Jen’s Trip Ch. 02

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Jen woke up feeling totally fucked, totally and completely fucked. It was great. She removed the toys with a little whimper of loss. This is New York her thoughts kept telling her, time to get up and go. A quick shower and then she started dressing. Sliding on some pink panties, the satin slid up over her thin hips, with a matching garter belt.

As she pulled the stockings up her legs, she admired the tanned muscles as they flexed and relaxed. The track team all through High School and her daily morning jogs since then had paid off. At home she jogged to cleanse her thoughts each morning, letting her mind just concentrate on the running. Her dismay was not pretended when people remarked that she must torture herself with exercise to have legs like this.

Next a mid-length skirt and light colored blouse, staying conservative she opted for only her watch and a thin necklace as the only jewelry. She went to the bathroom mirror for the make up, the advice her Mom had given her long ago, see what you have to work with before you start and never over do it. The reflection looking back was young, girlish and giggly, and also hot and sexy at the same time. She just applied a little light colored lipstick; her skin was radiant without help.

She had a bounce in her walk as she walked out of her hotel and hailed a cab. Her agenda was a quick breakfast and then shopping. The cab driver was kinda cute but she was afraid he was going to kill them both with his eyes locked on the rearview mirror, trying for a better glimpse of her legs. She pretended to study her notebook with the list of stores to hit, accidentally spread her legs enough for him not only get his wish but also be sure of the color of her panties. With that done she glanced up meeting his eyes and feigned indignation as she clamped her legs together. He started watching the road.

Jen had a light breakfast and hit all the favorite shopping spots, lingerie and blouses, some affordable jewelry and shoes. It had been added into her trip budget. Hours later with a couple of large shopping bags she returned to the hotel tired.

As she opened the door to her room she heard a noise, using caution she slowly opened it more. Just as she thought there was the maid cart filled with cleaning supplies. Preparing to call out to keep from startling someone, she caught a reflection from the bathroom mirror and froze.

It was the girl. The same girl from last night, she was sitting at the desk with Jen’s lap-top open reading. That little bitch was reading her files. What the hell was with the maid cart, this girl was obviously a lower functionary at the hotel but instead of a maid uniform she wore street clothes. She couldn’t be a maid thought Jen as the girl reached under her skirt and rubbed herself, with her other hand she brought something up to her nose and breathed deeply. Jen recognized the panties she had soaked Escort bayan last night. She was so mad she didn’t care who the girl was, or that she was cute, she was going to beat the hell out of her and have her fired.

“You little cunt! What are you doing in my room looking through my personal belongings?” Jen screamed as she advanced on the girl. The bitch turned and smiled, no fear, no surprise. “Call me Lisa, if you ever call me cunt again I’ll beat your ass.” The girl said and continued, “I’ve seen your diary, the sick, perverted things that go through mind you submissive slut-puppy. You probably want me to beat your ass, don’t you? Ms. Jen Danton Room 232.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” asked Jen as she glanced at her lap-top. There was the story she had been writing, her hobby of erotic writing had turned into a nice part-time job but her editor had told her he wanted rough sex. He had thrown her first draft back at her and said it was too tame. She had re-done it from a submissive female point of view as she was dominated by two older women. This bitch thought it was her diary, her own thoughts, wanting to be dominated. She decided to see how far the cute little tramp intended to take this.

Lisa smiled and getting up and close to Jen said “I’ll tell you what I’m talking about slut. I’ve seen your diary and know you better than you know yourself. I told the maid Tina that I would clean your room for her. I’ve seen your toys and know what’s in your sick little head now. We’re gonna have some fun. That is unless you want the whole world to know what you wrote in there!”

Jen had started getting into the story when she was writing it, the idea had aroused her more than she would’ve imagined. The thought of submitting to someone had gotten her really wet then and it was starting to now. She decided to play along.

Pretending fear she said “Uh what, what is it you want?”

“Well sweetie when Tina gets here to collect her cart you play along with me, you follow my lead or you’ll regret it.”

Right then another girl Lisa’s age in a maid uniform entered and said “Lisa I have to get the cart to the supply room in twenty minutes, that’s when they lock it, are you through with the room?”

“Oh yes Tina, you can take the cart,” said Lisa “but you know I’ve seen the way you look at the pretty female guests. I see you look at their butts in tight skirts, trying to sneak a glance. How would you like it if one wanted you to look at her ass? Jen here told me she wants you to, bend over the desk and tell her you want her to look Jen.”

It was kinky as hell, and Lisa thought Jen was scared when she wasn’t, and Tina was cute as could be standing there with her mouth hanging open so Jen bent over the desk and said “Please look at my ass, I want you to, it turns me on when a girl looks.”

“Show it to her Jen, Let her see you slowly Escort slide that skirt up so you can show her your tight ass.” Said Lisa smiling.

