An Unexpected Classroom Throatfuck

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College, 2015. Class, right before my lunch hour is supposed to begin…

I have been having a “flirtationship” with my classmate, Kenny for the past year, and this was our first time having a class together, and thus seeing each other regularly every week. He has more than hinted at wanting to hookup and having more than adequate equipment to do the job and do it properly. Aside from the fact that I was a virgin at the time, I did not shy away from the attention.

The lecturer is having each of us take turns working out algebraic math problems at the front of the class, with the intention to help us through the more complex problems. I have had my turn and Kenny is up front and center, quickly turning the problem into a solution, and winking at me whenever he looks my way, as I was seated towards the front. After working through his problem, the professor has us break into multiple workgroups and is then soundly distracted by one group who needed all the help they could get.

Kenny calls me to the front of the class, asking me how I worked through my own problem, as he didn’t understand the answer. Or at least he SAID he didn’t understand the problem. Silly Josie.

As I stand behind the podium, I feel him. I feel him standing close beside me. I feel the warmth coming off his body. I feel his breath on my arm as he leaned in close to the paper, watching me write out how I worked through the math. I can also feel him breathe in my scent and perfume. I can also feel his hand…wandering from my lower back to my A-line skirt covered ass. The angle and width of the podium mean that no one can see what his non-writing hand is doing behind me.

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I decide to ignore the hand on my ass in favor of finishing the problem. Or at least I would have ignored it had he not moved xvideos porno to grab my free left hand. Grabbed it and put it on his bulging crotch.

Now at this time in my life, I was no stranger to giving handjobs or blowjobs, but just not in the middle of a crowded classroom with potential witnesses. I cannot deny, it was quite thrilling. Never underestimate the aphrodisiac that is the potential to get caught. I was unfamiliar with it up until that point, and as time passed, I became more and more invested. Especially when he unzipped his jeans and pulled my hand into his jeans and passed his boxers.

It was at this moment that class was dismissed, but we opted to stay behind to “study” and “work” through more problems. After the lecturer had packed up to leave for their lunch, I pulled his cock out through his boxers, Kenny having unbuttoned his jeans, giving me better access, and I began to stroke his hard, fully erect (and might I add thick) 7inch dick. I finally look down, getting a good look at his hardness. I get an even better look when he pushes on my shoulders, firmly pushes me down to my knees on the carpeted floor. The contrast of his pink cock in my chocolate brown hand was more than mesmerizing, his purplish mushroom head leaking pearlescent precum, and begging to be licked.

So, I did.

Giving his head an experimental lick, tasting the sweet-salty precum on my tongue, I felt one of his hands come to rest on the back of my head. I looked up at him, catching his eyes in mine…and I sucked the bulbous head between my full lips, sliding him over my tongue, and pulling him into my hot mouth. We maintained eye contact as I focused on sucking and licking his head like it was my new favorite lollipop.

All the while in the back of my head I’m wondering, “Will someone yabancı porno else come through the door, having forgotten something? Is there another class after ours? What if the professor comes back?! I barely even know this guy!!” I ask these questions to no one, but I cannot stop myself from enjoying the mushroom head, slick with my spit. I cannot stop myself using that slick friction to suck more and more of his girth into my mouth and down my throat.

I wanted it. I wanted him. And he wanted my big brown tits out, as one of his hands had deftly started unbuttoning the pearls that made up the front of my blouse, opening it up for his greedy eyes to take in the fullness of my chest. A quiet word, “Damn,” escaped from his lips, I suppose in appreciation, before his hand plunged into my bra, releasing my left breast from its G cup prison.

As his right hand began playing with my left nipple, his left hand kept itself busy by firmly pressing against the back of my head, forcing his cock further and further into my throat. At first, I can handle the surprise entry, but it wasn’t long before it was too much, and I began gagging with each push. I braced myself, chocolate-colored hands pressed against his athletic, milk-white thighs, spit beginning to overflow from my mouth as his hardness continued its assault on my throat. Before long, he’s building up a steady pace.

I tap his thigh as even more distinctive gagging noises make their way from my increasingly full and blocked throat. My hands begin to dig into his thighs ever more urgently, and I feel his hands clench into my hair, his right hand having long abandoned its exploration of my breasts in favor of clutching my kinky black curls. My breasts are jiggling vigorously, getting slick and wet with my spit as it pours from my designated yaşlı porno fuckhole.

I’m gagging…

I’m choking…

My eyes are watering…

I’m covered in saliva…

And I’m loving every minute of it.

I love how he’s reduced my mouth and my throat, and by extension me, into his little Black cock sleeve.

His thrusts are strong and steady, but they begin to become jerky and uncoordinated after too long. His grip on my hair tightens even further, as he seems desperate to chase his climax. With the help of my throat, contracting and constricting, and the distracting but intoxicating pain of my nails digging into his flesh, I feel him freeze, thrusting one last vicious time into my throat…and my throat is then being flooded with his warm cum. My gag reflex is working overtime, swallowing as much of his seed as I can, the salty taste faint as it immediately works its way down the back of my tongue and down my throat.

Suddenly, I am able to breathe more freely and properly, as Kenny has let my head go and backed away, bracing and steadying himself against the podium. I’m shaking from adrenaline and a tad disoriented as I look around for something to clean myself off. I quietly sniffle when I hear him apologize for losing control the way he had, presenting me with his hand to pull me up from the floor and a towel he had found in the cubby of the podium. He’s gentle as he wipes my face dry, caressing my cheek as he hands me the towel to finish my neck and chest. I smile and thank him, quickly finishing the job and readjusting my bra and blouse, now soaked, making myself as presentable as I possibly can.

On our way out of the classroom, before he opens the door for me, he looks me over and asks me seriously if I’m okay. I’m fine. I’m more than fine. I’m actually kind of energized from how we had just gotten away with a seriously fun throat fucking in the classroom. I simply smile, give him a kiss on the cheek, and make my way off to the parking lot.

I really needed to get home and change clothes. And masturbate…? Yes, I desperately needed time with my toys.

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