Breaking Free Ch. 04

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I want to thank everyone for the great feedback on this series. Honestly, I had intended it to only be the original three chapters. I have thought hard how to continue the story as everyone asked. I hope this addition is what the readers enjoy. I try to keep a few ‘twists’ to keep it interesting.


Emily sighed as Eric pulled into a parking spot at the ramp in Nashville. This was not how she had expected things to go, and she was worried. When her husband had served the request for divorce two months ago, it had been like a dream come true for her and her son. Now, it was quickly becoming something entirely different.

For two months the two sides had corresponded through their attorney offices. Never needing to meet, quickly agreeing on terms; Emily had hoped things would end smoothly. They had agreed on the sale of the house, the division of property, everything. Then, the letter had come, throwing everything out the window.

Eric had laughed when she told him there was a court ordered mediation meeting. Then, he quickly realized his mother was serious. After reading the papers, he had called their lawyer, discovering that not only could they not stop the mediation, it was mandatory both parties attend…together.

Their lawyer had assured them it was a court formality, to prove on paper the marriage was ‘irreconcilable’, as he called it. Still, the idea of his mother, having to face his domineering husband alone, grated at him.

When the date was set, Eric discovered that not only was his father going to be there, but his ‘support’. He apparently intended to bring his bimbo girlfriend with him. Eric demanded he be able to attend with his mother. Told that it was usually the person’s significant other, Eric had almost blurted out that his mother was sitting in the lawyer’s office, dripping his cum into her panties right then. Instead it was his mother who insisted it be her son at her side.

Eric turned off the car and turned to his mother. Leaning over he kissed her lips softly.

“It’ll be all right” he told her. Emily could only smile nervously back at her son.

Together, hand in hand, they entered the courthouse, going through the screening, then finding the conference room set for their meeting. ‘Munez v Munez, Domestic’ Eric read on the roster. Conference room 6634, that meant the sixth floor room 634. Silently they rode in the elevator then strode down the hall, finding the door, the pair settled into seats on a bench in the hallway to wait.

As they waited, Emily toyed with the straps of her purse, wondering what awaited them. They both looked up when the chime of the elevator sounded just down the hallway. They watched as Eric’s father stepped into the hall and began walking towards them.

Eric’s eyes locked to the female form that exited after his father’s burly form. A few steps into the hallway, she came around from behind him, and then she took his hand as the pair strode closer.

“Holy shit” Eric muttered.

“Honey, what is it?” Emily turned and looked at her son, seeing a look of total shock on his face, then she glanced up at her approaching and soon to be ex-husband.

“Oh my God” Emily whispered.

When the couple neared the bench opposite Emily and Eric, the young woman pointed at the seat. “Sit” was the single word she uttered. Eric was shocked, when without a reply, his father complied. What the hell? He thought. Then, the young woman stepped towards them.

“Hey slugger” she told Eric quietly.

“Mona.” Eric got out a choked reply. “You and my dad…but…how…when?” he almost stuttered.

“You’re the one who introduced us remember”‘ Mona laughed back. “Twice actually,” she added.

Eric remembered bringing Mona to Nashville twice to meet his folks, once during the summer and once over Christmas. He had thought they had gotten along fabulous, now he knew why.

“Jesus” Eric muttered. “You were there twice, four days once and a week the other.”

Eric shook his head as his mother sat in stunned silence beside him. “How the hell…I mean, when did you…” he started to ask and then closed his mouth.

Mona turned and stared at Emily “Sorry babe, he’s mine now.” She smiled.

Just then, a young woman approached the two couples and unlocked the small door. She gestured for the two couples to enter.

“I’m sorry, the counselor is running late, stuck in traffic in town, he should be here in about a half an hour or so.” She said softly. “If you would like to take a seat, you can wait in here for privacy.”

Needing to move, do something to overcome the shock, Eric took his mothers’ hand and led her into the small room, sitting the pair along one side of the table. Once again, he watched as Mona led his father into the room, and quietly directed him where to sit. This dominant, overbearing asshole was totally pussy whipped, and Eric could see it.

As the four settled into seats, Mona leaned back in her chair, her arm resting in his fathers’ lap under the table. Eric swore her hand bursa escort bayan started to slowly move up and down under the table.

“To answer your earlier question” Mona looked over at Eric. “That first summer trip, he fucked the hell out of me in the garage” she smiled as Emily gasped across the table.

