Brotherly Love

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


“Danny! Hurry up!”

“For fucks sake Sean, would you chill out? You act like you’ve never seen a pool before.”

“Not one that was actually clean and full enough to swim in! Now come on!”

Danny sighed and rolled his eyes as his twin brother raced ahead of him, bare feet slapping on the pavement outside the motel they were at. This one just happened to be in Mississippi and close enough south that even the crappy cheap motels had real pools for the tourists. Sean was right. Most of the places they stayed didn’t even have one and the ones that did looked like they belonged in horror films. Sean loved to swim. Danny didn’t know where he’d picked it up, but the nerd went ape for it every chance they got.

In fact the rarity of the occasion meant that neither had proper swimwear. Cutoffs would just have to do. Dad was passed out in the room but the last thing he’d said, while Sean was trying to get out the door, was that Danny had to go with him to make sure overzealous little Sean didn’t drown. Sean and Danny were both 18 and knew how to swim. Dad probably just wanted the privacy for an hour but whatever. Danny didn’t care.

Danny didn’t mind spending some time outside. Besides, he wasn’t so much making sure Sean didn’t drown so much as watching him swim, because Sean was entirely different in the water. All those gangly limbs turned sleek and graceful, cleaving the water like a shark, swift and deadly. Dean watched his brother twist and flow, tanned skin wet and glistening in June sun and as usual lately his mind started to wander.

Danny was no stranger to sex. In fact, it occupied quite a lot of his brain and not a small amount of his physical life. His hormones worked and so did his body. He had fantasies, collected porn, jerked off, and had even been with a few girls, unlike his self-confessed virgin of a brother. So imagine his surprise when he’d started having wet dreams about his twin brother.

He knew it was wrong. Knew it was sick. Did everything he could to curb it, get rid of it, but it just got worse. The more intense the dreams got the more he found himself paying attention to Sean during the day. The way the light would catch Sean’s hazel eyes and make the gold stand out. The way his fingers moved when he shuffled cards. The way he smelled, because they still had to share a bed. He’d watch Sean. Then the watching came with fantasies about how Sean would taste if they kissed. How those slender fingers would feel on his skin.

Watching Sean in the pool now Danny could just imagine being in there with him, shoving Sean up against the side of the pool. Finally getting to touch all of that skin, the water letting his hands slide. Hearing his brother say his name with that same breathless whimper the girls do when he does something right. Feeling Sean’s delicate fingers tracing the edge of his shorts.

“Danny! “

Danny was yanked out of his fantasy with a barely stifled groan. His eyes flashed open and fixed on Sean, who was hanging onto the edge of the pool grinning at him, utterly oblivious to the painful hard on his brother was hiding. Sun sparkled on the droplets of water that clung to his eyelashes as Sean laughed.

“Were you asleep? “

“No I wasn’t asleep,” Danny groused. “It’s bright out here and my shades are in the car. What do you want?”

“You should come in. We can race. Bet I’ll win.”

“Yeah right Sasquatch,” Dean smirked. “Like that’s ever happened. “

“Yeah but I’ve been working out.”

“Bigger don’t mean better Seany boy. I’ll show you. “

Thankfully his boner had backed down to a manageable level before he stood up, took two steps and cannon balled into the water. They spent the next few hours dunking and splashing each other. They did race, and Danny did win, but it was much closer than it had been. Danny knew Sean would beat him the next time, and that would be ok. He tried not to think of his poolside fantasy, though it kept asserting itself at really inconvenient moments. He was pretty sure his brother hadn’t noticed he had a chub on most of the day. Or if he did he was being polite about it.

They laid out until they were mostly dry and headed back to the room. By the time they got there the room was empty but there was still warm pizza. Dad had left again, but dinner was reasonably fresh. Sean decided getting the chlorine off was more important than food, a concept that boggled Danny’s mind. In fact, pretty much any situation where food came second confused him. That was Sean for you. Danny shrugged, digging into the pizza while Sean headed for the bathroom.

Danny was on his second slice when the water turned on, and his imagination went with it. Sean under hot water, covered in soap, slick bodies sliding together. His cock got hard so fast against his zipper that it hurt. He tried to focus on eating, the ingredients on the pizza, counting how many times gaziantep escort he chewed, willing away the persistent erection. It didn’t work at all. He was rubbing himself through the stiff denim and finally threw the pizza crust into the box in defeat. He’s got to get out of these shorts before he cuts his damn dick open on the metal. He should have worn underwear, but how was he supposed to know this was going to be an issue?

