Charlie and Mindy Bk. 02 Ch. 01

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This is the first chapter of seven in Book 2 of the Charlie and Mindy tetralogy—which is a story of forbidden love between a brother and a sister.

While Book 2 stands on its own, it refers to events that took place in Book 1. Book 1 also contains some of Charlie and Mindy’s family history that bears on the story. You may therefore want to read Book 1 before reading Book 2.

This is a rewrite of a series I posted in the past and removed for a while.

Please leave your comments. I try to respond to non-anonymous comments within a few days.



Mom, Dad, my sister Mindy, and I spent that Monday evening in early August chatting over a few beers. Mindy and I had returned from a backpacking trip earlier that day, and that was our main topic of discussion. They wanted all the details: where we’d been, what we’d seen, how we’d traveled, cooked, camped, and so forth. Seeing that they were in a good mood after we’d described our trip, Mindy mentioned that she’d like to take a course from the Mountain Odyssey Learning School. They seemed receptive to the idea, but they were non-committal. They would have to think about it, they said. But they had to get up around six in the morning to be at work by eight, so, at about half past nine, they called it a night—leaving Mindy and me alone in the living room together.

In our conversation with Mom and Dad that evening, Mindy and I had left out the most important—to us—part of the trip. We’d been an especially close brother-and-sister pair ever since we’d been little. Before Mom had married the man Mindy and I now called “Dad,” we’d been the children of a single mom; children, born only 14 months apart, whose father had died in Vietnam when we were too young to know him. We’d lived with Mom in a small home, where the two of us had to share a bed—and we’d come to think of our bodies as mutual property. So maybe it had been natural that, together in the wilderness by ourselves for almost a week at the ages of nineteen and eighteen, we’d fallen head-over-heels in love with each other.

And I don’t mean chaste-and-proper brother-and-sister love. We had shared that ever since either of us could remember.

No, this was man-and-woman love—which we had shared as man and woman. Which is to say: We had joyfully shared our bodies with each other. It had taken us most of that week to break down the barriers that came with what we’d been taught about incest. But, when those barriers went down, they fell with a resounding crash. Only two days earlier, on Saturday evening, we’d given each other our respective virginities. And, in a period of about 36 hours, we’d made love four superlative, mind-altering times.

After Mom and Dad left us in the living room, we looked at each other. Looked at each other, that is, as in “undressed each other with our eyes.” But we knew better than to undress each other with our hands—much as we wanted to. We knew, from the reactions of our motel neighbors that very morning, that making love quietly was not our style. And the house, though big, was open. Even in their bedroom, Mom and Dad would have only a single door between them and us. In fact, they didn’t like for the television in the living room to be on after they’d gone to bed, because they could hear the noise.

We thought about going downstairs to the basement rec room for some “recreation,” but we decided that they might be just as suspicious about the absence of any noise as about too much of the wrong kind of noise. With proper preparation, we decided, we could use the rec room in the future. We settled for staying in the living room, talking about the coming college year, and snuggling while fully clothed—with a couple more beers to drown our sorrows. Naturally, as we snuggled, we copped multiple feels of each other’s more interesting parts. That, at least, we were able to do quietly—or, at least, with only a little soft moaning.

Finally, after an hour or so, we decided that we’d better go to our separate beds in our separate rooms. We’d thought about heading for the same bed in the same room, but we’d quickly realized that the proximity of those rooms to Mom and Dad’s room would more than cancel out any gain, in terms of noise, we might accrue by putting a second closed door between us and our parents. And so, for the first time in over a week, we would be sleeping separately.

When we had climbed the stairs together, each with an arm wrapped around the other, Mindy stopped and turned toward me. Our arms encompassed each other, and, looking up at me, smiling and rubbing her wonderful little body against me, she whispered, “Big Brother and Little Sister!” It was the first line of the secret childhood litany we’d developed when we were about six and recalled during our Wyoming trip.

I smiled back at her, squeezed her, and whispered, “Best friends and lovers!” We’d added the last two words to Bayan Escort Gaziantep the response only two days ago, right after we’d given each other our virginities.

