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Angela watched from an upstairs bedroom as the young man dug her neighbour’s garden. It was a hot day, and the young man’s t-shirt was soaked with sweat from his labours, she watched as his muscles rippled beneath his tight t-shirt as he tried to dig out a tree stump that her friend and next-door neighbour Joan had been trying to get rid of for a while.

The young man’s name was Brad and he was 22 and a college student, he did garden work in the summer to help with tuition fees. The tree stump was proving particularly tricky, and so Brad stopped to get his breath back and leaned on the pickaxe a moment. As Angela watched, Brad stripped off his t-shirt, revealing a tanned muscular body from his exertions outdoors.

“Oh my,” she gasped, putting a hand to her mouth as she took in Brad’s muscular torso, “Joan was right, he IS a well-built young man!” Brad had been doing garden work for her neighbour Joan for three weeks, but it was the first time she had seen him shirtless. Recently, the weather had turned hot, and Brad was sweating.

She felt a stirring between her legs, and she reached down under her dress and ran her fingers over her panties; they were wet and getting wetter. She pulled the material to one side, and began rubbing her pussy hard and fast, this was her favourite way of getting off quickly, and sure enough before long, she was gasping and panting with pleasure as her orgasm approached.

Angela continued masturbating in full view of anybody who might look up but she did not care; since her divorce, masturbation and her trusty vibrator had been the only form of sexual pleasure she had. Angela lived alone in a big house she had inherited in the divorce settlement two years ago from her rat of a husband Jack, who had been banging his secretary until Angela found out and kicked him out.

Since then she had not had any male company, and was getting more than a little frustrated. At 42, she was too young to be celibate, but there did not seem to be any eligible single men about, and she was not about to date married men, unlike her friend Joan, who had had affairs with a few in the street. Angela inserted two fingers into her pussy, searching for her g-spot in an effort to get off quickly before anyone saw her, but secretly hoping someone (maybe Brad) would.

“Oh fuck that feels good!” she muttered to herself, as her fingers worked their magic once again, “ohhh yesss, here it comes!” and she orgasmed. Images of a shirtless Brad watching her as she did so flashing before her eyes.

Angela was not unattractive, quite the opposite, she was 5’6″ tall with shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. Her breasts were still a full and firm 36C, her waist a 26 and her hips a 34 and her legs were long and toned. Angela took her fingers out of her pussy and let her dress fall, covering her dripping pussy once more from view. She continued watching Brad straining and sweating for a few minutes longer until she heard the screen door on Joan’s house squeak and her friend appeared carrying a tray with a pitcher of lemonade and a glass on it.


Joan was the opposite of Angela, at 5’4″ she was shorter, and where Angela was blonde Joan was dark, her eyes were green, but it was her figure where the biggest difference lay, at 38DD-26-36 Joan had a much curvier figure and at 38, she was younger as well. Joan was dressed in shorts and a strapless top which did nothing to conceal her huge firm tits, also she wore high heels which made her tits wobble as she walked. Joan tottered across to where Brad was working and offered him the lemonade, Brad put down the pickaxe he was using and wiped his hands on his pants before taking the proffered tray.

Angela couldn’t hear the conversation, but Brad was obviously thanking Joan for the lemonade while she smiled and openly admired Brad’s muscular sweaty torso. After a couple of minutes Joan turned around and went back in the house.

“Why Joan, you’re old enough to be his mother!” Angela thought to herself with a smile, “however he IS gorgeous!” Angela carried on with her housework until the phone rang at 12 o’clock.

It was Joan. “Fancy coming over for an iced tea?” “There’s a great view from the back porch!” Joan said with a giggle.

“Be right over” Angela replied, “see you in five minutes!” Angela brushed her hair and checked her appearance before spraying some perfume between her breasts and heading for the door. Two minutes later she stood on Joan’s doorstep ringing the bell.

Joan answered the door.

“Come in, and go straight out the back, I’ll bring the drinks!”

Angela went straight to the back porch and was met with a view of Brad’s tight ass as he bent over, trying to lever the stump out of the ground, he was grunting and sweating and Angela began to feel a little lightheaded.

Just then Joan appeared, “told you there was a great view!” she said with a smile.

“He is gorgeous isn’t he?” “Why three glasses?” Angela asked.

“The other ones for Brad, he’s worked Bayan Eskort so hard!” Joan answered.

“Brad, come over and get an iced tea” Joan shouted, Brad stopped what he was doing and put down his shovel.

