Broken Zippers Pt. 02

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Shelly crept into the bedroom and quietly packed a change of clothes, wondering if clothes would even be needed. Kevin obviously didn’t actually set that up, but now all the boys are expecting her to let them fuck her. As she was leaving the room she looked at her husband sleeping on the bed and turned back. Kissing him on the cheek, she whispered, “I love you so much. I hope you feel better when I get back in the morning.” Hearing him softly moan made her want to cry. She thought about just letting Jerry take the van and they could drive down and grab it tomorrow, but perhaps Kevin wanted to be left alone. Plus, her pussy was aching for cock, and Kevin sure wasn’t going to be available tonight. But, getting in that van with 4 guys would be crossing a line from which there would be no turning back. Maybe she could apologize and laugh it off as a joke. Could she? She finally sighed and headed downstairs.

When she got to the van, she saw Jerry behind the wheel. “So, did you get the bikes and all your gear stowed?” She asked as she climbed into the passenger seat.

“We did. God, this is a great van. I can’t believe how roomy it is and how easy it was to put the bikes on top.” Jerry grinned, “Though, I think the other guys expected you in the back.” He looked over his shoulder.

Shelly saw Al, Chuck and John all sprawled out on the converted bed in the back. She could make out the fat snakes under their lycra shorts. She felt her pussy pulse thinking about what would happen if she went back and released those.

“You were right, the seats fold down so easily.” Chuck said, “But if you have second thoughts, I’m cool with it. I might just crash until we get home.” He said as he flopped back.

“Yeah, Shelly. It was a lot of fun, but if you’re not comfortable with anything more happening, we’re good.” John added.

“Thanks, guys.” She looked at their bare chests…the snakes, and groaned. Could she? Should she?. She looked at Jerry, “Do you need company to stay awake? I know how tiring it is to bike a lot of miles in the hot sun.”

“I’m good. Go on back and lie down. Like they said, no one is going to do anything if you don’t want them to.” He looked over at his friend and could see she had no bra on and she obviously was very excited looking at her nipples.

Shelly leaned over and kissed Jerry in the cheek. “Ok, I am tired. What could possibly happen?” she giggled.

As she turned to climb back, she felt her summer dress pull up and hearing Jerry mutter, ‘Nice,’ she remembered she was naked under it having just pulled it on. She carefully crawled back and lay face down between John and Al, who made room for her. “I guess I am really tired.”

John patted her on the back and lay down, “It actually has been a fairly draining day, um,” he laughed, “sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.” He laughed, “But, I guess it’s pretty accurate. I hope you’re ok with what happened. We’ll never breathe a word of it to anyone.”

“Yeah, I’ll replay it in my head, I guess a lot, but I don’t want anything to hurt our friendship.” Al added. He reached up and stroked the girl’s back as he said it, but took his hand away as he lay back.

Shelly felt the two boys rubbing her back and sighed, “That feels really good, don’t stop.”

Al rolled back over and ran his hand up and down the beautiful girl’s back listening to her encouraging coos. He looked over at John who was doing the left side and grinned.

Shelly felt both boys’ hands on her and wished she had the nerve to pull off her dress since that would feel so much better, but obviously they’d take that as permission to do a lot more. When John’s hand slid down over her ass, she unconsciously cooed a bit louder and soon both boys were joined by Chuck who crawled down by her feet. Shelly was getting lost in the sensations of Chuck’s strong hands rubbing her toes, her arches and her calves unaware her legs had opened up making it easier for him, exposeing herself to him. John and Al’s hands kept catching on the dress as they slipped up her thighs and soon her creamy globes were fully exposed. She was no longer cooing, but breathing hard, especially as John boldly explored her inner thighs. Finally, she rolled over and sat up.

John was getting close to her pussy, feeling the moist heat emanate from the area between her legs. “Sorry, Um, we thought you liked that.” John stammered felling the girl pull away. “Oh!” He gasped seeing the dress being yanked off, freeing the bouncing breasts. He just saw them an hour ago, but seeing them again in such tight quarters, made him want to reach out and grab them, feel the mass, the heft.