She placed her head on my shoulder and squeezed me back as, together, we whispered the chorus to each other: “Now and always!”

She reached up for the day’s last kiss, and, reluctantly, we parted—to go to our separate rooms.

I got ready for bed, and, just in case Mom—who couldn’t bear the thought of one of her children sleeping naked—should decide to look in on me in the morning, I wore t-shirt and boxers to bed. It wouldn’t do for her to learn how uncultured I’d become.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I awoke in the wee small hours, with a substantial fraction of the several beers I’d downed demanding release. Half asleep, I stumbled down the hall to the bathroom Mindy and I had shared since we’d moved into the house nine years ago; once there, I peed out what seemed like several quarts more than I’d drunk. Then I shuffled back to my room.

As I got back into the empty bed, I found myself wishing that I could—as I had done many times, when I was a little boy, in the weeks after Mom had married Dad and we’d moved into this house—just walk back down the hall, crawl in bed with my little sister, and hold her little warm body close to mine.

For the first time in nine years, I felt lonely in bed by myself—and now there was an extra added attraction to sharing a bed with Mindy: She wanted to make love with me as much as I wanted to make love with her. Eventually, probably much sooner than I thought, I drifted back to sleep—feeling mighty sorry for myself.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In my sleep, I dreamed. It was one of those dreams in which I was aware, somehow, that I was dreaming but could not control events. I dreamed that a faceless woman’s warm, naked body backed up against me as I lay on my side. My arm encircled her, and my hand cupped her tit. In my dream, her nipple hardened in greeting as I rolled it between thumb and index finger. She wiggled her ass against my stiff cock, which nestled along the cleft where her thighs joined her body. My hand slipped from her tit, traveled down the length of her belly, passed through her pubic hair, and found her hot, wet furrow. My finger entered, found her clit, began tickling it; her ass clenched on my boner and, as her hips moved back and forth, stroked me. I recognized, but could exert no control over, a promising wet dream.

And I woke up…

…to find that what I had been dreaming was real. Mindy had gotten into bed with me, naked, while I slept. She had backed up against me, and my hand and cock were doing exactly what I’d dreamt they were. The main difference between the dream and reality (aside from the fact that Mindy has a face) was that I had to pee—really had to pee. Evidently, those 12-ounce cans had each somehow held several quarts of beer—impossible though that seemed.

I kissed the back of her neck to announce that I was awake. That was when it dawned on me that she shouldn’t be where she was. “Mindy!” I whispered in shock. “What are you doing here? We can’t get caught together like this!”

She snuggled in more tightly, clasped my hand against her mound, and wiggled her ass against me.

“Look at the clock, dope,” was all she said.

I looked, as instructed, realizing as I did that it was more than light enough for me to see. It was half past eight. Mom and Dad had left for work about an hour ago, and we were alone in the house. Somehow, in my pining for Mindy, I’d overlooked a central fact of adult life: Mom and Dad worked. Five days a week, they would be out of the house from about seven-thirty until about five-thirty. Duh!

“I take it back. You’re right where you should be. But I’ve got to pee. Don’t leave.”

As I rolled out of bed to head for the bathroom, I stripped off my t-shirt and my boxers. Mom wasn’t home to catch me being uncultured, either by being naked in bed or by engaging in any of the other activities Mindy and I planned for the next hour or so.

As always, my cock wilted when I peed; but on the way back to my room it anticipated what it would find in my bed. By the time I was back in bed next to my little sister, it had reasserted itself, making me proud to return it to the place where it had nestled before I left.

“Mmmmm!” we hummed in unison.

I wrapped my arms around her, crossing them in front of her and taking possession of one of her perfect little tits with each hand. She wiggled herself back against me again.

“Big Brother, I was lonely last night in bed without you. I like having you near me when I sleep.” We had slept with each other during the previous week—first in a pair of zipped-together sleeping bags for several nights, and then one last night in a motel bed.

I replied: “I was lonely, too. I really like having you in bed with me.”

My cock was now up against the slippery wet heat of her pussy, and we were rocking our hips gently in opposition to each other.

“I’ll bet you say that to all the women you Do It with.”