“I won’t be a moment,” he said and started walking over towards the two women. They both devoured him hungrily with their eyes as he strode towards them still shirtless.

Angela voiced both their thoughts, “my god he is gorgeous, look at those muscles and that ass!” “I’ll bet you wish he was digging more than just your garden,” Angela whispered so Brad couldn’t overhear her as he was quite close.

“He already is!” Joan whispered back, “he’s been fucking me for the last two weeks!” Angela nearly choked on her iced tea when Joan said this.

“You’re old enough to be his mother!” Angela hissed back.

“Maybe,” Joan said, “but he doesn’t treat me like his mom, more like his whore!” By now Brad was too close to carry on the conversation so Angela and Joan talked about anything else until he had gone back to work.

“Come on, spill the beans!” Angela urged Joan, “what’s he like?” “Well, you’re right, he IS gorgeous and he’s got a HUGE cock, at least 10 inches!”

Angela stared at her friend, open-mouthed, as she revealed this.

“My god, it’s a wonder you can walk! I can’t remember the last time I had a 10inch cock!”

“How would you like to try him for size?” Joan asked, “In truth he’s getting a bit much for me, all that youthful exuberance can get a bit much.”

“You’re kidding, I’m 42, he won’t be interested in ME!”

“Why not, I’m only 4 years younger than you and he’s VERY interested in me!” Angela thought for a few minutes before replying.

“Well the garden COULD do with a good tidy and there are a couple of trees that need cutting up after coming down in last winter’s storms.”

“There you are then; you’ve got the perfect excuse to ask Brad round!”Angela and Joan finished their iced teas and Joan called Brad over.

Still shirtless, Brad walked over to the two friends; he walked slowly, allowing them time to take in his muscular body again. He could see both of them, especially Mrs Keller from next door, devouring him with their eyes. He smiled to himself, “she looks like she needs it bad,” he thought.

“My friend needs some help around her garden, and wondered if you’d be interested?” Joan asked Brad.

“I sure would ma’am,” Brad replied politely.

“When can you start?” Angela asked.

“I can’t come round tomorrow I’m kind of busy, how about the day after?”

“That would be great, Friday it is then.”

Brad went back to work and the two women carried on talking and taking in the view. “Right, tomorrow we go shopping for something sexy for you to wear for Brad!” Joan said.

“But I’ve got clothes” Angela argued.

“Not for a horny 19 year-old you haven’t, maybe for Jack!”

“Okay, but I better go and finish the housework if we’re going shopping tomorrow.”

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow 10 sharp outside mine, I’m driving.” Angela went home, but instead of housework, she went upstairs to the bedroom overlooking Joan’s backyard to watch Brad as he strained to get the stump out of the ground.

Angela’s pussy was sopping wet by the time she got home, the sight of Brad’s muscles and his tanned skin, a contrast to his short blond hair, had triggered something primal in her.

She stripped off her dress, and soaking wet panties, and went over to the bedside cabinet and took out a vibrator, “this needs some serious equipment!” she thought and lay down on the bed and opened her legs. Angela slid the vibrator along the lips of her pussy, soaking it in her juices before gently inserting it into her pussy and turning it on.

As the vibrator hummed, sending tingles through her pussy and up her spine, Angela played with her breasts, sighing as she felt the familiar hardening of her nipples. She continued squeezing them until they were fully hard and then caressed her breasts with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other.

Soon she could feel her pussy muscles contracting around the vibrator. Closing her eyes, she imagined it was Brad between her soaking wet thighs. “Oh Brad” she sighed, “fuck me with your big cock!” As she said this she started to come, waves washing over her making her thrash about on the bed.

“Oh yesss Brad, fuck me deep, make me come for you!” Eventually the orgasm subsided and Angela fell asleep.

When Angela awoke, the sun was beginning to set; she turned and looked at the clock which said 20:00. “I’ve been asleep 6 hours!” she thought, getting up she put on a robe and went downstairs to make herself something to eat. After her meal, Angela ran a bath and put some scented jasmine oil into the running water, and soon her bathroom filled with exotic smells.

Letting her robe slide off her naked body, Angela stepped into the hot water and sank into it, luxuriating in the bubbles and the hot water caressing her body. She began to caress herself, starting with her breasts and working down her abdomen to her pussy. Soft moans came from her mouth as she began to stimulate her clitoris, “yesss ohhh yesss” she moaned as she felt the familiar sensation in the pit of her stomach as her orgasm built.

