Brother and Sister Ski Vacation

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(Ethan is 19, Livia is 21. They are brother and sister, and Livia has a boyfriend, named Craig, who she secretly is tired of. Written from view point of Ethan.)


The snowy, jagged mountains of eastern BC rise in the distance. The sky is clear, but in the distance there are cumulonimbus clouds forming. I’m letting Livia drive my car along the winding road, slowly, so we don’t go sliding into another car or guard rail. We are making our way to Panorama Ski Resort, and I am staring out the window, lost in thought.

Beside me, my sister, Livia, is playing on her phone. As well as being siblings, Livia and I are best friends. I’m tall, thin and strong, with hazel eyes and brown hair, so it would be reasonable to assume that she would at least me attracted to me. However, Livia is the real beauty, with long tanned legs, chocolate brown hair, and stark blue eyes. Her plump ass is her best feature, and her tits aren’t far behind, but I hardly think about her in these ways, as she’s my older sister.

“So, how are you and Craig doing? It’s too bad he couldn’t join us skiing,” I say, trying to start a conversation.

“We’re doing well,” Livia says unconvincingly, “He doesn’t like skiing though.”

“You seem upset, Livia. Are you doing okay?” I ask, concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine!” Livia says, trying to seem more chipper,”So, is the hot tub at Taynton Lodge private or public?”

“I think it’s public. Which kind of sucks, it’s going to be busy as fuck during the evening.”

“Yeah, but as long as there is room to sit without being squished it should be fine. I brought a few new bikinis, I’m excited to try them out.”

“Just for the occasion?” I say, suddenly a bit more interested.


Another hour passes without speaking, we both are just staring at the mountains, breath taken by there beauty and grandeur. As we are driving up the road to Panorama, I strike up another conversation.

“So, when are your friends coming? They are a couple now, aren’t they?”, I say, boredly.

“Oh, I didn’t tell you? They had to cancel last minute yesterday. I swore I told you that last night! Jens boss had to go in for emergency surgery for a nasty kidney stone, and she needs to work the days she had booked off,” Livia states.

“Didn’t we book a suite with a king bed for them, and two twins for us? Who is going to take the extra room?”

“I was thinking we should see if there are any rooms with two queens we could transfer to! The upper class rooms with two queens cost the same price as the one we booked, and then we both get a private room and a comfy bed,” Livia looks at me and adds jokingly,” if we can’t, I’ll just take it.”

“Oh really, missy? Why do you just get to take it? It’s not like I owe you anything!” I laugh and poke her shoulder.

“I just figured I’d take it, because of chivalry!” She says, giggling.

“It’s 2019! The age of chivalry is over, the next fad is equality,” I joke, “Your not having that room if I can help it.”

We pull up to Taynton Lodge, and Livia parks in the underground garage. Livia walks in and heads to the front desk, inquiring about the upgraded room, while I stack our gear on a cart. I’m nearly finished, when Livia walks out, bragging that she convinced the Concierge to give us the other room. I grab the last bag, which is unzipped at the top, and glance in. I freeze, then I reach in and pull out an extremely skimpy bikini top. It’s puny, the front hardly and inch and a half wide, and the ass is barely two and a half. It’s black and very sleek looking. I feel my cock harden, and I’m surprised at myself.

I think to myself,”Cut it out. She’s your sister.” But my hard on remains. I look at Livia with an eyebrow raised. “Is this a new one? It’s kind of small.”

“Yeah, it’s mine. What’s the big deal! I’m a 21 year old with a decent body… I should be able to show it off.”

She places a hand on her hip, and looks at me. “Why are you staring at it? It’s just a bikini.”

“It’s just… I’m getting a bit more excited for the hot tub now!”, I tell her playfully.

Livia smiles at me again, and blushes. She grabs the bag and the bikini from me, and smacks on my arm.

“Behave! What would Craig think if he knew you you wanted to see me in a bikini?” She giggles.

My face reddens. “Sorry… I was just joking.”

Livia realize I’m a little embarrassed, and puts her hand on my shoulder. “It’s no big deal. I sort of bought the bikini to tease the other skiers here! I would be worried if you weren’t a little turned on by it. I can say, I’m a bit flattered!” She looks at me, curious to why I’m so interested in her bikini. She tests this by saying, “Would you be excited to see anyone in these, or just me?”

I laugh, and don’t answer the question, by saying, “Your awfully flirty for someone with a boyfriend! You’re practically going to be wearing lingerie in front of a single guy, surrounded by a bunch of horny skiers!”

She winks at me, and says, “Maybe I don’t mind the attention…, even if it’s from my brother” she pats my chest and turns away, Bayan Escort pulling the cart.

