Coincidental Fun Ch. 01

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3 days after Christmas, and both Clare and her brother Simon had that day split up with their long term partners. Despite Clare being aged 19 and Simon being 22, neither had had many long-term relationships other than those which had just ended.

As if splitting from their partners on the same day wasn’t enough of a coincidence, the reasons for the splits were also the same – neither Clare or Simon felt ready to go all the way with their partners. Well, OK, they were ready but both being virgins, were too afraid of getting things wrong.

During the night after the breakups, Simon heard a noise from his Sisters room, knowing that his parents would be far too deep asleep to hear it; he decided to go and check it out for himself.

He knocked on Clare’s door, “Come in” she responded. As Simon entered, he realised quite how much his “little sister” had changed since they used to play together as kids. A combination of Work, College and relationships meant that they rarely even saw each other, let alone went to each others rooms. Where there used to be Barbie Dolls, there was now make up and perfume, the old posters of Boy Bands had been replaced with posters of half naked, muscular men – she’s really grown up, thought Simon.

“Are you alright?” asked Simon, now able to see that she had been crying. “Not really” was Clare’s reply, “Me and Matt split up earlier, he didn’t want to be with me any more”.

“Really? Gaziantep Grup Escort Me and Nat split up as well, she didn’t want to be with me. Did Matt say why?”

“Well, promise you won’t laugh?”

“I won’t” said Matt,

“It’s because I wouldn’t sleep with him”

“Well why not?”

“I’m scared that I’ll mess up and he’ll tell everyone how bad a fuck I am” she said.

“My god, that’s exactly the same reason I split with Nat”

“There’s no way that girls a virgin!” exclaimed Clare,

“No sis, it was me that was scared, just because I’m older than you doesn’t mean I’m experienced”

Both brother and sister sat in an awkward silence, considering they never really spoke about their lives, discussing their sex lives, even in such little detail was quite a shock to them both.

Simon finally broke the silence, “So, um, you wanna talk about it?” he asked

“There’s not much to say, we’d done pretty much everything else, and we were in bed, he asked if I wanted to, I said no and he got up, dressed and left, saying he never wanted to see me again! What happened with you?”

“Well, we did a lot of stuff as well, but when it came to having sex, I just couldn’t get it up, I was just too scared!”

In his own concern for his sister and his own self-pity, Simon had failed to notice that all this talk was getting him aroused, he may not have realised, but Clare certainly did,

“Doesn’t look as if you’ve got that problem now!” She half laughed,

Blushing bright red, Simon quickly covered up and apologised, “Sorry sis, it’s just talking about all this gets me horny”

“Don’t worry, its having a similar effect on me too! So how far did you and Nat go?”

“Well, we started by just being topless together and fooling around, then we eventually got as far as her wanking me and me fingering her and licking her out”

“She never gave you head?!?” Clare asked disbelievingly, “I thought all guys love getting head”

“She wouldn’t do it; she thought it was dirty and wrong! Where did you and Matt stop?”

“We did the same as you, except I gave head as well; I love the taste of his cum! The first time he felt my tits and I wanked him off was in that playfield round the corner! I felt so naughty and that turned me on even more!

“Look, sis,” Simon said rather abruptly, “I know we’re brother and sister and we shouldn’t but we’re obviously both really turned on, would you give me head? I just want to feel what the fuss is all about”

After sitting, thinking for a moment, Simon finally got his reply, “OK, but on a few conditions. First is that no-one else EVER finds out about this, if they do, I’ll say you forced me. Second, if I do this, you owe me a favour. And three… well, as I said I love the taste of cum, I want yours down my throat.”

“Great!” said Simon excitedly, “But what favour do you want?”

“I’ll tell you when you’ve cum”

Clare climbed out from under her bed sheets, wearing nothing but a lacy red thong, giving Simon his first view of his sister’s tits. This sight made his cock stand at attention, poking through the fly of his boxer shorts. Clare crawled over to where Simon was sitting and pushed him so he was lying over her bed; she then slowly undid the button and put her hand inside.

“Wow! It’s so much bigger than Matt’s!”

After a few strokes, she lowered her head down until she was hovering just above the tip. Taking one last look at her brothers face, making sure it was still what he wanted, she went down, taking the full 7 inches into her mouth until her nose was tickled by his pubic hair. It didn’t take much more than a few pumps until Matt was shooting his load down her throat, holding a pillow to his face to cover his moans of ecstatic pleasure.

“My god” he said breathlessly, “Now I see why guys love it so much! Thank you sis”

“Anytime” she replied, “and I mean it! Your cock is so nice and your cum tastes even better than Matt’s!”

“Oh yeah, what was that favour you wanted?” Matt questioned.

“Come back tomorrow night at the same time to find out” answered Clare, winking and turning to go back to bed

With that, Simon closed his boxers and walked back to his room, unable to believe what had just happened. He knew it was wrong, but he loved it and tomorrow could well get a whole lot better!

…To be continued!

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