Images of Brad’s sweaty torso flashed into Angela’s brain as she rubbed herself to an orgasm, “ohhh goddd ohhhh yesss” she moaned as it hit her, “ohhhhhh myyyyy fuckinggg godddddd.” Angela lay back in the water as the orgasm subsided.

“Fuck,” she thought, “if that was just from thinking about him, what it is going to be like when Brad fucks me?”



Thursday dawned sunny and hot, Angela got up at 8 and made some breakfast; after washing up she got in the shower to cool down, and getting out of the shower she stood naked while the warm air dried her. Angela got dressed; she put on a white strapless dress, no underwear and a pair of white high heels and looked in the mirror.

“Not bad” she thought, and then giggled when she thought about her underwear, “naughty!” Just then, she heard Joan beeping the horn of her BMW convertible.

“Come on slowcoach, times a-wasting,” Joan shouted as Angela locked her front door.

“What’s the big hurry?” Angela called back.

“We’ve got lots of shops to visit and not much time!” Joan replied.

Angela got in the 520i and Joan sped off. With the top down, both women’s hair was blowing around their faces and both women wore big sunglasses to keep out the bright light making them look vaguely like celebrities. Joan drove quickly but safely, and soon they were parking in the huge car park at the City Mall. When Angela and Joan got inside, the cold air from the air-conditioning hit them, and in seconds, both the women’s nipples were hard from the cooler air.

“Perverts!” Joan said scornfully, “They turn up the air-conditioning deliberately so this happens!” indicating what looked like a pair of bullets poking through her top.

“Me too” Angela laughed, and the two women headed off to do some serious shopping.


A couple of hours later Angela was still without anything to wear on Friday, so Joan suggested a coffee. They sat down at an outdoor table and the waitress brought them two lattes.

“There must have been something you liked” Joan said, “We’ve visited at least ten outlets!”

“Nothing that caught my eye, I’m looking for something similar to what you had on the other day” Angela said.

“Oh Yes, Joan mused, Brad likes that one, he says it shows my tits and ass off perfectly.”

“So he’s a tits and ass man?” Angela asked.

“Yeah” replied Joan, “but he loves all the rest of me too!” “Say, while we’re here you should get rid of that “mumsy” underwear you wear and get some sexy lingerie in its place, there’s a Victoria’s Secret shop in this mall.”

Angela smiled, “I’m not wearing any!” Joan looked shocked.

“You’re kidding, you mean to say you’ve come out with no bra OR panties on?”

“Yes, I figured if I’m going to take a young lover; I should start being more adventurous, besides, it’s so hot!”

“You are certainly being that; just remember to cross your legs when you sit down!” Joan laughed. The two women trawled through a few more outlets without success. At 2 o’clock they were about to stop for lunch when Angela grabbed Joan’s arm.

“That’s it!” she said, pointing to the window of a small boutique called La Femme “that’s the one” Angela said.

“Are you sure?” Joan asked, not convinced.

The outfit Angela had spotted looked like it would fit a schoolgirl, never mind a 42 year old woman! It consisted of a pink boob tube combined with the tiniest pair of cut-off denim shorts Joan had ever seen. Completing the outfit was a pair of 6” patent stilettos, which would put Angela on Brad’s eye level.

“Let’s go in, I want to try them on.”

Joan sighed, “O.K. honey, but I don’t think those shorts will go anywhere near you!” A bell tinkled as Angela opened the door, a woman about 30 came out of the stockroom, “can I help you?” she asked.

“Yes, I’d like to try on one of the outfits in the window please,” Angela, told her.

“Which one?” the woman asked, looking Angela up and down.

“The pink boob tube and the denim shorts,” Angela answered.

“What size is madam?” the assistant enquired, sounding more than a little doubtful, “I’m a 10,” Angela answered confidently, the assistant did not look so sure.

“This outfit is a size 8, I’m not sure that it will fit you.”

“I’d like to try it on anyway,” Angela said and the assistant went to get the outfit.

“Are you sure about this?” Joan asked again.

“This is the one,” Angela answered firmly, just then the assistant returned with the clothes and Angela took them to the changing room.

Stripping off her dress, Angela admired herself in the mirror before putting on the boob tube. It clung to every inch, accentuating her breasts, next she pulled on the shorts, and they fitted like a second skin without any panties to get in the way; lastly, she tried on the shoes, they were her size and they firmed her calves, making her legs look even longer. Angela tottered back into the shop and Joan gasped.

