Ageless Sex , Eternal Love Ch. 06

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Susan’s mother, Deb, has sex with Susan’s boyfriend, Tommy.

Continued from Chapter 5:

“Kiss me, Tommy. I have to go to work. Kiss me like that first time you kissed me when we met me,” she said leaning into him for him to kiss her. “Kiss me with passion. Kiss me like you love me,” she said to him.

Kissing and kissing her, he touched and felt her through her clothes. With one hand feeling her shapely ass through her short skirt and panty, his other hand felt her big tits through her blouse and fingered her erect nipples through her bra. Kissing and kissing him, she reached her hand down to feel his hard prick through his pants. With her never wanting to rush their time together, making it last longer, their sexual time with one another was never a quickie and always a two hour, love making session.

He kissed her with passion but without saying that he loved her. Even though Susan was beautiful and was a good catch for him, obviously he’d never say that he loved her. He wasn’t free to say that he loved her. Supposedly, he had a wife and kids. He French kissed her with sexual desire but again without saying that he loved her. Not a difficult thing to summon up his sexual lust for her, she was a beautiful and sexy woman after all.

Yet, for some reason, Susan needed that role play. She needed more than he was capable of giving her. She needed to pretend that every time with him was her first time with him. She needed him to tell her that he loved her but he never did and he never would.

Every time they were together was like the first time for Susan. She never wanted to just fuck. She wanted more than that. She wanted to make love. She wanted to live out her love story with Tommy. Only, she knew that he didn’t want her in that way. Even if he wasn’t married, he wasn’t the marrying kind.

Now, after more than a year later, they were still together with him still talking about divorcing his wife. After a while, she really didn’t want to hear him lying to her anymore. After a while, she just wished that he’d shut the fuck up about his wife and kids and just fuck her.

Now, unlike when she first met him, she wanted more than just sex. She wanted a relationship and a commitment. She wanted to get married and have a baby. She needed him to take things slower, more seriously, and for him to be more romantic. Being that foreplay was her favorite part of sex, she wanted and needed to make out with her bald version of Brad Pitt.

Even though he had seen her bra clad breasts and naked breasts dozens of times, wanting him to take his sweet time undressing her, she loved it when he unbuttoned one button of her blouse at a time. Instead of quickly stripping her naked, she loved it when he looked to see what each unbuttoned button revealed. She loved it when he looked at her unbuttoned blouse as if seeing her cleavage and bra clad breasts for the first time.

“I’m late. I have to go,” she said quickly getting dressed. “I’ll grab coffee and a bagel along the way. Bye,” she said closing her front door behind her. “I have my presentation today.”

Chapter 6:

After Susan left Tommy alone in her small, studio apartment to get dressed, showered, lock up, and leave, something he usually does after having sex, he fell asleep. Susan left there not knowing what the definition of and boundaries of their relationship was. Thinking that he was boyfriend material before, when he told her that he was separated from his wife and getting a divorce, when he didn’t get a divorce, now he’s just an occasional fuck buddy. Now she gives him what he wants and he gives her what she needs. Good when their having sex but it’s an empty relationship before and after they have sex.

* * * * *

He was sleeping while dreaming of fucking his tall, sexy, beautiful, blonde, busty girlfriend and other women that he had been picking up at the bar, plying them with alcohol, and playing them for sex. Cheating on his wife, and all of the other women he was playing, he was cheating on Susan too. As if she was still there with him in bed, he remained in her bed sleeping and dreaming of Susan fondling his cock before stroking his cock and sucking his cock in the way she had done less than an hour ago.

As if she was playing with his cock in his sleep, the sensation of someone fondling and stroking his cock felt so real. With his dream feeling so erotic, he had an erection again. Obviously horny all over again, wanting to masturbate himself, while still sleeping and dreaming, he reached down for his cock. Only, as soon as he reached for his cock, he touched someone’s hand. Not pulling his hand away in fright, he figured it was Susan’s hand.

Maybe she had returned to her apartment after remembering something she had forgotten. Maybe she returned to her apartment because, just as he was now, horny again, she was horny again too. Maybe she had returned to her apartment to give him more sex. Yet, as soon as he yawned, rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and opened Ataşehir Escort his eyes, Susan’s mother, Deb, was sitting beside him on the bed with his erect prick in her warm, elderly hand. While fondling the head of his erect prick with her fingertips, she was slowly stroking him to an even harder and bigger erection.

