Alex and Emma Pt. 12

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I woke to fingers gently brushing hair off my forehead. I moaned, stretching a little, and sighed as the calming sensations continued.

Morning light filtered in through the blinds beside the bed when I finally opened my eyes. It took a moment to remember I wasn’t at home. That I was at Alex’s apartment.

I smiled and turned my head to my left. Then my eyes opened wide.

“Good morning, Mistress. I’m ready to report on the story.”

Alex was kneeling beside the bed, still dressed in the clothes I’d seen him in yesterday. And he had a silver collar with an O-ring secured around his neck. The kind most commonly used in the lifestyle to signify a slavery role.

Turning my body fully toward him and pulling the sheet around my breasts, I reached out and stroked his head. “Good morning , Loverboy. Where did you get that?”

“I bought it a few years ago when I started experimenting. But I never had a partner I wanted to wear it for.” He lowered his head. “Is it too soon?”

I tucked the tip of my index finger between the two-inch wide band and his skin. It fit comfortably, the collar moving slightly each time he swallowed. “It’s…unexpected. As in, I don’t expect you to wear it. You are not my slave.”

“Yes, Mistress.” His eyes remained downcast, his body rigid with his hands now flat on top of his thighs.

I tipped his chin up and waited for him to raise his eyes. “I’m serious, Alex. You. Are. Not. My. Slave. Understood? I am happy to switch with you occasionally. The idea is growing on me. But I will not stoop to the full extent of being a Dominatrix, ordering you around. Just as I don’t want that from you. It’s not my kink. We discussed this last weekend.”

He kept eye contact but sat back on his heels the moment I removed my finger from the collar. “I understand, Emma. I’m sorry. I know that’s what the collar usually represents. But to me, it’s a symbol of my trust in you. And it makes me feel…comfortable. Submissive.”

My lips pursed, I returned to stroking his hair. Did I need to nip this in the bud before it got out of hand? To insist no collar or no partnership? Or did I just need to give him this one thing and put my foot down if he pushed for more later?

He was very patient, just sitting there, hands behind his back now. Blinking slowly. Breathing evenly.

“Let me think on it some more. Are you partial to this particular collar?”

His eyes seemed to light up. His face definitely did with his smile. “I will wear whatever Mistress wants.”

My own eyes narrowed a fraction, and then I sighed. “Very well. I’ll let you know. For now, tell Mistress what you thought of her story.”

He moaned and nuzzled into my hand when I touched his hair again. “I thought it was great! It was really fun that you managed to get a lot of sexuality into it via the dreams. Although, I have to admit that the main character got very protective very quickly. Which I was fine with, but a little surprised by, too. I guess I wanted to know why.”

“Ah, but you have to keep the reader on edge. If I reveal it all at once, there will be no reason for the reader to want another chapter.”

He seemed to consider what I’d said then nodded. “Apologies, Mistress. I should have known there was a reason.”

Caressing his cheek, I slid my fingers under his chin again. Tipped it up. “Were you a good boy last night? After I went to sleep?”

His nod was abrupt, almost desperate. “I was! I was! I didn’t even touch myself!”

I smirked when I traced my fingertip down under his chin and his breaths grew more ragged the closer my fingers got to the collar; his eyes downcast once more, as though trying to see what I was doing. “What time is your first class?”

He gulped. “Not until eleven-thirty.”

Oh, what good news. “Would you like some relief?”

Alex whimpered. His voice was raspy when he finally said, “Yes, please, Mistress.”

“Stand, Loverboy. Strip.”

The first part, he did quickly. The latter, he seemed to have difficulty with, his arms getting caught when he went to remove his T-shirt. Then his hands were shaking at his waist when he unbuckled his belt and lowered his zipper. But eventually, he stood before me in all his glory. His legs spread, cock at half-staff. And he put his hands behind his head, though I had not told him to do that.

I adjusted my position, sitting on the edge of the bed with my legs hanging over. The moment I removed the sheet, unveiling myself to him, Alex moaned and licked his lips. But he didn’t speak. Or move.

Reaching out, I lightly ran my fingers over his hips. Traced the juncture where his legs meet his abdomen. Going slower when I reached the natural V carved into his body.

His cock rose up, pointing at me now, his entire body shaking beneath my fingertips.

