Brenner’s Lake Ch. 09

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Rachel and Sandy made it very clear they were pissed.

Well, I was accustomed to it: it’s a matter of faith to my half-sister that she’s the heroine of her story and I’m the villain. Today, my offense was Danny paying attention to me. So sue me: I like looking good for guys, and they like to look. Maybe Rachel should put some more effort into it. I’ve offered to help.

Sandy’s attitude was a mystery: even if Danny was looking at me, he’s Rachel’s boyfriend, not hers. Sandy’s fucking her best friend’s boyfriend, and I’m doing her a hell of a favor by not ratting on her. You’re welcome, bitch!

While Rachel was in the shower, a message came through on her phone. It was from Sandy: “Have to go into town with Mom in the morning, probably not back until at least noon.”

I deleted the message.


Fortunately I had a few hours to compose myself before talking to Sandy. Longer than I’d expected, actually, since she came home upset and angry with the world and I decided it could wait.

I was really hoping she’d had a big fight with Danny, and wouldn’t want to even speak to him for the remainder of his stay; but alas, he seemed to be the only person she did still like.

Typical teen drama, but there was a lot worse going on.

I couldn’t even talk to my sister, Danny’s mother, about this, because she didn’t know the full story. Only her husband Ed did. Anyway, they were both overseas.

The kids might be thinking them sleeping together was only mildly scandalous, because after all they’re just cousins. Cousins can even get married in some states. But… Ed is Sandy’s father as well as Danny’s. Long story: he had no idea until after the fact, since he thought he was having a quickie with his wife.

I’m… okay, I’m not as innocent here — though I hadn’t expected a little prank to go as far as it did. Well, ancient history.

Anyway, so the kids aren’t cousins, they’re half-siblings. Worse, since Kait and I are identical twins, genetically identical, I think that makes them, for all practical purposes, full siblings. I don’t know, it’s not as if I can ask anybody.

I knew I couldn’t tell “brother and sister” why they had to stop having sex, because that would mean revealing a bursa escort family secret that would tear us apart. I couldn’t even find an excuse to send Danny back to his parents, since they weren’t around.

I’d been sure Danny was having sex with Rachel. In much simpler times (yesterday), I was worried that Danny having a relationship with Sandy’s best friend could lead to complications.

Now understand, while I wasn’t thrilled about Sandy having sex with with her cousin/half-brother/brother/whatever, it was the possibility of her becoming pregnant with a kid out of Deliverance that frightened me. We’d had “the talk,” of course, but teenagers are stupid.

I did a little research: if I got her on the Pill, she wouldn’t be protected until several days after Danny left. Worthless. An IUD, though, would be immediate: so rather than confronting Sandy, I told her we were going into town first thing in the morning.


I woke up spooning Sandy. I thought she wasn’t going to be around this morning, but I certainly wasn’t complaining.

She was really getting down to business: usually she wears panties when she crawls into bed with me, but she was already naked. Again, not complaining.

She ground slowly against my dick, sliding it between the lips of her vulva. She was coating my dick with her juices. Oh, God, I can’t believe how quickly she made me rock-hard.

This was such a tease, pushing the head of my dick so close, so close to her slit. It took all my willpower not to just thrust inside of her.

But I had to be careful: we already forgot a condom once, and we didn’t want to push our luck.

Then she reached a hand around and grabbed my ass, and suddenly jerked me forward.

I slid right into her, though I have to admit I didn’t struggle all that hard.

“Sandy, we can’t do this, shouldn’t be doing this.”

But I was still thrusting inside of her.

Suddenly she pulled forward, and my dick slid out of her. I was equal parts relieved and crushed. Then she quickly turned around, pushed me onto my back, and climbed onto me. Before she lowered herself on my dick, I realized she wasn’t Sandy, but Hope.


When I puled up in front of Sandy’s house, her mother’s bursa ucuz escort car was gone. I hoped this meant they were both in town, or else this could get really embarrassing.