‘Oh, my God,’ screamed through his brain. ‘Susan’s mother is masturbating me.’ As if he was still dreaming, he couldn’t believe his eyes. ‘What the fuck? Are you kidding me? I must still be sleeping. I must still be dreaming. I can’t believe Susan’s mother has my cock in her hand.’

As jolting as it was to see Susan’s mother masturbating him, it was jolting to see Deb when thinking of Susan. Sexually exciting in different ways and on different levels, Susan was a sight to behold. Even though her mother was a MILF, she was no Susan. Still, it was sexually exciting to watch his girlfriend’s mother playing with his cock.

“Susan told me you had a big cock,” said Deb smiling while staring down at his erect prick that pulsated and throbbed in her hand. She looked up at him with her big, blue eyes in the way her daughter looks at him with her big, blue eyes. “I don’t know if she told you but I like cock,” she said staring down at his erect cock before staring up at him. “Actually that’s a gross understatement,” she said with a little, naughty laugh. “I love cock, especially big, hard cocks,” she said while stroking him and pausing in her words after saying big and hard.

He watched her fondling his prick and he watched her stroking his prick in total shock.

“Oh, my God, Deb. I can’t believe you’re stroking me when I haven’t even formally met you,” he said nervously. “Hi, I’m Tom, Susan’s sometimes boyfriend and fuck buddy,” he said holding out his hand with a nervous laugh.

She let go of his cock to shake his hand.

“I’m pleased to meet you. I’m Susan’s incestuous whore of a mother, as she likes to describe me,” she said with a laugh and while taking his stiff prick in her hand again. She mindlessly fondled the head of his big prick while speaking.

Suddenly taking her side, especially with her holding his prick in her hand, he voiced his support.

“Why does she call you an incestuous whore of a mother?”

He knew why Susan referred to her mother in the way but he wanted to hear from Deb’s lips.

“Just because I had sex with all four of my sons, worked as a stripper, and earned my living as a prostitute, suddenly, I’m the bad person,” she said laughing even louder. “Now that I say that out loud, on paper, I can see how I’m such a cunt but what I did was a way to pay the rent and buy food.”

Seemingly not wanting to get involved in the personal matters between a mother and her daughter, Tommy shrugged his indifference for the sake of receiving a hand job from Susan’s mother.

“Well, with the terrible childhood she had because of you, you can’t blame her for not liking you in the way that a daughter should like her mother,” said Tommy diplomatically.

Choosing his words carefully, obviously, he didn’t want to upset Deb and ruin his impromptu hand job that his girlfriend’s mother was giving him. Seemingly unaffected by his words, Deb nodded her head while staring down at Tommy’s cock. As if she was a snake charmer who was mesmerized by his snaked, she seemed hypnotized by Tommy’s big cock. Then, as if talking to herself, she spoke esoterically about her sexual problems with older men.

“With so many men my age on heart medication and unable to take Viagra, and with so many men my age unable to get and maintain an erection, I’m a sucker for a man’s hard, erect prick. Pardon the pun but a hard erection is the biggest thing that I miss in old age. I’d stroke, suck, and fuck any man’s prick, as long as he was able to get and maintain a hard erection,” she said giving him the sexy eye.

So wickedly forbidden, as if he was her boyfriend instead of the boyfriend of her daughter, she fondled his erect cock before stroking his erect cock. She stared down at his prick that continued growing bigger and harder in her hand. Stroking him with big, long, slow strokes, she stroked him harder while stroking him faster. Seemingly, with all of the vast amount of men she has had sex with in her more than 70 years on the planet, she was, indeed, a master masturbator.

“Deb,” Tommy said breathlessly while staring up at her before staring down at his erect prick in her hand.

She smiled at him as if she was his mother and he was her son. Susan had told him all about her mother. She told him about her mother having sex with her four sons. With her an unexpected accident of birth, Susan told him that she suspected that one of her big, much older brothers was her father. She even told him that his mother worked as a stripper and was a prostitute. Susan told him a lot about her mother.

Describing her horrible childhood in great detail, she told him that her mother was a drunk and an incestuous whore. She told him that her mother was never there for her. Kadıköy Escort She told him that, when her mother worked as a hooker and a stripper, that she had unprotected sex with the famous author, Dr. Robert B. Parker and that she could be his illegitimate daughter.