Shelly looked at the faces and down at the fat rods straining their biking shorts, “Lord, that looks painful, perhaps you guys need to do something.” She said as she lay back down on her stomach. She listened as three pairs of bike shorts were being ripped off and sighed, feeling hands all over her again. Her skin felt like it was electrified wherever they touched her. ‘God, this escort bayan has to be the horniest I’ve ever felt.’ She thought as she turned her head and looked at the cocks pointing at the ceiling on either side of her. She licked her lips remembering how those fleshy rods felt in her mouth, while grinding her pubis into the mattress. ‘Christ, three cocks. Shit! Only one way to take care of them all at once.’ She shuddered thinking how she’d never let Kevin fuck her ass, though she did like his finger there. She opened her legs and raised her chest up when John and Al explored more of her.

Jerry looked in the rear view mirror and grinned. He found it hard to focus on the road while glancing back, but finally turned the mirror so he couldn’t see the foursome. ‘Shelly sure is going to be getting all her holes filled soon.’ He thought. Even though he could no longer watch, he sure could hear.

Al was loving rubbing Shelly’s upper back, her skin silky smooth. He made sure to rub her shoulders and neck, but also made sure to explore the sides of those massive tits bulging out. When the girl lifted herself up, giving him access to her dangling breasts and nipples, he almost came.

John grinned seeing Al’s hands milking those huge breasts, but his focus was on slick hole his fingers were pushing into. His cock throbbed as her pelvis thrust back against his now sopping digits. He was mesmerized by that creamy ass juggling as she humped against his probing fingers.

Chuck watched as his friends explored the girl’s body but seeing those soft feet feel for his cock, helped guide them and sighed as they began stroking his cock. “Guys, look at this. You have no idea how good this feels.”

Al and John grinned seeing Shelly give their friend a foot job wishing she’d grab their cocks. Al moved up so his cock was right by those soft lips he enjoyed earlier and pushed forward as her mouth opened up instantly. “I don’t know Chuck, but I think this feels at least as good.” He grinned back at them as he thrust his cock into the eagerly sucking mouth. He felt like he was getting close when Shelly pulled off his cock and sat up.

Wiping her mouth, she looked at the three cocks throbbing eagerly and sighed, “I’m guessing you all need relief, and I’ve never done this before with anyone, but there’s Vaseline in the first aid kit over there.” She looked at the eager faces, and blushing furiously, “I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but who wants to fuck me where?”

Chuck spoke first, “I’d love to get sucked off, but I’ll let you guys choose if that’s what you’d prefer.”

Al looked between those legs at the dark triangle. “God, I’ve wanted to fuck that pussy since I first saw her in those bike shorts. Remember her pronounced camel toe?”

John laughed, “Remember? That’s all you could talk about. Hey, I’ve never done anal. I’d love to fuck that great ass.”

Shelly listened to then discuss her parts like she was their sex doll and rather than getting pissed, made her all the more excited, “I’m glad you’re not fighting over my holes. C’mon Al, let’s get started.” She pushed the boy onto his back before throwing her leg over his hips. She saw John crawl over, his cock bouncing between his legs, as he grabbed the first-aid kit. Her ass twitched in anticipation, but feeling the bulbous head sliding along her wet slit brought her attention back to what she really wanted. Gripping the extraordinarily rigid cock, she closed her eyes and lowered herself onto it. Pleasure flooded through her as the head popped into her vagina and drove deep into her. As Al grabbed her tits, she leaned into his strong hands. “Christ! Fuck me, your cock is fat.” She sputtered as she began bouncing up and down the long shaft.

Chuck crawled up by Shelly’s head and waited until she noticed he was there. Seeing the girl open her eyes and immediately grin, he pushed his hips forward watching those full soft lips greedily wrap around his curving cock. She moaned as he put his hand on her head to encourage her to take more of his cock.

Shelly had never had a cock in her mouth and in her pussy before and loved the feeling. It was actually two feelings, one of power, the other of submission. The power to pleasure multiple cocks with her various holes. Power to provide the ultimate pleasure. But there was an equally strong feeling, perhaps one that made this even more exciting. The feeling she was just a toy for these boys. A wet warm set of tight holes for their enjoyment. Something to be used. She immediately started cumming realizing they could easily dump their loads in her without asking. They could put her in any position, fuck her anyway they wanted. She put herself in that position and found it unbelievably thrilling to be used.

Al felt her cum and reached down to grab that ass as she ground against his cock, her writhing making it hard for him not to cum himself, but he fought it hard wanting this to go on forever. When Shelly’s orgasm subsided, he felt John’s fingers press bursa vip escort between those incredible ass cheeks so the spread them slowing his friend to press the jelly into her ass.

