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Jessie Newman sat at the kitchen table staring at a picture of her eighteen-year-old son Tommy hanging from the kitchen wall. “I’m really worried about Tommy,” she said suddenly, an expression of sadness on her pretty face.

“Why, what’s wrong with him?” I replied, not turning my eyes from the newspaper. “He seems okay to me.”

“He’s been so miserable of late. He’s not been sleeping enough, what with the stress and worry of exams and everything else. Not to mention the peer pressure these days. It’s not like it was back when we were young, Nigel.”

“I wouldn’t let it worry you too much, love” I mumbled distractedly, my eyes still fixed on the newspaper.

“He never goes out to socialise anymore. The poor boy’s never even had a girlfriend. Eighteen years of age, for fucks sake, and he’s probably never even kissed a girl. It must be awful for him.”

“I’m not bloody surprised,” I laughed, looking up momentarily from the paper. “The boy’s got all the grace and sexual élan of a bloody wheelie bin. What do you expect?”

“Oh, Nigel, don’t say that. That’s just nasty.”

“Don’t be daft. He’ll grow out of it,” I said reassuringly.

Jessie went on, “I rummaged around his room the other day – not snooping or anything like that, you understand – just picking up clothes, taking away dirty cups and plates, that sort of thing.”

“Oh right,” I sighed, uninterested..

“You wouldn’t believe what I found in there. Everywhere I looked there was crusty tissues strewn all over the floor, semen stained socks and underpants stuffed down the side of the bed. It was even smeared all over the walls.”

“That’s adolescence for you, Jess: Cock full of cum and no vacant holes to squirt it in to. The trusty old right hand always saves the day, though.”

Jessie wavered, then cast a concerned look in my direction, before whispering: “I even had a quick peek at his internet browsing history. You wouldn’t believe the porn sites he visits. Have you ever heard of a website called Schoolgirls-Do-It-Best?”

“Nope. Can’t say I have,” I lied.

“Well Tommy certainly has. After all, he spends most of his time on there. He can’t be getting any revision done. I dread to think what effect it’s going to have on his college grades.”

“That’s what they’re like at that age, I’m afraid,” I mumbled half-heartedly, still engrossed in my newspaper. “What can you do?”

“Yeah,” Jessie mused, staring vacantly into space. “I wish there was something I could do to help.”

“Well, he’s your son, not mine. I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

“I know he’s not your son, Nigel, but you could at least be a bit more supportive.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“I think he needs some sexual release, Nigel. I know he masturbates a lot but it’s not the same, is it?”

“Look, Jessie!” I snapped exasperatedly, chucking my paper down onto the table. “I’ve been at work all bloody day. I’m trying to read over here, love. Is there any point to this conversation?”

Jessie sighed deeply and opened her Cosmopolitan magazine and turned my attention to a two-page spread article beneath a headline that read: “Are Your Son’s Sexual Urges Leading Him Astray? Why Not Appease Him The Japanese Way?”

My eyes widened and mouth gaped in astonishment as I read the article. It began by noting that in many countries, not 30 minutes by plane from where you’re sitting, mothers give their sons full body massages to calm them down, relieve tension, help them nod of at night. And then the extreme cases of Asian mothers who gratify their sons’ sexual urges to stop them going out and meeting dirty girls and lazing around their bedrooms masturbating to porn, when they should be studying for exams.

It then went on to explain that this had been common practice throughout many Asian counties – most notably Japan – for many decades, and was now being performed more than ever. And, even more interestingly, it was now catching on and being embraced all over the western world, including Great Britain and the United States.

The columnist had even travelled up to Norfolk to interview a woman who, like many other mothers in the local area, had been slipping into bed with her eighteen-year-old son, whipping down his underpants and sucking his cock, once in the morning and then once again at bedtime.

During part of the interview, the mother said: “We as mothers have a responsibility to equip our boys with the necessary tools to achieve and succeed in life. How can we expect our sons to learn and sit exams when all they can think about is sex? My son has excelled in school, aced his exams, and is a much happier and confident boy now. And I put all this down to the fellatio I’ve been performing on him since his eighteenth birthday, three months ago.”

She then went on to say: “Furthermore, he enjoys the experience immensely. So much so that he now insists on performing cunnilingus on me before I take off his underpants. It’s also been a great learning curve for Escort bayan him. I am now satisfied that I can pass my boy on with a mother’s pride, happy in the knowledge that I’m sending him out into the world fecund, potent and good at both giving and receiving oral sex.”

