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Big Cock

One of John’s best mates was Dan. They had gone to college together, and had remained close friends throughout the whole of university, even though they were miles apart. Dan had two younger sisters, Marie was the older of the two and about 3 years younger than Dan and Tammy was the youngest, about 6 years younger than Dan.

Dan was a good looking man, and never had trouble getting women, much to John’s annoyance. All three of the siblings had blonde hair, which puzzled John as the both parents were dark haired. Marie wasn’t a very attractive girl, quite overweight, massive saggy breasts and spots. The good-looking genes had obviously skipped one and went straight for Tammy. Tammy was gorgeous; John had watched her grow-up with intrigue, from being an annoying pre-teen brat, through the beginnings of puberty to the present day, the maturing stage. John always got on with both of the girls, always gave them a hug and a kiss when he saw them.

Recently though, his hugs with Tammy had been becoming more frequent and more sensual, not the normal quick ‘c ya later’ hug, but tight hugs that would last for a good few seconds. Tammy would do this only when Dan was out of the room though. Tammy was a petite girl, about 5’3, with a very slim, yet well proportioned figure. She had a very pretty face with not a blemish on it. For her age she had a very sexy body, slim legs, a perfect little ass and a nice pert pair of breasts.

It was Christmas time, and Dan was having a small party, all of his and John’s mates from collage. John would get there early, as he had been to his work Christmas bash. John’s boss was very rich, and had taken John and a couple of other people to London, for a meal and a trip to a lap-dancing club. In London the Champagne flowed and the wine was gulped. It was about six o’clock when his boss’s chauffeur dropped of John at Dan’s house. He stumbled out of the car and walked to the front door. He was early for the party, and thought he could sleep on the sofa for a couple of hours. He rang the doorbell and stood back. Tammy opened the door, and gave a big radiant smile to John.

“Hello Tammy, may I come in?” John said in a stumbling fashion.

“Of course you can darling” she replied

As he went through the door, Tammy wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself close to John. John held her instinctively, and tried not to stumble. Tammy held him for what seemed ages to John, she then released him slightly and gave him a kiss on the lips, a long deep kiss. John being pissed just stood there and let it happen.

“Where Dan?” John asked

“He’s had to go and pick up Katy from the train station.”

“Oh I didn’t his girlfriend was coming, when will he be back?”

“He’s only just gone, so probably about 1 hour and a half.” Tammy said.

“Do u mind if I sleep on your couch? I’m a bit pissed, I wan sleep it off for tonight so I can do it again.”

“Knock yourself out!”

John walked through the living room, removed his suit jacket and his tie, and collapsed on the sofa. He just sat in the middle, feet on the coffee table and rested his head back on the cushion. He soon drifted away, only to be woken Gaziantep Genç Escort up by Tammy. She walked in the living room in her dressing gown, having just taken a shower. John opened his eyes slightly and took good look at her body through the thin cotton dressing gown. She was so sexy John thought to himself, her legs were slender, her ass was tight, and her breasts were firm.

She sat down in front of him on a beanbag to watch the telly, her gown was short, and she showed a lot of thigh. John looked intently at her, her silky soft thigh, and her long wet hair. As he stared at her, she moved about to get comfortable. This caused her gown to ride up more, as she sat sideways to him, he could now see the bottom of her ass cheek, soft and round. This got John exited, his cock started to twitch, which was completely unexpected considering the amount he had drunk. John was still pretending to be asleep, his eyes slightly ajar so as not to alert Tammy to his peeping.

As John kept watching, Tammy would every so often flash a glance at him. Then all of a sudden she swung around on the beanbag; her legs were tightly shut as she faced John. John was sure she though he was passed out.

“John are you awake? John, John.” Tammy shouted.

John just lay there, squinting through a tiny gap in his eyelids. He said nothing, just laying there not moving.

“Good” she whispered.

With that Tammy slowly parted her legs, to reveal a beautiful little pussy. A small blonde patch of pubic hair, and tight pussy lips. As John looked in amazement at this sight, his cock soon reacted, pushing against his trousers. He noticed that her lips were glistening with her juices, and he came to the conclusion that she must have been fingering herself while in the shower. Tammy then leaned back, all the way over the beanbag, spreading her legs wider. John opened his eyes fully; to be greeted by her tight little wet pussy smiling at him. John was in heaven, his cock was as hard as rock, showing an obvious bulge in his trousers, but Tammy was leaning back with her eyes closed and couldn’t see a thing. Just as John thought things couldn’t get any better, Tammy’s right hand slipped over her leg and started to stroke her pussy, running her fingers around her now puffy wet lips. She ran her fingers up the full length of her slit, gently breaking the surface. As she did this she let out a series of low moans.

John couldn’t take it anymore, he slipped his hand down, and slid it under his trousers and grasped his hard throbbing cock, and he started to slowly stroke it, trying to not making any noise. Tammy kept sliding her fingers over her pussy; she then started to focus on her clit, rubbing it in concentric circles, which was met by loader moans of pleasure. Her free hand moved into view, she slipped around her pussy and pushed a finger deep inside her, at which point a little gasp was let out. Tammy slid her finger in and out of her wet hole while her other hand rubbed on her clit, she then slid another finger into her hole, and started to push her fingers in deeper, harder and faster. John was now stroking his cock vigourously, trying hard not to moan, his head was so tender, he could sense pre-cum oozing from his tip.