Shelly moaned feeling the waves of pleasure diminish and a long finger penetrate her anus. She stopped humping as that hard spongy mass pressed against her puckered hole. She pulled off the cock in her mouth, her face grimacing, “Ahhh…aaaah. God!” She spat as the head popped in, “Wait, stay there. Ok, ok. Push in a bit more…Ow. No, you’re good, I just need to get used to it.”

John felt like calling it off, but soon hear Shelly tell him to push more in and soon begging him to fuck her. He never felt anything as tight as that. Her sphincter gripped his cock and he knew he’d never be satisfied with a nice tight pussy anymore.

Shelly was now letting both boys pound her holes while she took Chuck’s cock all the way down her throat. ‘God damn, having a cock in my cunt and one in my ass feels good. So fucking filled.’ She thought as the three boys thrust into her openings. She was trying to figure out if she could get Kevin to suggest a threesome, or better yet another foursome as she felt herself being used. She realized all three were getting close to cumming as she could hear their breathing becoming shorter, three different gutteral pants as they seemingly were lost in the pleasure she was giving them. When Al sucked a nipple into his mouth, she suddenly came a second time. “Mmmmmpppphhh…mmmpppphhh…mmmmm…mmm” she grunted on Chuck’s cock.

Jerry felt like pulling out his cock and jerking off listening but tried to focus on the road. ‘Shelly sure is loving getting fucked, I sure hope Keven never finds out.’ He thought ruefully. ‘Unless, this was Kevin’s plan all along. Christ, how does one ask a guy if this was good or bad?’ he thought. His bike shorts were terribly restrictive but looking at the time, he’d be dropping Al off in ten minutes and could adjust his cock then.

Al felt that tight pussy clench his cock and John’s fat shaft inside her and came instantly after. “I’m cumming…God, I’m sorry, I’m cumming inside you.” He panted as he felt jet after jet of cum spew into the girl’s vagina. His best friend’s wife’s vagina. “Oh God, that felt great, but I couldn’t pull out. Sorry.”

Shelly pulled off the long curved cock and grinned, “That’s fine, sweetie, I’m on the pill.” She looked back at John, “God damn, you feel really good, fill my ass up with your cum. Come on baby.”

John was trying to hold back, but began pulling way out and slamming back in and soon the welcome ache started in his balls and try as hard as he could to extend it, finally drove in as deeply as he could and grunted out his hot cream deep inside her rectum. He collapsed on Shelly’s back before realizing he was crushing the girl and his friend. Groaning, he slithered his cock out of that tight warm hole and flopped back against the side of the van.

Shelly crawled off of Al and grabbed a towel, cleaned herself off before looking at Chuck, “Ok, I’m all yours. Tell me how you want me and do what you want.”

Chuck was feeling a bit abandoned when his friend came and Shelly quit sucking on his cock, but hearing her offer, he felt the most powerful arousal he’d ever felt, “I want to fuck the shit out of you. I want you on your back, with your knees pulled up onto your chest.”

“Ooohhh, yes. You like being in control.” The girl giggled as she rolled over on her back and, legs spread obscenely wide, pulled her knees up onto her chest. She was fully aware he had total access to either hole, in fact he could take advantage of her mouth just as easily. She felt her cunt pulse in anticipation.

Al and John, pulled on their shorts and tees after cleaning up, sat back and watched as Chuck climbed between the girl’s legs. John whispered to Al, “five bucks says he fucks her then pulls out and cums in her ass.”

“You’re on. I’m betting he doesn’t want to pull out. You didn’t get a chance to feel that tight cunt. He’ll never be able to pull out.” Al whispered back.

Chuck looked down at the gaping holes wondering what that ass might feel like having never experienced it, but remembering how many times he wished she’d let him inside that nice pussy of hers, leaned forward, pressed the head against that slick twat and drove all the way in. He grinned hearing the girl squeal in apparent joy, so he pulled out and speared her again and again. He grinned over at his friends as he repeatedly stabbed that sweet pussy.

Al and John watched in fascination seeing their friend roughly slam into the girl causing her to cry out in pleasure. “First time. First time I’ve actually witness a live fucking. Christ! This is hit.” Al mumbled. Both boys had their hands in their shorts gripping their resurging cocks. Getting hard again watching those massive mounds bounce with each thrust, the flushed faces lost in the pleasure, the cries and grunts.

Shelly bursa elit escort kept thrusting back feeling that curved cock hit a spot she never realized even existed and an impending orgasm unlike any she’d ever felt. She lifted her ass off the mattress and ground hard against the boy’s pelvis as she exploded in a rush of pleasure that seeming hit every pore in her body.

