Cuckold in the Family Ch. 09

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Upon her return to her mother’s house, Cassie delivered my ex the envelope I sent. My ex, Kayla, was going to have to surrender her power over me if she was to receive my financial support.

Kayla had two choices; either submit to me or whore herself out in order to pay her bills. She had done the latter before but had some close calls with strangers. I was confident that she would succumb to my wishes.

My heart was beating fast on my way home from work as, upon my arrival, I would discover whether or not Kayla was on board with my plan. As I pulled into my driveway I saw her car and was confident that things were about to go my way.

I left Kayla specific instructions on what I required and just as detailed, I saw what I was expecting to see when I entered my house.

Upon entering the house, there she was, (completely naked,) bent over the dining room table spread eagle, butt plug inserted, flesh dildo suctioned cupped to the table and her mouth buried to the base bobbing up and down on it, (practicing her deep throat skills.)

My masaj porno cock sprung to immediate attention at the sight of my ex offering herself to me “voluntarily.” I dropped trouser and proceeded to mount her pussy from behind. I choked her as I fucked her doggy style. . . she loved being choked. Kayla continued performing fellatio on the dildo like the suck slut I remember her being before she made me her cuckold.

I pulled her head up off of the fake cock, her hair tight in my grip. “What does the whore want now” I snapped.

“Please Master, Please fuck this whore’s ass” she begged.

“Why should I give you the pleasure” I asked.

“Because worthless whore’s like me deserve to be fucked in the ass Master” was her pre-determined response. She read her script well, I lamented.

“And then what” I inquired.

“Ass to mouth please Master. I know you love to go ass to mouth Sir.”

“As you wish” I answered.

I pulled the butt plug out of her ass and shoved öğretmen porno it into her mouth, making her suck it clean. I then pulled out of her pussy and shoved my still hard cock into her ass(no lube) and began to pound her ass hard. The thrill was too much for me to handle long and soon I was filling her ass with my jizz.

I pulled out and spun her around, forcing her down to her knees. “Tell me what you want cunt” I yelled at her.

“Please fuck my mouth Master, Please! I beg you” she pleaded.

I complied, shoving my messy cock into her mouth, grabbing her by the ears and fucking her mouth as hard as I could. My balls were slapping her chin as I rode her face.

Tears ran down her face as I abused her mouth. I pulled out and slapped her hard across the face. “Why are you crying you stupid bitch? This is what you asked for, right?”

“Yes Master, I’m sorry. They are tears of joy. I hope I am pleasing my Master” she cried.

“You are doing well my slut” I confirmed. oral porno . . “You will learn to love being my sex whore.”

She nodded. She had no choice. Submit to me or live in a dumpster. I let her clean herself up and then brought her to the table to review the rules of the contract she had signed.

Contract requires that:

1> For the remainder of the summer, while her youngest was away at the grandparent’s house, that she would be a fuck and suck toy for my son. I took his sister’s open throat away from him so I figured his mother could replace the blow jobs at request as well as be his fuck buddy.
2> Until I release her, she will submit to me and do ANYTHING I require. This includes but is not limited to performing any sex acts and sex with anyone I choose.
3> She would serve as my cuckold as I dominate her daughter Cassie. . . she will prep us both, watch up close as I violate her daughter’s holes at will and clean up. Specifically clean my seed out of her daughter’s tight pussy or risk having her daughter be impregnated with her step Daddy’s baby.
4> She will perform other duties as I see fit.

Kayla signed her life away. I sent her on her way for now. Cassie would move in with me for now and live as my lover, in my bed. Kayla would share her bed with Billy when he chose. Stay tuned. . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32