Cabin Fever Ch. 02

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Lisa Clark paced back and forth in front of the living room window. Her husband, Brad, left over a half hour ago to head north. She had told him she couldn’t go to the family cabin this trip because of work.

At the end of the street, Kevin Lang, Lisa’s younger brother, sat in his pick up truck. He waited and watched, making sure his brother in law didn’t return to the house. Kevin’s wife should have been on her way north with her brother Brad, but Kevin wasn’t taking any chances.

Kevin drove down the street after waiting an hour. He pulled into the driveway and went in the house. Lisa smiled at her brother and tried to quell the butterflies in her stomach. The siblings stared at each other for what seemed like an hour, but were only a few moments.

“I was afraid you’d decided not to come,” Lisa said softly, her voice showing her nervousness.

“I wanted to make sure Brad and Wendy didn’t show up,” Kevin replied. He was just as nervous as his sister was.

“Want something? I have a bottle of rum,” Lisa said.

“Do you have cola too?”

Lisa nodded and went to the kitchen to mix drinks for each of them. She made the drinks strong, hoping the alcohol would sooth her nerves. Kevin stood next to his sister at the sink, watching.

“Here you go, Kevin,” Lisa said as she handed her brother his drink.

Kevin clicked his glass against his sister’s glass. “Here’s to old times,” He said.

Lisa grinned and took a gulp of the sweet drink. She walked into the living room, sitting on the leather couch. Kevin followed, sitting near her. They sat in silence, sipping their drinks. Lisa began to relax, the liquor calming her tense body. Her face softened and a smile formed.

“Remember the night of my bachelorette party?” Lisa said. The conversion always began the same way, Lisa and her brother reliving the first night they became intimate.

“Yeah, I remember. I remember you teasing me because Wendy and I hadn’t made love yet,” Kevin replied.

Lisa and her brother began talking about the night almost four years ago. Lisa came home from her bachelorette party with a good buzz. She and her friends, including her brother’s girlfriend, had been at a friend’s house. They drank and laughed while talking about Lisa’s upcoming wedding. When Lisa came home, Kevin had to help her to her room.

“You kept telling me that Wendy wanted to go all the way with me. I didn’t know if you were kidding or serious,” Kevin said.

“You looked up my skirt when you put me on my bed,” Lisa retorted with a chuckle.

“As I remember it, you weren’t being very modest that night. You didn’t seem to mind when I peeked up your skirt.”

“I didn’t care at that point. Don’t forget, I was half drunk.”

Kevin chuckled. “Yeah, but you were half sober too. I can remember it like it was yesterday.”

“Oh you can, can you. Okay, what was I wearing?” Lisa asked. She knew he remembered, but it was part of the game.

“You had on a denim skirt and a black blouse. Under the skirt, you wore black panties,” Kevin said and then he laughed.

“I was a tease, wasn’t I?”

“Yes you were. You knew Wendy and I hadn’t done anything except some heavy petting. I was so mad when you kept telling me I was afraid to go any further.”

Lisa laughed again. She pulled her legs up on the couch, making sure her brother was able to see her panties under her white uniform dress. “I couldn’t help myself, I was horny that night.”

“You were devious is what you were. I was as dumb as a bag of rocks. When you acted like you passed out, I was going to leave, but then you asked me to help you get your shoes off,” Kevin said.

“Yeah, and you couldn’t keep your eyes off my crotch while you unbuckled them, could you?”

Kevin shook his head. “No, and you knew I wouldn’t. Shit, Lisa, you spread your legs and caused your skirt to rise to your waist.”

“I thought my acting like I couldn’t unbutton my blouse was priceless. You finally took the hint and helped me. It was all I could do to keep from laughing when you tried to unbutton my top without touching my tits.”

“I managed to get your shirt off though.”

Lisa nodded. “Yup, and my skirt too.”

“You sure looked sexy lying on your bed in your undies.”

“I thought you were going to faint when I asked you to undo my bra.”

“I almost did when I took it off. Your boobs were the first real ones I’d seen. Wendy let my play with hers, but only though her top.”

“I felt sorry for you. You were eighteen and had never seen a naked girl before. The look on your face made me keep going. I was going to stop after you took my bra off, but when I saw the look in your eyes, I couldn’t.

“When I asked you to help me get under the covers, I knew how things were going to end up. I tried to blame it on being drunk, but when I’m honest with myself, I can’t. I knew exactly what I was doing.”

“The kiss you gave me when I picked you up was so hot! I felt like I was going to melt in your arms. Then Eskort Kız when I tried to get you under the covers, you pulled me onto the bed with you. From that moment on, the night was pure bliss for me,” Kevin said.

