Alex , Alexa Ch. 12

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Disclaimer: You know the drill.

Chapter 12- What They Have

Saying that my aunt was excited about her friend Freja’s visit was a minor understatement. While I understood that she hadn’t been gone from Europe for that long, it no doubt still felt like a million years since she’d seen her bestie. Apparently, the last time had been at my grandmother’s funeral in Cardiff, which Freja had attended.

Alexa made it abundantly clear that she intended to share me with Freja. Or share Freja with me. Or maybe it was to have me and Freja share her. I don’t remember, but it added up to the fact that the three of us were going to be having a lot of sex while Freja was here. She loved her friend dearly, she was in love with me and this was going to be a natural extension of our dynamic.

Hey, who am I to complain?

Alexa was on Cloud Nine most of the time, including when we were at work. So it wasn’t terribly surprising when I found myself in the university’s gymnasium late one night, flat on my back inside an equipment room and lying on an acrobatics mattress with Alexa bouncing up and down on my cock, panting in pleasure and excitement.

“You’ll love her, Alex…” she breathed as she ground her pussy down onto me, her sapphire eyes shining with lust. “I mean, I don’t have a cock, but I love how her pussy squeezed my fingers and my tongue. And she’s always chewing gum, so her mouth is a minty kiss to die for!”

“I’m liking the- nnnnnnnn- sounds of her already.” I replied, reaching up and squeezing her opulent breasts and making her shudder and moan. We were certain there was no one else around, so we could be as loud as we felt like, fucking heatedly in the equipment room. She bent down and kissed me hungrily, moaning into my mouth. Her pussy clenched me wetly and I pushed my hips up, driving deeper inside her.

We stopped talking and concentrated on fucking one another into a frenzy, a tangle of limbs and sweaty, glistening flesh. We panted and groaned, writhing against each other, lost in mutual pleasure. I kneaded her breasts and her fingers flexed against my shoulders, nails pressing into my skin. She was shuddering and gyrating her hips on me in circles, keeping me deep inside her.

“Gnnnnn, Alex…” she sighed, her neck craning back. “God, you feel so good inside me, I can’t wait to let Freja feel it…”

I’d give my aunt one thing, she certainly wasn’t the jealous type. She made it abundantly clear that if for some reason she was occupied, I was to ‘entertain’ her friend and not leave her dry. Freja was attractive enough to warrant such attentions, but I would certainly have felt awkward if Alexa hadn’t drilled it into me that she was sharing me with Freja, no questions asked.

And, to be honest, that didn’t bother me one bit. I was completely secure in my aunt’s love for me and Freja was no threat in that regard. I thought it was hot that they were lovers and sharing the Danish girl with Alexa would certainly be an experience. I’d had a few threesomes in my life, but they were less than stellar. This promised to be quite different.

Alexa was wracked by shivers and groaned loudly, arching her back and pressing down with all her might. This sent me over the edge and I squeezed her breasts hard as I began pumping my cum inside her. She jammed her lips against mine and we kissed feverishly as her hungry pussy milked me greedily. Pleasure blossomed through us both, the universe falling away and leaving only our souls, twining around one another in a dance of ecstasy and love.

We lay on the mat for some time, panting and recovering from a charged sex session. It had been rather spontaneous, but that was not terribly new for us. Alexa and I lusted after one another literally all-day, so any excuse to slip away and fuck was guaranteed to be taken. We were in love and nothing would stop us from expressing it whenever possible.

She sighed contentedly and kissed me on the nose. “Love you…”

“I love you too,” I replied, reaching up and massaging her butt cheeks. She purred and wiggled them in my hands, my cock still deep inside her. “Pity the department doesn’t pay us by the hour, since half our time here on campus is spent making love.”

“Mmmm, getting paid to fuck you does sound pretty enticing,” she mused, resting on me. “Hell, I’ve been doing it for free up until now. Not that it’s a chore, mind.”

“Good to hear, I’d hate to think I was a burden on you.”

“Only when you’re on top.” Alexa quipped, sitting up and stretching. We both shuddered as she squeezed herself around me and then allowed me to slip out of her with a wet ‘plop’. She giggled and wiggled down my body, taking my softening cock into her mouth and sucking it gently, making sure she had all the cum out of me. I let her finish up and then we began to get dressed, knowing we’d be using the showers to hide any trace of our carnal activities.

We were lathering and kissing one another in the shower, enjoying the escort bursa feel of our slippery bodies. Alexa ground her ass on my cock, teasing me and trying to get me hard again, but I told her to behave, since we had to get back to work. I was putting my jeans back on when my phone buzzed.

