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The night was still young, only about 9:00 P.M. A young woman, around the age of 22, was strolling around her one bedroom apartment. Wearing nothing but a soft, blue silk bathrobe, she walks from one end of her small kitchen, looking for something, although not sure what. Her soft brown hair fell gently down over her shoulders, ending at the curves of her ample breasts. Her bathrobe held tight to her sexy, curvy frame, showing every curve and crevice, from her shoulders down to the sides of her thighs. Her soft hands ran along her cupboard, her slender fingers grasping one handle, pulling it open. She reaches in with the other, and pulls out a clear glass. Running her fingers under the faucet for a few moments to make sure the water is cold, she fills her cup. Walking over to her large bay window, which seemed out of place for such a small apartment, she gazes out onto the road below. Busy businessmen and lovely teen couples walked the streets, some skipping along, anxious to get home and be together alone, some quietly walking along, just enjoying holding each other. She smiled. There can be such love and beauty in this world, she thought, her smile growing.

She closes her eyes, thinking of her past, bringing up some wonderful intimate memories she has shared with her lovers. Although she enjoyed the raw, sexual urges the men she has been with, the intimacy of her few female lovers has overshot the males. Something sparks in her mind, and her hand twitches, almost losing grip of the glass. A small amount of water spills out, landing on the top of her chest, and streams down her cleavage. She giggles, enjoying the feeling of the water seeping down between her breasts. She notices a slight wetness forming elsewhere, between her legs. She leans against her window, lifting one leg up, and squeezes, pressing her pussy lips against each other. She bites her bottom lip, rubbing her airborne leg back and forth, feeling the sensation tingle up her pussy, up to her stomach, and into her thighs. She sets the glass down on the floor, orhangazi escort not caring whether or not she knocks it over. Leaning her forehead against the glass, her slender arms untie her bathrobe belt, letting it fall open, exposing her naked form to the air.

She sees her reflection in the mirror, and grins. Her soft, curving cheekbones, her round eye sockets, slightly wide nose and thin lips gave her a cuteness that most people couldn’t see and not glance for a second look. Her eyes meet her eyes, and she grins again. Her own reflection excites her, and a flare of soft pleasure pulses inside her pussy. She stares at herself, working down her body, looking at her firm breasts, with the material of her robe still barely covering her nipples. She works her way down, between her legs, and sees the roundness of her lips pressed against each other. She gasps, squeezing her pussy together again. The sensation in her crotch, isn’t that strong, although it feels incredible, and it’s building. Still leaning against the glass, she slides her robe over her shoulders and lets it drop to the floor. Her nipples have hardened, and she pushes them against the glass, pressing the tips into her breasts. She lets out a slight gasp, turning her head to the side, pressing her cheek on the window. She rubs her chest up and down a few times, feeling the electricity run through her tits, and into her torso. Her hand subconsciously runs up her thigh, and cups her pussy, as she closes her eyes.

The fire inside her flares, the touch of her hand on her crotch increasing her arousal so much that she lets out a gasp. She rubs, letting the pulse of pleasure run up her body, feeling her legs start to get feeble. She spreads them, bracing herself more against the window. She slowly slips her middle finger into her pussy, letting out another gasp. She could feel an early orgasm coming, although she wanted to hold out. She hooks her finger, rubbing it along the upper wall of her pussy, glancing on her g spot. She almost nilüfer escort loses her balance as a massive spasm flows through her. She pushes her breasts up against the glass again, and slides her finger out of her pussy.

Regaining her composure, she walks over to her bedroom door. A slight trickle of her juice was running down her leg, and she could feel the massive tingling inside her building as she walked, her wet lips rubbing against her thighs. With her wet finger in her mouth, she opens her door, steps through, and walks to her bed.

It’s a queen sized bet, with perfectly sized bedposts at the corners. She sets her eyes on one of them. Staring at the post, she crunches down, spreading her legs open, and pulls close to the corner of the bed. She wraps her arms around the post, and presses her crotch against the side of the curvy post. The wood splits her lips apart, and her swollen clit makes contact with the surface of the post. She gasps, and immediately starts rubbing frantically up and down the post. She can feel her orgasm approaching, and pulls away. She then pulls forward again, smashing against the pole. A massive wave of electric pleasure flows through her, her clit feeling like it’s about to explode, she rubs upward then stops. Her orgasm was almost there, begging to come, but she won’t allow it. Not yet.

She stands up and positions her soaking lips above the bedpost. She gently lowers herself onto it, slightly spreading out her lips. She grasps her breasts, cupping and pushing them upward, not wanting to neglect them. Her nipples harden even more, hurting just a little. She cups her right breast, pushing all the way up, and bends her neck down, pulling her nipple into her mouth. She sucks intently, feeling the lightning travel from her nipple, from her pussy, to the rest of her body. She sits down on the post, taking a good 8 inches all the way into her pussy. She throws her head back, letting go of her chest, putting her hand on the sides of the bed. She sits bursa türbanlı escort down more, taking as much of the post in, stretching her immensely. She could feel the post inside her, pushing out on her vaginal walls, the massive pleasure causing her mouth to gasp open, and her mind begin to lose touch with reality. She opens her eyes, although can’t comprehend what she’s seeing. All she knows is what’s going on between her legs, inside her. She moves up and down, slightly, feeling the ball on the tip of the post press against her cervix, stretching out her tight pussy. She grasps the remaining part of the post on the bottom, and leans back, rubbing the ball on the top of her pussy. Leaning back more the massive wooden object makes contact with her g spot.

Her eyes fly open, then clamp shut, as her orgasm takes over her entire body. In her mind all she feels is everything imaginable that’s good, built up inside her, causing every nerve of her body to explode with unimaginable pleasure. Her pussy clamps down hard on the post, her clit pulsates, her leg muscles tightening up. Her torso convulses forward, her massive orgasm making every muscle in her body contract with ecstasy. She opens her mouth to scream out, but the wave of a second orgasm pulses up from her pussy lips, into her clit, then spreads out through her body, making everything stiff. Her mouth frozen open, she opens her eyes. Her second orgasm flushed out through her body, reaching the highest climax she ever experienced, and held there. She has no idea how long, her entire sense of time lost in ecstasy. Her pussy convulses on the post hard, her body vibrating, and she loses consciousness.

She wakes up several hours later, laying face down on the bed. The perfect roundness of the bedpost allowed her to slide off after her cumming, and she figured she must’ve pulled up on it enough for her to fall off with no problems. She smiles, then giggles. She looks back at the post, it glistening from the moonlight shining from the window, through her open bedroom door. Letting out a sigh, she closes her eyes for a minute, and realizes her favorite blanket is laying on the bed next to her. It was a small quilt, knitted for her years ago, by her mother shortly before she had died. She clutches the corner running her finger along the embroidery. Her name. Mieka.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32