Contentment at Last

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At school I was hopeless in class but excelled in all sports and in art. I left school as soon as I could and much to the amusement of my friends and family, I started a hairdressing apprenticeship in Mayfair, London. I worked hard and became very much in demand but to the outside world I played all the manly sports and chatted to all the girls maintaining my masculine reputation.

One day at work I was asked to go to a client’s flat in the evening to dress her hair for a function. I went and as she opened the door my whole life changed. She was dressed in the tightest black leather jeans tucked into high heeled black thighboots, a little white vest and a cropped black biker jacket. I went in, did her hair and left in a total trance. For a long time I couldn’t get her image from my mind, it was with me last thing at night and first thing in the morning. In the end I realised this is how I wanted to look. Through all my sport and hard work I was very very slim with long blonde hair and a very light beard that I shaved every four days so a feminine look was easy and convincing. I was still living at home and in absolute turmoil as I wanted to break out but the fear and shame of discovery was so difficult.

After a while I found in the paper a flat for rent in London that I could afford so telling my family it was to make my working life easier, I eventually took a six month rent and moved in. I started to shop online for so many wonderful items and each day when I got in from work I would open my parcel and try whatever on. I started Ümraniye Escort to go out at night to Earls Court and all the areas where sexy streetwalkers frequented, taking note of their appearance, their walk and their attitudes. Eventually I put on a pair of tight jeans tucked in my high boots, a little biker jacket and putting my now longer hair up in a high ponytail

I drove to my new spot. It was busy and I totally panicked, got back in the car and went home. I was so disappointed, thought it would be easy but lost my nerve. I went a couple more times and same thing so was going to give up. Then, watching a video one night about street hookers, I though it is now or never. It was a Friday night so putting on my tarty clothes, a little make up, large hoop earrings and hair up, off I drove determined to walk the walk. Instead of just sitting in the car I got straight out and walked round to my “patch”. As I walked up and down various cars slowed down, had a good look and drove off slowly. Eventually a car pulled up and as the window came down a man said “How much for a blowjob darling?” I replied ten pounds and I got in. He must have known my gender but it didn’t seem to bother him and as I stroked his thigh I could feel him getting hard. He started to breath heavier and pulling over unzipped his trousers and pulled my head down on his cock. As I sucked, licked and stroked he told me that only a sissy knows how to suck cock. Eventually he shot his load down my throat and dropped me back where he picked me up. Paid Anadolu Yakası Escort me and said same time next week. I cannot describe the feeling of overwhelming happiness I felt. I turned one more trick that night and when I got home I had a bath got into bed and was truly the happiest I had ever been. Finally I was the streetwhore I wanted to be.

Over the next few months I worked hard during the day and played harder at night. I was getting quite a reputation on the street and was approached by several pimps to work for them but politely declined. I was saving a lot of money determined to buy my own property as soon as I could.

One night I got in a car and didn’t realise there were two more men hiding in the back. I was driven to a house in South London and taken inside where they tied me up and took turns in raping both my holes. It went on for ages and was told I was going to be their bitch from now on. They filmed me in all sorts of positions and told me unless I did as I was told they would release the films to my boss and my family. I was to be picked up on the Saturday nights and taken to parties, clubs, adult cinemas and private houses to entertain their friends. Terrified, I was picked up and taken to the house where after being raped and sucking four huge black cocks I was dressed in stockings, heels, panties, with a collar and lead. I had been ordered to overdo the makeup and lipstick so looked a total slut. My hands were tied behind my back and I was put in the car surrounded by big black İstanbul Escort men and taken to a party in Brixton where I was the only “girl”. After that night I was in bed for three days, I could hardly walk and was so sore I cried. This was to be my life from now on. I had to give up my job telling my boss I was moving abroad and to.d my parents the same.

I was now being advertised on contact sites and was busy seven days a week. My black master was totally ruthless with no feeling for me at all. One night I was so tired I asked for the night off. He grabbed my head and forced something in my mouth. I swallowed and pretty soon I felt great, full of energy and enthusiasm. I actually enjoyed my work that night but next day I felt down again. Every night he would do the same, force these pills down my throat and I would feel great. Pretty soon I couldn’t function without my little sweeties as he called them. He made them stronger and I loved the feeling. I knew deep down that I had become a drugged, owned prostitute for black men. I was put to work on the streets, my nose full of powder and me desperate for my next fix. I would do anything and I mean anything for my sweeties and soon word got round which made my owner tons of money. He put me in porn movies, hired me out for weekends and even kept me in a cage for all his friends to see.

One night I was on the street and I was picked up by a nice man who didn’t want to fuck me just to talk. He took me away from the area and to his home where no one would find me. It took me three months to straighten myself out but thanks to him I am back working in a salon a long way from London where no one knows me. I am forever grateful to my friend who asks no favours and is my only trusted friend. One day I will see my family but right now am concentrating on getting my life back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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