Alley Fuck Before Her Wedding Day

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This happened after a major row, alcohol fuelled, with my girlfriend. I stalked out of the flat we were living in on the edge of town and made my way down to the old town area of the city. It’s an area where alcohol is available cheaply and the music is loud. The people are a bit younger than me (some of them are much younger – I’m 43) but I wanted the privacy that comes with crowds and I sat alone for several hours, drinking cheap gin and adding to the sense of injustice I felt. Bitch!

Time came when I didn’t fancy it any more though, and I knew I’d have to make my way back and start the whole business of making up. I stood up and left the bar and made my way outside. A scent of cheap fast food and the noise of the crowds passing happily up and down the street didn’t improve my mood.

“Excuse me, mate.” A voice, seemingly addressed to me, came from an alleyway on my left. A girl in her mid twenties was there – seemed respectable enough.

“My friend’s in a bit of trouble. Could you come and look at her for me? She’s drunk too much and I don’t know if she’s safe. She indicated the deeper, darker part of the alley.

Well, I don’t normally walk down dark passages with complete strangers but I was feeling differently to usual and thought it might be a good thing to do something for someone else instead of thinking about myself so I muttered assent and followed her into the darkness.

I could see her friend leaning on a wall halfway down. She was about the same age as her mate, and wearing the traditional local weekend garb of short skirt and high heels; thin blouse (did I mention it was winter and the temperature was hovering around zero? – no problem for a north east girl). Her mouth was open a little slackly and there was a vacant expression in her eyes.

“Deborah, the man’s come to look at you and se Escort bayan if you’re OK, ” the girl said. “What do you think, mate?”

Truth to tell she didn’t look too bad to me. “Got a bit of drink in her, I’d say” I replied, “but she doesn’t look in any danger.” The girl smiled at me.

“That’s good, mister – it’s Deborah’s wedding next week and to tell you the truth what she really needs is a quick, hard fuck to send her on her way. Can you help?”

I admit I was surprised – I really hadn’t thought this was on the cards but the drink was in me and the girl’s words acted on me immediately. I could feel my cock crawling its way to hardness inside my pants. But I thought I should make a display of reluctance before anything happened – and I still wasn’t sure it would or should. I didn’t want to be taken through the town on a rape charge in the middle of Saturday night. I needed to see What Deborah felt first.

“I’d love to help – but this girl looks a little out of it to me, ” I said with a smile. “Don’t want anyone to regret anything in the morning.”

Deborah opened her eyes at this point and looked me straight in the face. Speaking a little slowly she said, “you look like you’ll do mister. But I like to know who I’m fucking – what’s your name?”

“Jeremy, ” I replied – but are you really up for this?”

Deborah turned to her friend and said – “piss off Julie – I’ll see you later.” And with that Julie moved off and the two of us were alone.

“Now to tell you the truth, Jeremy, I don’t want this to take too long, ” she said. A quick one up against the wall is what I’m looking for, with no kissing, understand? Something to remember on my wedding day is what I need. OK with that?” And with that she reached out and squeezed my balls through my 501s.

Well you can’t help being Bayan escort aware of your surroundings at a time like this and I knew that anyone could come by at any moment. But the booze was in me, my cock was like a bar of iron and the whole business was so sordid – in other words, erotic – that I decided to take what was being offered to me on a plate.

I repaid the compliment – reached over and snaked a hand up her tiny skirt. Was I surprised to find no knickers? – I was not. Her cunt was hairy to the touch and her pubes slightly matted – I guessed she’d had time to think about this moment.

Anyway, she groaned when my index finger made contact with her pussy lips and slid up her slot. I found her clit straight away and rubbed it a couple of times which made her clench her teeth and say something quietly to herself. She seemed to be talking to someone called Gary!

She pulled me closer and started to unbutton my jeans. My prick was stretching the fabric of my pants and a wet spot had appeared at the tip of the cock head. She freed up my cock and shoved my jeans and pants roughly down my legs. They stopped just below my knees, which was enough for me. My turn to groan – she was pulling the foreskin over my slick knob with a rolling motion and I could feel the sensation all the way down to my balls. Pure heaven in fact.

Deborah said to me, “OK Jeremy, let’s see what you’re like.” She leaned back, hitched her skirt up around her waist and stood there looking at me. In the dim light I could just see the juices on her pussy glistening. I moved forward to enter her and she stopped me with a push of the hand.

“One more thing, Jeremy – when you get inside me, make it hard and fast. No fucking about, OK?” And make sure you come inside me – I don’t want a mess.” I nodded – I was on the point of shooting Escort my load anyway.

I pushed her back against the wall, took my aching cock in my right hand and placed it at the entrance of her hole. I gave it one wipe up and down her slot, then shoved my prick inside her with a thrust of the hips and a grunt.

She promptly went completely crazy , wrapping her arms around my neck, tearing at my shirt and grabbing hard to get me inside her. She began moaning in time to my frenzied thrusts and babbling filth in my ear as she timed her lunges at me to expertly match my pumping.

We weren’t going to last long. This was without parallel in my sexual experience and I had to work hard not to groan too loudly as we fucked wildly. My denims were round my ankles, my shirt collar was torn and I could feel us both moving rapidly to climax. I grunted something about coming in Deborah’s ear and she responded by scratching my exposed neck with her nails as I let go and pumped my spunk deep inside her cunt at the same moment as she threw her head back and came loudly – and a couple of camera bulbs flashed.

I was completely wrecked – panting, clothes all over the place, cock still semi-hard after withdrawing from her snatch and come dripping from the end. Deborah, on the other hand, was clearly in better condition, exchanging words with her friends, six of who were crowded round us congratulating her loudly on the perfect hen night. They didn’t spend much time on me, but Julie did thank me sweetly and offer to send me a picture if I let her have my address. I didn’t see why not and a print did arrive a few days later, showing the two of us at the point of orgasm; Deborah’s mouth wide open and back, me with gritted teeth and my cock nuts-deep inside her.

I hoped, since they had my address, that I might hear from them again, but no deal. At least I felt able to go home to my girlfriend with a story of having been accosted by thugs who’d torn my shirt – even got a sympathy fuck later on that night, but I can’t claim it was anything as good as what had happened earlier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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