I licked my lips, watching how his chest rose and fell faster with his panting. How both back Kartal Olgun Escort and neck arched, as though showing off his body…begging to be played with.

When his mouth opened, I wondered what he was inviting. My mouth? Fingers? The ball gag?

His now-erect cock was tempting me, but I was in the mood to tease. Cupping his waist and massaging the skin there, I gently pulled his hips toward my open mouth. Then I exhaled a hot breath over the tip of his cock and pushed him away again.

He moaned lowly, his body almost swaying. Moving his delectable offering closer with a whimper. The way his muscles rippled across his abdomen with his shivering was mesmerizing. Such a strong man, but his shaking knees belied the control he thought he had.

“Close your mouth, Loverboy. Do not speak unless it’s the safeword. But you may make noises.”

Drool seeped out one corner before his mouth clamped shut.

“You have been such a very good boy. So patient. You deserve a reward. Just don’t move.”

Pressing more of my tongue against the tip, I teased him with varying quick and long licks. Feeling my heart beat faster at the sounds of his staggered breathing. My fingers dug harder into his hips, reminding him not to move.

Then lifting my eyes to him, I leaned forward and ran the flat of my tongue over the full base of his cock. Dragging upwards, his skin moved with my motions like a live animal before I gathered precum and swallowed. I paused, heard him inhale but not exhale, and then slid just the head into my hot mouth. Closed my lips around the rim. Sucked gently. Swirling my tongue.

He groaned and trembled, his arms twitching where he still held them behind his head. Such control.

We would see.

My thumbs stroked his hips now. Teasing while I sensed the slightest jerk that he instinctively wanted to thrust further in my mouth but then remembered my rule. I knew it wasn’t natural shudders when he did it again…with more emphasis. I smacked his ass, the result making my hand burn.

Alex whimpered, his legs shaking more though he did stop trying to thrust.

Hoping he’d learned his lesson, I let go of his hips and just held onto him with my mouth. Letting my tongue, lips, and teeth work the crown of his cock. My hands free, I was able to cup my breasts. Fondling myself while sucking him.

Some sort of growl came from him then. His hands reached out, apparently trying to find something to grab onto. But with him standing beside the bed, there was nothing but air or my head and shoulders. He settled with his fisted hands on his hips, his legs parting further, which seemed to help with his balance. Though he was panting with apparent need and effort.

The sounds of my pleasure vibrated his cock. With my position on the bed, I spread my own legs and reached down to stroke between them. Which, of course, made me moan louder.

After a few minutes that had us both panting heavily, I let his cock slide out of my mouth with a pop followed by a sharp gasp from him. It swayed and bobbed before me, the head so shiny and swollen. I licked my lips, still tasting him there.

I tried to keep my thoughts in check. “Kneel, Loverboy.”

His eyes were lowered, assumedly between my legs where I was still pleasuring myself. But he dropped to his knees with a whimper and leaned forward, sniffing. Apparently smelling my arousal, just as I could. Then he arched back, presenting himself again with body, collar, and cock.

Still stroking my breast with my other hand, I tried to decide how long to draw this out. I didn’t want to rush my morning torture, but I didn’t know how long I could last without giving in. I removed my hand from between my legs and pressed two fingers to his lips. “Taste what you do to me.”

He plunged onto my fingers, taking them all the way to the base immediately. His eyes closed, and he bobbed his head, moaning. Maybe—hopefully—in bliss.

“Good boy.” I released my breast to caress his cheek. “Would you like more?”

Eyes widening, he nodded and swirled his tongue around my fingers, sucking gently.

The look I saw when I stared down at him… The way he put his all into anything I said to do… I could only describe it as adoration. This man wasn’t pretending. Playing a role. He was truly invested in doing this. And with me.

I cupped his chin and leaned over, kissing him softly. Then I scooted back onto the bed, lying down, knees up and apart. I pet my pussy for a moment, watching the emotions roll across his face. Hunger. Need. Desire. All words that meant the same thing but yet carried their own meaning in this context.

Alex knelt between my legs when I patted the sheet. His hands slid under my thighs, and he slowly licked up the length of my pussy, moaning.

I echoed his sounds. Arching my hips up to his mouth. Fingers running through his hair while I held his head against me. I was gulping now, trying to find my voice. All I could manage was, “Good boy!”

He Kartal Sarışın Escort whimpered while sucking my clit into his mouth, bathing it with luxurious licks.