Mona watched as the older woman reached for her sons’ hand, fingers intertwining in his. She smiled even deeper.

“At Christmas” she continued. “When you two went gift shopping, I had him pound me doggy on your bed, and then he dumped another hot load in me in the shower before you guys got home.” Eric watched her hand; sure enough it slowly glided up and down as Mona spoke.

“Jesus” Eric gasped. He could feel the blood rushing to his own cock, trapped in his jeans. The image in his mind of his mother, braced against the shower wall as he rammed his cock into her, flared in his mind. They had been getting ready for this meeting only this morning, when he had all but ravaged her.

Mona watched as Eric stiffened, his fingers gripping his mothers, a look of something crossing his face. Oh yeah, she thought. Time to push the envelope she decided.

“You know that I am jacking him off right now don’t you.” She leaned forward and whispered in a conspiratorial tone.

Emily sat stunned as she watched the young woman’s arm moving smoothly in her husbands’ lap. She glanced down into her sons’ lap, seeing the thick tube more than evident against the heavy jeans.

Her head turned as Mona spoke again. “Go ahead, you know you want to” the young girl whispered.

“I couldn’t…I mean I don’t…oh God,” Emily tried to reply to this shocking verbal assault.

“Bullshit” Mona interjected. “Your nipples are so fucking hard they would cut steel lady, and that isn’t some new perfume I smell leaking out of you.”

“Oh God” Emily shuddered.

A glint came to Monas’ eyes. “What, would you rather suck your sons’ hard cock down your throat, is that it?”

Emily thought she would fall off her chair, but the worst part was there was more truth in the young woman’s vulgar words than anything.

Eric looked at his father as a soft groan emitted from his lips. He could see his eyes starting to glaze over, and knew it wouldn’t be long before his father shot his load into this vixen’s hand. He felt a hand slip into his lap, turning he looked into his mothers’ eyes, seeing a fire burning in them. Challenged, she was dammed if she was going to let Mona get the best.

Mona smiled as she watched Eric jerk, his thick cock now freed under the table, as his mothers’ fingers wrapped around him. She stared at the older woman across from her as both of their arms began a rhythmic motion.

“Did he fuck you this morning?” she asked Emily

“Yesssssssss” Emily hissed, as she felt her sons’ thick rod pulse in her grip. “In the shower, just like you did my husband.”

“Mmmhmmm” Mona murmured her approval. “I got mine bent over the couch, nice and deep.” She watched Emily shudder again. “Did he give you a nice hot load lady?” she asked

Emily stared into the young woman’s eyes, as she picked up the pace of her hand jacking along Eric’s steel hard shaft, as his engorged head throbbed against her palm. “Hot…deep…and thick” she grated back.

“Niceeee” Mona moaned. She looked over at Eric seeing drops of perspiration forming on his forehead. “Have you knocked her up yet slugger?” she asked.

“No” Eric could barely get out in a strangled voice. He couldn’t believe what was happening right now; but there was no denying the growing tingle in his balls as his mother’s soft hand slide up and down him.

“To bad” Mona replied. “I’m pregnant; the old man did me a month ago.”

The pair could only stare back in silence at Mona’s confession. Emily was stunned when the young woman pulled her hand out from under the table, her fingers glistening with pre cum. She felt the moist hand wrap around hers and begin to tug at her.

“Come here” Mona told Emily. As Emily reluctantly released her sons’ throbbing cock, she rose and felt the young woman lead her to the end of the table. Mona flipped the lock on the conference room door, and then slid herself onto the edge of the long table, her legs dangling over the side.

Mona gestured for Emily to join her, watching as the older woman slid onto the table next to her. “OK boys, up and at ’em” Mona told the two men. “You’ve got about twenty minutes, get to work.”

Eric stood with his father and moved around the table in the small room. Stepping between his mothers’ spread thighs’, he could feel the heat in his balls her hand had churned up. Right then, courthouse security could have flooded the room and he wouldn’t have stopped.

Moving between his mothers’ supple thighs, he reached under her summer dress, his fingers wrapping in the gusset of her panties, drawing the slick cloth to the side. His rock hard cock standing straight out from the opening in his jeans as he slowly approached her wet hole.

Emily bursa anal yapan escort was oblivious to everything else around her, as she watched the burning lust in her sons’ eyes grow. She stared down between her spread legs, and could only watch as her sons’ cock prepared to embed into her.