I follow her, confused at what she was getting at, and a little horny.

——————— 1 hour later, we are relaxing on the couch in the suite. ——————— “It’s too bad we got here too late to ski, hey?” Livia says.

“Yeah, too bad. What do you want to now anyways? I don’t just want to sit here and watch TV until bed,” I say, settling onto the bed.

“Are we going to order in room service?” Livia asks.

“Why don’t we go check out the shops down stairs, and just eat some of the food we brought?”

“Sure, why not. We can go to dinner tomorrow maybe.”

“Yeah,” I say agreedly.

We both stand up and head down to the ski shops. One of them is a souvenir shop with an area dedicated to crystals and rocks, way overpriced. I pick up a rock, which is oddly oval shaped and elongated. I hold up the dildo shaped object.

“What do you think this is for?” I wink and crack up.

She looks at me, then covers her face with her hand, laughing at my expression. “I… I don’t know, it looks a bit plain to be used as a decoration. Maybe it’s for the single skiers? Besides, They have them awfully close to the wine section…” she says, through laughter, “Why don’t you buy it for me?”

“I… I will, if you want,” I say seriously, “If you really want it.”

“Oh my god Ethan, it’s just a joke! I don’t need something like that! I have my fingers.” She laughs, than realized what she just said. Her face turns beet red. “I.. I meant…um…”

“I know what you meant,” I say cryptically, then I change the subject. “Are you sure you don’t want anything? Because we should head back if you don’t.”

“Yeah, we should go, you perv. Offering to buy your sister a sex toy!”

As we head back, it starts snowing. ———- An hour passes, and we are finished eating back at the suite.

“Do you want to go to the hot tub?” I ask.

“Sure,” Livia says, jumping up.”Just need to get changed changed…”

I quickly go and change, and as I’m walking out, I see Livia. She’s standing there, self conscious, holding her arms below her breasts. I stand there, shocked at the sight of my sexy sister, who’s also my best friend in the world, with her long, tanned legs, and the smallest bikini I’ve ever seen covering her tits and ass. Her C cup sized breasts are hardly held back by the fabric, and I can just imagine what would happen if she shook them. They are absolutely perfect sized, and the bikini looks like it was made for someone with an a cup.

My dick is instantly hard. The fabric between her legs isn’t adjusted properly, and I see a hint of a camel toe. The strings at the side hide nothing, and the only protection she has from prying eyes are the super thin, small pieces of fabric.

Apparently I’m staring, because Livia follows my eyes to her scantily covered pussy, and covers herself. “Sorry, Ethan! I didn’t think these would shrink so much! I figured they would have been polyester! I feel really exposed, but this is my least revealing pair I bought!”

I hardly stutter out, “I… I think it looks really good Livia. Your a fucking hottie! When did your body become so sexy!”

“Thanks Ethan…” She says in a quiet voice. She blushes and wraps a towel around herself. “Are you coming?”

“Yeah, lets go,” I say, under my breath.

I follow her out, loving the view from behind, her towel not covering her ass. Her fabric doesn’t cover the crease between her leg and ass as she walks, and they jiggle with every step. Her ass is firm, and it’s tanned as the rest of her.

“Walk next to me Ethan. I know your looking…”

“Sorry, sorry!” I frantically murmur, embarrassed.

We reach the hottub, and she gratefully sinks into it, hiding her form. My hard on subsides, and I come to my senses.

“Sorry for staring Livia. I was just surprised!” I say, apologetically.

“It’s no big deal… I sort of liked it.”

I blush, and change the subject, airily saying, “It’s pretty cold out! I think it gets warmer in the next few days.”

“Let’s hope so! Isn’t it beautiful Ethan? Look at those mountains! I’m so excited to get on those slopes, even though I don’t think I’m ready for a black run yet.”

“I can help you out if you want, Livia. It’s not that much harder then the blues we have been on.”

“I Mean sure, we can go on a black run, if you want me to die!”

I laugh and look at her beautiful eyes. “I know you can do it. Just follow my lead…”

“Not to be rude, but your not the best skier ever either!” She puts a hand on my chest.

“Hey! I’m a great skier!” She didn’t realize, but my cock is hard just from the feel of her hand on my chest. I am shocked at myself. I’ve never been attracted to her, but now all I want to do is slip my tongue between her lips. I notice that she is being more flirty with me, and I start looking for an opening to make a move.

There is an awkward pause, and I see my moment. I lean in for a kiss, and Livia pulls my head to her. Just before our lips meet, a kid cannonballs into the hottub, and the spell is broken.

“Should we go up?” Livia asks, her voice quiet, and I can detect a hint of arousal in it.