Danny went over to his side of the bed and dug around in his clothes, finding the change of clothes he would use once he got out of the shower, including the clean underwear. He was basically clean from the pool. He just had to get the coating of chlorine and stuff off. The heavy chemicals smelled weird and dried out his skin, making him itch, and since he wasn’t a girl there was no lotion to be had. Though, thinking about it, lotion might not be a bad thing in the wank department. Of course that brought his attention right back to the stiffy he was trying to deal with.

Danny sighed with relief as he carefully popped the button and unzipped the offending shorts, freeing his cock from the offending makeshift swimwear. He shoved the denim down and off and kicked them into a corner. He flopped onto his back in the bed, closing his eyes as he ran his hand lightly over his balls and brushed up the bottom of his erection, before gripping it loosely and giving it a few strokes. He gave a smile, his mind wandering back to Sean in the shower and a vision of those big hazel eyes staring up at him, lips parted as Danny guided the head of his cock in between them.

“‘Oh, fuck,” he moaned, squeezing his dick to keep from cumming right there. He heard the bathroom door open and bolted upright, snatching up his clothes and holding them in front of him as he pushed past Sean.

“You better have left me some hot water bitch!”

“Whatever, jerk!”

Danny is surprised that Sean doesn’t hear him cum in the shower because holy shit. That image of fucking Sean’s mouth in the shower was the most insanely hot mental image Danny had ever thought of, and he’d seen some stunning porn by now. He wondered if he was gay, but he’d tried watching gay porn and it didn’t do anything for him. He only seemed to want to sex up his brother, which was plenty fucked up, but he supposed it was ok so long as he never actetd on it right? Of course his back brain was only to happy to chime in with “yea, and how long do you think you can keep that up?” Danny was really afraid the answer to that question was “not that much longer”. He didn’t want to molest Sean! He wanted Sean to like it.

It was so wrong but god dammit he wanted it so badly he ached.

That night again he and Sean shared a bed and Danny lay awake torturing himself with his sadistic needs. Next to him Sean still slept the peaceful sleep of the young, his breathing soft and even. He was on his stomach facing away from Danny, hugging his pillow with his arms and one leg thrown up. He was sleeping in just briefs and Danny kept looking down at the curve of his ass, the cleft just showing as the underwear rode low on his hips.

He wanted to feel the skin there, feel if it was as soft as he thought it was. He couldn’t stop thinking of how it would feel to slide his cock between Sean’s soft cheeks. His precum would slick him up. He wouldn’t have to go inside, just slide through that sweet little channel. Then he could reach over Sean’s hip and…he was writhing in the bed, his hand down his underwear, trying not to moan out loud. This was making him crazy!

He looked down at Sean’s ass again and listened to his brothers steady breathing. The guy could sleep through a bomb test. The second he thought it he knew his mind was made up. The hand that wasn’t currently full of his throbbing erection reached down and softly smoothed over the curve of Sean’s ass on top of his briefs. Danny froze, listening for a change in Sean’s breathing. Nothing. His hand started petting and squeezing slowly, and Danny kept pace with his other hand, stroking so slow, drawing it out. His breath was coming out in little huffs of air.

When he broke he did actually moan, though quietly. His hand slipped inside Sean’s underwear, his fingers finally stroking softly through that tantalizing cleft. Danny’s fingers brushed down to the base of his brothers balls and drew all the way back up, the movement drawing a whimper out of him as he gripped himself tight to avoid cumming in his shorts right then. He hadn’t noticed Sean’s breath change.


Sean’s voice was soft, questioning, but not sleepy at all. Danny had no idea how long he’d been awake before he said something, but obviously long enough to figure out what Danny was doing. Danny froze, one hand down his pants and one down Sean’s, as a wave of guilt and shame washed over him. But before he could do anything Sean had rolled over. His hazel eyes were huge and dark in the dim light of the motel room. Danny looked down and Sean was working his own huge erection through the opening in the front of his briefs.