“It was for me too. I loved the way it felt when you put your dick in me. I loved the way you fucked me that night.”

“I didn’t last very long as I remember it.”

Lisa giggled and said, “Not the first time, but the second and third time we did it you lasted long enough to get me off.”

Kevin took another sip of his drink. He placed it on the coffee table and began rubbing his sister’s leg above the knee. Lisa put her drink down so she could put her arms around her brother’s neck. Their mouths met and they kissed. Lisa opened her mouth and let her brother’s tongue slide over her lips.

Lisa twisted on the couch until she stretched out across Kevin’s lap. He put his hand on her breast, flexing his fingers against the pliant mound. She moaned into his mouth, pushing her chest up and he began unbuttoning the top of her dress.

“Mmmm, I love the way your hands feel on my tits, Kevin. Get my uniform off,” Lisa said.

“No problem.”

Kevin and Lisa worked her uniform dress off. He removed her bra and leaned over so he could kiss her breasts. Lisa felt her pussy tingle as his teeth pinched her nipples. She moved a hand between them and rubbed his cock through his jeans.

Lisa slipped out of her brother’s arms. Kneeling on the floor, she unfastened his jeans. Kevin lifted his hips so his sister could pull his pants down his legs. She wrapped her hand around his erect prick and began to stroke him. Kevin leaned his head back and let out a moan.

“Remember the first time I sucked your cock?” Lisa asked as she rubbed the head against her face.

“Yeah, it was two days later. I didn’t think we’d ever do anything again. You were getting married and I thought it was a one time fling,” Kevin said.

“It was supposed to be, but after we made love, I knew I couldn’t stop. I loved Brad, I still do, but there was something inside me that wouldn’t leave me alone.” Lisa kissed the tip of his cock and then took it in her mouth. She bobbed her head, taking over half his length.

Kevin knew he wouldn’t last long. Lisa knew she would soon have his semen coating her tongue. She applied suction as her lips glided up and down the veined shaft. Lisa fondled his balls, trying to coax his cum into her mouth. Ever since the first time she gave him a blowjob, her first attempt at oral sex, she couldn’t get enough of her brother’s cock or the bittersweet cum it produced.

Lisa felt his cock swell and jerk against her tongue. She waited, knowing her brother wouldn’t warn her. He always told his sister before he ejaculated, but she told him not to. She wanted the surprise and her brother didn’t disappoint.

Kevin’s cock erupted in his sister’s sucking mouth. She held his semen, waiting until he finished before swallowing. Lisa loved showing her brother her mouthful of cum. Once his cock stopped pulsing, Lisa removed her mouth. She stretched up, opening her mouth to show Kevin the puddle of thick milky fluid. Closing her mouth, she swallowed and then licked her lips.

“Mmmm, I love doing that, Kevin. Your cum tastes so good!” Lisa said as she got up.

Kevin removed his shirt and kicked his pants off. He stretched out on his back so he could service his sister’s pussy with his mouth and tongue. Lisa grinned as she straddled his head and lowered her crotch to his upturned face. Kevin gripped her sides, pulling her down to him.

Lisa wiggled against her brother’s tongue. He stabbed at her wet pussy, taking pleasure in her unique taste. He rubbed his nose against her clit while staring up into her bright green eyes. Lisa ran her fingers through Kevin’s hair. She stroked his head lightly, moaning softly. As she approached her orgasm, Lisa’s hips began to move and she rubbed her drooling pussy against her brother’s face. Kevin moved his head from side to side while flicking his tongue against her hardened clit.

Kevin reached up and pinched his sister’s nipples, causing jolts of pleasure to run from her breasts to her pussy. When she peaked, Lisa threw her head back and let out a mournful cry. She gripped her brother’s hair, pulling his head against her crotch.

“Oh god yes, suck my pussy!” Lisa yelled. “That feels so good!”

Kevin felt her tangy juices draining down his throat. He lapped at her pussy, gathering the fluid with his tongue. Lisa lifted up from her brother’s face, her pussy still convulsing as she moved down and impaled herself on his rigid cock. Lisa leaned forward, placing her hand on Kevin’s chest. She started to bounce, driving his prick in and out of her pussy.

Lisa lowered her head. She kissed Kevin and moaned. He humped up against her as their passion grew into animal like rutting. The sound of slapping flesh echoed in the room, mixed with their throaty groans. Like a rollercoaster, Lisa’s orgasms rose slowly, crested the peak and then plummeted at breakneck speed. Her body vibrated as her brother’s cock plowed in and out of her pussy.

