Jovi’s Bizarre Branch

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This story was created due to some strange circumstances. It’s very silly and very short, and contains some mind control elements. Enjoy!

~~~~~ ~~~~~

After burning his midnight snacktime waffles, Jovi, a cute blonde femboy, decided to go out to his backyard to get some fresh autumn air. He opened the screen door and stepped onto the wood porch. It was pleasantly cool in the privacy of his fenced backyard. Moonlight filtered down through the leaves of the one giant maple in the center of his yard.

He stepped down from the porch and walked around the tree to look at the full moon. Branches, sticks, and leaves all crushed and snapped under his boots, reminding him that he would eventually have to rake the yard. Finally, he sat on his favorite seat in the backyard; an old, smooth stump on the left side of the yard. He looked at the moon, framed by pale clouds. It was the brightest thing in the sky. His backyard was hidden from streetlights, and the thick, solid wood fence blocked the light of all the other houses in the neighborhood. Jovi thought about staying out here for a few more minutes while the burnt waffle smoke cleared out.

He closed his eyes and relaxed. The smooth stump, the cool air, the faint moonlight filtering through his eyelids, and the hooting of distant owls calmed him down. He could get used to this.

However, when the moonlight started to dim, he opened his eyes again. The moon was starting to turn pink. Jovi’s eyebrows raised. A blood moon?

He wondered what kind of blood moon bursa evi olan escort this was. Was it the regular kind of blood moon? Or was it that other kind that made you insatiably horny when you looked at it?

Jovi shrugged. What were the odds of the latter type of blood moon? There hadn’t been one of those in his town in over eighty years. And he was going to be damned if he missed a regular blood moon. He sat up and watched the moon grow redder and dimmer, casting a pink glow on him, the tree, and his backyard.

As he watched, his legs grew restless. He crossed and uncrossed them, trying to relax. It grew awkward when a flush of heat ran through his groin, and his cock started stiffening. He kept his legs still; maybe their movement was what did it. Yet, his erection hardened even as he tried to think about other things. His heartbeat sped up. The moon grew redder. The air was cold, but he felt warm.

Maybe he needed to stand up and do something. That might calm his throbbing length. He stood up and looked at the yard again. He had never cleaned the yard under a blood moon before. There were long, thick branches everywhere, strewn around in a soft bed of leaves. It seemed like a good idea. He was drawn to the branches. The long, thick pieces of wood.

He stood up and walked toward the porch to grab the rake, but when he saw something, he stopped. It was the perfect branch. It was a two and a half foot long rod that split off into equally thick two-inch long shafts, all of altıparmak escort which had rounded tips of various shapes, save for some which were hollow. Some of the shafts curved back, some curved forward, others seemed hollow, and all of them looked wonderfully alluring. As the red moon’s lustful red glow peaked, Jovi forgot about his plans and began stripping out of his clothes. The boots and jeans went first, then his jacket and shirt, then his pink bra, and finally, his panties. He was too aroused to notice the cold air against his body. He needed that branch. Warmth flushed through his precum-laden cock as he reached down to pick up the length of wood.

Jovi picked up the branch and brought the mass of shafts to his groin. Which ones to use? The narrow hollow one, or the slightly wider one? The more penile tipped branch, or the one resembling a prostate massager?

He finally decided, and stuck his cock into the narrowest hollow branch while plunging the largest, smoothest, penis-like rod into his ass. The two branches were connected and stiff, yet the wood was so, so smooth, like it had been sanded down and polished with lacquer. He had to push hard to get the branch into his ass, deepening his entrance into the other branch in the process, but finally, he felt the silky smooth knob of the branch touch against his prostate. He shivered as he fully buried his cock in the hollow branch. It was tight and smooth the whole way down.

Jovi went to work, bucking his hips and shaking gemlik escort the branch, thrusting in and out of it as the branch pounded him in the ass. As his hands jerked the branch back and forth, he started to sweat as his heartbeat raced faster and faster. This was real pleasure. Jovi forgot all about the lawn, the fact he was outside, and his burnt waffles. The only thing in the world that mattered was his lover, the branch.

His pre-cum lubricated the inside of the hollow branch, making his thrusts even more enjoyable. He panted with lust as his cock and prostate burned with pleasure from his almost violent, passionate lovemaking.

He was almost at orgasm. Just a few more thrusts. Jovi’s arms and legs wobbled, and he almost lost balance. His entire body tensed up. He needed to come. It was the only thing he could think about. At last, with one more silky smooth thrust into him and into the branch, his entire body surged with overwhelming erotic bliss. His mind went blank and he gasped with pleasure. He went stiff, save for the frenzied motions of his hips and arms as his pleasure-addled cock let out jet after jet of cum into the depths of the branch.

When his orgasm quieted down, the moon’s pink aura quickly started to fade. In seconds, it was a pale, shining white once more. Jovi looked down at himself, stunned that he would do such a thing outside. He pulled the branch out of his ass and removed his cock from the cum-soaked interior of the branch.

But rather than throw away the branch in shame, he decided that it would be a waste to get rid of the best sex toy ever made by nature. As he gathered his clothes and ran inside, he decided to bring the stick with him, in case the need ever arose again.

~~~~~ ~~~~~

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