Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

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Lily was the only unmarried bridesmaid at the wedding… and yet all of the groomsmen were single! So was the sexy best man… she didn’t quite know how that had happened. Smiling happily, she flirted with every single one of them, they were all so cute! How could a girl feel inferior for being single when she was surrounded by so many hot and interesting guys that were all panting to talk to her some more?! It really was happy luck on her part.

Walking by a column during the reception she heard two of the groomsmen talking to the best man, complaining really, “All the other weddings there’s always all these single bridesmaids, now all of them are married.”

“Lily’s not,” one of the observed.

“Yeah,” said the best man, “And she’s hot, but it’s not like she’s going to help all of us out.”

“Why not?” Lily purred, stepping around the column to the three men as they jumped in guilty surprise, “I think that sounds rather… challenging…” the three of them stared at her.

“You would?” the taller one gasped, Brad his name was?

“Absolutely,” said Lily, “I’m in room 209… and do you know I’m feeling awful tired. Pass the word along would you boys?” she winked at sauntered off, shocked at her brazenness… but well, she’d always wanted to try group sex. And what was hotter than a bridesmaid taking on a bunch of groomsmen?! Her pussy was getting wet just thinking about it… it would be like living out one of those dirty stories that she always read online.

When she got to her room, she did have some anxieties that none of them would come… maybe they would just think she was a slut and stay down there and tell all the guests what a whore Tricia’s third bridesmaid was. Her anxieties were banished when there came a knock at the door; opening she found all six men staring at her eagerly, but also with wary expressions on their faces as though they were afraid of being turned down too. She giggled, they all looked so alike.

“Come bursa escort on in fellas!” she said smiling, “Let’s have some fun!”

An hour later they were all drunk and she was sitting on someone’s lap, kissing him passionately. Most of them were in various states of undress as the room had been hot with all of them in it… hands were roaming her body, more than two of them. Giggling drunkenly she pulled back and let herself fall onto the bed, hands and mouths going where they would as the men pulled the dress off of her.

Six guys, she mused, and all hers… all those other silly married women who were missing out on fun like this! Screw envying the bride, it was definitely time to be envying the bridesmaid!!

Kneeling between one of the guys legs, she started sucking on his dick, feeling the thick meat moving in and out of her mouth. Delicious. Behind her someone got into position and started to push his way into her ready pussy, hands were moving all over her body and making her shudder with delight. It was too bad that everyone was ready to go all at once, but some of them were just going to have to wait their turn. She stifled a little giggle.

Lily moaned around the dick in her mouth as one of the guys spanked her ass, she did like her sex a little rough. More hands came down as the guy behind her continued to pump in and out of her pussy, more hands tugging roughly on her breasts and twisting her nipples. Now this was heaven… how many girls had this many guys paying attention to them all at once?

By the time the first guy was cumming in her pussy her ass was pink and her nipples sore, but it was just making her hornier and hornier. As a second guy began to push into her already stretched hole she could feel her orgasm building. It was about halfway through his fuck that she started cumming, her mouth sucking the dick all the way into her throat in her ecstacy. The guy started gushing fluid down her throat and she swallowed bursa escort bayan hungrily, her orgasm making her voracious for cock.

Another dick was pushed into her mouth as she moaned and panted, sending vibrations up the lucky guy’s joy stick. When the guy in her pussy came, she took her mouth off the guy in front of her for a moment.

“Hey guys,” she said, “Let’s try something a little different, I can definitely accommodate you three guys with one turn.” Lily grinned as she batted her eyes at the three guys who hadn’t cum yet. They looked like they were about to die of heavenly shock.

One of them lay down so that she could climb on top of him, her pussy slowly sinking onto his thick meat. The guy that had been in her mouth waited patiently while she lubed up the last guy, covering his shaft with saliva before he went behind her and started pushing his dick into her ass. Lily moaned as he invaded her tighter hole, she felt totally stuffed with cock now, sandwiched between two meat sticks with a third one being sucked back into her throat. The other three guys were watching, all of them fondling themselves and working their way back to hardness.

The three on the bed moved in unison, fucking and sucking; Lily felt like she was sinking into an ocean of pleasurable lust. Everything was sensation as her pussy and ass were filled and vacated, dicks pushing in and out of them in erotic rhythm. When she started cumming again her moans and the convulsions of her body set off all three guys. It was a shocking climax for her body as she was suddenly being filled with cum in all of her holes, she practically vibrated with the intensity of it.

Almost as soon as the three pulled out they were replaced, the three guys who had been standing off to the side had gotten hard again. Lily whimpered as they pushed their way in and started pounding away at her body, still sensitive from her orgasm. It was almost bursa merkez escort painful how pleasurable it was, she shuddered and writhed, sucking greedily all the while almost trying to pull away from their lustful onslaught. Very quickly she was cumming again, tears actually running down her face at the sensory overload.

This time the guys didn’t cum all at the same time, but as soon as they did cum they would move away and be replaced, so that it was an unending onslaught of cock pushing in and out of her body. Eventually they stopped using her mouth, allowing her to breath more deeply which helped as she was now constantly in the throes of orgasm. It started taking longer and longer for them to get hard, so that only one would be in her at a time for the most part – not that it stopped her from cumming at this point. It was never-ending, wonderful, excruciating sex; probably the most intense experience of her life.

After all of the guys were completely spent, Lily just lay on the bed, panting and moaning a little at the wonderful soreness of her body. Two of the guys picked her up out of the bed and took her to the shower where they held her up under the delightful spray of hot water and helped clean her off. She hummed, almost purring, as they soaped her body gently, it felt so soothing and good.

When they got out of the shower they found the other guys putting the bed back together.

“It’s a bit of a mess…” said one of the guys, apologetically, “I don’t really think you want to sleep on it.”

“Come on,” said the Best Man, “We can all crash in my room.”

Of course, by offering his room the Best Man ensured that he’d be in bed with Lily, although the bed was so big that one of the other guys slept there with them. Still, she really wasn’t in any shape to be going at it again, as soon as her head hit the pillow she was fast asleep.

The next morning she woke up to the cheerful voice of a groomsman, “ROOM SERVICE!”

Sitting bolt upright in bed, startled, she smiled as all the guys stood there grinning at her. One of them was holding a tray filled with food, the others each had a flower which they tossed on her as she started laughing at their silly grins.

It was the best wedding she’d ever been to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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