I got in through the garage. I’d seen Rachel punch in the lock code the day before: 1003, probably Sandy’s birthday.

As I’d hoped: the two women were gone, but Danny was still fast asleep in the guest room.

I slipped quietly inside, stepped out of my sandals, and pulled my sundress over my head. This was the only one I owned with a built-in bra, I hate those, but I wanted to keep things as simple as possible.

Panties off, then I slipped into bed with Danny.

Without waking up, he cuddled in behind me. Obviously accustomed to somebody coming to his bed at night.

He was naked. And really hard

I’d like to believe that merely sensing my presence gave him that impressive boner, but I’m pretty sure it was thinking his kissing cousin was joining him.

Either way, holy shit, this was a nice one. I don’t think Rachel and Sandy knew enough to realize how lucky they were. If I had any reservations about going through with this, they were gone.

I ground against Danny’s crotch, teasing him in a way Sandy probably had no idea how; but he had no reason to think I wasn’t her.

Could I possibly be as wet as I thought I was? I know I was acting like a slut, so maybe it made sense that I was dripping like one.

With every stroke, he was coming closer to completely penetrating me.

And then I reached back and grabbed him, and his dick went deep into me. That was fucking good!

He protested, but made no effort to pull out. He’d probably never fucked a girl without a condom before, and he was both horny as hell and absolutely terrified.

But he was still plowing into me, thinking of course that he was giving it to him cousin.

I didn’t want him to suddenly stop, so I pulled away from him, pushed him over to his side, and quickly impaled myself on his dick.

“What the fuck, Hope, what the fuck?”

He was even harder than he’d been a few seconds ago.

Let’s be honest, he’s had wet dreams about fucking somebody like me.

“We can’t do this,” he said, still not pushing me bursa elit escort off. “Your sister’s my girlfriend.”

“And you…” Fuck, he had me groaning. “And you’re fucking your cousin,” I reminded him.

“You’re not going to tell–?”

“Of course not. But since you’re not exclusive with anybody,” I said, driving his dick deep inside of me, “why shouldn’t we? And I’m on the Pill, so you can fill me with your cum any time you want.”

This was new ground for me: convincing a guy to fuck me. But no-strings access to a guy who could make me cum for the next couple of weeks made it worth it.

And stealing my bitch sister’s boyfriend was a bonus.

And thinking about that put me over the top.

I screamed, as loudly as I’d ever screamed during sex in my life, which both startled Danny and made him gasp with excitement. He came more than I ever imagined he could, and I could feel myself squirting, which I hardly ever did.

I hoped he did his own laundry, because his sheet probably looked like an orgy had taken place.

I got out of the bed, and pulled on my panties. “Danny,” I said with a wink, “I know how to do things you’ve only read about.”

Then I rummaged through his never-unpacked suitcase, and pulled out a t-shirt just barely long enough to cover my panties. I’ll give you this back next time,” I said. “I don’t want to stain my dress.”


Of course, a pediatrician is a doctor like any other, and it’s common not to switch over to your own primary physician until you go off to school… but it still seemed weird to be sitting in a waiting room with a bunch of little kids while waiting to get a birth control device.

(And of course I was the only one there without her Mommy)

From what I’ve heard, especially from girls from small towns, birth control is usually the first errand once you hit campus — outside of your parents’ gaze.

While she examined me, Doctor Rose told me everything she thought I needed to know about the IUD, though of course I’d read this all the night before. This all came as a surprise to me, though obviously I was thrilled Mom had decided to get this for me now: tomorrow morning, when I went to Danny’s bed, condoms will be a thing of the past.

I might have been grinning at the thought; but suddenly Doctor Rose got very serious. “Sandy,” she said “I can’t fit you for this today.”

Damn. “Why? Is something wrong?”

“Please get dressed.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked again.

“Sandy, I can’t fit you because you’re pregnant.”

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