Coffee Shop

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A/N This is my first story ever. I would love to receive your feedback. Good or bad.


In the big city there lies a coffee shop catering to an exclusive list of working women. These women range from titans of industry, elected political leaders, prize winning authors, to everything in between. Powerful woman from all across the globe come to this small coffee shop located in the middle of this unremarkable city for one thing…to be dominated by stronger more powerful women.

One such woman was Melonie Basu, Indian billionaire heiress and philanthropist. On her way to help refugees in Latin America, she decided to make a small detour to a certain coffee shop. This was not her first time being served, she put on the mask all patrons are required to wear, sat down at one of several available tables and leisurely flipped through the menu.

A moment later a server appeared. Wearing the coffee shop’s uniform; black buttoned jacket with a grey vest and white shirt underneath. She was young, skinny, had brown curly hair and green eyes. The server smiled at Melonie, placing one gloved hand behind her back and the other over her right breast. “Good evening honorable patron,” She said, bowing, her voice deep and heavily french accented. “Who shall you be having today?”

Melonie had to lean her neck all the way back to meet the towering server’s eyes. She placed her long manicured fingernail over a picture on the menu “Her.” She said.

“Valentina Petrov. Russia’s Olympic gold medalist speed skater. Excellent choice, madam.” She said bowing again. “What flavor?”

“Vanilla.” Melonie replied.

The sever took a step back and extended her arm “Right this way.”

Melonie trailed behind the server, walking at a brisk pace to keep up with her long strides. When they arrived at the big red door, at the far end of the small coffee shop, it opened automatically. Melonie stepped through; the server smiled at her, said goodbye then turned on her heels walking away as the door closed behind her.

She stood in a 36″ x 48″ box. A moment later the box shook and descended towards the basement level of the coffeeshop.

When the doors opened, there was a long hallway lined with thick black doors. Melonie walked passing door after door until she reached a room where the door wasn’t closed. She stepped inside the room, it was furnished like a small studio apartment; there was a queen sized bed, a desk, television, a wall covered in hundreds of toys and instruments of varying sizes. There was also a woman, Valentina Kadıköy Türbanlı Escort Petrov, standing in the middle of the room. She had a large physique: chiseled six pack abs, large biceps, muscular thighs, and a prominent jawline. It was if she were sculpted from marble and brought to life. She wore black leatherette chaps and bra decorated with studs. No bottoms, her pussy was out in the open, wiry fair pubes groomed into the fashion of a mohawk. Her golden hair was pulled back into a tight ballet bun at the back of her head.

“Close the door and strip.” Valentina said, her voice rough and thickly accented.

Melonie closed the door then moved towards the center of the room “Let’s skip the bullshit and get down do it. I’m quite busy and can’t stay long.”

Valentina didn’t respond. She walked over to the wall, surveyed the collection of instruments, before deciding on her instrument of choice. Gripping the short leather riding crop in her hand she strolled over to where Melonie stood, eyes following her.

Melonie held her breath. Heart pounding in her chest, beads of sweat running down her long neck. She gulped as she watched Valentina circle around her, like a shark, fierce eyes piercing through her.

“I said strip!” Valentina smacked Melonie across her ass with the riding crop.

She let out a satisfying howl.

“I say do, you do, yes?”

Melonie glared at her and received another quick smack across the ass.

“Yes?” Valentina asked again. Raising the riding crop for another hit.


Melonie undid each button on her black blouse and dropped the garment onto the floor. Then she unzipped her vintage pink pencil skirt letting it puddle around her ankles. Stepping out of her Stuart Weitzman tanzanite heels, she kicked them along with her skirt across the room.

Valentina circled Melonie, dragging the riding crop across her body, inspecting her. She wore a sheer pale peach bra and brazilian cut thong with grey streaks lingerie set. She had cinnamon colored skin, full lips, brown eyes, a long wide nose, and a curvy figure. Her silky coal black hair brushed the top of her ample breasts.

Valentina circled the riding crop around Melonie’s areola through the fabric of her bra. “Now the rest.” She said.

Melonie did as she was told.

“Very good. You’re like a cute puppy,” Valentina said “and in this room I am your master. You do what I say, when I say it, yes? If you do not I punish you. When you do good I reward you. Simple, Kadıköy Otele Gelen Escort yes?”

Melonie nodded. There was a chill to the room, goosebumps appeared over her body, her large dark nipples hardened, so she crossed her arms over her breasts tucking her hands underneath her arms pits. She shivered slightly “I have somewhere to be, can we start already?”

