Black Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 02

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Standing naked inside the door ready coiled for action and ready to deliver a crippling first strike blow, Kirk contemplated “Hubby? Beau? Another of Li Su’s lovers?”

Instead of the loud shouts that would likely accompany any of these, Kirk instead heard a wave of Chinese chatter being exchanged. He relaxed slightly upon recognizing that Li Su was chattering with another Asian female. As minutes passed, the excited sounding chatter continued almost nonstop. Although he knew a smattering of two Chinese dialects he recognized nothing of what was being said.

After several more minutes of animated chatter, Kirk heard the door close sharply shut. Kirk relaxed further and dropped his fighting stance as he heard Li Su muttering to herself as she approached the doorway.

“Bitch!” she exclaimed.

Walking through the door and seeing Kirk standing at the ready, she repeated the phrase.

“Bitch! Damn nosy bitch!”

In response to Kirk’s quizzical look, she explained.

“That was my damned nosy neighbor. She heard my bed banging against the wall and me screaming. She claimed that she was checking to see if I was OK but really she just wanted to see what, or WHO, was making me feel so good!”

“She’s jealous!”

“Will she cause you a problem with your husband?”

“Oh no, she’s doing the same as me! Her hubby works out of town too. She’ll pop out of her house and flirt with you when you leave. But I’ll take care of that!”

“And how will you do that?”

“Easy! You’re not leaving alone. I’m leaving with you. Can I come to your hotel with you and spend the night? That way we can enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other better.”

Not waiting for his response, she said “I’m going to take a shower and get ready.”

As the bathroom door closed behind her, Li Su was overcome by a wave of mixed emotions. “He treated me like a slut because I’m acting like one! But the girls all say that you have to act like a slut to attract men, especially black men! But I’m really not a slut, I just wanted a real man to make me cum!”

Still berating herself, she turned on the shower and stepped into the warm spray. As the water cascaded over her body, her thoughts turned to the incredible sense of physical satisfaction she felt.

“He made me cum hard with his big black cock!” she smiled “And his finger up my ass felt good, really good! Does that mean that deep down I am really a slut? I know that I’m not but what if he doesn’t like the REAL me?” Still torn, she gently lathered her lithe body. “He may reject the real me but at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing that a man made me come and cum HARD!”

After about fifteen minutes she reemerged with steam swirling from the open door. Her hair was wrapped in a towel and she wore a short wrap that showed off the shapely and well-toned thighs that Kirk had seen but not fully appreciated. Her pale tan thighs showed the muscle definition of a well-trained athlete.

“Your turn but don’t hurry because I need some time to dry my hair and decide what to wear.”

Taking her at her word, Kirk languished under the spray from the oversized showerhead. “I’m not quite sure what to make of all this” he mused as he lathered his muscular chest. “I’d agreed to a quick fuck – not an all-nighter, but what the hell!” In the background he heard her humming over the whirring sound of a hair dryer.

As the sound of the dryer stopped, he heard Li Su’s voice calling to him through the closed door. “I put a new razor on the shelf in case you might want to shave!”

He thanked her as he found the razor and started soaping his face to get rid of his five o’clock shadow. “This young lady plans ahead!”

After dawdling in the shower for several more minutes, Kirk turned off the water and grabbed the fresh towel Li Su had laid out for him. After patting himself dry, he wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped back into the bedroom.

He was mildly surprised to find the bed made and his clothes folded neatly atop the bedspread. His shoes had been placed neatly on the floor, his socks carefully placed on them. He sat on the edge of the bed and began to muse “This young lady has a lot to …” but his thought was interrupted by Li Su’s voice.

“How do I look? OK for your fancy hotel?”

Kirk turned in her direction and was stunned. The young and wanton nymphet that he’d just ravaged had disappeared! In her place was an elegant, ageless and truly beautiful woman. Kirk was speechless! The ‘ugly duckling’ slut he’d just banged had become an ‘elegant swan’!

Li Su had totally transformed herself. He slowly took in the transformation from top to bottom. Her hair was now up on her head, held in place by jade and black chopsticks. Her thick glasses had been replaced with contacts and her makeup was flawless, with a blush accenting her high cheek bones.

