Club Lez Sue’ Coming Out

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Only weeks after Jim and I had divorced I was settled in my new house and going to work every day with a much better disposition. For most of the past four years the office had only been a place of refuge for me but now I actually looked forward to going to work.

Something else had inspired this new feeling as well….

Even at thirty-six, a woman with a huge 36F-cup set of boobs and a slender figure always attracts attention. In my case most of it unwanted. Both, young guys as well as some older guys wanting to flirt and make their sexually suggestive remarks directed at my unusually large tits.

But in recent weeks something had happened, something I had often fantasized about but not experienced. A new younger girl had hired in and doing so did me a big favor. She had a body that truly rivaled mine and being younger she quickly became the target of lewd suggestions much more than me.

Loren was a twenty-two year old single female with her sensational figure to go with those big at least double-D tits. She had short, deep red hair, olive complexion and smoldering dark eyes. Being younger she could handle the advances in a blunt fashion often making the assailant look like the victim as they sheepishly, or blushingly walked away.

She also dressed far more liberal then I ever would have thought to. She wore her sweaters tighter, blouses fitted and skirts short.

We had hit it off but we were not what you call firends. A couple times had coffee together on break and I loved listening to her most recent story of shutting down some over bloated, ego-crazed stud looking to make his mark.

It was a Friday afternoon and I was sitting having a coffee going over a contract that had to get out that night. Loren came in the break room and sat across from me saying hi. I looked at her in the bulging pink blouse that followed the contours of her well developed upper body and thought how those guys must feel because she was dazzling.

“Sue I know we don’t know one another that well but I was wondering …well I heard you were recently divorced and…” She surprised me, she seemed suddenly nervous talking to me.

“Loren, honey what is it do I make you nervous?” I asked smiling at her.

“No not really I didn’t want you to take this wrong. I like you and I know you work hard here…I was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime?”

I looked at her unsure for a moment what “go out” meant and I think it obviously showed on my face.

“Sue I’m asking if you want to go out on a date with me?” she said boldly regaining her self assuredness.

“Oh…a date!” I was the one suddenly feeling a bit blustered.

“I know it might not be your thing but I thought I’d ask.” She said beginning to rise from the seat.

“Oh Loren please….don’t leave.” I giggled a little and smiled at her saying, “I’d love to!”

She sat back down and smiling at me said, “Any chance you’re not busy tonight?”

“No plans what did you have in mind?” I asked and knew completely what she had in mind. This was a date not a friendly offer to go stop and have a drink.

“Well a club I belong to is having a theme party from the 70’s kind of a disco night. Would you like to go as my date?”

“Sure but what should I wear, I’m not sure I’d have anything that looks all that disco?” I laughed not sure how to dress.

“You know just make it colorful, maybe a nice cocktail dress would work like a disco queen.” She offered laughing with me.

“I do have an older red chiffon cocktail dress I have never worn, my ex hated it when I bought it. It might work.” I said with renewed excitement.

“Sounds great, how about I pick you up around nine?” she offered.

“Ok, but what are you going to wear?” I inquired.

“It will be a surprise, ok?” She replied with a sassy wink.

I looked at her and thought I would have never figured her for a lesbian.

I went home around six staying over a while to get the contract out, plus the fact I was going on a date with another female didn’t help my concentration in the later afternoon.

I showered and went to my closet looking deep in the corner I found the dress. I had loved it at the time I bought it, but never had worn it out. When I modeled it for my ex-husband telling him I was wearing it to the annual summer party at his boss’ house he told me I looked like a hooker flaunting my tits in it.

He was right about one thing it was a style to be worn braless and it did show an my huge bundles off quite well. I slipped it on to make sure it still fit. The material felt so good, very sheer and light. Only thing was I thought with a laugh it must have shrunk hanging there over the years the bodice really hugged my heavy fleshy tits much more then I remembered. Still it looked pretty good, even if a bit risky.

I took it off and went in the bathroom and did my dark hair in a Farrah flip looking very 70’s. I put on my make-up doing it more then normal I added more eye liner and shadow, with the finishing touch being a deep bursa escort bayan red shiny lip gloss. Wearing my shower wrap around my waist I went to the kitchen letting my huge tits dance on my chest adding excitement to the idea of my first female date.