“Please” Emily whispered softly; “fuck me.” She felt her body tremble as she watched her sons’ magnificent cock press into her soaked folds.

Like a man possessed, Eric drove his hips forward; feeling himself sinking into her steaming depths. He could feel her walls stretching to fit his girth as he pushed deeper, inch by inch, until his pelvis finally came to rest against hers.

“Ohhhh fuckkkkk” Emily moaned, her eyes rolling back, as she felt her pussy filled with her sons’ thick cock.

Every time it seemed like he fit even better inside here, stretching her walls, as her juices leaked out around him to drip down the crack of her ass, puddling on the conference table under her.

The soft moan of another woman brought her senses back. As she felt Eric slowly drawing his cock out of her grasping cunt, she turned and watched as the young woman beside her grunted against a strong thrust.

“Fuck…yeah” Mona gasped. Emily could only stare at the most erotic sight she had ever witnessed, a man and woman in pure primal heat.

Emily opened her mouth to speak; when Eric rammed his hard cock deep back into her, feeling his engorged head bump against her cervix. “Oh Goddd” she moaned.

Her legs wrapped around his waist, as her nails dug into his tight ass cheeks. She began to match his thrusts with her own, trying to drive him even deeper into her womb. The thought that this young hussy could have something over her, even if it was being pregnant, inflamed her lust.

Her eyes focused on Eric’s face. “Fuck me” she almost growled at him. “Give me that hot cum baby” she encouraged him. “I want you to breed me, right here.”

Eric’s hips shuddered and then picked up speed, as he stared down between their coupled bodies. Her hot words were driving him into an almost frenzied state. He could see the glistening of his mothers’ cream on his shaft with every stroke, as e slowly slid in and out. His eyes drifting over her taut belly, Eric began envisioning it rounded with his child.

“Oh fuck…mom” he groaned.

“That’s it…fuck your momma” Mona rasped beside her.

Emily turned and stared again at the young woman sitting beside her. She stared as her husband drove himself into her. God, she thought, he never fucked me like that.

“Come on you bastard. You’ve got just ten minutes to dump that hot load…now fuck me.” Mona dug her nails into the older mans’ biceps, staring into his face as she fucked back at his pounding cock.

Just as she felt Eric’s cock began swelling deep inside her belly, Emily realized the truth. Her husband needed to be dominated, controlled; something she had never been able to do for him. While she needed passion, romance; the very things he had never been capable of. Here, in this conference room she saw the truth, that the road they both were taking was the only road that either would ever be truly happy.

Wet slapping of skin on skin filled the small room, mixed with the sounds of grunting and labored breathing. Emily’s nostrils flared as the heady scent of the two couples lovemaking hung in the air.

“Oh fuck…oh shit” Mona grunted between thrusts. “Fuck me harder, make me cum” she rasped.

The mothers’ hand slid up her sons’ toned chest, fingers toying with his hard nipples as he pounded into her. Every thrust making her heavy breasts shake as she felt the heat in her belly growing.

“Oh my God” She gasped. “So fucking good”

Emily heard the distinctive growl of a man in lust beside her; turning to face the couple only a foot from her and her son. She watched as right before her eyes, her husbands’ body went rigid, and Mona’s eyes grew wide.

“OH fucckkkkk” Moan groaned. “Yesssss fill my fucking cunt, give it to meeeee.” Emily knew at that moment, the young woman was being filled by her husbands’ hot seed.

Then, Emily’s whole world exploded in bright light as the first jet of her sons’ hot seed blasted into her womb. The scalding heat filling her belly as her own body erupted in pleasure.

“Ericccccccccccccc” she gurgled, as her hands dropped down, her nails digging tighter into his ass, trying to pull him even deeper.

Together, the two men stood side by side, as each emptied his balls deep into two wet and willing women. Emily and Mona both convulsed in their own orgasms, their juices gushing out to puddle on the table, mingling.

As both Eric and his father slid their spent cocks free, slowly raising their pants and trying to redress, Mona looked over at the older woman sitting sated on the table beside her.

“We need to get this shit over, so we can all just go home” Mona muttered.

“I couldn’t agree more” Emily bursa rus escort replied. For the first time feeling a conviction of what was happening in her world.