Tammy was making loud noises now and she violently thrusted her finger in and out of her pussy, then all of a sudden she let out a low, deep groan, her body jolted all over and juice started to drip from her hands. John saw his chance, he took his hand from his trousers and crept of the sofa and around to where Tammy was lying, he positioned himself in-between her legs, he could smell her musky scent which turned him on even more that he already was.

He took a gamble and placed his hands on Tammy’s thighs, expecting to be met be fiery resistance. All that happened was Tammy rose her head and smiled at him. With this John slide his tongue along her inner right thigh, sliding it all the way down to her sweet, wet pussy. He licked his tongue all around her pussy lips; he tasted how sweet she was. He found her swollen bud, and ran his tongue around it, gently flicking the tip of his tongue over her hard bud. This sent Tammy back into her routine of low deep moans, along with heavy erratic breathing.

As John licked, and sucked on her clit, he slide a finger into her wet, tight hole, he was amazed at how tight she was and thought to himself it was going to be great to stick his hard cock in her. His finger was soon covered in her juices, he pulled it out and moved it slowly down to her ass hole, where he gently probed, waiting for a response from Tammy, it was met with more moans, and a thrust of her hips to try and meet his finger. With this John pushed his finger gently into Tammy tiny little ass hole. This sent shock waves through her petite body, a long low groan escaped from her mouth. John continued to suck hard on her clit and push his finger deep into her ass.

“Ohhhhhh, this is sooooooooo good John!” Tammy screamed “I’m gonna cum again. OOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooo.”

Tammy’s whole body spasmed, as she let out a large moan and started to cum all over John’s face as he sucked on her clit. Her juices flowed out as John lapped up as much as he could, as it dripped from his chin. He removed his finger from her ass, and pushed it deep into her hole to release as much cum from her as he could. When he finished John sat up and looked at her, admiring her beautiful young body, he thigh glistening with cum. She again looked at him, panting, and smiled sweetly, then laid back and closed her eyes again. John took off his shirt, and pulled his trousers and boxers of, revealing a large throbbing cock, about 7 inches look, laid straight against his stomach.

He kissed her once more on her pussy, then slowly kissed his way up past her navel; he undid her gown and pushed it to the side, revealing her flat stomach, and her small but pert tits. Her nipples were hard, sticking up to attention. John rubbed his hands all over her breasts, slowly kneading them, rubbing the palms of his hands over hard, sensitive nipples. He bent over her pushing himself on top of her and started to suck alternatively on her nipples, rolling them over with his tongue, nibbling at them. He continued to move up when he finally met Tammy’s face, he looked at her intently, she was gorgeous. Tammy opened her eyes, and they kissed, slipping her tongue into John’s mouth. She reached her hand down and wrapped it around his warm, hard, throbbing cock, slowly stroking applying pressure to his swollen head.

“I want you in me!” Tammy whispered.

With that John pushed him self up her, as she guided his cock to her wet lips. John pushed the tip into her, she let out a gasp and held on tight to John, she was so tight, he thought he wouldn’t fit. He gently pushed himself into her completely, he could feel her walls tensing and squeezing his cock, the sensation was amazing. He started to work up a slow rhythm, as he pushed his cock in and out, slowly at first but working up a good fast pace. They locked themselves together, their tongues dancing together as their bodies entwined. John started to work up to a frenetic pace, thrusting his cock deep into her, his big balls slapping against her ass. Tammy was groaning and breathing heavily, she started to bite his neck, so as not to let out the screams of passion. All of a sudden Tammy placed one hand on John’s ass cheek, squeezing it tightly, then to his surprise and to his great pleasure, she started to play around with his chocolate starfish, tickling it.

“Go on, please.” John begged.

Tammy brought her finger to her mouth and sucked it, covering it in saliva, then putting it back in his ass, then all of a sudden, she rammed it deep into his ass hole, this was met by a large deep moan by John. As he fucked Tammy, he could feel her finger in his tight sensitive ass. The sensation for John was unbearable, he felt he legs lock up, his balls tighten.

“AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhHHHHH” he yelled

He shot thick wads of cum deep into Tammy’s pussy. As soon as she felt the warm cum inside her, Tammy went over the edge herself. She removed her finger and dug her hands deep into his back, and wrapping her legs around John buttocks, pulling his cock deep into her pussy, as wads of cum shot into her pussy. The two lay there for a while, holding each other. John sat up, with a large contented grin on his face. Tammy sat up and smiled at him, she kissed him and slid her head down, and grabbed his cock in her hand. She ran her tongue up the length of his shaft, and then she took the whole of it in her warm mouth, sucking all of their juices of him, sticking his tongue in his tip.

She rose up when she finished and kissed John passionately, the taste of her juices and his cum together, was very sensual to John. So he pushed her back on the beanbag again and buried his head between her thighs, licking all the juices of her thighs, and her ass, sucking hard at her pussy, getting all the juices he could from her went hole.

When he finished he tied Tammy’s gown back up, kissed her and stood up, took his clothes and went and got changed in the toilet. As he got changed, he heard the door open, and his mate Dan walk in, this was met by a long sigh of relief from John. He flushed the toilet so as to keep the pretence that he had been to the toilet, walked out and greeted John with a hand shake, out of the corner of his eye he saw Tammy walk up the stairs, she smiled and winked at John. He knew that they would continue to have brilliant sex for as long as they could, without being caught by his mate, her big brother.

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