“Bugger,” I muttered, checking the message. “It’s mom and dad. They’re upstairs in the faculty office, wondering where we are.”

“Those two,” she sighed, rolling her eyes. “Always getting in the way of our incestuous fun. No consideration at all.”

“What do I tell them?” I asked.

“Tell them I got real bad cramps and was cranky and you took me for a walk to see if we could calm my uterus down.” Alexa suggested. “Girl things are an automatic pass.”

I shrugged and did as she instructed, unable to refute her logic. Mom replied that we should get our butts back, they wanted to go eat. She also mentioned it looked like we hadn’t accomplished very much that night, based on the relatively small stacks of sorted papers and tomes set out. I replied by saying we were well-ahead of schedule, which she would have already known from talking to the department’s professors, and so a single lazy night was not out of line.

We arrived back at the room, with me helping Alexa walk, like she was in discomfort. Clearly she was believable, because mom shooed me away and walked her younger sister over to a plush seat and set her in it. She began offering her various pain medications to deal with her cramps. Mom had not gone into menopause yet, in fact the doctors had told her she probably could safely have another kid since she was in such good health. Apparently negotiations between her and dad were ongoing, I just stayed out of it.

“Well, we were thinking of Thai food, but Cramperella might not enjoy that so much,” mom announced, sitting on the edge of the desk. “Any suggestions?” Dad was nearby, recategorizing some papers Alexa and I had obviously made some mistakes on. He may have been the Physics Department principal professor, but that didn’t mean he didn’t know everyone else’s job too. Once again, I stayed out of his way, since he was no doubt right.

“You guys got the Finno-Urgic category all backwards,” dad muttered, holding up many folders in one hand while sorting with the other. “This shouldn’t take me more than five minutes.”

“Excuse me, Brainiac, I’m trying to crowdsource an answer here,” mom said to him, her hands on her hips and trying to look indignant. “Haven’t you got anything to add?”

“Yes, your son is ruining history,” dad replied, still scanning the paper pile. “Okay, this goes before the Vowel Shift of Thirteen-Fifty…”

He looked up for a moment and stared at me. “tu’HomI’raH SoH net Sov wo’.”

“My son has not brought shame to the Empire!” mom said hotly.

“Mom speaks Klingon?” I asked, baffled.

“No, but I’ve heard him say that before to his students and know what it means.”

“Should’ve said it in Dothraki or Elvish…” dad muttered.

“Is this what passes for a fight in my new family?” Alexa asked from her place in the big, plush chair, sitting sideways with her legs slung over the arm casually. “Because it’s really weird and somewhat frightening.”

“No argument there.” I sighed.

“Hush, you disappointment to the Empire,” mom sniffed. “I’ve decided we’re going for German food. If that doesn’t work for you, I don’t care. Alli’s stomach can handle it and it’s not far from here. Hey, Humboldt, put the papers down and let’s go.”

Dad sighed and abandoned the paper piles, patting them and promising to return.

“Never start what you can’t Finnish…” was all he said.


German food is filling, there is that aspect to it. We all sat around laughing and talking, mostly about Alexa’s plans for when Freja got here.

“Of course, she’s welcome to stay at the house,” mom said, shovelling another slab of schnitzel over to dad. “I’m sure we can make room.”

“That’s a kind offer, but I’m not sure it will work,” Alexa replied, smiling. “Given the somewhat maenadic nature of our friendship, we wouldn’t want to be an imposition.”

“Oh, that’s true,” mom allowed. “God knows, you’ve traumatized Alex enough already with Jeanie, best he not be exposed to you at full-throttle.”

“Thanks, mom,” I said dryly. “We all know what a shrinking violet I am.”

“Oh, don’t be such a diva,” she chided. “Alli and her friend want time to themselves, a place where they can be together.”

“Hopefully with sound-proof walls…” dad added, causing mom to roll her eyes and Alexa to giggle.

“It’s true, there’s going to be a lot of depravity involved, I imagine,” my aunt stated, topping off her sauerkraut. “No sense pretending otherwise, but yes, she’s already booked at the Grand downtown for the week.”

“I imagine you’ll spend most of your time with her, but at least bring her over for dinner and so on,” mom continued. “It’ll be nice to reconcile your two worlds, bring them close bursa merkez eskort together. You’ve been gone for so long, it would be a shame to miss the chance.”