She howled, leapt into the air, and covered her ass with her hands as the riding crop came across her bare ass, the pain was sharp and stinging.

Valentina smacked her time and again until red welts ran every which way across her cinnamon plump ass. “You are here for however long I choose, yes?”

Melonie’s ass and upper thighs burned red, her flesh feeling as if it were being seared off. She caressed her inflamed cheeks, fighting back tears, the slightest touch sending stabbing pangs through her lower body. “Yes.” She said in a quiet choking voice.

As soon as the words left her mouth, Valentina kneed Melonie in her leg; bringing her down on one knee, then she grabbed a fistful of her hair and led her crawling over to the chair. Valentina sat down in the chair, hoisting her legs onto the arms, she spread her pale lips with two fingers “Eat my pussy, Puppy.” She commanded, still holding Melonie’s hair.

Before Melonie could do anything, her face was shoved into Valentina’s wet pussy. She had a sweet smell to her—like honey—Melonie ran her tongue along the edge of Valentina’s inner lips. Dipping the tip of her long flat tongue into Valentina’s sopping pussy.

Valentina held onto the sides of Melonie’s head, pushing her face into her pussy. Moaning and digging her nails into Melonie’s head as she grind her throbbing pussy on Melonie’s tongue. “That’s right, Puppy, eat my pussy.” She moaned.

At her urging Melonie pushed her long tongue into Valentina’s pussy all at once. Thrashing her tongue against Valentina’s tight walls and sucking her pussy; Melonie moved her hand between her legs. Feeling her own wetness, she rubbed her clit in small quick circles.

She let go of Melonie’s hair, lifted her studded bra, and rolled her stiff pink nipples between her fingers. Moaning as she arched her back, she threw her neck back, squeezing her breasts. “Lick my clit, Puppy, make me cum.”

Immediately Melonie pressed her full lips together around Valentina’s glistening pink bead and hummed. The buzzing of her lips, simulating a vibrator, sent jolts from her head to her toes. Valentina curled her toes as her body shook Kadıköy Ucuz Escort and muscles tensed; her orgasm came fast and hard, spewing her milky essence over Melonie’s mouth and chin.

Like the good puppy Melonie was she scooped Valentina’s cum with her finger and licked it. Then lapped up the cum dripping from Valentina’s cum stained pussy. Feeling her own climax building up, Melonie rubbed her throbbing clit faster.

“Good puppy. Now crawl over to the desk and I’ll give you your reward.” Valentina managed through haggard breaths.

She stopped touching herself and crawled to the back of the room on her hands and knees. When she reached the desk, Valentina instructed her to stand up and bend over the desk. Suddenly Melonie felt pressure in her pussy as Valentina eased a nine-inch dildo into her. She groaned, gripped the sides of the desk, and bit her lower lip “Oh my God.” She muttered when she felt the dildo hit her cervix.

Valentina grabbed Melonie’s head, pulling it back so her ear was next to her mouth. “You’re reward, Puppy, is I’m going to make you my bitch.” She licked the side of Melonie’s face then tossed her head away from her. Holding on to her waist, Valentina forcefully thrust into Melonie’s wet throbbing pussy.

Her pussy hugging the hard plastic; each thrust made Melonie’s entire body shake. She could feel her climax rising as her throbbing clit ached. Melonie leaned back into the dildo, her ass igniting in pain as her cheeks connected with Valentina’s waist. She frantically rubbed her clit as she closed her eyes and moaned “Fuck me!” She pleaded. “Make me your bitch.”

Before her sentence was finished Valentina grabbed a fistful of her hair and forced her head down against the desk. Pulling her hair while she roughly pumped into her “Good puppy. Take every inch of this plastic dick.” Valentina smacked her ass and smiled as she danced and howled underneath her. She reached around, cupped Melonie’s breasts, rubbed and pinched her hard brown nipples.

Melonie arched her back and groaned as her pussy contracted around the hard plastic. Her orgasm came as a gush of clear liquid erupting from between her legs. Her body spasmed and collapsed onto the desk where she lay still cumming.

When Melonie awoke, she was underneath covers in bed and Valentina was lying next to her. She peeled the covers back and flicked her nipple with her finger “You’re finally woke, Puppy.”

“What time is it?”

“It matters little.” Valentina said. “I’m not finished with you.”

Melonie opened her mouth to say something but gasped instead when Valentina lowered her hand and pushed two fingers inside her pussy. She closed her eyes and sucked Valentina’s wet finger tips when she raised them to her lips.

Valentina kissed Melonie “You stay.”

Melonie smiled and nodded her head “Yes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32