She wore a charcoal gray, pinstriped business suit that was worthy of any executive office or ‘How to Dress for Success’ Ümraniye Escort magazine. The blazer jacket tastefully accented her cleavage without bringing attention to her full breasts. The jacket tapered at the waist and flared slightly over her hips and transitioned nicely to the knee length skirt beneath it. Grey smoky hose showed off the legs he’d recently been nestled between to great effect. They accented her shapely calves and slender ankles seeming to make her even taller. Four inch heels completed the effect.

“Don’t just stare, tell me if I look OK!” smiling as she said it. She knew from his reaction that she’d had the desired effect. Stammering slightly Kirk praised her transformation. “You look lovely Li Su – absolutely stunning! You look like an sophisticated business executive!”

“Not a 26 year old ‘Come fuck me slut?”

“No anything but a slut! You’d easily stand out as a gorgeous, polished lady that every man would lust after and every woman would envy!”

“Good! That’s the look I was going for so I fit in at your fancy hotel. Let me put on my jewelry and I’ll be ready.”

After rummaging in the jewelry box on her dresser, she put on some jade earrings and began fastening a matching jade necklace around her neck. Kirk moved behind her to assist. She murmured a soft ‘Thanks’ as he closed the clasp but stopped his hands in midair as he looked at the reflection of the stone nestled just above her cleavage. The S-shaped jade matched the pattern of the pubic hair he’d stroked hours before.

Recognizing his curiosity, Li Su said “It’s the symbol of the ancient Chinese trading route called the Silk Road. Since you saw it earlier between my legs, I guess you can say that you’ve ridden my own silk road. And what a ride it was!” She smiled and walked away.

“Finish dressing so we can leave and get to know each other better.”

Kirk resumed dressing and as he knotted his tie thought to himself “Getting to know her better is going to be interesting I suspect.”

Li Su stood by the front door holding a small leather satchel as he walked towards her. She handed him her keys and said “We taking the grey sedan that’s parked next to the car I picked you up in. It’s the car I use for business.” After they descended the stairs, Kirk offered her his arm. She took it and said “Let’s walk slowly so the wench next door can get an eyeful.”

Kirk matched her slow stroll, unlocked the doors and offered his hand as she was seated. Her previous gapped legged entrance had been supplanted by a gracious knees together swivel into her seat accompanied by an appreciative squeeze of his hand. As he retrieved his leather carry on from her other car, he glanced up in time to see the blinds of her nosy neighbor being quickly closed.

“Mission accomplished! Your nosy neighbor got an eyeful” he said as he slid behind the wheel.

“Good! She can lust after the handsome black gentleman that I’m about to get to know better.”

As they entered the freeway Kirk rested his hand on the console between them. He felt her cool hand slide atop his and heard something surprising from her lips “I should probably start by apologizing to you.” Kirk glanced sideways to her face and said quizzically “Apologize? For what?”

“For my behavior and … my attitude towards you.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“Well when I first came into your office a few months ago, I realized that you were black. Stories that I’ve heard from girlfriends made me expect that you’d begin leering at me and hitting on me trying to get me in your bed. I had to practically throw myself at you to get you to acknowledge that I was a woman! I had to practically show you that you made me wet before you noticed. You didn’t quite match the stereotype of black men that I’ve heard.”

“After you’re in the country longer you’ll find that most stereotypes about blacks, or for that matter Chinese, are bullshit!”

“I’m learning that is true! You could have fucked me in your office or made me miss my plane but you didn’t. Even after I sent you an email telling you I wanted you, you didn’t react quite like I expected. Now you sincerely compliment me about my looks, offer me your arm like the perfect gentleman and didn’t get mad at me for believing the stereotypes. Well … one of them proved true.”

“Oh and which one is that?”

“You’re very well endowed!” Li Su giggled.

“But seriously, I really want to get to know you better and let you know more about the real me. True, I can be a horny slut but I hope you’ll find that I am much more, much better than that.”

“Let’s talk over dinner when we arrive at the hotel Li Su. I really want to know more about you.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that. I’ll be open, honest and let you see the real me.”