This was turning Jen on, she had to admit. She slid the skirt up past the stocking tops, holding her ass towards Tina who was looking quite pale. It went slowly up the garters to her satin panties, which were beginning to show a wet spot as Jen’s cunt started dripping with the excitement of what she was supposedly being forced to do.

“Touch her ass Tina, she wants you to, see how wet she is, she wants it.” Lisa told the maid as Jen held her skirt up. Tina felt her panties and the wet spot, rubbing on that for a while, then moving to her ass. Jen began moaning and as Lisa gave her a warning look she said “Oh play with my ass, put your finger in my ass, please, please, I want you to.”

Tina was convinced; she slid Jen’s pink panties slowly off her ass and looked at the tight anus before her. She licked her finger and put just the tip to Jens rectum which spasmed in anticipation. Tina barely applied pressure and it clenched shut, she pushed harder and the tip of her finger was inside and Jen’s asshole clamped down on the finger tight, squeezing it. Tina pushed harder, sliding the whole length of the finger in at once and Jen screamed she was about to come.

Suddenly Tina’s watch alarm began buzzing and the maid ran from the room pulling her cart and babbling about getting to the supply room before it got locked and she got fired.

Jen was bent over with her panties pulled down and her cunt so wet it was dripping pre-come down her thighs to her stocking tops, with her still quivering ass in the air. God she was hot.

Lisa put her lips right to Jen’s ear and whispered “I bet you want to get ass fucked, have you ever been ass fucked?” The warm breath on Jen’s ear and the soft whispering sent delicious thrills coursing through her nipples, cunt and still flexing butt.

“No.” Jen replied.

“Good, because reading in your diary I noticed you always talk about intensity, you love intensity, the more intense the better, don’t you think it would be intense to have one of your bigger vibrators all the way up your ass while I pinch your nipples hard? Tell me what you want sub slut.”

“Yes, I want it.” Jen couldn’t believe who was speaking with her voice, she couldn’t be saying these things, but she was, “I should be standing with my legs crossed to make my ass tighter.”

Lisa loved this, she thought she had Jen completely under her control and knew that right now the girl was so hot she would do anything. She reached in the drawer where Jen had her toys and handed her a medium size vibrator and said “Now subbie Jen, I want you to put this all the way up your ass and tell me, beg me, to pinch your nipples and then turn on the vibrator, do it now or your sick little diary becomes public knowledge.”

Jen Bayan escort crossed her legs, making her tight ass even tighter, she licked the vibrator but still had to use both hands and push hard to even get in in. that other person inside her started talking again, being naughtier than she ever would, saying, “Pinch my nipples Lisa, please, pinch them and twist them and pull on them.” As she did that Lisa complied, Jen shoved the vibrator all the way up her ass and turned it on.

Something strange happened, Jen knew she was going to orgasm but it didn’t happen, she went right to the edge and just stayed there. She had never experienced this but she rode it, right on the edge but not quite coming. It was wild, she felt the orgasm was coming, but not yet, she also felt something else. She had heard rumors about anal orgasms, figuring there was little or no truth to it, but what she felt was probably the basis for the rumors. Her tight ass loved being stretched and filled with the vibrator.

When she finally came it was like thunder and lightning and bliss, with Lisa looking right in her eyes. She exploded and gushed a little come down her legs and then realized that was just the beginning. Before each wave of monstrous pleasure would subside another came crashing over her and she would come more. The juices were beginning to drip nearly all the way down the insides of her legs as she rode the waves of orgasms. Her ass was clenching on the vibrator and Lisa savagely pinching and yanking on her nipples. When they finally subsided she was spent but had one more thing to, she turned off and removed the vibrator from her ass.

She slapped Lisa across the face and threw her on the bed, saying “You stupid fucking bitch, that wasn’t my diary, that was a story I was writing. I don’t give a damn who knows I wrote that, but your supervisor is going to know how you came in my room and read my personal files. Do you think your boss will like hearing how you blackmailed me into allowing that girl Tina and you to do those things to me? What’s your supervisor’s phone number? Or should I get it from the front desk?”

“Wait! No please!” begged Lisa “I’ll do anything you want, I’ll, I’ll lick your cunt.”

“You will and more, have YOU ever been ass fucked?”

The now timid Lisa meekly responded “No.”

“Get on your hands and knees and stick your finger in your ass to start.” Said Jen as she pulled off her soaking panties, sat down in a chair, lit a cigarette and started playing with her nipples.

Just then the door opened and three young girls in maid uniforms came in, led by Tina.

Jen smiled and said hi to Tina and welcome to the other two, and then to Lisa she said “O.k., subbie Lisa, you know the drill, tell the girls what you want them to do to your ass.”

It was going to be a long night.

To be continued in Ch. 3

Thanks everyone who liked the first chapter. I appreciated your kind feedback and numerous suggestions as you may see some here. Hope you don’t mind I went lesbian with this chapter, it was a personal preference. Love and kisses to all, Lisa Denton

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