“Sean? Shit. Look I’m sorry dude. I know this is wrong. “

“Danny shut up. Just shut up ok? You think I haven’t seen enough after school special bullshit? Screw right and wrong. I can tell when you look at me that way, and I like it. I like knowing sometimes thinking about me gets you off. Thinking about you gets me off too. I’m not a baby Dan. I know about sex. I even know about gay sex. And what I know most right now is I’ve been wanting you to touch me all day and you go and do it when I’m asleep and can’t enjoy it! “

Danny couldn’t believe it. He was staring, utterly dumbfounded, as his twin brother extemporized on the subject of incest and how all of that was just fine and dandy with him. In fact, the son of a bitch had the nerve to be angry because Danny had only molested him in his sleep. Both of them were laying there, face to face, raging erections on both of them, basically saying that yeah, they were completely ok with fucking each other. He couldn’t wrap his head around it. He was half convinced that he had fallen asleep and was having a wet dream. That is until Sean reached up and squeezed his dick.

“Jesus Sean!” He gasped, coming of the bed at the unexpected stimulus.

“Come on, Danny. You got to touch me. I want to touch you.”

Sean reached for him again and Danny seized his wrist before he could make contact. Sean furrowed his brow in frustration, then hit Dean with the puppy eyes. You’d think Danny would be immune to that, but no. Those pretty eyes undid him just as much as anyone else. Besides, he wanted to give Sean what he wanted. He just had nerves now that it came down to it. He fixed his gaze on his brother as he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and pulled them slowly down, releasing his cock to bounce back up. He kicked them off his feet.

Sean was fixated on Danny’s endowment. He reached out and gripped it at the base. His fingers wouldn’t quite meet, but Sean could feel Danny was so hard he throbbed in Sean’s hand. Sean stroked firmly all the way up, watching as a bead of wetness formed at the tip. He rubbed his thumb over it and it made the tip slick. He wanted to taste it.

Danny was watching Sean discover his cock and damn if it wasn’t the hottest thing he’d ever seen. Sean’s big beautiful eyes were looking at him like he was the best thing he’d ever seen, better than chocolate and Christmas. Then Sean’s hand was on him and Danny fisted the sheets trying not to thrust into his touch. Sean’s thumb slicked his head with precum and the guy licked his lips. Danny thought he was going to faint.

“Sean,” Danny said quietly. “Come up here.” Sean cocked his head, confused, but edged to the top of the bed so he and Danny were eye to eye.

“We’re getting ahead of ourselves. If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it right, ok? “

“Ok. “

Danny leaned in slowly and started to kiss Sean. He was pretty sure Sean had never been kissed by a guy before, so he took it slow. Danny had only done it once, but it was the same principle as with girls. Still, he took the initiative with Sean. Teaching him to tilt his head, how his lips fit against his brothers, how to kiss open mouthed without being awkward, and finally full French. Sean was a fast learner. In fact Sean was a voracious learner. The boy very quickly got aggressive. Before Danny could stop him Sean was straddling his waist, hands in Danny’s hair, kissing him like he wanted to climb inside and grinding his erection against Danny’s in a way that had Danny digging his fingers into the other boys sides. Finally he pulled his mouth away and shoved Sean over on his back.

“Trying to fucking kill me. “

“Dan, please! ” Sean whined. “I want more! Kissing is easy. Get to the good stuff. “

“Good stuff huh? ” Danny smirked. “I’ll show you good stuff. “

Danny went back to kissing Sean, and Sean growled, frustrated. Soon enough Danny moved his kissing to Sean’s jaw and onto his neck, nipping and sucking at the tender skin. Sean was squirming, making little gasps as Danny moved down. When Danny finds a raised nipple with his tongue and gives it a sharp suck Sean comes off the bed, crying his name. Danny smiles against his skin, rolling the little nub around with his tongue and pinching it with his teeth. He gives the same treatment to both sides before working down Sean’s stomach. Danny plants a line of teasing wet kisses along the waistband of his underwear where Sean’s cock is ragingly hard. Danny pulls down one side just a little so he can suck and tongue at the sensitive skin on the inside of Sean’s hip. Sean thrashes under him, cursing and begging. Danny skips his crotch entirely and goes for the inner thigh and the backs of his knees. At this point Sean half sits up.

“Dan, I swear to fucking god if you don’t. ..FUCK! “

Sean’s threat was cut off as Danny’s mouth wrapped around Sean’s hard on through his underwear. After all of the extra stimulation that one touch made Sean slam back down on the mattress and thrust his hips up. Danny made short work of getting the boys briefs off, then it was definitely Danny’s turn to explore.

