. David slid his arms around her as they both fell unconscious in each other’s arms from exhaustion and sheer pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32