Chuck couldn’t believe the strength of the girl as she rapidly ground her cunt against his crotch, her slick juices flowing against his cock and balls. He raised himself up onto his toes and responded by pressing back, wondering if he could hold off long enough to try out that ass until he felt her entire body go limp and flop back down.

As he began thrusting again, Shelly moaned out “Too much, fuck, too much,” and grabbed his ass pulling him in as deeply as possible. She reached up and pulled Chuck into a deep kiss.

The boy couldn’t believe the unbelievable passion as the girl drove her tongue against his and wrapped her legs around him. He soon grunted over and over into her mouth as he exploded inside her that tight pussy. He was amazed how long his orgasm lasted, how sensitive his cock felt inside that tight warm hole. Finally, he went limp on top of the sprawled naked form. “I love you…I’m sorry.” He whispered in the girl’s ear.

Shelly kissed him on the cheek, “I know, I love you.” She whispered back.

“Wow!” John said as the watched the erotic sight in front of them. “Why the fuck didn’t we get that on our cells?” He grinned over at the couple still fully entangled, “You guys alright? I’m amazed after the long bike ride and swimming you had that much energy.” He looked out the windshield, “And guys, I think we’re almost home.”

Chuck reluctantly pulled his softening shaft out of that nice pussy, grabbing a towel as a huge glob of cream poured out of the girl. “Damn, Shelly. Sorry to be so crude, but you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had. Shit, you have the best body of any girl I’ve ever been with.” He looked admiringly at the nice pussy, the narrow waist and the large mounds spread out on her chest while trying to memorize everything. He sat back and cleaned the copious amount of fluids covering his crotch. He looked over, “Oh shit. This is my house.” He leaned down and kissed the girl, “I better get dressed, sorry to fuck and run.”

Shelly laughed, “Glad you had fun. Christ, I’ve never cum so hard in my life. What ever you did with that nice cock of yours was great.” She sat up as she scooped all the cum leaking out of her and cleaned her pussy with the towel. She never felt so sore before between her legs. Her pubic bone was quite bruised from Chuck and her ass stung from having her anal virginity taken.

After Chuck, Al and then John were let off at their houses. Each boy kissed Shelly with a fair amount of passion, their hands reacquainting themselves with her tits, and thanked her for allowing them access to her sweet holes. As they climbed out of the van, each made a comment to Jerry suggesting he’d won the lottery.

Shelly lay back on the mattress feeling as spent as she’d ever felt. She thought perhaps she could just sleep in the van and wouldn’t bother to put on her clothes. After a few minutes she saw Jerry had pulled up to his driveway ,groaning as she considered what he probably wanted…if she had anything left in her.

Jerry put the van in park, turned and grinned at the girl. “I’m pretty sure you are thinking of nothing but a bath and bed right now.” He crawled back and handed Shelly her sundress. As she sat up. She saw how raw looking her pussy looked. “Come on inside, I’ll draw a bath for you.”

Shelly nodded and crawled out of the van. As she left, she considered leaving the windows open since anyone putting their head in would immediately know what happened. When she got in the house, she flopped down on the couch and listened as the water ran in the bath. Sounded so relaxing, so soothing…

Jerry came out and smiled seeing his friend’s wife passed out. “Shelly, sweetie, wake up. That’s it, let’s get you out of this dress and into the tub.” He led her up the stairs and helped her into the bath. She just let him take the wash cloth and clean her off. His cock was throbbing as the girl allowed him to soap up her large tits and opened her legs allowing his fingers to clean her pussy. When he was done he helped her out of the tub and dried her off.

Shelly felt refreshed as her good friend led her into his bedroom and pulled down the covers. She turned and looked as his stiff rod in his shorts and sighed, “Jerry, you need relief. That must have been frustrating having to focus on the road while your friends were fucking me.” She reached down and pulled his shorts down. As his cock popped free, she knelt down and took his cock in her mouth.

Jerry sighed feeling that warm mouth engulf his aching cock, but reluctantly pushed her off. “Shelly. Look, you don’t have to do this. You almost passed out in the van and you definitely passed out on the couch.” He pulled her to her feet. “Come on, let me put you to bed.”

The girl looked sadly looked at her friend, “I’m never that tired…too tired for a nice cock.” She lay back and opened her legs. “Get on top of me or I’ll call one of the guys to come over.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32