I poured a glass of wine and thought about this suddenly thinking it might be a mistake.

I really didn’t know Loren all that well, obviously. I also was thinking how this might affect my job if anyone found out.

I mulled this over a bit and put it all in perspective with one thought, you’re single, enjoy!

I finished the wine feeling a little glow from it and went to the bedroom and looking in my lingerie drawer found the rest of my outfit, something else I had not worn in years. I pulled out the lacy black garter and found the black sheer nylons I had bought with it still in the package. I put them on and then slipped into a pair of very sheer lacy French cut black panties over looking at myself in the floor length mirror thought about what my ex had said, he was right I had that hooker look, but it could be disco too, and laughed.

I slipped the dress up and adjusted it over my billowing chest my tits were a few years older now but being so full they had just the right sag to them. The dress came to a deep V in the front and back and my cleavage was quite impressive even if I had to admit it myself.

I had the original red thin strapped spiked heels to wear with it. I walked across the room towards the mirror and my heavy boobs shook obscenely yet excitingly in the sheer garment.

I heard the door bell, looking at the clock I thought if that is Loren she was a bit early. I pulled a robe over my outfit not wanting to answer the door to some stranger looking at my overly revealed cleavage. I walked in the front room and peeked out. I smiled seeing Loren was dressed very 70’s.

I opened the door and let her in.

“Wow, you look quite the disco…umm King!” I offered looking at my date dressed in an off white three piece suit with her short deep red hair brushed back in a pompadour style. She had gone sparingly with the make-up except her lips were a hot glossy pink.

The suit was snug and the vest even snugger trying to hide some of those big healthy young tits. Under that she wore a black silky wide collar shirt open over the lapels of her suit coat.

“I know I’m early I suppose it was the excitement of going out with you Sue.” She said bolstering my excitement as well.

“Thanks sweetie, I did need a night out and tonight sounds like it will be a fun time.”

“Well….do I get to see my disco Queen?” she said looking at me clinching the robe still.

“Yes of course, sorry.” I replied closing the door I opened the robe and took it off tossing it to the nearby chair.

“WOW…Sue that is the sexiest dress I think I’ve ever seen and you make it!” she gushed complimenting me.

I looked down seeing how my tits bulged out the deep V and placing a hand over my overly exposed cleavage I asked, “Is it too much?”

“Its way more then I thought. You look absolutely incredible you’ve even got the hair style perfect.”

“Thanks Loren you’re going to make me blush.” I kidded her.

“Sue instead of Loren could you maybe call me…Ren tonight?” She asked with a wink.

I thought it was cute she wanted to be the male lead and that was fine with me I smiled and nodded saying, “Sure thing Ren.”

“Well if we don’t go I might….” She said stopping and leaving it hang.

I reached over and took her soft hand and grabbing my purse we went out the door.

On the drive I asked her about the club and she looked at me saying, “I think you know by now its all women right?”

“I kind of figured.”

“Nervous, I’m guessing this is your first time dating another female?”

“It is but surprisingly…I’m not that nervous. Maybe it’s because I think you’re very…..handsome!” I said not sure how she might take that.

“Mmmmmmm…thanks Sue I know I’ll have the foxiest babe with me tonight.” She shot back almost as if we were a hetero couple talking.

The club was in the old section of the city in a dark area surrounded by older buildings. We drove in a lot across the street finding it was nearly full we parked in back and Loren shut off the car as I reached for the door handle she put a hand on my arm and as I turned back to face her she said, “Maybe we should get this out of the way now.”

She was leaning towards me, I didn’t panic letting it happen she pressed her luscious lips to mine as we mutually worked them sensuously together. My first lesbian kiss and it felt incredible. I felt her tongue glide into my mouth and munched it with my lips bring a purr of pleasure from her. She moved closer and we embraced and she moved a hand to my right boob caressing it with tenderness. I moved my hands to her neck and pulled her into the kiss with greater passion smearing my glossy lips to her’ we kissed like two lust struck teens parked in the dark. I turned gorukle escort even more giving her clean access to my revealing cleavage. Loren slipped her hand in my dress finding my hard nipple gave it a nice firm tug making me suck her lips even more intensely.

Even though it was obvious we both would be content to keep this make out session going Loren slowly withdrew her hand and as our lips parted she whispered, “We better go or I’ll fuck you right here and I want to show you off first!”