“Agreed,” Alexa said. “Don’t worry, you’ll see plenty of us while she visits. I need her to be crazy about my family, after all.”

“Did she get along with mom?” asked my mother, curious. I sometimes forget that she and Alexa shared a mother but knew her at different times in her life. Me, I never really knew her at all, which made this sort of surreal. Even dad knew grandma, and he had nothing but good memories to share about her.

“Like gangbusters,” Alexa answered readily. “Not to sound cliché, but she was almost like a second- well, third, daughter to mom. Mom may have been a little concerned about her unabashed promiscuity, but Freja was actually no worse than me, I just hid it better. More to the point, Freja never bothered to hide it.”

“She’d be popular on our campus,” dad chuckled.

“No, none for you,” mom said, giving him a look. “Let Alli have her plaything, don’t you wreck it for her, you greedy ogre.”

“I wasn’t offering,” dad insisted. “I haven’t absolved Denmark for giving the world Aqua in any event.”

“Jesus, man, it’s been twenty years,” mom sighed. “Let the grudge go, you’re worse than a dwarf.”

I pinched my eyes. “First, she knows Klingon, now she’s making D&D references. None of this weirdness was happening before they turned on the Large Hadron Collider, you know. What mirror universe am I stuck in?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Alexa said casually, stabbing some cabbage with her fork. “Cute as your dad is, all bets would be off with Freja when she found out he liked the Bay City Rollers.”

“Not everyone can appreciate true art,” dad said airily while my mom snickered. “So how do you want to play this, Alli? Do you want to go and pick her up or shall we all go? Totally up to you.”

My aunt considered. “Hadn’t really given the matter much thought. Although two options shouldn’t be that hard to resolve. I guess it would be nice to have you along. I mean, yes, I’ll be spending a lot of solo time with her, but this is my new life and I shouldn’t be trying to separate them.”

“Fair enough,” mom said. “So we’ll all go and pick her up at the airport and then take you guys to her hotel, how’s that sound?”

“Sounds great, actually,” Alexa replied, beaming. “Give us a few hours and then we’ll all go for dinner?”

Mom nodded. “If you’re sure you won’t be too pooped, of course.”

“Not to mention she might have already eaten.” I mentioned, causing Alexa to almost choke on her cabbage and earning me a deadpan stare from my mother. My father said nothing, but the grin behind his cup of coffee was more than enough.


Alexa was lying next to me under my covers, tracing her fingernail over my chest. My bedroom was dark, except for a tiny light that allowed me to see her beautiful face. Her warm, naked body felt so heavenly pressed to mine. I never wanted this moment to end.

“I’m glad you’re not jealous of Freja,” she whispered, staring off into nowhere, seemingly. “I mean, of course I’d pick you, but it’s nice that I don’t have to.”

“It’s a no-brainer, Alexa,” I replied, hugging her close. “She’s your best friend and you love her. And since I’m in love with you, seeing you happy should be my only goal in life, right? You like sex with girls and I can’t provide that, so I’m perfectly content to let you two do your thing.”

“Mmmmm, because you know we have every intention of including you,” she purred, nipping my skin before reaching under the covers and stroking my shaft. “I can’t even conceive of not sharing you with her. I mean, sure, she and I will be having sex by ourselves on occasion, but only because you can’t be with us every moment of the day. I’m pretty sure Freja would be perfectly okay with you joining us constantly, she’s pretty easy.”

“I got that impression from talking to her and also how you speak about her.” I said, loving the feel of her hand caressing my cock, which began to swell.

“No, I’m serious,” Alexa added, still massaging me. “I’d lay odds she’d put Jeanie to shame in the ‘unabashed slut’ department. She once just stopped a man on the street in Copenhagen and dragged him into an alleyway to fuck, because she got horny. No idea who he was.”

“I thought she was a prostitute.” I chuckled.

“No, she’s an insatiable slut who will pay her non-tuition expenses with money she makes from having sex, but having sex for its own sake comes first.” Alexa pointed out. “Her libido matches mine, I just have more restraint.”

“You sound like you might have some regrets,” I mused as she kissed her way down my body and began teasing my cock with her tongue. “Guess it’s up to me to fill that gap in your life, right?”

“Mmmmm, I was hoping you would offer,” she sighed as she began to pleasure me with her mouth. “There’s a lot she wants to see and do, but she’s bursa sınırsız escort really keen on us taking her to our glade where we got married, if you’re okay with that.”

“I’m perfectly happy to show her,” I replied, my toes curling as she deep-throated me. The warm wetness of her mouth was Heaven. “I assume you two have plans to fuck there?”