Kevin held on as long as he could. He used every trick he knew to prolong his climax. Finally, the desire to come overrode his desire to refrain. He shoved up, gripped his sister’s ass, and came in her gripping pussy. Lisa clamped her vagina against her brother’s throbbing member, feeling him squirting into her depths.

Lisa went limp on top of Kevin’s heaving body. He stroked her back and ass while the siblings attempted to regain their composure. Lisa felt Kevin’s cock pulling out of her pussy and flexed her vaginal muscles trying to keep him inside of her.

“Damn that was great, Sis. You were wild,” Kevin said.

“You didn’t do bad yourself, little brother.” Lisa smiled and got up. “Now that we’ve fucked, let’s get something to eat. Are we going out tonight?”

“Yes, it will give me a chance to recharge my batteries,” Kevin said.

“Okay, come take a shower with me.”

Lisa and Kevin showered. When they finished, they dressed. Lisa put on a short skirt. Kevin reached under the skirt, removing her panties. She laughed and pulled her top on without a bra.

“Are you going to be bad tonight?” Lisa asked. “I thought I was pretty good, actually.”

Lisa gave Kevin a kiss. “You were great!”

Kevin and Lisa ate dinner in a little Mexican restaurant near the house. They sat next to each other at a round table and enjoyed their meal. After dinner, they ordered margaritas.

“I’m really going to miss being together like this, Kevin,” Lisa said sadly.

“So am I, but we’ve talked about it. We both know we can’t go on doing this behind Brad and Wendy’s backs. It’s a small wonder we haven’t been discovered,” Kevin said.

“I don’t regret a moment. The last four years have been wonderful for me.”

“They have been for me too, Lisa. You know I still love you and always will, but this has to end,” Kevin told his sister. “We’ve agreed to that, right?”

“Yes and you’re right, we have to stop. I’m glad we have this weekend together. I feel like I want to cram a lifetime of having sex with you into three days,” Lisa said.

“You were always a horny little thing,” Kevin said with a smile.

“So, you didn’t seem to mind. Besides, you were just as bad once you had a taste,” Lisa said.

“And you love it when I taste you!” Kevin sipped his drink and then looked into his sister’s eyes. “Maybe we could still get together once in a while. You know, not as often, but on a special occasion or something.”

“I wish we could, Kevin, I really do. I just can’t handle the way I feel after we do it anymore. I don’t have a problem with what we do, but I hate lying to Brad. What would we do if they caught us fooling around? I can’t stand the thought of losing my husband,” Lisa said with a sigh.

Kevin nodded. “I’d hate to lose Wendy too. Let’s not think about it anymore. Let’s just have fun together.”

Lisa smiled. She felt her brother’s hand on her knee and scooted closer. He began to stroke her inner thigh and she opened her legs a little more. Kevin looked around as he moved his hand higher. Noting no one was watching, he started to rub Lisa’s pussy. Kevin fingered Lisa slowly while sipping his drink. She scooted her chair further under the table so another patron wouldn’t discover them. Kevin finally removed his hand, sucking his finger seductively.

Lisa and her brother finished their drinks. Neither of them needed to mention their urgency. The moment they were in Kevin’s truck, Lisa began kissing him. She pulled Kevin’s arm, guiding his hand under her skirt.

“Take me home before I fuck you right here!” Lisa said as she wiggled against his probing fingers.

“It wouldn’t be the first time we fucked in my truck,” Kevin said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, I know it wouldn’t, but we don’t have to this weekend.”

Kevin pulled his hand out from under his sister’s short skirt. Lisa sat next to him, pulling her skirt up to expose her naked pussy. She rubbed herself with one hand while rubbing Kevin’s cock with the other. He drove to the house and they went in.

Lisa pulled Kevin to the bedroom. They removed their clothes and fell into one another’s arms. Kissing, they moved to the king size bed. Lisa ripped the covers back and pulled her brother onto the bed with her. She unceremoniously flopped on her back and spread her legs.

“Get your cock in my pussy and fuck me!” Lisa said.

Kevin did what she asked. He knelt between her splayed legs, gripped his cock, and pushed it into her. He gripped her legs, pulling them over his. Lisa groaned as her brother grabbed her ass and began moving.

“Oh fuck yeah! That’s the way, baby. Fuck me!” Lisa said as she humped against Kevin’s thrusts.

Kevin pumped his cock in and out of his sister’s pussy. He rolled her on her side, putting her right leg over his shoulder. Kevin gripped one of Lisa’s breasts, massaging it roughly, as he assaulted her pussy with rampant lunges. Lisa let out a series of grunts. She found her clit with her hand and began rubbing it furiously.