I have to admit the comment about “fucking me” made me wonder what she meant but I wasn’t about to ask the dirty suggestion turned me on. I had never been kissed so deliciously in my life and if she wanted to fuck me somehow, she could!

We got out and walked to the club I held her arm rubbing it all over my tits as we walked.

“I love those huge sexy tits Sue; I like how you show them off too.”

“Thanks Ren, I hope you’ll show me how much you love them later too.”

“Oh I will that you can count on babe.” She replied in her alter-ego date mode.

We entered and the music was loud and the crowd equally loud there was a lot of laughter. We could see the party was in full swing. Loren led me towards the bar and said hello to several girls as we made our way. I even heard a few whistles in our direction and a couple girls told Loren how hot her date was.

At the bar Loren traded a little kiss with a sexy 30-something blonde dressed in wide striped hip huggers and only a loosely knitted yarn vest covering her big tits.

“Joy this is Sue.” She offered an introduction.

“Hi Sue, wow Loren stuck gold tonight!” She complimented me.

“Thanks Joy,” I hugged Loren’ arm to my tits and added, “I think I’m the winner finding Ren!”

Joy looked at Loren and made a face as if to say, if you don’t fuck her can I have her?”

Loren ordered us drinks and we stood there close together I felt like a total tease making sure I rubbed my soft huge tits on her arm and hugged her from the side as if glued to her. Loren talked with Joy a while sliding a hand down to my butt caressing it through the silky sheer material of my slinky dress.

As a sexy slow number came on I moved my lips to her ear and lightly toyed with my tongue I whispered, “I think this is our song Ren.”

She smiled and excused us leading me by the hand to the crowded dance floor. It was tremendously exciting for me to see all these women dressed in such wild clothing and dancing together in close embraces.

Loren turned me and put her arms around my waist as I swung mine up around her neck looking at her I smiled and pressed my healthy huge tits into her big soft chest. We slowly swayed looking into each other’ eyes as if we had known each other forever. I pulled her closer and dipped my lips to her ear, “I’m so glad you asked me darling this is far more exciting then any date I’ve ever had.”

She toyed with my ear sending deep shivers through me and whispered, “It can only get better too!”

“Are you going to fuck me tonight, Ren?” I asked with a sexy sigh not really knowing what it even meant in lesbian terms.

“Fuck you and fuck you and fuck you some more!” She cooed in my ear with a sexy snicker and gave it a tongue tease pressing closer I felt something on my thigh, something hard.

I know my eyes widened and I wasn’t sure what or even how this was possible. I suddenly felt the nervousness I had not felt yet tonight.

“Does that feel good, answer your question?”

“I’m…well…not sure…” I stuttered.

“Sue I’m a lesbian… that is what I do for sex.”

“I…I know but I never have been in this situation….what is that?” I said pressing my thigh between her legs into the hard lump in her suit pants.

“It’s what I’m going to use to please your hungry pussy?” She hissed in my ear.

I’m not naïve but this was all new to me. She said she was a lesbian and I was sure she was a female but that felt like a real cock and why had I not noticed it before it felt big!

As the music came to an end I wasn’t sure this was such a good idea now. Loren took my hand and walked me past the bar and towards the back was a dimly lighted hall. We walked into the passage and there were a few couples kissing and feeling each other up as we explored further back. Turning a corner it was a dead end but several feet long we were alone and Loren turned me to me to the wall leaning into me with her big tits pressing mine she fumbled with her other hand. I felt something press and rub against me, Loren took my right hand leading it down she smiled at me and I felt it.

“Oh…Loren…” I said using my fingers to try and define what I was touching. I could feel it was smooth yet hard and big. I curled my fingers around the appendage and squeezed.

“I really can’t feel that but if you pump your hand it will set my clit on fire baby!” She cooed with her lips brushing over mine.

“Here, you mean right here?”

“Sure this is a private bursa merkez escort bayan club no one will care what we do back here.” She whispered brushing my tacky gloss covered lips more.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked suddenly feeling like this young woman was in complete charge of me.

“Suck it, slide down and suck my lesbian dick!” She said with a sexy sneer and licked my lips.