When they arrived at the hotel, Li Su’s new elegance was on full display as she accepted his extended hand and gracefully swiveled, swung her closed legs outward and stood by placing one crossed ankle over the Anadolu yakası Escort other. Upon checking in at the front desk, Kirk learned that the bedroom of his suite was ready but that the adjacent conference room was just being cleaned due to a meeting that ran late. Seeing Li Su and mistakenly assuming she was an interviewee, the clerk apologized profusely. I know you use that room for your interviews Dr. Johnson and am really sorry that its not ready for your first meeting. Recognizing that the clerk thought Li Su was an interviewee, Kirk didn’t let on.

“We’ll just have dinner and wait for the room.”

Fretting that Kirk might be displeased, the clerk made an unexpected gesture. “May I offer you dinner in the private VIP dining room? That will insure that you won’t be disturbed.”

Kirk chuckled inwardly, accepted her invitation and his room keys.

“That was intriguing” Li Su remarked “Would you care to share?”

“Seeing how elegantly dressed you are the clerk mistakenly thought you were one of the people that I’m interviewing this weekend. I try to insure that the people I meet don’t run into anyone they know and create problems when they go back to work on Monday so I interview them in the private conference room.”

“Ahhh, got it – you’re so considerate!”

They walked to the elevator to drop their bags at the room before using the key the clerk had provided to gain entrance to the private floor.

“This is a huge room!” Li Su gasped as they entered. “You must really be somebody important.”

“Not particularly important but I do spend quite a bit of money here.”

“I’ll bet you turn it into a huge sex den when you’re through working!” Li Su smiled but became ashen faced when she noticed Kirk’s expression.

“Is that you talking or are you repeating another stereotype?”

Li Su’s face flushed a bright red “I’m sorry I just meant …”

“That black men fuck at the drop of a hat?”

Stammering for a response, Li Su moaned “I stepped in it again. Please forgive me!”

Kirk laughed and said “Let’s start over at dinner and get to know more about each other.”

He offered his arm as they walked to the private elevator and again as they stepped into the quiet of the private club. The maître d was waiting and briskly led them to the small private dining room. They wouldn’t be interrupted by even waiters unless Kirk pressed a small table side button to beckon one. Before leaving them with menus, the maître d asked if they cared for drinks. Kirk asked Li Su if a white wine was suitable, she quickly agreed.

A gentle knock on the door announced the waiter’s arrival with their wine. After waiting for Kirk to test the cork and taste the wine, he filled their glasses.

Knowing that Li Su hadn’t eaten all day and they’d both expended a lot of energy romping in her bed, Kirk asked the waiter to return in five minutes to take their dinner orders. Again Kirk sensed that she was more a refined woman of breeding and less a tramp by a couple of things he observed. First she remarked “Excellent choice!” after he made his wine selection. Then he noticed that almost subconsciously she rearranged the silverware on their table. She moved the dessert forks and entremet spoons to their correct positions above the dinner plates. Kirk recognized her preferred setting as one used only for formal occasions like those he’d used at the few State Department affairs he’d attended over the years.

“Something else to tuck away and explore sometime in the future” Kirk thought.

The future came more quickly than he’d expected after Li Su saw him watching her rearrange the silver.

“I’ll bet you’re wondering why I did that” she said.

“Well yes, but not so much why as where you learned the formal place setting. Its not used often.”

“Before I moved to the states, I was used by my government as a host when American dignitaries visited because I speak English well.”


“Yes, most of them from the Olympic selection committee but sometimes government officials too. After we order, I’ll give you a short version of my life.”

The waiter returned, took their orders and topped off their glasses. As he departed, Li Su’s story unfolded.

“When I was born, it was bad for my mother because I was not a boy. The Chinese government prefers boys and allows only one child per family. My mother was chastised and would have been banished except she coaches the national women’s volleyball team. Because I am tall, I was forced to join the team but hurt my knees and could no longer play. I was then trained in English and computer programming and made to work as a diplomatic liaison. I hated it!”


“Because in addition to playing host, they wanted me to fuck the so-called white dignitaries.”

“I don’t want to embarrass you because I understand the situation. Did you?”

“No! Despite my earlier behavior, I’m not a slut! But their demands made me curious. I İstanbul Escort was told that I could make love only to white men but no blacks because they would hurt me.”

“Hurt you?”