Because her mother was so tall and so beautiful when she was younger, she told everyone that she was a model. She never worked as a model. She worked as a stripper, a prostitute, and a whore. The only modeling she did was when dancing around a pole naked. The only modeling she did was modeling while giving someone a lap dance. The only modeling she did was when posing for a John in a hotel room before he fucked her and she sucked him for money.

“Just relax and let Mommy take care of you,” she said looking at Tommy before staring down at his cock.

* * * * *

He had never met Susan’s mother before but he knew who she was. He knew what she looked like by the family photos Susan had shown him. Just as it was sexually exciting for a woman he had never met fondle the head of his cock and stroke his cock, it was even more sexually exciting for Susan’s mother to give him a hand job. With him being awakened from a deep sleep, he had a difficult time wrapping his brain around Susan’s mother stroking him.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Deb, Susan’s mother, a woman he had never met before, had her hand wrapped around his erect cock. Deb, Susan’s mother, was fondling the head of his hard, erect prick with her long, manicured fingers. Deb, Susan’s mother, was stroking his cock and giving him a hand job. Now, in the way she was staring at his big prick as if she was in love with his big prick, he wondered if she’d suck him, too. He wondered if she’d fuck him.


Only, if she was intent on giving him a hand job, would he allow her to make him cum? What if she wasn’t just teasing him but wanted him to cum? What if she wanted to give him a blowjob? Would he allow her to suck his cock? What if she wanted him to cum in her mouth? What if she wanted to swallow his cum? What if she wanted him to make love to her and fuck her? These were all the questions that ran through his mind. Would he make love to and fuck his girlfriend’s mother? With the body she still had, even at her age, he wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers, that’s for sure.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get in here? Do you have a key?”

He stared down at her holding his cock in her hand before he stared at her hand stroking him harder and stroking him faster. Weird, so weird, like mother like daughter, giving him the same look and smile that Susan gives him, Deb gave him a naughty look and a sexy smile. She gave him the same type of hand job as Susan does. If he closed his eyes, he’d think it was Susan stroking his cock instead of her mother.

‘Weird. So weird,’ he thought.

Yet, except for her mannerisms being the same, if he didn’t know she was Susan’s mother, he never would have guessed she was. Resembling her in the photos he saw taken of her nearly 40 years ago, she didn’t look anything like she did back then and anything like Susan looks now. Now she looked like an older version of Joanna Going who plays Christina, Alvey Kulina’s ex-wife and Jay and Nate’s mother, in Kingdom.

As if every drink, cigarette, drug, and John made a line on her leathery face, her living a hard life had taken a toll on her. Still, nonetheless her drinking, smoking, drug taking, and screwing around with a vast army of horny men, she didn’t look old enough to have a 43-year-old daughter. Hell, she had four sons too, all of them much older than Susan.

“I knocked but there was no answer. So, I turned the knob and the door was unlocked,” she said with a little laugh. “Then, when I rounded the corner and saw you laying on the bed naked, I just walked right in and made myself at home. With me being so very horny lately and as if my prayers had been answered, when I saw that you laying on the bed naked with an erection, I couldn’t resist. I figured I’d take over where my daughter left off,” she said with a dirty laugh.

Tommy looked at Deb with as much sexual excitement as he did when looking at Susan.

“Oh, my God, Deb. You’re going to make me cum if you continue stroking me like that,” said Tom staring down at Deb’s hand while watching her stroking him harder and faster.

When he looked up at her face, she gave him a sexy smile.

“You say that as if there’s something wrong with you cumming all over my hand,” she said. “Actually, I’d prefer you cumming in my mouth instead of making a mess all over my hand,” she said staring at him lustfully while sliding a slow tongue across her full, red lips. “Would you like for me to suck your cock?” She paused and when he didn’t answer immediately, she asked him another question. “Would you like me, your girlfriend’s mother, to give you a blowjob?”

As if she was a She-devil, she laughed with a loud, dirty laugh.

“There is something wrong with me cumming all over your Ümraniye Escort hand or in your mouth,” he said reluctantly with a gulp.