I was overwhelmed with the fact I wanted to it even more so then I was nervous about doing it. I licked my lips feeling her tongue lightly touch mine. I swallowed hard and slowly slid with my back to the wall I was crouched with a big lesbian dick waving in my face.

I was more shocked with myself then seeing this big fake yet real looking vein laced dildo sticking out of her suit pants. I took it in my hand and as if possessed I began to lick it then sucked it into my mouth. I felt Loren run her fingers in my hair then pull my mouth closer feeding me more of the female cock. I sucked it in with a moan and wondered how she would get any pleasure from this act. I pumped my mouth on the big dick sucking it wetly feeling my oral glands begin to secrete heavily.

“Suck it baby, suck my fem-cock you sexy slut.” she moaned.

The nasty words stung my ears but added to the excitement of giving another female a blowjob in the dark hall.

I sucked breathing harder as I displayed my oral passion. I moved one hand to my dress parting the snug fitting top tumbling my fat fleshy tits out.

“Oh yeah you cocksucker …get those sexy huge tits out lover…show those huge fucking tits off.” She purred then began pumping the thick fake cock in my mouth as if fucking my face.

“Take if baby, take my cock I love how you suck.” She hissed in a low tone pumping that dick in my face. “I could tell the way you kiss you love things in your mouth!”

My mouth was dripping saliva off my chin and down onto my wobbling tits as I kept the big female dick in my mouth craving her desire to feed it to me.

“I didn’t believe you Loren when you said you’d get her here!”

I heard the comment and looked up seeing the blonde Joy standing close to Loren feeling her big tits then kissing my date lustfully. I looked up watched as Joy undid the vest and blouse slipping her hand in Loren’ top and playing with her big sexy tits. I was even more aroused with this development sucking with a deep throaty moan.

I could see their tongues doing battle slipping in each others mouth, wildly licking all over the others hungry lips.

“Fuck her face baby while I fuck you!” Joy sighed still licking at my new lover’s mouth.

She was undoing Loren’ pants and tugged them down revealing the harness that held the cock I was sucking. She had Loren’ top and vest completely open letting me see her luscious big boobs for the first time. I reached up and felt her nipples hard as stone I gave them a tug and Loren moaned.

“Fuck me Joy….get your fucking big cock in my horny ass!”

I was shocked hearing this sexy young thing yearn for something I had never dreamed of doing. Then I felt the surge and the lezzie-cock in my mouth pushed deeper making me retch a little and saliva spill heavily from my mouth.

“Yes… mmmmmmm…Yes get it in me….fuck me Joy… give it to me!” She said with a low hiss.

Curious I moved my hand between Loren’ sexy well toned thighs and tried to feel her pussy to see if Joy was in it but instead I found the dildo I was sucking extended back and that was pounding her clit with every pump into my drooling mouth. Then venturing further my fingers bumped the greasy hardness of another dildo as it was pushing for entry into Loren’ round sexy butt. She jerked back as Joy obviously pushed in and I felt the shaft against my fingers slide by deeper into Loren’ tight asshole.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… fuck ….mmmmmmmm ……. More…. More!” Loren seemed to beg for her blonde lover to shove it in.

Joy must have gotten in and was now pumping my date full of female dick, fucking her with long steady strokes in her sexy round ass.

“Oooooooooooooooooooh …. Fuck …. more … give it to me Joy…. Sue, keep sucking my cock too you sexy slut!”

I wasn’t get much from this except the fact it was the wildest experience I could imagine. I thought Loren wanted to be the Dom-male type lesbian even with the softness of her lush body it seemed she liked the male role. But here she was being fucked in the ass by another very sexy female.

“Oh…fuck…more …… mmmmmmmmmmmm …Joy ….. I love the way you fuck me!”

She cooed as her head tossed I pulled my mouth off and jacked the wet dripping lesbian dick in my hand knowing I was pounding her overly aroused clit. My other hand tugged and jerked on her hard nipples shaking her big dangling tits making her moan with pleasure.

Suddenly…. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH …… CUMMMMMMMMMMING!” She said through gritted teeth as I worked the messy saliva soaked dildo jacking it in my wet sloppy fingers as Joy held Loren’ hips thrusting the big female cock in my date’ yearning ass.


It was amazing seeing her get so much pleasure from this lewd act, something I could not even imagine doing, but at that moment wanting to very much!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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