I won’t deny it, after reading that magazine article I was in a complete state of sexual arousal. Reading that two-page feature, extolling the benefits of mothers relieving their sons of their sexual urges, had my cock throbbing like a sore thumb.

“Fucking hell,” I gasped in utter disbelief. “That’s proper kinky, that is.”

“So do you think it’s a good idea?” Jessie asked diffidently.

It suddenly dawned on me what she was getting at. “Jesus! Are you seriously considering giving young Tommy – your own son – a suck?”

“Yeah…No…Well maybe. Oh I don’t know.” Jessie sat in deep thought for a moment before making a decision. “I’ll start off slowly. I’ll pamper him a little to begin with. Some comforting naked cuddles, maybe. Entice him into a nude play-wrestle. You know, a bit of skin-to-skin contact and then, if he responds well to that, take it a step further.”

At this point I was about ready to blow a load in my underpants. I gazed at Jessie in complete shock and awe. The look on my face must have been priceless.

“What does if feel like, Nigel, you know, after I’ve given you a blowjob?” said Jessie inquisitively. “Do you feel more relaxed, contented, happier?”

“You know what, I can’t remember. Tell you what, Jess, get down on your knees and get over here and I’ll let you know in about 30 seconds,” I said, pulling down the zipper on my jeans and popping my cock out through the fly hole.

“You can’t remember? I gave you a blowie just last night. You insisted on it halfway through watching that rude documentary on Channel 4 called My Daughter the Teenage Nudist.”

“Nevertheless, it won’t hurt to refresh my memory.”

Just as Jessie dropped to her knees there came the sound of a key entering the front door lock – it was Tommy returning home from college.

“Oh bugger!” I snapped angrily, stuffing my cock back in my jeans.

“Hello darling,” Jessie chirped kindly, sitting herself back down on her chair. “How was your day?”

“Yeah, all right I suppose,” came Tommy’s grunted reply, frowning as he dropped his bag to the floor before moping through the kitchen and into the living room.

“Ah, bless him, the poor little mite,” I sighed sympathetically once Tommy had left the room. “Did you see the look on his face, Jess? He must be going through a terrible time of it at the moment. I agree: his plums certainly need a good emptying. I bet his ball bag’s full to the point of bursting.”

“You can tell that just by looking at his face?”

Ignoring Jessie’s question, I whispered, “Go on then,” pointing in Tommy’s direction. “There’s no time like the present.”

“Hark at you, suddenly the concerned stepfather. You wasn’t in the least bit interested until you read that article in my magazine.”

“Course I’m concerned. It’s young Tommy’s education and well-being we’re talking about here. It’s not to be taken lightly. Now get his underpants off and have a suck on his todger.”

“Well I’m not doing anything with you in the house.”

“Why not?” I moaned disappointedly.

“How is he supposed to enjoy it with you gawping at us?”

I stood up and put on my jacket. “Okay, I’ll tell you what, Jess. I’ll pop down the pub for a quick pint and leave you to it. You do whatever you feel’s best for the lad.”

Unbeknown to Jessie, after walking out the front door, I slipped down an alleyway running adjacent to the side of house and into the back garden. Settling in a spot by the glass patio door, through which I had a perfect view of Tommy, I sat waiting patiently, cock in hand, for the carnal frivolities to begin.

I cannot described the excitement I felt at the prospect of seeing beautiful young Jessie and her teenage son cuddling naked – touching, licking, sucking, and ravishing each other’s bodies. I’d fantasised about it, dreamed it, visualised it, and now, finally, I was on the verge of experiencing it in real life.

Tommy was sprawled on the couch and turned his head almost lazily towards the sound of his mother entering the room. He was wearing shorts and a shirt with his shoes perched casually upon the arm of the couch, a sullen look on his face.

He gazed thoughtfully at his mother, her chin-length black hair draped over her cheeks, wearing a white blouse, barefoot, with a short black skirt that revealed her shapely, lightly tanned legs all the way to tops of her thighs.

As she drew closer he noticed, even in the split seconds before adverting his eyes, that his mother’s tits seemed to be bare beneath the flimsy fabric of her white blouse. He had caught a glimpse of darker flesh beneath, as the hardened twin points of her perky breasts strained against the thin material, and felt his Escort face begin to burn as his cheeks flushed to a crimson red.

