Contest Ch. 07

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After Danielle lost her anal virginity, she took another day of rest. She finally got to talk to Violet and they compared stories of what had happened to each of them. Telling Violet about having her ass taken by such a long cock, she shivered with delight remembering, and was surprised to find herself extremely turned on when Violet related her own story about having four guys! It was also somewhat of a relief to find out that Violet had been the one to take that extremely wide dick up her butt, Danielle wasn’t sure if things would have been nearly so pleasant if she had had to do that. But it got her hot to imagine a group of men standing around Violet, each taking turns putting their different sized cocks in her asshole… it made her wonder what it would be like for herself.

Both the girls enjoyed comparing notes, and after finding that they were on equal ground for the number of tasks completed, they both decided to take another day off for recovery. And also to figure out the next task that each of them were going to do. Each task seemed to get more and more distasteful for Danielle because she was trying not to have to do the ones that she was really disgusted by. So the later she put them off till, the more likely she was to not have to do it. Unfortunately that meant that for her next task she was going to have to choose one of the three that she REALLY did not want to do.

Offering her body to Doug for three hours was an absolute no. She’d need much more than a day of rest after something like that, and if that happened Violet might very well beat her. That left taking a golden shower AND letting someone pee in her pussy or ass… or she could have sex with another woman. It was pretty obvious to her which one she was going to have to choose, but she was not looking forward to it at all.


Outside of Jared’s friend Christine’s house, Danielle found it very hard to ring the doorbell. This wasn’t at all like when she’d showed up to do her task at any of the guy’s house. It wasn’t that she found women’s bodies disgusting exactly, she thought that they were actually more attractive then guys… but she found that she didn’t at all like women’s vaginas. She didn’t like the smell or the way they felt, she didn’t even touch her own when she masturbated, she’d always used toys. The entire thought was rather repugnant to her.

Christine answered the door completely naked, making Danielle’s jaw drop with shock. It wasn’t that she’d never run around her own house naked before, but she’d never answered the door bursa yabancı escort naked before. As the other woman, slightly darker blonde hair than Danielle’s own with brown eyes and very pretty, looked Danielle over, she could feel herself blushing at the frank appraisal of her body by another woman. On the other hand, she couldn’t help but look over Christine as well; she looked to be about 28 years old, the same height as Diane’s 5’7″ with C-cup breasts (again that envy at the other woman’s perky and well-formed boobs), curvy hourglass figure, and all in all very attractive. Danielle stood hesitantly fidgeting in the doorway, as the woman looked her over and smiled appreciatively.

“Come on in,” the other blonde held the door open and made room for Danielle to pass by. Almost as soon as she was in the other woman was on top of her, kissing and shoving her tongue into Danielle’s mouth, her soft breasts rubbing against Danielle’s clothed ones. Shocked, Danielle couldn’t help but moan as the woman’s hands traveled up her stomach and began massaging her own huge breasts. The touch, the kiss, as aggressive as they were they felt much softer and gentler than a man, and to her surprise she could feel her own arms wrapping around the woman’s waist, fingertips hesitantly touching the soft skin on her back.

Danielle’s clothes were left in a trail on the way to the bedroom as Christine quickly bared her body, looking lustfully over the shaved mound and her huge breasts. Her own mound had a little landing strip of blonde hair, and her nipples were extremely hard as they rubbed against Danielle’s body. As they lay on the bed, side by side, Christine took Danielle’s hand and placed it on her breast, holding it there when Danielle tried to jerk away.

“Touch me,” she said softly.

Slowly, gently, Danielle began to squeeze the soft flesh, marveling at its texture as she massaged it with her fingers. A camera in the corner of the room blinked a red flashing light as it recorded Danielle slowly, of her own initiative, bending her mouth down to the erect strawberry nipple. Christine moaned and ran her fingers through Danielle’s blonde hair as her lips softly mouthed the nipple, hesitant and arousing. As she began to apply more pressure with her mouth on the woman’s breast, Christine’s hands were stroking up and down Danielle’s body, light touches that teased and tantalized, she shivered as the fingers trailed down her belly, almost touching her shaved mound.

Moving her mouth from one nipple to the other, Danielle found herself bursa sınırsız escort really getting into sucking the small bud, enjoying the moans and shudders of Christine. The other woman’s hands were eliciting the most thrilling sensations from her own body, no man had ever aroused such heat in her pussy from playing with her breasts. It was as though she knew every secret spot of pleasure on Danielle’s body and just the right way to touch it to make her giddy with arousal.