“Yeah, we better.” ———— “I think I’m going to bed now,” Livia says, now that we are back at the suite.

“Do you maybe want to sit out on the deck for a bit? I’ll make hot chocolate!”

“Yeah sure… Why not. It’s nice enough, if you grab a blanket. Besides, look at those stars!” She points out the window. “I’ll be out there.”

I bring out the hot chocolates, and sit down on the chair that’s pressed against hers. ” Shit! Forgot a blanket… I’ll go grab one.”

“It’s fine, this way we can share body heat!”

“Good point, Liv.”

I sit down and she drapes the blanket over us. We sit silently staring at the stars, amazed by the beauty of the night. We are relaxing for about 15 minutes, until I feel Livia’s head fall onto my shoulder. “Are you falling asleep?”

“Yeah. Your so warm. Do you think we could sleep out here?”

“Maybe, but we should definitely get closer, to save body heat. Why don’t you move onto my chair? It’s wide enough.”

She gets up, and I move over. She sits down, but she doesn’t completely fit. Her one ass cheek is on my hip, and she’s at a weird angle.

“Why don’t you scooch over more? So you don’t slide off.”

“Ok”. Livia slides onto me further, sitting in my lap, with one asscheek on the base of my cock. She leans back, resting her head on my shoulder, and she pulls my arm around me. “Can I tell you something Ethan?”

“Sure, why not?” I say,

“I’m not sure I want to be with Craig anymore. I want to be with someone else, and I’m worried I will cheat before I work up the courage to break up with him.”


“I can’t tell you. What should I do?”

“You shouldn’t fight your feelings Livia. Just go for the other person if you really like them. Why can’t you tell me?”

“I just can’t. Not until I’m done with Craig. It would make things awkward, and I can’t cheat on him.”

As I feel her hip pushing against my hard on, I suddenly realize, she’s talking about me. There isn’t anyone else that would make it awkward for her to tell me about, and I’m the only one here that she knows, so I’m the only one she worries about cheating with!! However, I don’t want to pressure her, and I don’t want her to cheat, so I stay quiet. Inside, I’m confused, I’ve never thought my older sister would think of me like that!

“I’m going to go to sleep now. Thanks for helping me Ethan.” I’m about to say goodnight, but she turns her head and kisses my cheek, and she moves her ass farther onto my dick, feeling it. “Night, Ethan.” She falls asleep, on my shoulder, but I stay hard still. I’m so confused!

I decide I can’t do anything about this now that she’s sleeping, so I just wrap my arms around her more, and fall asleep as well. ——————— In the morning, we get up without acknowledging anything. We get dressed and head out skiing, tearing up the blue and green slopes, having the time of our lives! We stay out all day, and by the time we are ready to head back, it’s supper. We throw our gear into a locker, and decide to go to dinner. ————- “Does Earl Grey smokehouse sound good Livia? I’ve had it before and it’s pretty delicious. It’s my treat!”

“That sounds fine Ethan. Thanks for taking me out!”

We walkover to the restaurant and sit down at a back table for two.

“Do you want to order some wine?” Livia asks.

“What type?”

“Anything red. We might as well just get the whole bottle, it’s a decent price.”

We order the wine, and while we are at it, we both order Brisket sandwiches. A while later, after we finish eating, we sit there and chat. Livia is drunk, after finishing nearly the entire bottle, and she is flirtatious. I noticed she unbuttoned her shirt at the top, and I can clearly see her ample cleavage every time she leans over to talk over the table. Needless to say, I’m quite hard.

“You have a bit of sauce on your chin, Livia.”

“Can you get it Ethan?”

“I guess so, you could probably do this yourself though.”

I reach over and wipe it off with my thumb, and go to pull back, but she drunkenly grabs my hand, and sticks my thumb in her mouth. She licks the sauce off, circling the tip like it’s a dick. I’m horny as hell watching this, and she still sucks it further.

“What are you doing Livia? My thumb isn’t a fucking cock, and this is a public place!”

She winks, and she bobs her head on my finger. She pulls off, then whispers, “Yeah, but they don’t know we’re siblings…!”

I don’t see where her hand is, and I peek under the table. She jerks her hand back, but not before I saw her rubbing her covered pussy, pressing her fingers in her sopping wet slit.

I blush, extremely confused. “Let’s get out of here.”

I help her stumble back to the lodge, and we laugh and giggle up to the suite. Sadly, it’s an early morning tomorrow, so we can’t stay up and chat, so we both head to bed. My massive hardon will have to wait, I’m too tired to take care of it. A couple hours pass, and I wake up to go to the washroom. I finish pissing, and I head back to my room. Suddenly, a movement catches my eye.