She slowly stood on her shaking legs, reaching down and slipping her panties back into place over her dripping pussy, to try and hold her sons’ thick baby batter deep inside her.

It took less than thirty minutes to finish their ‘conference’. Both women sat nurturing the hot cream still oozing from their bellies as the four simply told the counselor they were happy the way they were, and just wanted to finish things.

As the two couples left the small room and started down the hall, Emily watched as Mona pulled Eric a few steps back. The young girl began quietly whispering, and she watched as her sons’ eyes grew wide. Mona laughed then slapped him on the arm; “See you later slugger.” She taunted him.

Emily stepped back and wrapped her arm into her sons, walking the remainder together. “You all right?” she asked him.

“Yeah” Eric replied, but he seemed distracted.

“What is it?” his mother asked with concern in her voice. “What did she say to you.”

Eric gave her a smile, then slipped his arm around her waist. “Later mom; right now, I want to just go home.”

During the four hour drive back to Atlanta, twice Emily tried to get out of Eric, what the young woman had told him. Both times he deflected her; and she knew he wouldn’t say until he was ready. Confused, she settled back and enjoyed the scenery of the drive.

As they pulled into the driveway, then stepped through the door, Eric said he was going to change. He looked at his mother with a glint in his eye “Aren’t you going to change?” he asked his mother.

Emily laughed lightly. “Not to subtle are you” she chided him. “What, you want more?” Emily smiled.

“I always want more of you” he spoke softly. “The question is do YOU want more.”

Eric stepped in front of her, reaching out he traced a finger over her cloth covered breast. Without another word he turned and ascended the steps to the second floor bedroom.

Emily had felt her nipple harden at just his touch, then his words send a ripple through her belly. God how he could arouse her, she thought. She quickly followed him up the stairs and down the hall. As she stepped into the bedroom, she didn’t see Eric at first. Then, powerful arms wrapped around her from behind.

“Gotcha” his deep voiced echoed in her ear from behind.

Emily could only giggle as her son steered her to the large bed they shared. She expected him to lay her out and attack her; instead, he stood her at the side of the bed and slowly stripped each piece of her clothing free from her body. She could only coo and sigh as he showered almost every square inch of her skin with touches, then light kisses, as it was exposed by his searching hands.

Eric softly kissed his mothers’ neck as he undid her dress, easing the cloth off her shoulders as his lips descended down. Across her shoulder blades and then his moist lips explored her chest down across the upper curve of her breasts. She groaned when he skipped the soft mounds of her tits, instead, licking his tongue across her flexing belly, slipping into the crevice of her navel.

Her hands clutched at him as he knelt in front of her trembling form, then shook violently as his lips traveled upward from her ankles to her thighs, so close to her steaming center. Her hands cupped the back of his head as he leaned into her, sucking her left nipple into his hot mouth.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” she cooed. “Oh God…please…” she begged. “Take me baby, I’m yours…”

Her nipples reacted to his touch, reaching a hardness she had never dreamed possible. As tingles ran through her body she gazed down and watched her son worship her body like no other man did. She listened to the soft sucking as he tortured her breasts delightfully. She could smell her own excitement, as her juices dripped down her thighs. The same scent that had filled that conference room earlier.

Eric knew the rapid rise of his mothers’ body; he could feel her heat, smell her excitement as it grew. He took his time, lavishing each inch of bare skin. He ignored her pleading as he drove her higher and higher.

“Oh God…baby…” Emily gasped. “Please…oh fuck…take me…use me…”

Emily felt herself skyrocketing up, and then hanging on that edge. Eric had teased her body before, but this was new. It was like he was worshiping her for the first time all over again.

“Ohhh Eric, my love” she gasped as his tongue began that slow agonizing trail back down her flexing belly.

She shifted her stance, opening her legs as he descended closer to her core, she could feel her juices now running down her thighs as she waited for his mouth. Eric softly blew his hot breath over her pouty lips, wet with her desire; then, extending his tongue, he dragged the flat of his wide tongue from her perineum up the full length of her quivering lips and across her pulsing clit.

“Unnggghhhhhh” Emily grunted, as her son pulled first one soaked lip and then the other into his mouth, sucking her juices clean of her.

“Pleaseeeee” she almost screamed. For a brief second, she wondered if her ex-husband did this for Mona; then all coherent thought vanished as her sons’ tongue drove between her soaked folds.

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