Several swallows later, I rasped, “Mmm. That feels good, Loverboy. Look at me while you eat my pussy.”

Obeying, I could still see an emotional turmoil in his eyes. Mostly, it was begging for more. He licked slower, groaning into my skin.

“Lay down on your back, Loverboy.”

In a few seconds, he was flat on his back beside me, legs spread, cock thrust straight up into the air, hands by his side.

I got up and smiled evilly down at him. “Does my good boy want a new toy?”

The look in his eyes now included fear, though he nodded. Then he began biting his lower lip and shrunk a little away from me.

Frowning, I assessed the situation. “The only problem is, you’re erect already. So I guess we’ll have to take care of that first.”

He cocked his head. First confusion and then relief clearly flashed across his face.

I ran out of the room to grab my purse for the item I’d picked up yesterday afternoon between the market and heading home. When I returned to the bedroom, Alex was in the same position, though his chest was moving faster. I just smiled and went to his toy drawer.

Back at his side, I said, “Hands up above your head.”

His head lifted while his eyes followed me as I rounded the other side of the bed. Almost hesitantly, he stretched up his hands.

Smirking, I put my gift beside the pillow, outside of his view. Then I dangled two items over his face. “Does my Loverboy prefer padding or no padding on his handcuffs?”

His gaze switched to the two sets of cuffs. His tongue slid over his lips, and a soft moan escaped. “N-no padding. Tight please.”

“Very good.” I set the padded leather cuffs on the nightstand and slid my fingers up his left arm. Smiling when I felt goosebumps prickling his skin. When I reached his wrist, I loosely secured a metal cuff around it.

I left his arm lying on the pillow and walked around to the other side of the bed, repeating the process with the other half of the cuffs.

His back arched at the touch of my fingers, his mouth falling open. His gasps harder…louder. And there was precum leaking out of his cock.

Leaning over his face—my breasts just out of reach—I stretched his arms further above his head so that they were just shy of being taut. But I had to stand back, realizing there was no way to keep his arms where I wanted them. The headboard was a solid piece with no obvious way to secure anything to it. Short of tying his wrists to the bed frame again on each side with rope instead of his ties and belt, my idea was pretty much screwed.

As a last ditch effort, I knelt on the bed and peeked down the gap behind the headboard and the wall. I hid my surprise by clutching the top of the frame, eyes closing for a moment. When I looked back down, I shook my head slightly at the row of ten eye-hooks embedded into metal bars attached to the back of the wood. The hooks were spaced out evenly with five at the top and five closer to the bottom. Which made me think of the short length of chain I’d seen the first time I’d rifled through the drawer. I’d wondered what he used it for with no obvious places to secure it. Now, it made sense.

I abandoned him and retrieved the chain, noticing both ends were attached to a small carabiner clip. Perfect!

Alex hissed when I turned back to him. And he tried to reach his lips up to my breast when I dangled them over his head again, his tongue barely grazing the tip of my nipples. His groan of disappointment when I pulled away made me laugh.

Threading the chain around the shorter one connecting the cuffs, I briefly considered the best method to secure him. I chose the most uncomfortable and raised his arms, securing the chain over the top of the headboard to the center-most eye-hook. Then I stuffed pillows behind his arms. The end result left his upper appendages supported but hanging at an angle, his hands dangling now by his wrists.

He pulled on the cuffs violently a few times to no avail. Flexing his fingers.

I just smirked and stood by the bed in my nakedness, inspecting my victim. Watching him shiver.

His head turned, his eyes imploring me to not make him wait. Then they jumped to the end of the bed where his legs parted further, completing half of a spread-eagle position.

Was he telling me… I squatted down but saw nothing except the metal rails of the bedframe. So I stuck my hand down between the footboard and the comforter. Shit! Yes! There were more eye-hooks on another bar, hidden by the mattress and tucked-in bedclothes.

I glanced back him, wondering if he had plans to use those sometime without telling me. Not that I would have opposed, but I was surprised he had permanently modified his bed. His face gave me no indication either way, his gaze not currently directed at me.

Back at the dresser, I sifted Kartal Şişman Escort through what was really a serious amount of accoutrements and came upon a long, squat box under a pile of rope—neither of which had been there last weekend. Inside, I found more lengths of chains. Choosing two smaller ones and attaching carabiner clips from the box as well, I retrieved the black, leather padded cuffs from the nightstand.