“Well, every one of them so far. But at least I don’t go around climbing into other peoples’ beds to see what I can find—like some people I could name.” (We knew—damned good and well—that we were each other’s first and only.)


She pulled herself out of my grasp, unhooked her thighs from my prong, and turned over to lie, still in my arms, facing me. I nibbled on her left ear, causing a little shudder to run through her.

“Mmmm! That always gives me goose bumps,” she murmured. “It really turns me on.”

I kissed my way down from her ear, moving slowly and making sure that my lips made hot, wet contact with her skin all the way down. When I finally reached her nipple, I took it into my mouth and sucked on it. She moaned in delight and thrust her chest forward, pushing her tit farther into my mouth. My tongue attacked, flipping her erect nipple up, down, up, down. She moaned again, and clasped my head. My arm was still under her, and I brought that hand down to the upper end of the cleft between her ass cheeks and stroked her there. My other hand, meanwhile, stroked up and down her side, from armpit to hip and back, again and again. She was trembling, now.

“Oh, Charlie,” she whispered, “kiss me and hold me.”

I released her nipple and brought my head back up. As her mouth sought mine, her hand guided my shaft back between her thighs and up against the heat and moisture there; her outer and inner lips opened to cradle my length.

She wrapped an arm around me. She worked her other arm under my neck and wrapped it around me, too. We kissed deeply, our tongues playing with each other. I held her tightly against myself again, thrilling to the feel of her tits against my chest, her belly against my belly, and her pussy against my cock. Our hips rocked, and my boner slid back and forth along her lubricated cleft. I highly recommend this morning wake-up exercise.

“Let’s do It!” I suggested.

“Sorry, Buster. I never do It with a guy the first time I share his own bed with him.”

“That’s very virtuous of you. But I have to point out that the first time you shared my bed with me was before I got up to pee. This is the second time you’ve shared my bed with me.”

“In that case,” she said, smiling, rocking her hips with a little extra vigor and wiggling her shoulders so that her tits rubbed against my chest, “let’s do It.”

“Okay, but only because you’re rubbing your tits and your pussy against me. Again. And I can’t help myself,” I replied.

“I’ll bet if I just roll over on my back,” she said as she untangled herself from my arms and did just that, “my favorite big brother will help himself to some nookie.”

“I can’t help myself; I’ll have to help myself.”

This was getting complicated. But what I had in mind wasn’t. I rolled to my knees between her legs—which had parted in anticipation. The blankets fell off behind me as I brought myself up, and I found myself looking down at her. She folded her legs up toward her body, keeping her thighs parted; the little brown triangle of fur and the nearly hairless mound that triangle pointed to were spread out before my eyes. Her inner lips, swollen with desire, protruded a bit from her cleft. I did plan to help myself—and her—to some nookie. But, at that particular moment, another temptation was too great…

“Now that the snack shop is open, I’d better help myself to some breakfast first.”

I backed a little on my knees and leaned down, so that my face was only inches above her furrow.

“I wouldn’t want to faint from hunger during strenuous activity.”

I was, however, about to faint from the fragrance of her natural feminine perfume. My little sister hadn’t showered for 24 hours, and her seductive aroma was commanding, irresistible, intoxicating.

“Would you like the pussy, this morning, sir? I understand it’s very nutritious; it fortifies a man for his daily undertakings.”

“Yes,” I replied, “and I’ve heard that little sister pussy is a real delicacy. I think I’ll have a helping.”

I bent down, placed my elbows on the bed beside her thighs, and brought my hands up over her hips where her thighs were folded upward. I extended my tongue, and gently caressed her outer lips with it. She wriggled in pleasure, enticing me to delve farther into her cleft. I breathed deeply of her femininity; her scent made me giddy with desire. My cock jumped in response, and my tongue parted her outer lips to tickle the inner ones. I moved slowly upward, toward her clit. As I did, she found the back of my head and held it, caressing me and encouraging me in my motion toward her most sensitive spot. She rested her feet on my back, where they pressed gently, providing even more encouragement by drawing my body toward her.

“Ooooohh!” she sighed. “That’s so good, Charlie!

