Chance Encounter

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“Okay, last call done, I’ll write this down and go have a drink!” she thinks as she leaves the shop quietly muttering and checking that she has all of her paperwork. She hardly notices the bustling crowds around her as she heads for the crossing to her car. She hates this shop, she has to park so far away, then make 2 trips to the shop to do the stock.

“Crossing this road without getting hit by some idiot, is a feat in itself.” she thinks as she approaches the crossing. “Cars just don’t stop here unless there’s a crowd both sides and one adventurous person takes the first step onto this notorious road to lead the crowds across.”

She sighs as she reaches the curb and realizes she’s the only one on her side, with only one on the other side as well. She checks her paperwork again as she waits for more people to join her. All checked and okay, she looks up to see how many are on the other side.

There’s only two there, the woman who was there before and one guy. She looks around to see how many are now on her side, then almost spins her head off to look across the road as the image of the guy on the other side of the road sinks into her consciousness.

“Woah! Hello there tall dark and fuckable!!” she thinks as she stares straight at him and thanks the Lord she still has to wait for others to join her at the crossing so she can take in the sight of the Latino God opposite her. She can’t help but stare at him, watching him look down to check the time on his pocket watch. A few wisps of his long and wavy jet black hair fall across his face as he looks down, causing him to flick his head back again and look up, straight into her dreamy eyes.

He smiles a beautiful sexy smile, flashing his glistening white teeth as he reaches to remove the hair tie that holds his black mane back in a ponytail. She watches him as he shakes his hair out, then pulls it back and ties it up again. He’s looking at her, the whole time smiling, looking just like one of the Chippendales as they look at a woman whilst dancing in front of them. Her mind fills with images of this man grabbing his collar and ripping his form fitting business suit in half to reveal a rippling tanned and toned body beneath it. He looks at his watch again, then reaches for his collar, causing her to gasp, only to loosen his tie. She sighs, ridiculously she feels, at her disappointment.

Suddenly she feels the crowd behind her begin to move onto the road, pushing past her, causing her to start walking as well. She feels in a dreamlike state as she walks and watches him step down from the kerb. They walk straight toward each other and she watches his every movement. He smiles as she gets nearer and slows down to almost a stop as they’re about to walk into each other. Then he takes a side step and puts his arm out to go around her waist. Effortlessly on his part, willingly on hers, he turns her around to walk with him back to where she’d started on the other side.

Not a word is spoken as he leads her at the waist, down the street to a small bar. She sees a look of recognition on the barman’s face as they approach together. Without a word, the barman places a drink in front of him, then looks to her and says, “And for the Lady?”

“Ummmm, the same thanks.” she says, having no idea what the drink is. He hands her the drink and passes the barman $10.00 before leading her away without waiting for change. They stop near a guy playing the piano and she takes a sip of her drink, coughing as she realizes it’s simply ice water. She takes another sip and clear her throat before saying,

“By the way, my name’s…”

He places his finger over her lips to silence her and nods toward the piano player, he obviously wants her to listen. The piano player looks up, smiles at him and nods as he changes the tune and starts to sing a soft melody she doesn’t recognize. He finishes his drink and puts his hand out to her. She finishes her drink and take his hand so he can lead her to the dance floor.

“Jesus, who is this guy?” she thinks to herself. “Everyone knows him and what he wants. In fact she thinks she knows what he wants too, or at least she hopes she knows…”

He dances close to her, but not so close that their bodies touch, which begins to frustrate antalya escort her. He’s so aloof, still hasn’t said a word, yet makes her feel good, as well as pretty damned horny! Finally he pulls her closer and she feels his breath on her neck and ear. It’s all too much and she presses herself into him, smelling his musky cologne as you rests her head against him. Almost simultaneously they both push their hips forward and she feels something hard pressing into her. She smiles to herself, realizing she’d guessed right about what he wanted. She looks up at him smiling, he smiles back and stops dancing, leading her away again. He leads her to some stairs and takes her to the top, then through a doorway. They enter a large office with floor to ceiling glass behind the large desk. Together they walk to the viewing window and look down to the bar below, the pianist still playing and crooning, people moving about.

He leaves her at the window, takes off his jacket and tie, then sits in the large leather chair behind the desk, then turning it around to face her. She turns to face him and leans back against the handrail along the window. She watches him smile at her and raise his finger in front of his face. He lowers his finger, pointing toward her feet. She knows what he’s saying and thinks he’s pretty arrogant, but looking him up and down she knows he can afford to be.

