Cool Girl

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She was the coolest girl at the party.

She was what I tried to be for other girls, the persona I summoned when I flirted with pretty submissive things that wanted to be lead. To have things done to them and allow their bodies feasted on for pleasure. But I could be submissive too.

I was at my best friends inner city terrace house party, packed with people I didn’t know. Church Street Manor they called it. One room had even been cleared out so someone’s DJ friend could have a dedicated rave cave. It had the lustre of a club without the grime – well – less of the grime. And if there was grime at least it was ours. I don’t really remember how I came to meet her but now we were the only ones left talking, the others had left to empty bladders, smoke or dance. She leant against the kitchen counter in her cool girl way, drinking spiced rum – some foreign label I didn’t recognise – straight.

‘Is this your first Church Street Manor event?’

‘Yeah, and now that I’m here I’m kind of bummed I’ve only just been invited! Are they usually like this?’

‘Yeah usually a solid night but just depends who decides to show up.’

I do my best to give a flirty look to confirm the subtle suggestion and telepathically scream ‘please fuck me’.

She stays calm, collected, not giving away anything that might suggest she received my telepathic plea. Cool girl.

‘What are you drinking?’

‘Fireball and apple juice’ I respond sheepishly. Someone had accidentally downed the rest of my drink thinking it was theirs and I managed to scrounge around for the ingredients bursa eskort to a creation I called ‘liquid apple pie’. She giggles and I want to die. I want to hold her against me while I kiss her so badly.

‘I’ve never heard of that one. Can I try?’

‘Of course!’

We swap drinks and of course the rum is amazing. Smokey and spicy but with sweet notes of molasses. Her eyes light up and she exclaims.

‘What?! Why is that so good?’

‘I call it liquid apple pie’ I smile.

‘That’s dangerous is what that is.’

Her eyes dance over my shoulders and before I’ve even realised one of my camisole straps has slipped off, her delicate well groomed fingers are brushing against me. My pussy clenches at her electric touch and the urge to kiss her courses through me. Her fingers linger after fixing my strap and draw up softly to my neck. Her soft hand grips me by the throat firmly and she leans in to whisper.

‘I know you want to kiss me, and I’ll have you by the end of the night but I want to draw it out a little bit longer. I want to torture you a little bit more.’

And then she’s resuming her cool girl slouch against the counter as if time didn’t just stop because a very, very hot woman whispered something sexual in my ear.

‘Down that, let’s go dance.’

The rave cave is a mass of sweaty bodies, bumping and grinding. They had swapped the light for a pink bulb and I don’t know how but there was an actual smoke machine somewhere. Church Street Manor for you. She leads me into the middle of the room, into the haze and the heat and bursa bayan escort we dance. The music and liquor are all swirling around in my head and I can feel the vibrations of the beat buzzing through my skin. I loved to dance. I could be confident dancing. So I eyefucked Cool Girl while we danced and grinded. Dancing seemed to have a similar effect on her and it wasn’t long before we were sneaking away to start the real party.

She pushes me up against a wall and her hands are in my hair and I’m drawing her in by the waist.

‘What do you want baby?’

‘Everything.’ I lean in to kiss her but she keeps me in place and pulls back out of reach.

‘What will you do to get it?’


‘That’s what I like to hear.’

And finally her lips come crashing down on mine and she’s so soft but she’s kissing me so hard. I can feel the pressure of her tits pressed against mine and I palm her cute ass over her jeans. What a fucking dream. She fists my hair and tugs my head back to expose my throat, with no hesitation she’s biting and licking my neck and I’m gasping with shock and pleasure.

‘Take off my top’

I obey without question and her fist still in my hair guides me to her gorgeous tits. She’s so soft, girls always feel so good but her especially. She leans her head back and hums in satisfaction as my tongue dances across her nipple. I tug at her jeans but she tightens her grip in my hair, forced me head up to look at her and says ‘you first.’

I can’t help being nervous as I undress bursa ucuz escort and I think she knows that but it doesn’t stop her from staring at me relentlessly. I hesitate at my underwear but she looks at me expectantly and I know she means everything. ‘Come here’, she says once I’m naked and vulnerable. She guides my head down between her legs and the familiar anxiety of sex washes over me. Women always turned me into such a pussy ironically. But when I start to tease her with my lips and tongue, letting my hot breathe on her soft thighs elicit shivers all over – the excitement took over. I let my tongue draw closer and closer to her sex while she wriggled and I wanted to draw it out as much as possible. Make the moment where she was at the mercy of my mouth last as long as I could. But when I circled around her clit she had enough, impatient, assertive, cool girl. She dragged my face exactly where she needed it and I wasn’t going to deny her that pleasure – although part of me wants to see what she’d do, just for fun.

I lavish her clit determinedly with my tongue and she pants, climbing the mounting pleasure greedily. I slip a finger into her cunt and she lets out a beautiful, strangled cry. I can feel the muscles of her pussy gripping me tightly as I curl my fingers, working her inside and out. She’s bucking now and I’m hungry for her orgasm, she grips my hair tightly again and says, ‘don’t you dare fucking stop’, even though I wouldn’t for anything in the world. She shakes, legs trembling and breath uneven and as she tugs my hair more viciously, she finds release. I don’t stop, I wish I could have her coming on my mouth endlessly but then she pulls me off to arrange me under her – kissing me violently again, a hand around my throat. She grins.

‘What a good fucking mouth. I’m not done with you by a long shot.’

And she held true to her word.

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