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I met Bob on a Greyhound bus when I used to go visit my family in
Springfield several years ago. I was newly divorced and didn’t have a
car, so Greyhound was a standard procedure for me to escape the hustle
and bustle of the city on weekends. He was about 52 years old. I was 28
years old. My ex-husband had picked up the kids so I had until Sunday
evening to go out and “play”.

It was summertime so I was dressed scantily, a tight cotton t-shirt and
short shorts. Bob greeted me as I mounted the stairs to the vehicle, eyeing
my round curves with obvious appreciation.

“Hi Dee. Off to play again this weekend?” He teased.

“Yeah, the kids are gone, so I’m escaping for a day or two,” I answered,
squeezing by him toward my seat behind the driver’s seat.

I had my long, bleached blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and wore
very little makeup except for light green eyeshadow to accent my hazel
“cat” eyes, and bright red lipstick to accentuate my full lips. I leaned
over a little, giving Bob an eyeful of my 38C breasts, then sat up and
crossed my legs and settled back for the 30 minute ride.

Bob had a stocky build, salt and pepper hair, and a clean shaven face. He
always greeted his riders with a warm smile and a kind comment, but he had
grown even “warmer” over the weeks I had been riding the bus with him.

We rode along the highway chatting about the weather, music and finally our
conversation turned personal.

“Is your mother picking you up at the bus station?” He inquired, glancing
at me in the rearview mirror.

“I have to call her when I get in and let her know to come and get me,” I

“Why don’t you let me give you a lift?” He suggested.

I thought about it and felt comfortable with him, so I agreed to ride to my
mother’s house with him.

We reached the bus station and after checking out, he led me to his white
Lincoln Continental, opened the passenger door for me to get in and we
drove along the country road.

“Why don’t we bursa otele gelen escort bayan stop and talk for a minute,” He said.

“Okay,” I answered.

He pulled the car onto a hidden country lane and leaned over toward me,
pulling me close for a deep, passionate kiss. Surprised, I was taken aback
by his forwardness.

“Hey! What’s going on?” I asked, a little frightened.

“Just relax. I’ve been wanting to get ahold of you for a long time. I’ve
got something special in my pants for that cute little pussy of yours,” He
explained, unzipping his pants and taking out the biggest cock I’d ever
seen in my life.

“Oh my!” I exclaimed, eyes widened. It was at least 9 inches long, and 3
inches in diameter.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle,” Bob promised, sliding his hands up my shorts
to the dampness seeping into my panties.

“Mmmm…Excited, are we?” He teased.

“I’ve never seen a monster cock like that before.” I responded, trying to
wrap my hand around the tumescent rod. A pearl of white liquid seeped from
the eye, begging to be licked. I bent forward and placed my mouth over it,
licking the precum from the head of his tool.

“You don’t have to do that, sweetie.”, he cooed, “I know it’s too big for
your mouth. I want to fuck that tight little pussy.”

I raised my head and pulled down my shorts, kicking them to the floor of
the car, and straddled his huge appendage, sliding down over it ever so
slowly to stretch my tight, hot hole to accommodate his meat. I slid up and
down slowly, taking in a little more with each movement until I finally had
the entire erection inside me. Bob wrapped his arms around me, kissed me
deeply, and pumped his cock in and out, bouncing up and down on the front
seat of the car, grinding it deep inside me as I tightened my pussy muscles
around it, savoring the feeling of this monstrous penis welded inside me.

“Oh, Bob! Don’t stop! Faster! Faster!,” I screamed, holding on tightly.

“Here bursa ucuz escort bayan it comes, sugar,” he answered, tightening his grip around my body as
his spend emptied into me. I could feel the fluid squirting and this
brought me to multiple orgasm. I shuddered and jerked, holding tightly to
Bob until the orgasms subsided and his cock began to shrink from me.

“That was great!” I told him. “What’s the weirdest sexual experience you
ever had?” I asked.

“Well, I must tell you about this woman I met on the bus one time. She was
about 40 years old, tall, blonde and built like a playboy model. She
invited me home to party with her and her daughter. I agreed to go with her
and she took me to her house. Her daughter was beautiful, about 17 years
old, small build, dark hair and brown eyes. When the woman, I’ll call her
‘Mary’, introduced me to her daughter, I got the impression that this type
of “partying” was a regular event for both of them.

“Why do you say that?” I inquired.

“The daughter, I’ll call her ‘Carol’, greeted me with a passionate French
kiss and groped my cock when her mother introduced us. I knew this was
going to be wild, but what Carol had in store totally shocked and surprised

How?” I asked.

“Well, Mary had gone to the kitchen to get us some drinks and Carol settled
down in the armchair across from me. She had on a short sundress with no
panties or bra. As soon as her mother was out of the room, Carol spread her
legs and pulled up her skirt to give me a look at her hairy pussy. My mouth
was drooling by then, but Mary came back into the room with the drinks.

‘Why don’t you get Bowser?’ Mary had suggested to Carol. Carol got up and
went outside and came back leading the biggest St. Bernard I’d ever seen.
He was excited to be inside and ran around the room, wagging his tail and
offering licking kisses to Mary and Carol.

‘Let’s show Bob how we party, Bowser,’ Carol had said, removing bursa merkez escort bayan her dress
and pulling Bowser’s face to her crotch.”

“Hey! What the hell…!” I said.

“You haven’t heard anything yet!,” Bob continued, “The dog started
sniffing and then licking Carol’s crotch. By now, Mary had unzipped
my pants and was playing with my cock. It grew harder and longer as I
watched Carol get on her hands and knees and begin to stroke Bowser’s
cock, which was now visible and giving my own cock some competition
for size. Mary started sucking my cock and Carol sucked Bowser’s cock
as the dog panted and seemed to smile in delight. The dog started to
buck it’s hips and Carol assumed the “fuck” position. The dog mounted
Carol and she reached back to guide it’s huge prick into her little
hairy pussy.”

“Oh Bowser!! Good boy! That’s my baby! Good dog!” Carol squealed at her pet
as Mary sucked my cock harder and harder.

The dog was pumping into Carol like a jackhammer and she was backing into
it, trying to get the dog cock deeper and deeper, then the dog turned
around so that Bowser and Carol were ass to ass, the dog’s cock embedded in
her cunt. They stayed that way for about 10 minutes and Carol screamed in
orgasm, jerking rapidly as the dog moaned and growled in ecstasy. After a
few minutes, the dog’s cock slid from Carol and she came over to join Mary
by eating her mother’s pussy. Mary moaned and jerked as her daughter went
down on her.

By now I was ready to fuck, so I gently pushed Mary’s mouth away and pushed
her down on all fours so I could have her doggy style.

Her huge tits hung down heavily as I positioned myself behind her and slid
my cock into her hot, dripping snatch. Carol laid down on the floor and
Mary commenced to eating out her daughter’s pussy while I fucked her. We
fucked, sucked and bucked as a trio for about 20 minutes. I would stop
pumping each time I started to cum because I wanted to prolong the vision
of Carol fucking the dog to keep me hard. Finally I could wait no longer
and I came into Mary’s pussy as Carol grabbed her mother’s face and held it
to her pussy as she reached her orgasm.

“Good grief!” I exclaimed, “That was pretty wild all right!”

“Yeah, I liked it so much, I married Mary and we’ve been having “foursomes”
ever since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32