When Christine took Danielle’s hand and began sliding it down her stomach, over her mound, Danielle quivered a little with revulsion, afraid of what her fingers would find. It was soft, wet, very slippery… her fingers pushed inside the hole and curved along the nubby surface inside the other woman’s pussy. To her surprise, it didn’t bother her that much… and the effect on Christine when she lightly pressed her fingers against the walls of her pussy, actually turned her on a little… experimenting she slid her fingers out a little and then pressed them in again, starting to move faster as the other woman panted, her own fingers sliding down towards Danielle’s pussy.

As nimble fingertips began stroking the outer folds of her pink pussy, Danielle moaned, her hips lifting off the bed involuntarily as her body reacted. Two fingers slipped inside her own pussy hole, and the two women lay on the bed pressing their chests together as their fingers worked busily inside each other’s pussies. Christine started kissing her again, passionately, as her thumb started pressing against Danielle’s clit. Mimicking her movements, Danielle managed to find the other blonde’s own little love button and began circling it with her thumb and rubbing it gently. Bucking and moaning the two women shuddered, their lips occasionally meeting and tongues licking as they wriggled on each other’s hands. Danielle felt a climax building inside her, and her own fingers started to move more quickly and more roughly in response; as her body bucked and she cried out in orgasm her own fingers clutched at the slippery flesh of Christine’s pussy, igniting the other woman’s orgasm.

Continuing to rub each other’s pussies, they both rode out waves of pleasure, until their breathing was finally quieted and Christine pulled her hand away from Danielle’s pussy.

“Mmm…” she said, smiling at Danielle as she licked her finger tips clean, “And now I’m going to show you why it’s a lot more fun to be in bed with a woman.” Getting up, she straddled Danielle’s head and lowered her own to Danielle’s pussy, görükle escort laughing a little as she said, “You show me a man who’s ready to go again this quickly!”

A pink wet tongue swiped along the entire slit of her pussy, and Danielle moaned. Above her was Christine’s pussy, hesitantly, she licked Christine’s inner thighs, trying to get up the courage to taste the sweet pink flesh that was leaking juices. Slowly working her way up the woman’s thighs, she could feel tongue and fingers busily working up more slow heat in her own pussy. The tip of her tongue touched some of the juices that on Christine’s outer lip, and retreated immediately back to her mouth where she contemplated the taste. It wasn’t bad really, just different. Certainly no worse than any man’s.

Her tongue flicked out again, and again as she started to get into eating the pink softness of the other woman. As soon as she started to really lick and nuzzle at the other woman’s pussy, the activity in her own pussy immediately went up a notch, and she moaned heavily as the heat started building a lot faster. Burying her own mouth into the wetness, she reacted by sucking and licking more frantically, her own fingers burying themselves back into the woman’s hole as she tickled the lips with her tongue.

The two of them were heaving and bucking again as their moans and the smell of pussy filled the air, Christine’s hips were resting on Danielle’s soft mounds of flesh, rubbing against her nipples as she moved. As the pleasure building in her pussy continued, she became more and more into eating the pussy in front of her, trying to give pleasure for pleasure, completely forgetting any reticence or disgust. Instead she eagerly drank down the other woman’s juices, pressed a third finger into that tight hole, and worked her tongue frantically over the swollen clit.

Her whole body felt like it was on fire when Christine sucked her clit into her mouth, and Danielle muffled her scream of pleasure in Christine’s pussy, sucking on her swollen clit as her fingers wriggled inside the hole. Immediately, both women were bucking their hips as they sucked each other’s love buttons, Danielle had never had someone eat her out so skillfully – not even Jared the other night – and her orgasm just kept cresting higher and higher until she thought she might pass out from the sheer torment of the pleasure.

Eventually, they both lay gasping and completed, and Christine maneuvered herself back around so that she and Danielle were facing each other again. Leaning forward, she kissed her, and they tasted each other on their lips.

As Christine pulled away, Danielle felt oddly disappointed, and she lifted her hand to Christine’s breast and pressed her mouth forward for another kiss. To Christine’s utter delight, and Danielle’s own amazement, Danielle did not make it home that night.

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