Alice’s First Lesson

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Alice had not always known that her husband was a drunkard and gambler but the realisation came about quite quickly after their wedding; in the long year that they had been married he had often come home late from the inn drunk and penniless. She could only be glad they had not yet had children as there was scarcely enough food to feed the two of them as he lost more often than he won.

But lately a darker mood had settled upon him, he was often bad tempered and threatening and if she dared to ask how bad the monetary situation was he would become downright nasty so she had never pressed him on the matter but then one night he came home in a worse mood than ever before gathered what few belongings he had not yet gambled away and was gone.

The house they had lived in was her uncle’s so would be unaffected by her husband’s debts so Alice for the main part mostly felt relief at her husband’s disappearance knowing that she could make enough of a living on the small amount of money she made by taking in laundry and sewing.

Late one night as Alice sat in candle light by the fire making alterations to a dress belonging to the butcher’s wife considering what cut of meat a good job might earn her she was startled by the hammering on the door.

Jumping up in alarm Alice dashed across the room throwing open the door panicking at what kind of emergency might have brought someone to be hammering on the door to her cottage with such ferocity only to lay eyes on two large gruff looking men.

As she stood at the door spluttering in shock one of the men pushed past her and stalked to the fire to warm himself while the other stepped inside and closed the door behind him and just stood there leering down at her as if he was a tiger about to pounce.

‘Where is your husband’ growled the man by the fire ‘he apparently hasn’t been seen at the inn for nigh on a week now’

‘He’s gone’ Alice replied simply

‘Well it appears he has left us with a slight dilemma, him disappearing like that with none to look to for his debts but his wife’ said the man

The other man grunted as he looked around the cottage parlour seeing that quite clearly that Alice had nothing of value and nowhere near enough money to clear even a reasonable portion of her husband’s debts.

‘Who Kartal Sınırsız Escort are you men to just waltz into my house and poke your nose in my belongings’ Alice questioned trying to keep the quaver from her voice as she batted the other mans hands from her sewing basket.

‘I’m sorry madam it seems we forgot to introduce ourselves; I’m Mr. Markus langburry money lender and debt collector and this inquisitive gentleman is my employee Mr. Shamus raffety ‘he replied giving a slight bow and producing his business card.

‘It would appear that your husband has left you in quite a bind but however some sort of agreement will have to be brokered’ with these words a chilling smile spread across Mr. langburry face turning Alice’s blood to ice.

‘Well i can pay you a little each week until the debt is cleared’ Alice suggested hopefully

‘I’m afraid, madam that won’t be enough at this late stage in the proceedings but perhaps there is a rather more satisfactory solution’

His gaze travelled from her face and her red hair down to her ample breasts ,down further to her slender waist then once again his gaze met hers leaving no room for misunderstanding.

‘Mr. raffety it would appear necessary for my business here to detain me longer than expected, please return to the inn and give our usually eager clientele my sincerest apologies I’m sure they will be more than happy to deal with you in my stead’

‘Yes sir, I’m sure you’ll be sadly missed’ shamus raffety replied with an ironic smirk as he slipped out the door closing it firmly behind himself.

‘Now madam to my proposed business arrangement am lacking of a considerable sum of money in your husband’s absence which now falls to you to pay. as you are in no position financially to reimburse me my loss then the debt will have to be earned and as I’m in no need of a washer woman or a Taylor then it would be another type of service I would be expectant of, if you catch my meaning.’

‘i think i catch your meaning quite clearly sir’ Alice retorted with distain.

‘but firstly we will have to set a few rules, the first being that that tone will not be acceptable although the form of address quite so’. He said making himself comfortable in the chair by the Kartal Suriyeli Escort fire.

‘The second’ he continued his gaze watching her like a hawk making her nervous and self conscious ‘is that you will make yourself available to me when ever i call on you’

Alice’s gaze fell to the hearth feeling as if she were selling her very soul.

‘The third is that you will obey my every command to the letter or to the very best of your ability or a lesson must be administered. Are we clear on this?’ he asked pointedly.

‘Yes i believe we are’ Alice replied

‘That would be yes I believe we are sir, now undress and we will begin lesson number one.’

Alice slowly with shaking fingers removed her dress then her corsetry and chemise hesitating at removing her pantaloons until Mr. Langburry tapped his walking cane impatiently on the floor, then she let those too drop to the floor keeping her gaze upon them as she felt her shame making her skin blush red and hot.

‘Now come here’ he said motioning her towards him swiftly grabbing her and pulling her to lay face down across his knee and holding her there by her hair.

‘If you break the rules there will be consequences, is that understood?’

‘Y…Y…Yes ‘Alice stuttered.

‘That would be yes sir, that’s twice you have disobeyed me now and not even an hour into our agreement.’ He said bringing his hand down with a hard slap onto her arse.

The stinging heat spread rapidly across Alice’s arse and tears of humiliation sprang into her eyes although the second slap came as far lesser a shock and by the third the heat had swelled to her now moist pussy. Alice squirmed on Mr Langburry knee unsure whether she wanted this confusing assault on her senses to halt or continue.

Mr Marcus langburry was enjoying this lesson immensely, he grew hot within his skin to see the deep red finger marks on Alice’s soft white arse, running his hand down her back along the crack of her arse he could feel her squirming against his ever hardening cock in response, once his fingers found the tender flesh of her pussy he let them linger only a second inducing a panting plea from Alice.

‘Up and on your knees’ he commanded to Alice’s disappointment her mind in too much turmoil Kartal İranlı Escort to give thought to objecting Alice rapidly fell to her knees before him and watched in shocked awe as he undid his britches.

By Alice’s inexperienced understanding her husband had by no means been a small man but this man was at least an inch larger and as her mind settled on the act he wanted her to perform she had serious doubts whether or not she would be able as the only intimacy she had shared with her husband was the rare fuck (the only word that could describe it aptly) when he had come home drunk and in the mood.

Marcus langburry grabbed the hair at the back of Alice’s head and pulled her toward his throbbing cock slowly pushing her down onto it allowing her time to get used to its girth, at first Alice gagged and spluttered until she became used to having something of such size in her mouth but quite quickly she found herself becoming used to, even liking the sensation and taste of this man’s huge member throbbing on her tongue.

Alice’s pussy seemed to throb all the more at the sound of the man’s groans and sighs and was feeling increasingly empty, she longed to feel his hard cock stretching and filling her, slowly she took more and more of him into her mouth until she could feel the hairs tickling her nose and smell the male musky scent of him.

Suddenly she found herself unexpectedly sprawled on the floor having been pushed roughly away; she sat staring at him in shock as he stood over her, suddenly all she cared about in the whole world was having this man fuck her right here on the parlour floor.

‘Stand up’ he commanded her giving her hope that he was not yet finished with her.

Alice obeyed quickly, and again without a word as he turned her to kneel before the chair pushing her face into its threadbare upholstery and his cock deep into her now dripping pussy, she instinctively pushed back impaling herself on the solid heat of him feeling the core of her burn against such rough intrusion and the muscles there tense and contract against him as he pumped still harder into her, his hands tangled in her hair pushing her face into the upholstery of the chair muffling her moans as she came to orgasm body her shaking as he too found his climax.

As he pulled away from her and began to dress Alice rose shakily from the floor and slipped into her chemise, following him to the door she wondered if this was to be her life in future merely to provide satiation to this man.

I’ll be back tomorrow around mid day and we will begin your next lesson.

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