“There! Like that!” she exclaimed as I began to circle my tongue around her little jewel—tickling it gently. Her hands and her feet now pressed me against her. Her hips rocked in response to my tongue’s circling motion, and I adjusted my own rhythm to hers.

Soon she was sighing and moaning. Her coordination began to fail as she got louder and louder. She held me tightly against herself, and soon she shouted, “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

As her orgasm took control of her, I stiffened my tongue and stroked her clit directly. She went off like a skyrocket. I could almost see the stars shooting out of her and leaving fiery trails around us.

As she began to come back down to earth, she stopped pressing me against herself and pulled me away; knowing that her clit was now too sensitive to bear even my gentlest touch, I didn’t struggle. Instead, I rolled her to the side, straightened out, and lay down on my side behind her—taking her into my arms, and sliding my cock between her thighs and along her cleft. I held her and stroked her tit as she continued her descent.

“God, Charlie! That was really, really good.” She was back.

I kissed the back of her neck, said, “I’m glad. It seemed good from here.” I was rolling her nipple between thumb and forefinger. She wiggled herself back into closer contact with me and sighed. She clasped my hand tighter to her tit. We lay there for a bit.

“We’d better do something about that big hot hard thing I feel up against myself.”

“I think ‘that big hot hard thing’ would like that,” I said as she untangled herself from me again. “Seems to me we were about to do something when I decided I needed breakfast.”

She was smiling at me. She reached over and kissed me.

“I think that was the plan.”

She wormed an arm under my neck and threw her other arm around me. She pulled herself in close, so that the full length of her lovely, naked little body was up against me. My cock was again between her thighs, now resting directly against her mound, parting her outer lips. It felt like it was doing a very creditable imitation of a metal rod. She wiggled against me and kissed me again, mouth open. I ran my hand up and down her side, reveling in her narrow waist, the curve of her hip. Our tongues intertwined. Make that a titanium steel rod.

She released me and rolled onto her back again. “I think you’d better put him in me. No interruptions this time.”

She smiled with anticipation. So did I, as I moved over her. She reached up and put her hands on my upper arms. They rested there as she spread her thighs and brought her knees up. I raised myself up far enough to get a view of my target and, shifting my weight, brought a hand down to align my crown with her opening. As I did, she slid her hand down my arm and went on to part her outer lips for me. I placed the tip of my cock into her and brought my arm back to her side. She brought her hands up to rest on the back of my neck. At the same time, she wrapped her legs around my thighs and helped me bring my hips forward. And, once again, Big Brother’s cock glided into Little Sister’s welcoming sheath.

“OOOooohh!” she moaned. “Your cock feels so good in me, Big Brother. Just stay there for a minute.”

I looked down into her smiling face. Gently, I lowered my head, bringing my lips to hers for a soft, lingering kiss.

“I love the way you feel around me, Little Sister,” I said when our lips parted. I looked into her deep blue eyes. “You’re so hot, so slippery, so tight.

“You feel so right inside me,” she murmured, looking back at me.

She reached up for another kiss, this one deeper, hungrier than the last. And when our lips parted this time, she pumped me gently with her legs, which were still wrapped around my thighs, and I began to move in and out of her.

We moved slowly at first, almost imperceptibly. But it wasn’t long before Nature took control, and I pistoned in and out of her for all I was worth.

She had one more surprise for me—and for herself—that morning. Just as I felt my own orgasm approaching, she shrieked, “Oohhh! My God! I’m coming again! Oooohh! God! Don’t stop! I’mm! Commmming! Againnnnn!”

We rammed our naked bodies together one final time as I erupted inside her and she convulsed in her own climax. My cock pumped great jets of her big brother’s sperm into my little sister’s depths. We moaned, shuddered, and thrashed, clasping each other tightly, trying to keep my pulsating cock embedded as deeply as possible in her as she contracted in waves around me.

A final paroxysm overcame me—causing every muscle in my body to contract in ecstasy. When it subsided, I collapsed on top of her, barely remembering to place my elbows where they would bear enough of my weight to prevent me from smothering her. She shuddered rhythmically under me, still contracting as if trying to suck more cum from me. I breathed in great gasps; I’d again forgotten to breathe while coming.

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