“WTF” I whisper, getting closer.

I glance at Livia’s door, and it’s sitting partially open. It all clicks, and I realize she’s just sitting on the deck. I walk over and I’m about to open the door, when I notice something. Her hands are in her pants! She’s sitting there, with her legs spread, masturbating in the dark! I peak through, watching her moan, fingering herself even faster. Just before she reach climax, I start opening the door, slow enough to let my sister cover up with a blanket she bought out.

“Hey! What are you doing out here Livia?” I’m pretending to not have seen her fucking herself.

“I…I’m just looking at the stars…” her voice is higher pitched, and her face is red. She’s still aroused, but she doesn’t want me to know what she was doing. She covers up even more with the blanket.

I sit down, and reach over. “Can we share? It’s pretty cold out.”

“NO! No, don’t Ethan.”

“Why? What are doing under there?”

“I…I’m…nothing. I’m doing nothing.”

“You sure?”

I pull the blankets again, and this time she isn’t quick enough. They fall down, exposing her widespread legs, her panties pulled down, and her beautiful, shaved, pink pussy, which is wet and swollen sitting in the cold. Her shirt slightly covers it, but I can see the bottom edges. She didn’t move to cover up, she only puts her head in her hands, embarrassed.

“Holy fuck! Your so hot! Your perfect… little cunny…my big sisters, sexy, tight little cunt…” I whisper as I reach out. Just before I reach it, Livia looks up, and sees what I’m doing. She slaps my hand away.

“Don’t touch! I’m still with Craig! Don’t touch please!”

“It’s interesting how you didn’t say you aren’t horny for me, and you didn’t object to the fact that we are fucking siblings! You just said you don’t want to because your with Craig. Just let me look…”

She leans back, whispering, “We…we can’t do this, were siblings…,it’s not right.”

I’m about to give up and leave, but she just opens wider, still a little tipsy I lean over and look closer. I desperately want to touch it, but I know she won’t let me, and she’ll leave. She’s letting me look now, but I can’t be sure how long she’ll sit here. Even now I feel like I’m on a tightrope, and if I go too far, I’ll lose out on an opportunity.

“Fine, just look. You can do whatever, as long as you don’t touch.”

“You means I can…?” I nod at my cock.

“I guess so Ethan. Just don’t touch me with it.” She bites her lip.

I don’t need any further prompting. I pull my shaft out, and it sticks a solid eight inches up. Livia’s eyes widen, as I start to stroke, staring at her pussy. I jerk faster, and I look into her eyes. I can tell she’s enjoying this in her drunken haze. I’m far too horny to last long, and I already feel my cum getting ready to blast out of my cock. She starts to fondle her tits through the long shirt she sleeps in, and she moans. One hand slides down her front to her clit, and she rubs it, staring at my cock in my hands.

“I’m going to cum!” I yell.

I rush to the railing, and stare into my sisters eyes as I feel my sperm rushing to the top. I shoot my massive load over the ground below, watching it fall and splattering the sidewalk. As I do this, I keep jerking, until all of my load is out. I moan, and sit down. Shocked at the power of my cum.

I hear moaning and turn to see Livia fucking herself faster. ” Ethan… rub that cum on your hand on my face. Please…” I walk over and wipe into on her lips and chin, and she licks all she can off. I can tell she likes this. She starts to speed up, sliding her finger through the slit of her pussy, feeling the ridges interior, moaning as she feels the endorphins rushing to her brain. Her tits are hard, visible through her shirt, and she plays with her clit, tugging at it. She stares into my eyes, feeling the pressure ride up. “Fuck… I wish your big shaft was in me… I’m cumming, Ethan. Oh my god… fuuuck! Oh fuck yes…!!” She keeps rubbing, and she clenches her legs, spasming. As the waves crash over her, she moans my name, and she pushes her fingers in as deep as possible.

“Rub yourself baby”, I whisper.

She eventually stops moaning realizing what she’s doing, and she pulls away from her self.

“I need to go!!” she whispers under her breath.

She leaves in a rush, embarrassed by her actions. I stay there for a minute, wishing she would have stayed, and mystified by her change of attitude. ————-

I walk out of my room, super nervous to what I’ll see.

Livia is sitting at the table, eating cereal, and I come to her cautiously, saying, “Hey Livia! You ok?”

“Hey. We need to talk…”

“What is it?” I say, playing dumb.

“I’m going to be completely honest with you. I am attracted to you, and you are the person I was talking about earlier. However, I am with Craig, and I don’t want to cheat on him with you. If you wait until after I talk to him, we can maybe chat, but until then, I don’t really want to do anything. Is that okay Ethan?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32