Jessie looked at him from across the room, and for a moment their gazes caught – but he looked away sheepishly.

“Now remember what we talked about this morning, Tommy?” said Jessie, kindly. “About your ‘therapy’? Well it’s time to begin. Come on, young man, stand up and let’s have those pants off.”

“Oh Mum,” he moaned.

“Tommy!” she snapped sternly, holding up a forefinger. “You promised no fussing.”

Reluctantly, he stood up and looked on in silence as his mother moved in front of him and dropped down on to one knee. She reached for the laces of his shoes and began to untie them. Ignoring his trepidation, she held his ankle and made him lift his foot, quickly divesting him of both his shoe and sock.

He tried to protest as Jessie quickly removed the shoe and sock from his other foot before placing them to one side. She suddenly stood up so that her face was only inches from his and spoke softly: “Just remember they’re only body parts, nothing to be ashamed of. It may be uncomfortable at first, but trust me, I’ll make you feel so good you’ll be begging for more.”

He nodded calmly but Jessie could see the flicker of fear in his deep brown eyes.

“Now lift those arms and let’s lose the shirt.”

Slowly raising his arms, his mother took hold of the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head, smiling as she tossed it to one side. Wasting no time, her hands moved to the belt and buttons of his trousers. Without hesitation, she dropped to her knees and slipped her hands into the waistband of his underpants, causing him to gasp with shock as she touched his skin, and casually tugged the garment down, taking his trousers with it until both his trousers and underpants were around his ankles.

Standing upright again, she watched him immediately clasp both hands to his groin and cover his manhood.

“Try not to be embarrassed now, darling. Remember, it’s only skin, nothing to be shy about” she cooed, unbuttoning her blouse.

And it was then, to his dismay, that he realised his mother was striping off too.

He could not help but watch as his mother pulled her blouse from the waist of her skirt, dropping it down over her shoulders and arms. Her naked breasts stood out firmly as he raked his gaze over her naked torso.

Next came her skirt, which unzipped down the side and fell to her bare feet, exposing her beautiful legs right up to a mouth-watering vee of black pubic hair.

He watched her standing, naked, in front of him – feet apart, hands on trim hips, her gorgeous face smiling. Tommy had never before seen a naked woman in the flesh, and a myriad of emotions went through his innocent body as he drifted his gaze up and down his mother’s magnificent nude form.

“See. Nothing to be ashamed of,” she said, stepping out her skirt and stroking the neat patch of dark pubic hair with her hand before walking towards him, her slim body moving gracefully.

Tommy trembled uncontrollably as she approached, his entire body suffused in a bright red blush.

Pressing her soft body into his and snaking her arms around his waist, their naked bodies fused in an exquisite embrace as she held him firmly. Closing his eyes and nuzzling his face into her shoulder, Tommy felt the softness of her breasts sandwiched against his chest, the warmth of her body, her erect nipples against his skin, the light sprinkling of hair at her pubis tickling the back of his hands as he held them firmly at his groin.

As he felt soft hands upon his skin he immediately felt more at ease. He had not bargained for the gentle way in which she touched his body. Her delicate fingers bestowing feathery caresses up and down his back and around the nape of his neck made his nerves tingle with exotic sensations all the way down to the tip of his manhood.

Her heady perfume and warmth of her body seemed to lull him as the gentle hands, sensuously stroking his body, initiated the first stirrings of sexual arousal within him. His penis tingled with desire as she casually let her hand slide from his back and down over his bottom, feeling his muscles tense in protest as she ran a fingernail up the crease of his buttocks.

Tommy responded by uncovering his genitals and snaking his arms around her waist, mashing his mother’s body into his own, feeling her warmth and softness.

Repositioning her leg, Jessie moved it upward until her upper thigh touched his cock, deliberately rubbing her supple flesh against the sensitive tip of his flaccid member.

He couldn’t help but squirm his hips at the sudden intimate contact. The feel of his mother’s supple body against his and her soft thigh pressing against his cock played havoc with his emotions. His eyes glazed over and his head lolled against her shoulder.

Without warning she broke their embrace and took a step back. And as she gazed down at her Bayan escort son’s naked body, her eyes lingering over his genitals as they hung openly between his legs, she could not help the sudden thrill of sexual excitement that ran through her body. She squeezed her legs together in a delicious gesture as her pussy began to quiver and moisten.