“Only with you,” Alexa purred, looking up at me seductively. “We wouldn’t make love there without you. That’s where you and I got married, after all.”

Alexa sucked my cock until I shuddered and groaned quietly, cumming hard. She swallowed my offering readily before cleaning me off and then crawling back up my body to snuggle into me. She sighed in contentment, listening to my heart beat.

“So aside from wild, lesbian sex,” I sighed, stroking her back. “What do you two like to do for fun?”

Alexa thought for several seconds, making no reply until I slid my hand down and pinched her behind. She giggled and smiled at me. “Alright, alright, there’s actually more than just sex.”

“I don’t know whether to be pleased or disappointed.” I quipped.

“It’s going to sound cheesy, but Freja really loves karaoke.” Alexa mentioned. “If she’s not fucking, she’s happy deep-throating a microphone.”

“So she can sing?”

“Not at all, I’ve heard cats fuck with more harmony,” Alexa sighed. “But when was karaoke ever about being able to sing?”

“True,” I admitted. “So karaoke will be fun and painful in equal measure.”

“She doesn’t mind if you laugh, she’s a bit of a ham.” Alexa assured me. “It’s not like she thinks she’s Edith Piaf, she knows she sounds like a dying giraffe when she sings. I think that’s part of the fun for her.”

“But you’ve got a beautiful singing voice, so I imagine duets are awkward.”

“You’ll have to see them to believe them.” Alexa giggled.

“You two can face off against mom and dad, they’re quiet the karaoke tag-team.” I told her.

“Riiiiight,” Alexa snorted. “Like there’d be any room for my sister on a karaoke stage once your dad somehow squeezed onto it.”

“She sometimes sits in his lap, it’s like watching a talking puppet routine,” I chuckled. “Especially funny when mom gets shit-faced and forgets or can’t keep up with the lyrics.”

“God, my sister drunk and doing karaoke.” Alexa almost moaned, burying her face in my shoulder. “You sure I’m ready for that? Sounds painful.”

“She’s definitely a disappointment to the Empire.” I agreed.


We were waiting inside the terminal, just past Customs. It wasn’t terribly busy, since it was three in the morning. There were maybe ten other people, excluding employees. Freja’s flight had arrived maybe twenty minutes ago and she’d just messaged Alexa to let us know she’d be outside shortly. My aunt was trying to stand still, but she was moving back and forth from foot to foot, her gaze fixed squarely on the exit Freja would emerge from. My mom smiled at her and squeezed her hand gently.

I already knew, of course, what Freja looked like, all of her. But Alexa had shown my mom and dad pictures so they knew who they were looking for, in case she came out a different exit. Alexa had also sent Freja pics of my mom and dad, so she knew who to look for and what to expect. Not that she’d have any problem seeing my dad, who was a good head taller than anyone else in the terminal, myself included. And I’m not exactly short.

People started exiting from the Customs and Inspections station and I heard Alexa draw in a breath, plainly getting worked up. Her eyes darted over the passengers, scanning for signs of her friend. People were met by those awaiting them and departed, leaving us waiting. I could almost feel Alexa’s panic when there was no Freja to be espied.

And then there she was. She came out last, standing in the doorway for dramatic effect and letting us see her. Her honey-blonde hair fell almost to her shoulders. She smiled warmly upon seeing us. She was wearing an old Horrorpops t-shirt and snug jeans. Her rolling suitcase, plastered with Danish sticker-flags, waited at her side.

“I think that’s your cue, Alli…” my mom whispered.

Alexa broke away from us, walking forward slowly while Freja came into the waiting area. At about twenty feet, they both broke into a run and then leapt at one another. Their bodies crashed together mid-air and they fell on their sides, holding each other tight. Freja’s legs were wrapped around Alexa’s waist. People still in the terminal glanced over for a moment but politely said nothing and continued on their way.

We waited for several seconds to see if anything happened, but they didn’t stir. Mom tilted her head to one side in curiosity while dad checked his watch. Mom finally looked at me and made a subtle motion with her head, indicating I should go investigate, make sure they hadn’t knocked themselves out with that unexpected (on our part) impact.

I walked up slowly, standing near Alexa and looking down. They weren’t unconscious, but were holding one another tight, foreheads pressed together and eyes closed. They weren’t even saying anything. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people so relieved to see each other.

“Glad to see you didn’t kayo yourselves with that greeting.” I said, waiting patiently. “Need some time still?”

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