“Yes, their big dicks would ruin me for little dick white men.” Li Su snickered. “When several guests complained, I was no longer a host and was about to be banished.”

“About to be …?”

“Yes, my parents quickly arranged a marriage to my husband after he promised we could move to America. I never even met him before the ‘wedding’! He’s a geek, much older than you and has a little dick!”

“If you’re unhappy with him, why do you visit him so regularly?”

“Because of my mother. If he reports that I stopped visiting, they would banish her!” A wistful look came over Li Su’s face and she continued. “Poor woman has given me so much, protected me and is in an unhappy marriage. She told me recently that she’s never even had an orgasm! My father makes her lie still, open her legs as he climbs on, gets off and rolls over to sleep. I’m saving to move her here with me.”

Li Su looked sad and dabbed her eyes to flick away tears. Kirk summoned the waiter to have their plates cleared, signed the check and suggested that they leave.

As they entered the elevator Kirk asked “Are you OK?”

“Yes, just a little sad for my mother, angry at the way she’s treated and a lot embarrassed.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I’m sad for her because I thought about her when you made me keep cumming. I’m angry because she’s never felt that good. And I’m embarrassed because I threw myself at you because I wanted to do something they didn’t like. I’ll leave when we get back to your room.”

“You can of course leave but don’t leave because you think I’m mad. I’m really intrigued.”

Li Su’s face brightened “You mean I can stay with you tonight?”

“I’d like that – I really would!”

As the elevator arrived at their floor, Li Su slid an arm around his neck and kissed Kirk. “Thank you for letting me stay!” She took his offered arm and glided beside him as they approached his room. Kirk unlocked the door and stepped aside to let her enter first.

“You’re such a gentleman! I’m learning that black men can be gentlemen and not just crazy for sex.”

Kirk chuckled and told her to make herself comfortable as he opened the door to access the adjacent board room he’d used the following day. Kirk noticed the message light blinking, sat down and dialed the message center. The automated voice announced that he had four messages. Two were from programmers confirming their interviews and two were from his office with additional details on each candidate. Kirk picked up a nearby pen and pad and made notes.

As he hung up the phone, he caught a movement in his peripheral vision and looked towards the door. Li Su stood sideways, leaning again the door jam. She’d taken off her suit and replaced it with a thigh length silk robe but still wore her hose and heels.

She turned to face him and asked “You said my suit made me look like an executive woman. Does this make me look like an executive’s lover?”

Kirk was stunned and felt himself get instantly hard at this unexpected sight. Li Su opened the robe as she turned to face him. Her hair was still up, her ‘Silk Road’ necklace in place but all else was cock hardening new. She wore a see through bra that gave him a full view of her full breasts and her hard pink nipples. A black garter belt rested on her slim waist with strands of silk attached to the smoky hose covering her shapely legs. She wore no panties leaving her stylish pubic hair on full display. The lips of her pussy were swollen and a glint of reflected light showed that her nectar was flowing.

“It not only makes you look like an executive’s lover, it makes you look good enough to eat!” Kirk enthused.

“But they told me that black men don’t like to eat pussy!”

Kirk chuckled aloud “And Chinese women all have small tits!”

Pinching one nipple as she walked towards him Li Su asked “Are 36 D’s too small?”

Kirk laughed again and noticed that she was carrying a small camera.

“I want you to take some pictures of me so you’ll remember me.”

Kirk obliged by taking the camera and taking shots of her in various poses – leaning against the door jam, seated at the table first in a demur pose then with her legs spread. He lifted her to the table top and took a few more shots before putting down the camera, sitting down and rolling forward with his face between her widespread legs.

“I said you looked good enough to eat and I’m going to prove it!”

As his tongue made a wet trail along her inner thighs above the tops of her hose, Kirk felt a sudden flush of heat. Li Su had picked up the camera.

“Is it OK? I want to remember this moment if you never want to see me again.”

Kirk nodded his assent and began probing her prominent clit with his tongue. After a few more flashed from the camera Li Su lay back and began moaning. As his tongue flicked her clit, he slid one finger into her overflowing pussy and another into the pinking rosebud of her ass.

Li Su’s moans became louder and her hips began thrusting against his face. She sat up slightly grabbed the back of his head and humped his face with abandon.

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