“Oh my god you brute! You’re fucking me so hard,” Lisa said. “I’m going to come!”

“Do it, Sis, come on my cock for me. I’m going to fill your pussy in a minute,” Kevin said, his words accented by sharp grunts. “Fuck, your pussy is hot!”

Kevin came, shooting his semen into his sister. Lisa also reached her climax, a few moments after her brother. Her pussy contracted around his cock, milking it. Kevin pushed into her as far as he could. His ass clinched each time his dick spurted.

Lisa panted as she looked up at her brother. She took a few short breaths and then grinned. “You never disappoint me, Kevin. Every time we fuck it’s as good as the first time.”

Kevin rolled Lisa on her back. He stretched out next to her, putting his hand on the back of her head. Lisa grinned and said, “I suppose you want me to suck your gooey cock, don’t you?”

Lisa didn’t wait for her brother’s answer. She scooted down his body, sucking his semi flaccid prick between her lips. Lisa let out a subtle moan as she took his entire cock into her mouth. While she slurped the juices off Kevin’s cock, she began to think about her husband.

Kevin stroked his sister’s hair while she gently mouthed his cock. Lisa backed off as it grew in her mouth. She wasn’t able to take it all without gagging. Removing her mouth from Kevin’s cock, she licked the length of his shaft. Pushing his prick against his belly, she kissed his balls. Lisa pulled one of the egg shaped orbs into her mouth, coddling it with her tongue.

Lisa sucked and licked Kevin’s balls and cock for several minutes. She moved up and kissed his mouth. Kevin hugged his sister’s naked body against his, returning the kiss.

“That was great, Lisa,” Kevin said as he stroked her cheek. “You’re a great cocksucker you know.”

Lisa laughed and said, “Does that mean you want another blowjob?”

“In a little while. I have to rest first. Let’s get a drink and watch television.”

Lisa and Kevin didn’t bother dressing. They fixed fresh drinks and went to sit in the living room. Kevin flipped through the channels, but there was nothing either of them wanted to watch. They decided on the music channel for the noise.

“I should call Brad. He’ll wonder about me if I don’t,” Lisa said.

“Okay, I’ll call Wendy a little later. We shouldn’t call too close together,” Kevin said.

Lisa leaned close to her brother. He put his arm around her, letting his hand drop to her breast. Lisa gave Kevin a kiss and went to call her husband. When she returned, Lisa cuddled with Kevin again.

“You know, we’ve never spent the night together. At least not when we’ve had a house to ourselves,” Kevin said. “I can’t wait to wake up in the morning with your naked body next to mine.”

“I can’t wait to feel you fuck me in the morning. I’m going to make you a big breakfast too.” Lisa snickered. “You’re going to need your strength this weekend.”

Reaching over to Kevin, Lisa fondled his cock. “This thing is going to need its strength too. I plan to have in my mouth or pussy as many times as I can. We may have to stop, but I’m going to enjoy our last few times.”

“We don’t get to be together too often anymore. Between work and our spouses, we don’t find the time to be alone.”

Kevin went to the phone so he could call Wendy. After a brief conversation, he returned to the couch.

“Remember last summer when we were at the cabin? Wendy almost caught us fucking on the raft. It’s a good thing you saw her when you did,” Lisa said when Kevin sat back down. “We’ve had a few close calls over the last four years.”

“That makes it so exciting sometimes. Like when we get together for lunch and do it in the truck. I love it when you suck me during the day when someone might see us,” Kevin said.

Lisa grinned. She leaned over to take her brother’s stiffening cock in her mouth. Lisa bobbed her head a few times, removed her mouth, and kissed the head. “We should go to the park near the hospital tomorrow. I’ll suck your dick for you.”

“Wear a skirt and I’ll eat your hot pussy,” Kevin said with a chuckle.

Lisa unfolded her legs, spread them, and said, “You could eat me right now.”

Kevin slipped off the couch and knelt on the floor. He began to pet his sister’s pussy, toying with the light brown curls. “Why haven’t you ever shaved your pussy?”

“I don’t know. I trim when I wear a bikini, but I’ve never thought about shaving it all off. Would you like my pussy better if it was bald?”

“No, I wouldn’t like it any better, but it would be sexy,” Kevin said as he parted her labia with his fingers.

“I don’t know. It might be hard to explain to Brad if I did it without talking to him first.” Lisa moaned, feeling her brother’s finger enter her.

Kevin leaned forward and began licking his sister’s crotch while moving his finger in her pussy. “Next to fucking and being eaten, getting finger fucked is my favorite,” Lisa said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32