Then I repeated the process from above. Slowly dragging my fingers down his left leg. Stopping to buckle the cuff on his ankle. Squatting to secure the chain once looped through the ring on the outside of the cuff. Walking around to the right side of the bed. Dragging fingers. Buckling cuffs. Securing chain.

I stepped back once more, admiring my Loverboy all spread out, his cock at full-staff. He looked like an erotic Luke Skywalker raising his lightsaber on the original movie poster, except his weapon wasn’t between his hands but his thighs. And of course, he was missing his clothes. Somehow, I refrained from giggling. But just barely.

Satisfied, especially at his whimpering, I climbed onto the end of the bed between his feet. Then on hands and knees, I slowly crawled up toward him. Dipping down to catch the underside of his crown against my sternum. Feeling his length graze against my chest, down between my breasts, across my stomach. Gasping when it lightly rubbed against my clit and swollen pussy lips. I heard his deep groan of surprise when I kept going, his cock twitching beneath me before it flung back into its upright position while I passed over it.

Once beyond his rod of temptation, I lowered my pussy and dragged it up his abdomen, feeling my arousal spread onto him. I paused with my breasts above his mouth, lowering one. “Does Loverboy want to suckle Mistress’s nipple?”

He said nothing, though his mouth had opened again. Frozen and silent, he stared up at me, his chest heaving.

I grinned mischievously that I’d rendered him speechless with a pair of cuffs. Lowering my nipple into his gaping mouth, I whispered, “You are being such a good boy.”

He smiled at the praise and finally wrapped his lips around what he could reach while I held my breast still. A low whimper met my ears and grew louder the longer he suckled. Then my own joined in because he was grinding his abs against my pussy now, stimulating me.

At one point, I tried to sit up. He was having none of that, nipping at my nipple and sucking harder on it. Flicking his tongue over it while he held it with his teeth.

Moaning, I ground back against him. Which only made him moan around my nipple. I pressed my breast against his mouth, almost smothering him, and reached both hands above his head. Fingertips trailing along the insides of his arms, I squeezed the cuffs, feeling them ratchet tighter, leaving his wrists no wiggle room.

His hands still tried to reach for mine. Briefly, our fingers laced together on my descent. Below, he appeared to try to swallow my breast, his lips having captured more than just my nipple now. Pleasure ran like a river straight from my nerves in my sensitive tips down to my pussy, making me shudder and his hands squeeze mine.

On my retreat, I lowered my ass against his groin so I caught his cock, which had increased in hardness. The pressure of my descent still forced his shaft to lay down against his thighs between our bodies. Carefully, gently, but with enough weight that it couldn’t rise up.

Alex groaned and whined at the same time, his lower half trying to grind against me. But with his legs stretched as they were, he probably couldn’t get the leverage he needed to raise up. The chains rattled above, which only encouraged me.

But I gasped when I continued and his cock pressed through my pussy again. Tapping my clit before I felt his precum smear on my belly. I glanced at his face and saw desperation in his eyes, his mouth moving around my swollen flesh but only mumbled sounds coming through.

Reluctantly, I tore my breast away from his mouth, though drool connected his lips to my skin for a long moment. Then I trailed my lips along his body when I went south. Soft kisses. Light licks. Hot breaths. Keeping my eyes on his face, my hair brushed against his skin.

His responding shivers reverberated in my body, and we both groaned softly.

I leaned down to flick my tongue against his nipples. “Does that feel good, Loverboy?”

His gasp and rush of breath on an exhale—his eyes closing briefly—told me all I needed to know. He had to be close to losing his mind. But I was certain he was enjoying every minute of it.

“D-do you own a plug, Mistress?” The words came out through gritted teeth. And they surprised me. I was in charge here, not him, yet he was trying to direct my torture session.

“Answer my question first, Loverboy.” I nipped at his buds.

Alex gasped again, pulling wildly on the restraints. “Yes.”

“Yes, what?”

He whimpered at my taunting, apparently barely able to get out the words because it was mostly a moan with some defined letters. I got the gist, though. “Y-yes, it f-feels so good!”

I bit down harder. “Yes, what?”

The words came out of him in a rush between groans. “Yes, Mistress! Your mouth on my nipples feels so good. Oh, fuck!”

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