“My god, you’ll give him a heart attack, but you look fantastic!”

“I’ll take it,” Angela said, the assistant put the clothes in a bag, and Angela paid and she and Joan left the shop.

“Next is some sexy lingerie” said Joan, but first some lunch.”


After lunch, they headed for Victoria’s Secret. Angela wondered why the window was blacked out, but once she got inside she realized why. There were women parading around the shop in the skimpiest underwear she had ever seen! They weren’t models, just customers trying on the merchandise before buying.

“Put your eyes back in and stop staring, it’s rude!” said Joan, “come on let’s go get something to blow Brad’s socks off.”

After much “oh my god, I couldn’t wear THAT!” and “my god, he’ll think I’m a slut!” Joan finally convinced Angela to buy a black corset with red trim and suspenders, two lacy black half-cup bras with matching thongs and four pairs of black sheer stockings.

“Come on let’s go before you change your mind!” ordered Joan as Angela paid; they left the shop and headed for the car park.

When they got home Joan said, “Come on then, let me see how they look on.” The two women went into Angela’s and headed for her bedroom. Joan sat on the bed.

“O.K. pretend I’m Brad; show me what you’ve got.”

Nervously, Angela took the clothes into the bathroom; she had never worn anything like the clothes and lingerie she had bought today, not in front of anyone, especially not in front of another woman! Not even her best friend.

Angela stripped off and put on the corset, struggling with the hooks and eyes; and pulling and pushing until everything was in place, next, she put on one of the thongs, the material was soft and it disappeared up the crack of her ass at the back, barely covering her pussy at the front.

Next she stepped into a pair of the stockings, luxuriating in their soft, cool touch on her legs, she pulled them up and fastened the suspenders to them, pulling them tight, leaving a small amount of creamy flesh exposed. Lastly, Angela put on the stilettos, and, opening the bathroom door, she walked out to face her friend’s judgement.

Joan clapped her hands, “Honey, you look just like Mrs Robinson in the Graduate!” Joan smiled, “Brad is going to LOVE you!”

Angela relaxed a bit, “you think so?”

“Baby I KNOW so; I have GOT to get me some of that!” “Brad is a randy 19 year-old man, what red-blooded man doesn’t like a woman in a corset, stockings and high heels?” asked Joan.

After Angela’s fashion show, the two women went downstairs and opened a bottle of wine, when they had settled down onto the sofa Joan said, “You are going to knock Brad’s socks off, but take it slow, tease him a little first.”

“How do you mean?” asked Angela.

“Don’t wear the top and shorts set straight away, meet him at the door in a dress, and then when he starts work go and get changed.”

“Oh I see, Angela said, you mean like you did the other day when you brought Brad his lemonade?”

“Exactly, don’t hit him with the goods straightaway; keep him guessing for a bit, he likes that in a woman, slutty but not TOO slutty!”

“I’ll remember,” answered Angela; she yawned, today’s shopping trip had been tiring but exciting. “I think I might have a bath and an early night” Angela said yawning again.

“O.K. I’ll leave you to your dreams of Brad, but you’ve got to promise to tell me what happened!” Joan said.

After her bath, Angela was not hungry; so she went straight to bed. Her dreams were plagued with images of Brad, naked with a huge hard-on, smiling and gesturing to her to come closer.

Half asleep, she began to play with her tits and clit, murmuring at the same time, “fuck me Brad, fuck me with your big cock!”

Barely awake, Angela squeezed her right nipple, while at the same time rubbing her clit with her left hand, even through her slumber, she could feel her orgasm building, and soon it washed over her, making her groan and gasp with its intensity. “Ohhh yesss, ohhhh fuckkkk” she groaned, “let me have your big cock Brad!” and fell asleep.



Friday was another hot and sunny day; Angela got up about 7.30 and took a shower. She shaved her pussy, making sure she was smooth, as Joan had told her. She dried off and put on a silk robe to go downstairs for breakfast, the material rubbed against her nipples, making them stiffen. It rubbed against her bare pussy as well, stimulating her clitoris.

Angela reached under the robe, parting it so she could caress herself, her left hand went to her breasts, and the fingers of her right hand teased her clit. In a short time, she was panting and gasping as her orgasm hit her, her pussy grew wet, coating her fingers with her juices, she raised them to her mouth and licked them clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32