Already regretting saying that, he already had second thoughts about saying that. He wished he hadn’t said that there was something wrong about him cumming all over her hand or in her mouth. How stupid could he be to refuse a hand job and/or blowjob from Susan’s mother? He stared at his possibly future mother-in-law’s hand continuing to stroke him while he imagined her blowing him before fucking him.

“Well, I’m not going to force you to cum,” she said with a laugh and letting go of his cock.

Now wanting her to suck him, he wanted to cum in her mouth while feeling her big tits. He wondered what her big tits looked like. He wondered how much Deb’s breasts looked like her daughter’s breasts. He’d like nothing more than to have sex with daughter and now mother. He carefully worded his response while staring down at her hand so close to his erection.

“How would I ever explain to Susan that her mother gave me a hand job and a blowjob? If ever she knew we had sex, she’d never see me again.”

She laughed her lack of concern of his continued, sexual relationship with her daughter while taking his cock in her hand again.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell if you don’t tell. Just between us, it will be our little secret,” said Deb putting her finger to her lips and giving him a wink. “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

* * * * *

Tommy stared from Deb’s big, blue eyes to stare down at his cock in her hand. He wondered how old she was. With Susan just turning 43-years-old, Deb must be at least 60-years-old, maybe even as old as 65-years-old. Yet, with Susan’s four brothers much older than she is, unless she had children when she was just a kid, she could be as old as 70-years-old

“God, I can’t believe you’re masturbating me,” he said watching her hand slowly going up and down. Instead of masturbating him with great speed as younger women tended to do, she masturbated him slower but with more hand grip pressure applied to his cock. “Why? I don’t understand. Why are you masturbating me, your daughter’s boyfriend?” When she didn’t immediately answer him, he asked her three more questions. “Are you that horny? Are you sexually frustrated? Are you that sexually attracted to me?”

She shrugged as if her giving him a hand job was no big deal and apparently with all of the hand jobs she had given men, it was no big deal for her to be giving her daughter’s boyfriend and hand job too.

“Sorry but I can never resist a hard, naked cock,” she said staring at his prick while giving him a dirty laugh and a sexy look. “I love big, hard pricks and you do have a big, hard prick.”

She stopped stroking him to play with the head of his cock with her fingertips.

“Actually, I’m glad that I have a big, hard prick and I’m glad that you love big, hard pricks,” he said giving her a sexually excited smile to show her that he wanted to cum. Whether on her hand, over her naked tits, all over her face, in her mouth, or in her pussy, he wanted to cum all over or on Susan’s mother.

As if she was the pervert instead of him and, indeed, she was a whore, an incestuous whore at that, she returned his smile with her sexually excited stare.

“I love cock,” she said mindlessly as if talking to herself while running a slow tongue across her red, full lips. “Even more than touching a hard cock with my fingers, feeling a hard cock in my hand, and stroking a hard cock, I love sucking a hard cock before fucking a hard cock,” she said looking up at him to give him the horny eye.

In the way that Susan always does, she lit him up with her big, blue eyes and gave him a smile. An attractive woman, especially for an older woman, she resembled Jessica Walter but with tits, big tits, tits as big as Susan’s big tits. With her having a long and successful acting career, Jessica Walter starred in Play Misty for Me as Evelyn with Clint Eastwood and has played dozens of television series and situation comedy roles over the years. In the way she stared at his naked cock, he stared at her breasts that lay hidden behind her blouse and bra. He wondered again what her tits looked like. He wondered again if Deb’s big tits looked like Susan’s big tits.

“Oh, my God,” he said staring down at his cock in the hand of his girlfriend’s mother when he realized that he was close to cumming. “What are you doing?”

She gave him another naughty look and sexy smile.

“What am I doing? What does it look like I’m doing? Have you never had a hand job before? I’m playing with you,” she said. “I’m stroking your cock. Don’t you like what I’m doing?” She looked at him and smiled. “I’ve never had any complaints.”

She gave him a dirty laugh while slowing her stroking of him to stop him from prematurely ejaculating. She didn’t want him cumming yet, not before she could have her wicked sexual way with him first. Obviously, she didn’t want him wasting his cum by cumming on her hand. Obviously, she would rather he cum in her pussy or preferably in her mouth. Obviously, she wanted to suck him first before fucking him. Then, after she fucked him and after he gave her an orgasm with his cock, like daughter, like mother, she’d give him an orgasm with her mouth.

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