Looking straight into his eyes, she starts to slowly undo her shirt, lingering at each button. She finds the look he’s giving her pleasing, which makes her decide he’s gonna get a show he won’t forget. Her buttons undone, she reaches behind herself to undo the button on her slacks, then the zip. Moving her hips from side to side, she hooks her thumbs into the waist of her slacks and shimmies them down over her hips to the floor.

For some reason she suddenly realizes she no longer has her paperwork and panics, until she sees it on the desk. Obviously always thinking, he leans forward and undoes her shoes for her. Then he takes them off her, at the same time slipping her slacks over her feet to get them off and put them to aside.

Her legs free, she leans back again with her feet apart. She looks down on herself in her open blouse and thankfully her new bra and undies. She remembers the window behind her and glances back at it, is it one way? she wonders. It’s tinted, it must be the film on it so you can’t see in. Feeling better, she pushes the blouse off her shoulders and lets it drop so she stands there only in her lingerie.

She looks at him with her wickedest grin and crooks her finger at him, beckoning him to her. He quickly turns away to get something from his drawer, then turns back and rolls his chair towards her. She put a foot on each arm of the chair and sits up on the handrail. He sits back in the chair, playing with the scissors he took from the drawer. She moves one foot to his leg and gently slides it up his thigh to the hard and sizeable lump in his pants.

She lowly runs her toes along it’s length as she reaches around to undo her lace bra and let her ample breasts spill free. She continues to rub his shaft through his pants with her foot and feels it get harder as he cups her breasts in her hands and lifts them to her mouth to softly lick and kiss them.

He pushes her foot back to rest on the arm of the chair again, then leans forward and slips the blade of the scissors under the band of her panties. He cuts one side then the other, then peels the front down from her soaked pussy to expose her neatly trimmed bush. It’s only when the cool air touches her pussy, that she realizes just how wet she actually is. He smiles as he looks at her glistening pussylips and moves forward in his chair.

She gasps as his soft lips brush against her sex, and she grips the rail with her hands as she leans back against the glass. She feels his wet tongue, starting at her perineum and making one long slow lick along the length of her moist puffy lips. She gets an extra charge as she looks at the people below who look up to the window occasionally, not knowing what’s going on behind it. She thinks to herself, “Imagine if they could see us, what a buzz that would be…!”

She feels his warm hands stroking her thighs artvin escort and gently pushing them further apart to make her now steaming pussy more accessible to his magic tongue. She rocks precariously on the rail, with only the window stopping her from falling back. The shaky position and the thought of all the people just below them, just add to the thrill of the whole situation, and she feels a familiar tingle begin to emanate in her pussy. Regardless of her shaky position, she can’t help but reach down to hold her pussy open to his mouth. Obviously pleased with her movements, he pushes his face harder into her pussy, his tongue pushing inside her and his nose rubbing over her clit.

Within seconds of him starting his hungry assault on her pussy, she feels it begin, giant butterflies frantically flapping inside her. A heat that starts from between her legs, slowly building up and spreading through her stomach and outwards, causing her to tense. Her legs shudder as her whole body trembles and she doesn’t feel she can hold herself open enough for his hungry mouth and skilful tongue. She thrusts forward hard, forcing his face tight against her throbbing pussy. She feels his strong warm hands grip her are, supporting her as he pulls her to him and she explodes in an incredible and intense orgasm into his mouth.

She feels her cum juices pour from her like a waterfall onto his face, and she lets go of herself to hold his head and grind herself into him, moaning loudly. He continues to lap furiously at her pussy, drinking her copious sweet juices and probing his tongue into her hot hole until she can no longer cope with the sensation of her continuous multiple orgasms.

“Please, oh please stop! I must have your cock, I want to taste your cock before you FUCK ME HARD!!!”

Still not saying a word, he smiles as he stands and helps her down from the rail, shakily she gets her footing and turns around to sit on the leather chair. He leans back against the rail as she undoes his belt and trousers, then pull them down to find his underpants at eye level with a nice hard bulge in them. She gently runs her fingernails along its length, down to his heavy laden balls. Then she hooks their waist in her fingers and peels his pants away to reveal his rock hard cock.

Not too big and not too small, she estimates around 7 inches and nice and thick and veiny. She slides forward in the chair and sits with her knees wide apart, displaying her swollen wet lips, slightly apart and hungry. She happily sees him watch her as she reaches out for his pulsing member with one hand, while the other reaches down to stroke their fingers along her wet slit. He swells in your hand at the site of your self stimulation, your lids heavy and your eyes rolling back at your own touch.