Sean was younger by four minutes and had hit puberty but not enjoyed it. He had some pubic hair, but turns out he shaved it, and Danny found himself enjoying the soft feel of Sean’s balls as he rolled them in his palm. His cock was definitely a respectable size and he was going to make some ladies very happy. As it was Danny flicked his eyes up to Sean’s face as he licked his way slowly, base to tip, and blew on it.

“Oh fuck Danny.”

“Like that Seany boy?”

“Yeah. God yes.”

“You want me to suck your cock little brother?”

“Oh God. Yes. FUCK, yes!”

He jerked at the question like he’d touched a live wire and his hips bucked up. He couldn’t decide if it was the question itself or just the way Danny said it that made it so incredibly erotic to him. But he couldn’t believe how hot it was.

Danny thought it was hot as fuck too, watching Sean writhe at the idea of Danny’s mouth on him. His reaction made Danny’s own dick throb with desperate need. But that was ok. He could control himself. Sean, on the other hand, he was going to get his brother to pop in his mouth like warm champagne.

Danny spread Sean’s legs and laid out between them. He wrapped his arms underneath and held onto Sean’s hips so he couldn’t move. His twin brother, entirely at his mercy. He couldn’t count how many times he’d had this fantasy, and here it was. He watched Sean’s face, determined not to miss the slightest expression, as he slowly tortured his brother to a stunning orgasm.

He started with little kisses and kitten licks, which drove Sean mad. He begged for more contact, and Danny obliged. Long licks with the broad flat of his tongue, stroking up his cock and delicately sucking his balls. By the time Sean was nearly crying with want Danny wrapped his lips around the swollen head of Sean’s dick and sucked, swirling his tongue around it. Sean strained against the grip of Danny’s hands where they held his hips to the bed and his hands flew to the back of Danny’s head.


Danny didn’t let up. Slowly He sucked Sean down inch by inch, tonguing him the whole way, until his lips were pressed firmly into Sean’s body and his brothers erection was in the back of his throat. Then he hollowed his cheeks and sucked slowly all the way back off. Sean was shaking like a tree in a high wind, curses just coming from him.

“Doing so good Sean. You like getting your dick sucked?”

“FUCK YES. Please Dan, don’t stop. I want more. I need more. Please! “

“You need more huh? Then you do it.”


“Use your hips and fuck my mouth Sean. “

Sean groaned but apparently didn’t need more instruction than that. Danny wasn’t holding him down anymore. Sean twisted his fingers in his older brothers short hair and held him still while his hips pumped upwards. Danny sucked on Sean’s cock as it plunged deep in his mouth. He felt it go harder against his tongue, felt Sean start to shake. Then the younger twin was howling Danny’s name and burying his cock deep in Danny’s mouth, jerking as cum pumped out of him in seemingly endless waves. Danny swallowed it all and sucked the last bits off as he came up for air. Sean was covered in a sheen of sweat, panting and still shuddering.

“Mmm so good Sean. How do you feel?”

“That was incredible! Is it always like that?”

“Only if it’s good. There is such a thing as a bad blow job. And sex is better.”

“Shit really?”

Sean looked stunned. The blow job looked like it had about taken him apart. Danny smiled. He remembered thinking and feeling the exact same thing when he was in Sean’s place. Though he wasn’t lucky enough to be learning in this less embarrassing environment. He also couldn’t help but be proud that he’d completely ruined Sean for blow jobs for the rest of his life.

It was at that point that Danny’s own erection gave a throb. Sean looked wrecked but sated and Danny was still crazy horny. Danny decided this was a crazy enough night, he could just go in the bathroom after Sean passed out.

“Come on Sean. Back to sleep. We’ll talk in the morning.”

Sean definitely looked kind of blinky, but with Danny sort of kneeling the guy definitely noticed the state of affairs and was not having it. Sean sat up and grabbed Danny’s hands, stopping him. He looked up into Danny’s face.

“What about you?”

“What about me?” Danny scrubbed a hand through his hair, frowning. “Look don’t worry about me.”

“No way. I got off. It’s your turn.” Sean reached down and stroked Danny. Danny shivered.

“Do you want me to suck you off Danny?”

Sean’s voice was soft, unsure, when he asked, but one look in his eyes said he was serious. And if the fantasy had made Danny hot before then the reality now practically made him explode in Sean’s hand. Sean noticed as Danny’s breath caught. Danny started to nod.

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