His small penis, although not fully erect, was engorged and plump. His testicles, rather than hanging down, rested like two ripe plums between his thighs.

Then, to Tommy’s surprise, she scooped his balls into her hand and squeezed them gently, playfully moving them around inside their tightened sac, thinking: Oh, what beautiful little balls, so soft and tender. And his scrotum’s so smooth, too, hardly no hair at all. Not like Nigel’s: all saggy and hairy like two golf balls inside chicken skin covered in rolling tobacco.

“Oh mum!” Tommy gasped suddenly.” You’re touching my nuts.”

Ignoring his shocked gasp she let her fingertips trace a delicate pattern over his scrotum, causing the tender skin to contract and pucker up.

The sensation of his mother’s fingers caressing his ball sac so intimately was too much for young Tommy. His body quivered and his manhood immediately swelled to a full erection, jutting straight up from between his parted legs.

Tommy inhaled a sharp breath, whispering: “You’ve made it stiff.”

Pausing, she looked down and held Tommy’s cock firmly at the base, examining it carefully with her head tilted to one side, and mused: Quite small in size but adequate; not bent, not discoloured, not veiny like a tree stump with ivy growing up it. It looks much nicer than Nigel’s. I can’t wait to put it in my mouth and suck it like a lollipop.

“Lie down on the floor, darling,” she whispered in his ear. “I’m gonna give you a suck. It’ll feel so good, I promise.”

Tommy didn’t need telling twice; he immediately dropped to the floor and lay down on his back. Spreading his legs with his hips thrust upwards, his fully erect penis rested against his navel, his eyes wide with anticipation.

Jessie immediately knelt down at his side – her face at his groin, her feet and buttocks adjacent to his face – and placed both hands between his legs, smoothing her hand over the tidy patch of pubic hair before taking hold of his cock between finger and thumb.

Holding him firmly she cupped her other hand underneath his testicles, raising them up from between his legs, feeling his cock begin to throb uncontrollably between her fingers as she rolled his balls around inside their loosened sac. He could not control the involuntary jerk of his hips as she slowly slipped the foreskin down over the rim of the glans, exposing the bell-shaped tip.

The small column of flesh pulsed erratically between her fingers as she held his foreskin back tightly, the throbbing purple head fully exposed to do with as she wished. Tommy’s hips bucked wildly as his mother’s lips touched his willy for the first time.

Enveloping his swollen member in the warmth of her mouth, her playful tongue began a delicate dance over the glans. She encircled the shaft with her tongue, holding the foreskin back tight with her lips, swirling around the sensitive rim and over the opening of the urethra, teasing and probing it with the tip of her tongue.

“That feels fucking awesome,” Tommy slurred, feeling his member throb mightily as his mother’s wet tongue teased and caressed the head of his cock.

Fondling him gently, she let her manicured fingernails brush across the underside of his ball sac and the perineum of sensitive flesh between scrotum and sphincter, simultaneously massaging his balls with her thumb.

Tommy gazed down in fascination as Jessie slowly slid her mouth down the length of the shaft, encasing the head in her throat, nibbling gently at the root of his rod as she reached the base. Then, slowly but steadily, her mouth moved up and down, stretching the foreskin tight as her lips touched the base of the swollen organ.

His eyes misted over and his body stiffened as Jessie cleverly stimulated his genitals to a fever of excitement. His breathing had become heavier and more laboured; his body trembled all over; his hips moved in small gyrations.

Jessie was thinking: My boy’s cock tastes so good and feels so soft and smooth against my tongue. Fuck, it’s making my cunt dribble! If only Nigel’s cock was this delicious…

Tommy, squirming and writhing at the exquisite sensation being applied to the very tip of his cock, gazed sideways, noting his mothers widely splayed arse cheeks and exposed vagina as she knelt at his side. He tentatively reached out a hand, quickly locating the neat rose bud of his mother’s sphincter, and gently teased the chocolate star with a forefinger.

Then, sliding his finger lower, he touched her silky-wet cunt lips for the first time. Jessie’s hips jerked as she felt a finger delve deep into her moist cavern. She moaned softly as she felt it sink further inside her, moving her hips in rhythm with Tommy’s finger as it began to move in a slow circular motion. Gasping and moaning loudly, she felt her pussy quiver and contract around Tommy’s finger as he probed her fuck hole.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32