She licks his balls as she holds his cock straight up and gently strokes its length, her tongue swirling around and around, then drawing them into her mouth one by one. Now it’s his turn to grip to the rail with his hands, his head falling back and his legs trembling as she slowly licks along the underside of his cock, along the large vein to the tip. She flicks her tongue over the V below the head of his cock, then over and around the head itself. Then she closes her lips around the head of his shaft, his fat knob in her mouth as she runs her tongue around again and sucks, tasting his salty precum as it leaks from the eye.

She lets go of the head with her lips and licks all over his cock to make the whole thing wet and slippery. She has him clamped at the base with her thumb and index finger in a ring around it, then slowly slides them up and down to ensure it’s slippery enough. Clamping her lips around the head again, she begins to suck hard, drawing him into her mouth. Her lips glide along his length, while her teeth gently scrape along beneath them, slowly taking his length into her mouth and to the back of her throat, until she has him almost all the way inside.

Then she slides back again until the head plops out of her mouth, looking up at him with a sexy smile as her tongue reaches out to lick the head again. She closes her lips over the head once more and slowly slides down again until it reaches the back of her throat. There she stops beylikdüzü escort and looks up at him through dreamy eyes as she gently pushes forward so the head sinks further down her throat. He lets out a low gutteral moan, the first sound she’s heard him make, as she breathes through her nose and squeezes his cock head with her throat while her tongue licks the underside of his shaft. She slides back up until just the head’s in her mouth, then does it again. She feels him tense and she grips the base of his cock as she takes him out of her mouth. “Not just yet,” she says, “I want that cock inside me first!”

He reaches down to help her up, then with his hands on her arse and her arms around his neck, he lifts her up and turns her around. He places her arse on the rail again and she leans back on the glass as she holds her legs up at the knees. Then she takes a short breath as he pushes the fat head of his cock against her tight opening. She feels him push past her tight wet opening and she lets go of her legs, wrapping her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. He feels so hard and big as she grips him with her cunt muscles and his entire length easily slips into her hot wet hole. He grabs her arse and lifts her off the rail, only to have her slide back down his shaft to the hilt. She’s already cumming, having another intense orgasm as he lays her back onto the big desk.

“Aaaaaaaagh Godddd! That’s so good!” she coos as he starts to thrust into her. Her legs splaying out wide on the desk as he grabs her hips and thrusts into her so deeply.

“Oh God YES!!” She yells as she tries to push against him whilst squeezing and pulling at her own rock hard nipples. He thrusts harder into her, almost viciously as she feels yet another climax building deep inside her.

She feels his hand move to her pussy and his fingers begin to squeeze and tease her clit.

“NnnnnnGggghhhhh!!!” she groans, legible words no longer being an option as her body begins its powerful spasms yet again.

He holds her legs out at the ankles and she grips the sides of the desk with her hands as he pounds into her and his balls continuously slap against her arse. They both groan loudly as she begins to feel his cock twitch and swell inside her. She knows he’s close now and she tightens her cunt muscles as tight as she can, sending him over the edge. He thrusts hard into her and their bodies grind together as she feels the first jet of his cum squirt deep inside her.

“OH FUCK!!!” he yells as she goes over the edge again, making them cum together.

She reaches down and grabs his arse as he fills her with his beautiful hot spunk, and she cums on his cock, both of them trembling uncontrollably.

She basks in the afterglow of their torrid lovemaking and her head rolls to one side to watch the people moving about below them. Laughing she says, “Hahaha, imagine if they could’ve seen us…”

He looks at her smiling and says, ” Yeah, just imagine that…”

“So you do speak then?” she says.

“Only when necessary,” he replies, “and I have to speak at a meeting in 15 minutes, so I’d better be getting ready now.”

She sits up on the edge of the desk, olds him by the face and gives him a long deep kiss, then says, “Thank you, I had a wonderful time.”

“As did I,” he replies smiling, then turns to get his clothes. “You can shower in there if you wish,” he says pointing toward a door.

“Thanks,” she says, “but I’ll just throw my things on and get going, I’m late for a meeting myself.”

“Ok then, goodbye and thank you so much,” he says as he disappears through another door.

She hurriedly throws her things on and grabs her paperwork, does a quick brush of her hair and leave the room where she came in. She skips down the stairs and briskly walks past the bar until she hears the barman call her, “Miss!”

She looks back to see him bearing a huge grin, “A complimentary refreshment before you leave Miss?” he asks as he hands her a cool drink.

“Thank you,” she says returning his smile as she takes the drink and leans back against the bar. She knocks back the last of her drink and opens her eyes as she does so, seeing the big office windows with the one way glass above you.

There she sees him, clear as day, holding the rail with one hand and blowing her a kiss from the other and waving.

“Imagine if they could have seen us…” she says out loud, laughing and shaking her head as she leaves, feeling a warm wet dribble running down her leg.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32